Do you want to know what are the best quality AA rechargeable batteries for your photographic equipment in 2020? We have already seen an excellent option as a rechargeable battery charger.

Today we are going to recommend which are the best rechargeable batteries that you can find for a quality price for your flash or digital camera.

Which rechargeable batteries last the longest? How many charge cycles? Ni-MH? Capacity in mAh? Where do you buy them at the best price? We are clear on both AAA and AA batteries: better a well-known brand, but we will surprise you.

Here we will be listing of top trending and most used AA Batteries that come with amazing performances and made with new technology.

Amazon Basics 100 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries, 10-Year Shelf...
  • IN THE BOX: 100-pack of 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries for reliable performance across a wide range of devices
  • DEVICE COMPATIBLE: Ideal battery for game controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, and more
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: 10-year leak-free shelf life; store for emergencies or use right away
  • EASY USE & STORAGE: Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging; easy to open and store extras for later use
  • SINGLE USE: These batteries are NOT rechargeable; for rechargeable options, check out Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries
Amazon Basics AA 1.5 Volt Performance Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 20
  • IN THE BOX: 20-pack of AA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries for reliable performance across a wide range of devices
  • DEVICE COMPATIBLE: Ideal for remotes, radios, controllers, toys, and more
  • SINGLE USE: These batteries are NOT rechargeable; for rechargeable options, check out Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries
  • NOTE: Same product, new look; appearance of batteries received may vary
SaleRANK NO. 3
Duracell - CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries - Long Lasting, All-Purpose Double A...
  • Duracell AA Batteries: The Duracell CopperTop Double A alkaline battery is designed for use in household items like remotes, toys,...
  • Duracell guarantees these batteries against defects in material and workmanship. Should any device be damaged due to a battery...
  • Long Lasting Power: Duracell alkaline batteries are designed and developed for long lasting performance
  • Guaranteed for 10 years in Storage: Duracell AA alkaline batteries are guaranteed for 10 years in storage
  • #1 Trusted Battery Brand: Duracell CopperTop batteries are available in Double A (AA), Triple A (AAA), C, D and 9V sizes
Energizer AA Batteries, Double A Long-Lasting Alkaline Power Batteries (32 Pack)
  • 32-pack of Energizer Alkaline Power AA Batteries, Double A Alkaline Batteries
  • Long lasting batteries provide dependable power for everyday use and emergency situations
  • Count on these AA batteries to power a wireless mouse, game controllers, flashlights, thermometers, smart home devices, VR...
  • Lasts up to 10 years in storage for alkaline AA batteries that provide peace of mind in everything from emergency situations to...
  • Designed to protect against damaging leaks for up to two years after fully used
SaleRANK NO. 5
Rayovac AA Batteries, Double A Battery Alkaline, 48 Count
  • AA Batteries, 48 Pack of High Energy Alkaline Batteries
  • Ideal for High Use AA Battery Devices – Toys, Flashlights, Remotes & More
  • Designed to Prevent Damaging Battery Leaks & Tested Twice Prior to Shipment
  • Made in the USA with US & Global Parts – Proudly Produced in Fennimore, WI
  • Rayovac AA Batteries Hold Power Up to 10 Years in Storage
SaleRANK NO. 6
Energizer AA Batteries, Max Double A Battery Alkaline, 24 Count
  • 24 pack of Energizer MAX AA Alkaline Batteries, Batteries AA Size
  • Energizer's longest-lasting MAX AA batteries provide dependable power - up to 50% longer lasting than EVEREADY GOLD in demanding...
  • The power you depend on for your double A devices, from toys and flashlights to everyday items like remotes
  • These Energizer AA batteries hold power for up to 10 years in storage
  • Energizer MAX AA batteries are designed to protect your devices against damaging leaks for up to two years after fully used
Duracell Coppertop AA Batteries 28 Count Pack Double A Battery with Long-Lasting...
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERIES DESIGNED FOR DEPENDABILITY – Duracell Coppertop alkaline batteries deliver the lasting power and...
  • RELIABLE POWER – As a general-purpose battery, the Duracell Coppertop D alkaline battery is made to power everyday devices...
  • GUARANTEED FOR 10 YEARS IN STORAGE – Duracell guarantees each Coppertop D alkaline battery to last 10 years in storage, so you...
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – With Duracell batteries, quality is assured; every Duracell product is guaranteed against defects in...
  • #1 TRUSTED BATTERY BRAND – From storm season to medical needs to the holidays, Duracell is the #1 trusted battery brand;...
SaleRANK NO. 8
ACDelco 40-Count AA Batteries, Maximum Power Super Alkaline Battery, 10-Year...
  • 40 Aa Batteries: Includes 40 Aa Super Alkaline Batteries With 1.5 Volts Of Long Lasting Power
  • Everyday Devices: Acdelco Aa Batteries Deliver Optimal Power To Common Every Day Household Devices Such As Clocks, Remote...
  • Long Lasting Power: Acdelco Super Alkaline Batteries Deliver Long Lasting Maximum Power That Is Consistent And Reliable
  • 10-Year Shelf Life: All Acdelco Alkaline Batteries Are Built To Last With An Impressive Ten-Year Shelf Life
SaleRANK NO. 9
Energizer AA Batteries, Max Double A Battery Alkaline, 20 Count
  • 20-Pack of Energizer MAX alkaline AA batteries
  • Up to 50% longer lasting than basic alkaline batteries, AA size in demanding devices
  • Leak resistant-construction protects your devices from leakage of fully used batteries for up to 2 years. Bonus: It’s...
  • Non-stop energy for your non-stop family’s must-have devices—think toys, flashlights, wireless mice, remotes, and more
  • Holds power up to 10 years in storage—so you’re never left powerless

What Are the Best Rechargeable Batteries on The Market?

