The Clamp Ammeters is an instrument for measuring electric currents very similar to the voltmeter, multimeter and polarimeter, systems that have the galvanometer as a central element.

It consists of an integrated resistance in parallel that allows it to calculate the amperage of the current under examination, and it is also waterproof and safe to use.

Amperage is the intensity of the current flow, i.e. the number of electrical particles passing through a conduit, measured in “amperes”.

We had selected some of the best clamp ammeters for you that are listed below.

Wireless Bluetooth Clamp Meter,INFURIDER YF-7200APP 6000 Counts Auto-Ranging Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Measures DC AC Volt Amp Ohm Clamp on Multimeter with Capacitance,Temp,Diode Tester
  • 🔹【True RMS Clamp Meter】This ac dc clamp multimeter can accurately measure AC/DC Voltage,AC/DC current(60A/400A) has resolution up to 0.01A.Also can provide resistance,capacitance,temperature,diode,continuity,frequency(Hz) and duty cycle measurement.
  • 🔹【Bluetooth Voltmeter Ammeter】YF-7200APP clamp meter can be easily and automatically connected to your Android/IOS.Convenient viewing of voltage amperage ohm readings on a smartphone or tablet via AiLink app(within 15m).Moreover, you can download files or charts to monitor,log and analyze.
  • 🔹【Easy to Use】Press the [HOLD] button over 2 seconds to turn on LCD backlight screen and brightness flashlight.It’s possible to read and record the value easily in darkness.The volt amp meter feature with data hold,low battery indication.Compact and portable design make the amperage meter easy to carry and use.
  • 🔹【NCV Function】Our clamp on multimeter with non contact voltage function,can detection effectively check electrical status through measuring without touching any wires.Light and sound alarm if detects AC voltage 90-1000V or live wire.Easy to use for troubleshooting your electrical and household problem.
  • 🔹【Safety Current Clamp】This ammeter with overload protection in all range,safety measure AC DC current with the clamp,so you don’t have to strip any wires.You MUST separate the live wire and neutral conductors when you measure AC current,otherwise the degree will always be zero.INFURIDER provide an 365-DAY worry-free warranty and efficient customer service.
INFURIDER Digital AC/DC Volt Amp Clamp Meter,Wireless Bluetooth Auto Ranging 1000A Ammeter Clamp Multimeter for Voltage,Current,Ohm,Cap,Temperature Tester
  • ⚡【AC/DC Clamp Meter】: The highly sensitive AC DC volt amp clamp multimeter feature with TRMS 6000 counts auto-ranging, be able to accurately measure AC/DC voltage,AC/DC current to 1000A,resistance,capacitance,diode,temperature(℃/℉),Hz,continuity buzzer test,etc.
  • ⚡【Remote Display Via Bluetooth】:Scan the QR code and download the APP first.The wireless Bluetooth digital clamp multi-tester will auto connect with your smart phone in the AILink app(within 15m).Which convenient for you to monitor,log and analyze the max/min/current of volt amp ohm in real time.
  • ⚡【Safety & Protection】:The amperage meter with rubber sheeve to protect your volt meter from being broken by fallen. Overload protection is up to standard of CATⅡ1000V or CATⅢ600V in all range.Non-contact voltage(NCV) function can detect voltage without touching any wires and avoid electric shock .
  • ⚡【Easy to Operation】:The True-RMS voltmeter ammeter with large backlight display,you can read and record the value easily in darkness.Feature with data hold,low battery indication,auto range function.Press “REL” will show the relative testing and zeroing the clamp tester to obtain more accurate measurement.
