The nebulizer is a device used for the treatment and cure of respiratory problems. Its use allows the administration of drugs to be inhaled by air, and is one of the most used tools, thanks to its effectiveness, for the treatment of asthma, cough, and inflammation of the respiratory system.

Its efficiency is based on the ability of the appliance to reduce the drug into very small particles thanks to the nebulizer, i.e. a small air compressor integrated into the apparatus, which emits a jet of air under pressure inside an ampoule. of glass containing the dose of the drug in liquid form.

Breaking it down into small particles up to 1 micron, which remains suspended in the air and is conveyed into the mask connected to the glass ampoule, to be then inhaled by the patient.

Right here we had listed out the best nebulizers for you that are present below.

The Chronic Cough Enigma: How to recognize, diagnose and treat neurogenic and reflux related cough
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  • Koufman, Dr. Jamie (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 155 Pages - 02/11/2014 (Publication Date) - Katalitix (Publisher)
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MAYLUCK Portable Compressor Nebulizer, Nebulizer Machine with 1 Set Accessory, Jet Nebulizers Personal Steam Inhaler Cool Mist Compressor System for Kids Adults
  • ✿Traditional Nebulizer Type✿ Jet nebulizers are connected by tubing to a compressor, that causes compressed air or oxygen to flow at high velocity through a liquid medicine to turn it into an aerosol, which is then inhaled by people.
  • ✿Faster Atomization Rate✿ Compared to mesh nebulizers, jet nebulizer has more power and it has faster atomization rate. It takes about 10 minutes to do a treatment while the mesh nebulizer take about 17 minutes. The particles are around 0.5-10μm, which can be directed to relieve respiratory symptoms.
  • ✿Low Operational Cost✿ If you need to inhale medicine on a daily basis the use of Inhaler can be rather expensive. Also this type of nebulizer is recommend by most doctors and can be very economical.
  • ✿Perfect for Elder and Kids✿ This machine is easy to use and more suitable for elder and kids. Just press the switch to make it work. It is perfect for home use, providing dependable efficient nebulization treatments.
  • ✿Essential Nebulizer for Every Family✿ Use it at the first sign of congestion, don’t let colds, allergies or sinus problems slow you down. With it you can have a more convenient and more happy life.
Wave Compact Cool Mist Vaporizer Set [Includes Accessories and Carry Bag, Suitable for Home or Travel Use]
  • QUALITY BUILT - High quality internal components makes it suitable for prolonged use; includes one set of accessories
  • CONVENIENT - Single-button operation makes using a breeze, whether in the home or away
  • NOISE REDUCING CORE - Low Noise allows for less than 55 dB
  • ADD ONS - Feature rich and packed with add ons to begin using the system immediately
  • WARRANTY - Full 2-year warranty with live, US-BASED customer support.
MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer, Portable Nebulizer Machine for Home Daily Use, Ultrasonic Nebulizer Personal Steamer Inhalers for Breathing Problems
  • ► Upgraded Self-cleaning Function ◄ Designed with self-clean function, there is no more clogging. When it is blocked and does not produce mist, just start the auto-clean mode, it will work normally.
  • ► LED Indicator Light ◄ Blue light is on shows it is in normal working status. Red light shows insufficient power, orange light shows it is running out of medicine solution.
  • ► Waterless Detection Technology ◄ It will auto-shut off when there is no water in the cup, there is no need to worry about destroying the machine.
  • ► Super Quiet ◄ The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound.
  • ► Battery/USB Cable Powered ◄ It is not rechargeable. It needs 2 AA batteries or connects usb cable to socket to make it work. And please don’t use the battery and USB cable at the same time.
Nebulizer Machine for Kids Adults Babies Albuterol, Portable Compressor System Personal Cool Mist kit with Nebulizer Tubing Mouthpiece Mask Kits by only warm
  • Comes complete with full mask kit (adult and Kids masks, air tubing, mouthpiece with T-adapter, and reservoir cup), nose appliance and 5 filters
  • Small size : 6.7" x 3.5" x 7.48". Built-in handle make the light-weight item to carry
  • Easy & Convenient: plug the machine into outlet, one button operation. Equipped with adjust cap meet all family members¡¯ use;
  • Low noise : Less than 58dB, give you a quiet environment.Small foot print with Low center of gravity with Sound Dampening Technology
  • Reliable Quality: 60days money back, 1 year manufaturer¡¯s warranty. You can buy with no worry;
SaleRANK NO. 8
Portable Nebulizer Mist Steamer, USB/Battery Operated Nebulizer Machine for Kids and Adults
  • 【Efficient atomization 】It creates a continuous fine mist, the small particles are around 2-3μm.
  • 【 Portable design】 mini-size design, easy to carry in pocket, handbag, computer bag, so that it can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • 【 Waterless Detection Technology】The device automatically switch-off after lack of water or 10 minutes of use, there is no need to worry about destroying the Nebulizer.
  • 【 Super Quiet】 The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound. LED Indicator Light Green light is on shows it is in normal working status, Red light shows insufficient power .
  • 【 Battery/USB Cable Powered】 It is not rechargeable. It needs 2 AA batteries or connects usb cable to socket to make it work. And please don’t use the battery and USB cable at the same time.
Compact Piston Compressor Nebulizer For Asthma Includes Two Mask Carry Bag
  • Piston powered compressor
  • Includes two mask, neb kit, filters and carry bag
  • Particle size: 0.5Ž¼m to 5Ž¼m

Buying Guide to Select the Best Nebulizers

Piston or Ultrasound

The first type exploits the action of the piston of a compressor that generates an airflow, with a power that must vary at least from one to two atmospheres, to guarantee the right efficiency and to be able to reach a nebulization speed of about 1 ml. of solution per minute.