Choosing rechargeable batteries may not be such a simple process, given the existence of many models and brands, but beyond this fact.  What you should look for is having batteries that fit your needs.

Thus, we have prepared this guide to buying the best rechargeable batteries, identifying various criteria to choose a model suitable for you, based not only on its being a good and economical option.

Battery Type

Remember that there is not a single type of battery and that exactly these have a classification. A stack can be classified based on many criteria. However, the classification that interests us for rechargeable batteries is that corresponding to types AA and AAA.

In this sense, the first element you should identify is which of these two types of batteries are you looking for, knowing that they have a marked difference between them, which is their size. Both are certainly cylinder-shaped but do not have the same dimensions.

AAs are 14mm in diameter and 50mm in length, while AAA is 10.5mm in diameter and 44.5 in length. Therefore, according to the type of battery you want, you can initially or not consider a certain model.


According to the above, since each battery has a different size, they work specifically with certain devices. Thus, you must take into account the level of compatibility of the battery with the device with which you plan to use it.

At this point, there is no standard type for each device, since there are devices on the market that use AAA or AA batteries and belong to the same category. For example, a television remote control, a camera, among other equipment, may use one type of battery or another depending on its manufacture, so compatibility must be specifically verified with each device.

Power Level

The energy level in a rechargeable battery has to do with the amount of energy that it is capable of supplying to a certain device so that it works correctly for a certain time. This rate is expressed in milliamps per hour, that is, mAh.

Hence its importance when evaluating a certain model, because the higher the energy level of the battery about the level of consumption of the equipment, we can count on a longer duration of charge. In the market models are ranging from 550 mAh to 2800 mAh, so you have a wide range of options to choose from.

The choice of a higher or lower level will depend on the level of consumption of the equipment with which you plan to use the battery, but it is recommended that you choose one with a high index.

Recharge Capacity

In the comparison of rechargeable batteries it is mentioned that although it is important how much the model you are interested in costs, you must know the load capacity it has. This index refers to the number of times you can recharge the battery until it can no longer tolerate the next charge and stops working.

Thus, in the market you will find various proposals with various levels of recharge; To choose you can assess the frequency of the use you give to the devices with which you will use the battery.

But the idea is that you choose a model that at least exceeds 100 recharges since the idea of ​​this product is precise that you do not have You have to dispose of batteries so often.

However, some batteries can be recharged 400, 500, and up to more than 1000 times, which means a fairly long time of use.

High Performance

High-performance batteries with 2300 mAh and with a spectacular duration. They are not the cheapest, but they are also one of the best options like rechargeable batteries.

They come pre-charged, and if you have to be clear about it is that they will not visibly lose capacity over time, at least during the first years, something that is appreciated.

It is better to buy a pack of 4 units than one of two. They last up to 6 times longer on digital cameras than standard Energizer alkaline batteries.

They have a total useful life of up to 5 years under normal use conditions and can be charged up to 500 times. Charging lasts up to 12 months in storage.

Before buying, we always recommend reading all the characteristics and opinions of aa battery, to have a base and choose the best option according to your needs, budget, and taste.

We hope that our AA battery comparison has been to your liking and will help you make the best decision. Our aa battery listings and analyzes are updated day by day to provide a more complete and reliable buying guide.


Among the rechargeable batteries, we can find NiCd, lithium-ion, and NiMH. The former include cadmium and have the problem that we normally know as memory, since, after a certain time, it seems that they have been fully recharged when in reality they can only store a much lower index than they used to when they were first used. As a consequence, they download quickly.

In contrast, NiMH batteries, the classification of these Philips batteries, can withstand more recharges and have a much longer estimated lifetime.

This places them among the devices that we can qualify as greener compared to similar ones. Furthermore, the aforementioned memory effect does not occur to them and they are less sensitive to temperature than lithium-ion ones. For all this, they can be a very good option to keep your electronic devices working properly.


As for its lifetime, we tell you that it is acceptable because it admits several 500 recharges before you must get rid of them, allowing you to use them for a considerable time.

Its power supply capacity is 900 mAh, which implies an efficient energy level so that all the devices work in the best way with them.

Its manufacturing was carried out thinking that at the time of disposal they could be recyclable, so that they do not pollute the environment, but can be used again.

Rechargeable batteries can help you save tons of money, as you won’t have to invest in replacements every so often:

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