  • ⚡【Accurate Current Meter】The AC DC Current measurement(600A/1000A)has high resolution of up to 1A.When you test AC current,you must separate the live wire,otherwise the degree will always be zero.INFURIDER provide 365-day quality guarantee and lifetime tech support.Welcome to contact us if you have any question with the product.
SaleRANK NO. 3
TOPINCN Digital Clamp Multimeter AC DC Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Volt Tester LCD Meter Pocket Digital Multi Tester
  • 【TROUBLESHOOTING】This Digital Clamp Multimeter is designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and electrical mechanical problems of cars HVAC household appliances safely
  • 【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】This Digital Clamp Multimeter supports voltage testing function for both AC and DC voltage and low battery power indicator function. It also supports testing function for on-off buzzers and diodes.
  • 【QUICK CHECK & ACCURATE RESULT】The Clamp Amp Meter Features large digital display for battery quick check and accurate results, counts accurately measures AC DC current to 1000A
  • 【SAFE TO USE】Overload protection on all ranges. You can use this Clamp Multimeter to do unidentified wire testing, non-contact amperemeter test for amperage, avoid electric shock without touching any wires.
  • 【EASY TO READ】This Digital Clamp Multimeter adopts with large digital display screen. Measuring instrument with function of data hold, which makes it easier to read data, the LCD max reading is 1999
SaleRANK NO. 4
Digital Multimeter Pocket Clamp Multimeters Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter AC/DC Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Electrical Tester Meter with Backlight LCD,Home Professional Use Automotive,etc
  • ❤【COMPLETE FUNCTIONS & MEET DAILY MEASUREMENT NEEDS】Perfect for all kinds of daily uses and industrial uses can quickly troubleshoot and help repair. With complete functions, such as AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, triode test, diode test, transistor hFE test, buzzer function, and continuity measurement. Can be easily used at household outlets, fuses, battery (including vehicles), automotive circuit troubleshooting, charging system, testing electronics in cars, etc.
  • 💙【BACKLIGHT DISPLAY & SUPPORT STAND & POCKET SIZE PORTABLE】It can be used easily by experienced electricians or beginners. High resolution and a large backlight LCD screen, which is easy to read in low-light areas. A foldable bracket on the back for hand-free use and makes the screen easy to see, bring more convenience in working. The compact size, complete functions, and lightweight, which is ideal to carry, put it into your toolbox, it won't take up too much space, super practical!
  • 💛【OVER-LOAD PROTECTION & INSULATION SILICONE CASE】Built-in explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes, the fuses can protect the multimeter effectively, which is anti-burn and protects from overloading. A silicone protective sleeve and corner, provide effective protection for the multimeter to prevent accidental dropping and damage. The insulated silicone and plastic shell make the measurement safer. Our electronic multimeter has very high safety, please rest assured to use!
  • 💜【VERSATILE CIRCUIT METER & BATTERY TESTER】Provide high degrees of accuracy when measuring the parameters within an electronics or electrical circuit. It is one of the most indispensable pieces of test equipment available, perfect for electrical repair, school department, power electrician, engineering test, public circuit, factory test, original inspection, appliance repair, laboratory, education, factory, workshop, recommended by many professionals engineers.