Piston aerosol has the undeniable advantage of having a lower price, compared to ultrasound aerosol, but it has the defect of being noisier because of the compressor.

The ultrasound model, on the other hand, although being more expensive, offers the advantage of being much quieter, because the action of the nebulizer is based on the emission of ultrasound capable of separating the particles at the molecular level, in less time and with greater efficiency.

The only flaw of ultrasound aerosols, however, is that not all types of drugs are suitable to undergo their action, since vibrations tend to raise the temperature of the particles more than the action of compressed air does; consequently they cannot be used, for example, with drugs such as cortisone and its derivatives, because they lose efficacy at high temperatures.

Accessories and maintenance

The aerosols provide standard equipment common to all the models available on the market, given that it is a device classified as a medical device, therefore each model will necessarily be accompanied by the ampoule and the interchangeable ends: the mouthpiece, the nose, and the mask.

The ampoule is made of glass so that it can be adequately washed after each treatment, while the mouthpiece, the nose, and the mask are generally made of plastic, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and easily washable.

Among the various aerosol models, especially those with a piston, some of them could also be equipped with an air purification system, in which case it will be necessary to periodically replace, or wash, the relative filter.

Remember also that, when not in use, it is good to always store the aerosol in its box, in a place sheltered from light and humidity, in order to avoid the formation of mold or other harmful micro-organisms.

Pros and Cons

All the best brands of appliances of this type offer piston and ultrasound models and, since there are valid reasons to opt for one type rather than the other, you will have to choose according to your needs. In our guide, however, we can help you by highlighting the pros and cons of both versions.

Ultrasonic aerosols have the indisputable advantage of low noise and effective and fast nebulization but, on the other hand, they are not suitable for use with all medical solutions and, comparing prices, they are on average more expensive.

Piston devices, on the other hand, are more resistant to wear and frequent use and can be used with any type of medicine. They have a lower price and, in some cases, however, their limited power makes them not very effective for specific treatments.

Take Care of It

Regardless of the type of aerosol chosen, it is very important that after each use it takes a few moments to clean it to prevent drug residues from remaining inside the appliance and, for example, mixing with new medicines, creating ailments or infections.

Maintenance is simple since it is nothing more than disassembling the aerosol, washing the ampoule, and all the accessories under running water and then drying them carefully.

When storing the appliance and the various accessories, make sure that the place chosen is not damp, so as to avoid the formation of mold. If the model chosen is equipped with an air filter, replace it at regular intervals or in any case following the instructions in the instruction booklet.

A small parenthesis: among the most used medical devices lately, in addition to aerosol machines, blood glucose meters also stand out: those looking for one can take a look at the models reviewed.

What the Package Includes

The aerosol machine proposed by Laica stands out from the others in its own category for its compactness and lightness. However, it is equipped with many accessories that make it suitable for carrying out its task well by serving adults and children in a precise and effective way.

In the package there is the nebulizer, clearly, able to make the drug impalpable and light enough to permeate easily in the mucosa of the airways, quickly carrying out its effect.

Depending on the type of treatment preferred, it will be possible to use the mouthpiece or the mask to direct the flow towards the mouth or nose respectively, and act directly on the congested part.

The ampoules supplied are those in which the drug should be diluted with the saline solution. These are disposable pieces, designed to be used only once and therefore to avoid contamination between the different active ingredients of the drugs used.

Quick and Effective Therapy

The machine works by emitting an ultrasound capable of transforming electrical impulses into high-frequency vibrations. By acting directly on the surface of the physiological and drug solution, it manages to transform the liquid into a cloud of particles of extremely small dimensions.

The precision and fineness of the nebulized particles do not correspond to long times for therapy. On the contrary, the machine is capable of effectively spraying up to 0.4 ml of liquid per minute.

In less than 10 minutes the session is completed and will have reached the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth for immediate action. Speed ​​also adds silence. The therapy takes place quickly with a noise that does not reach 40 dB within a radius of one meter from the device.

The only drawback, the lightness of the structure means that you must always hold the machine and mouthpiece or mask in your hand to prevent the drug from spilling.

Less Suitable for Corticosteroids

It is a characteristic common to all ultrasound devices and this from Laica is no exception. It is an important detail to consider before purchasing the appliance because cortisone is one of the drugs most often used to treat nasal congestion.

Who among the buyers has chosen this model confirms that its effectiveness is high even with this type of drug? The disadvantage could concern a faster deterioration of the machine. But the positions are not clear even on the machine’s ability to maintain the healing properties of corticosteroids unaltered.

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