The locks of our house are a fundamental security element to prevent thefts, in most cases of robbery; in fact, thieves enter our house by forcing the lock on the front door.

There are types of locks that are easy to break and other brands which. The first step towards a safe home can be to replace all the easy-to-break locks with more useful and resistant versions.

We are providing below the list of best biometric door locks

SaleRANK NO. 1
GeekTale Smart Door knob, Fingerprint Door Lock Smart Lock Biometric Door Lock...
  • 【3-IN-1 Unlock Ways】GeekTale smart door knob has 3 unlock ways into 1 lock, fingerprint unlock, App control, emergency back-up...
  • 【Simple but Smarter and Securer】The biometric door lock support App control, easily get fingerprint manage, app check unlock...
  • 【Classical Design but Stronger】The biometric door knob extended the classical door knob design, equiped with fingerprint lock...
  • 【Easy Installation】The fingerprint door knob door lock can be easily installed with a screwdriver within minutes, fits most US...
  • 【Localized Customer Service Guarantee】Worry-Free 30 hassle-free return policy and 24-hour technical support by email or by...
SaleRANK NO. 2
Fingerprint Door Lock, Smart Code biometric Door Lock,with passcode keypad...
  • 🔐【Large area fingerprint sensor】The fingerprint door lock has upgraded the resolution of the large area fingerprint sensor....
  • 🔐【Three unlocking modes】Fingerprint bedroom door lock supports three unlocking modes: fingerprint + anti-privacy virtual...
  • 🔐【Easy to Install】Bedroom smart door locks are designed to fit US criterion doors with 2-3/8" (60mm) and 2-1/8" (70mm) back...
  • 🔐【EMERGENCY CHARGING】The keyboard door handle needs 4 AAA batteries (Not included), it has a low battery alarm function and...
  • 🔐【After-sales support】. Provide responsive customer service within 24 hours, if you have any questions about our door...
Clyerset Smart Door Knob, Fingerprint Door Knob, APP (Manage Multiple Locks),...
  • 【🔐 Replacing mechanical locks】: The design intention of this lock is to eliminate✅ the trouble of keys and facilitate...
  • 【🔐 App management】: up to 100 fingerprints and 100 passwords, and record the unlocking time (viewed in the application) ✅...
  • 【🔐 Pair with app】: Please turn on Bluetooth for ✅iOS system phones and ensure that they are paired when the lock is...
  • 【🔐 Passage Mode】There is a button on the back of the lock that allows you to activate Passage mode✅. At this time, any...
  • 【🔐 Buy with confidence】: We provide a free replacement service✅ for 12 months (non human caused damage) and lifelong...

Best Biometric Door Locks Buying Guide

For a correct analysis of the locks and doors of your home, however, we advise you to proceed to rely on a specialist in security, not all locksmiths, are competent when it comes to locks of the latest generation.

Serrature h24 is happy to help you make your home safer, if you need our experience at your service, do not hesitate to contact us.

Now let’s see what the best locks that you can adopt in your home to discourage and prevent thieves from entering are. We will then talk about some useful tips to guide you in choosing the best security locks.

European Anti-Burglary Locks

Searching the web, you will surely have read that there are European anti-burglary locks, this indicates the particularity of the shaped cylinder, also called the European profile, invented during the 19th Century by the German Linus Yale.

The inverted pear-shaped block inside the cylinder takes its name from the inventor of the same name. As you well know.

The clock plays one of the critical roles against tampering by thieves as 1/3 of the theft cases have as primary access the forcing of this device on the entrance door or garage (leaving out maybe the cellar door, attic or gate).

The double bit lock is undoubtedly the cheapest on the market, but this is not its only advantage. Among the most used locks for armored doors.

This type can quickly become the best-armored door lock for you, if you are looking for a quick and cheap solution. A fundamental thing to keep in mind when fitting a lock is the fact that after a few years of wear, we have to replace it, both to avoid problems in opening the door ourselves and to make the “work” of the bad guys hard.

The double bit lock is perhaps the best lock for armored doors because it is among the first to be used. It works through the movement of pistons that turn together with the key to close or open the door.

Being, on a historical level, among the first locks for armored doors, she is accused many times of being easily breakable, without thinking about the new techniques that are not carried out.

Biometric Door Lock for Armored Doors

The cylinder lock is one of the new generations and has the particularity of being difficult to break, thanks to its narrower slit, which makes it difficult to insert objects aimed at it (e.g., a pick). For this reason, the cylinder lock has the potential to become the best lock for armored doors.

After its appearance a few years ago, this type of lock spread rapidly, becoming the most used and requested. It is very modern and is avant-garde, almost making attempts to break it out seem obsolete.

A peculiarity of this type of lock is its anti-bumping feature (the technique used by thieves to open armored doors without leaving traces, as if the door had never been opened). Only thanks to this technology are the cylinder locks the best lock for armored doors in recent years.

The Advantages

Forgetting or losing your house keys can ruin your day as well as, at times, forcing you to new expenses. In the first case, you will have to hope that someone is at home or someone has a copy. And if there is no one, run for cover by calling a professional.

In the second case, even worse, you will still have to change the lock for security reasons, buying a new one and maybe call a technician to install it.

Not to mention when you are forced to make copies of the keys every time you want to guarantee access to your loved ones at home.

Products from Abroad

The product catalog is extensive and offers diversified solutions based on customer needs, with most of the brands coming from the United Kingdom and the United States.

To be sure, however, not to make a wrong choice, the first advice we intend to provide is to possibly buy a smart wifi lock of an Italian brand, so that you can quickly receive assistance if problems arise.

The price of smart locks
One element that must be taken into consideration is that relating to the price of the lock.

This is because to ensure a qualitatively valid product, which provides the right security, you do not need to go towards a commercial product.

On this point, in recent years, we have witnessed a constant drop in prices compared to the quality level, which remains at excellent standards.

Door Compatibility

Probably the most critical aspect of evaluating is the compatibility of the smart wifi lock that you intend to purchase with the door on which it will be installed.

This is because some types of locks can be easily mounted on the door using the existing cylinder; for others, on the other hand, a specialized technician will be required to install the dedicated cylinder.

Wifi Connectivity and Smart Functionality

An excellent choice of a smart wifi lock cannot ignore the evaluation of the type of connectivity with which it can be not only wifi but also Bluetooth or can have both types.

The presence of additional functions is also significant, such as the possibility of granting temporary authorizations or ensuring that the door unlocks automatically when you are in its vicinity.

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