  • 💚【DURABLE & ACCURATE READING】Milky House multimeter is matching equipment, you will get a multimeter, a pair of test leads, a 9V battery, and an instruction manual. The size of the multimeter is 5.71X2.56X1.18in, 226g. Good design& made of high-quality materials, durable& not easy to damage. It is worth mentioning that, our meter was built-in high-precision integrated circuits and smart chips, which can accurately measure. The perfect tool for or DIYers, hobbyists, people that love electronics!
Digital Multimeter, Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC DC Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Auto Range Fast Accurately Measures Voltage Ohm Current Tester for Automotive or Household Electrical Problems
  • 【Powerful Functions】The digital multimeter is a powerful, dependable tool that safely measures voltage, resistance and current, whether you are working around the house or for some automotive maintenance.
  • 【Large LCD Dcreen】Digital clamp meter features large digital display for battery quick check and accurate results. Measuring instrument with function of data hold, easier to read data.
  • 【AC DC Voltmeter】Multifunctional voltage meter has voltage testing function for both AC and DC voltage. Auto ranging accurate measures AC current to 400 A, AC and DC voltage to 600V, resistance to 200KΩ,quick response.
  • 【Safe and Reliable】Our voltage tester support testing function for on-off buzzers and diodes, overload protection function. Low battery power indicator function.
  • 【Wide Applications】Safely tackle countless electrical problems around your home with our powerful multimeter, you don't have to be an electrician to use our automotive multimeter.
SaleRANK NO. 6
ALLOSUN CAT III AC Current Probe Working with Multimeter DMM for ac Amp Measurement Digital Clamp Ammeter Tester
  • To be used in conjunction with multimeter for ac current measurements.
  • Please note that : clamp only one conductor. It ONLY works with the multimeter which has the function of current signal input.
  • The conductor should be in the center of the jaws and should be perpendicular to the current probe.
  • Read the voltage reading of the multimeter. Then calculate the current of the conductor by using the formula: Reading / 1mV/A.
  • Matching with EM420 series.
SaleRANK NO. 7
Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook: A Manual of Quick, Accurate Solutions to Everyday Pipeline Engineering Problems
  • Gulf Professional Publishing
  • McAllister, E.W. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 806 Pages - 10/08/2013 (Publication Date) - Gulf Professional Publishing (Publisher)
SaleRANK NO. 8
Meterk Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter 4000 Counts Auto-ranging Multimeter AC/DC Voltage & Current Tester with Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Continuity, Diode Test, Non-contact Voltage Detection
  • 🗜️【Multi-Purpose Clamp Meter With True RMS Auto-Range】Accurate AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Frequency, Continuity, Duty Cycle, Diode, Capacitance and Resistance Measurement.
  • 🗜️【With NCV & Live Line Test Function】Non-contact Voltage Detection Function with a Sensor to Detect Voltage and Avoid Electric Shock without Touching Any Wires. Light and Sound Alarm If Detects the AC Voltage (90V-1000V) or Live Wire.
  • 🗜️【Continuity Test & Overload Protection】Designed to Safely and Accurately Confirm the Circuit Conducts Electricity with Low Voltage Indication and Overload Protection. Light Alarm If Detects the AC Voltage (90V-1000V) or Live Wire. Shows "OL" on the LCD If Overload.
  • 🗜️【Easy To Use And Read】Small and Portable to Carry and Use. High Resolution, Large Backlit LCD Screen Improves Visibility. The flashlight can Access Measurement in a Dark Place. Low Battery Display. Widely used in your life.
  • 🗜️【You Will Get】Meterk MK06 Digital Clamp Meter 4000 counts, 2* Test Leads, 3* AAA Batteries, User Manual(English + French + German + Italian + Spanish) , 1* Storage Bag.

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Clamp Ammeters

Clamp Ammeters allow us to measure the current and amperage of power lines very precisely. If you are not an expert electrician, it can be challenging to choose the right one, and therefore in the next part of the guide, we will explain some relevant aspects.

What Is a Clamp Ammeters?

In general terms, an ammeter is nothing more than a galvanometer, and an instrument used to detect quantities of current to which a parallel resistance is added, called “shunt resistance”. The AmmeterAmmeter then measures the intensity of electric currents by having a wide range of ranks or scales.

The ammeters have a minimal internal resistance, less than 1 ohm, so as to prevent its presence from reducing the value of the current to be measured when connected to an electrical circuit.

Nowadays ammeters have digital converters to measure voltage drops and microprocessors with displays.
How does an ammeter work?

Modern ammeters are compact, insulating, and fit into any pocket. In the world of electricians, they are commonly called “testers” and are used to measure the intensity of the current.

The digital ones work in a straightforward way: just turn the knob to choose the parameter and connect the tips of the diodes. After joining the test leads or the terminal to the power, the data will appear on the screen.

Analog models (used much more rarely) reveal information through a needle that moves in the numerical range, while modern digital models show the measurements ordered on a screen in a much more reliable, precise, and easily readable way.

What Are the Uses of An Clamp Ammeters?

In addition to being an essential tool for any electrician, ammeters are useful in many activities. For example, they can be used at home to measure the power of a battery such as that of a vehicle or to measure the capacitors of cell phones that generate energy and for air conditioning compressors.

In professional use, the AmmeterAmmeter is used to measure the current flowing through a cable and is therefore very useful in order not to exceed the amount of energy carried by a given conductor.

By measuring the current in the electrical panels and in the sockets, we can prevent short circuits and electrical failures that could cause accidents.

Can I Use the Clamp Ammeters to Reduce Electricity Consumption in The House?

The answer is yes. The AmmeterAmmeter is used to determine the consumption generated by a particular electrical device, and you can also find out which type of conduit is most appropriate for a specific circuit and whether the connected loads fall within the safety limits of the socket.

This information will allow you to reduce consumption.

In large circuits, such as the electrical network of an entire block, knowing the amperage is vital for safety and for ensuring power for citizens. It is essential to keep the amperage under control to avoid power outages or worse that a short circuit can burn the cables.

How Many Types of Clamp Ammeters Are There?

The most commonly used ammeters are digital ones, widely known as “testers”, but there are also other types with different characteristics and functions. In the list below, we will explain the various types:

  • Analog Clamp Ammeters: they are the most classic models. They contain a coil connected to a needle that shows the measurement by means of a numerical scale.
  • Electromechanical Clamp Ammeters: they are composed of a fixed organ and a free organ connected to the needle. It is a more extensive system that suffers the wear of its components and is prone to reading errors.
  • Magnetoelectric Clamp Ammeters: formed by a coil that rotates around an axis when it receives current.
  • Electromagnetic Clamp Ammeters: works like the previous one, but in place of the coil, there is a magnet that moves with the current.
  • Moving Iron Clamp Ammeters: instead of a coil or a magnet, it contains a moving iron bar.
  • Electrodynamic Clamp Ammeters: they work with two magnets that separate during the reception of the current and based on this distance, we read the measurement.
  • Thermal Clamp Ammeters: they work by heating a conductor. The main advantage is that they are not affected by magnetic fields, although they are more expensive and energy-consuming instruments.
  • Digital Clamp Ammeters: They are the most accurate, having microprocessors and screens that eliminate reading errors. They rarely suffer from wear problems, while the accuracy of the measurements depends on the quality of their circuits.
  • Current Clamp Ammeters: this type of AmmeterAmmeter does not need to come into contact with the energy source to take the readings as it is guided by the magnetic field of the current and is capable of measuring both alternating and direct current.

What Special Functions Do Clamp Ammeters Have?

Some clamp ammeters have special functions that are very useful for diagnosing problems within electrical systems, and one of them is measuring frequency.

To comfortably analyze the currents, the ammeters must have an average, minimum, and maximum function in order to compare the readings and previous results.

Measurement of capacity is also instrumental, a function that is now incorporated in most clamp ammeters and which in particular facilitates the work of those engaged in the study of motors.

The protection and safety functions are also essential, such as the activation of a hum in the presence of nearby currents.

What Safety Measures Should I Consider when Using a Clamp Ammeters?

Ammeters are used to measure voltage and electric current. If you work with electricity, you must be aware of the dangers and risks. Therefore it is essential to take the right precautions while always maintaining the correct safety measures.

Below are the details of the measures necessary for the use of the AmmeterAmmeter:

  1. The current must flow through the meter in order to complete the circuit.
  2. Make sure all components are connected securely so you can get a good read.
  3. Use tools with rubber grips to avoid electric shock.
  4. Never connect the AmmeterAmmeter to the main power supply, such as a junction box.
  5. Make sure you work in a dry environment free from moisture.
  6. Before starting work, make sure that the AmmeterAmmeter has the scale of the maximum resistance level.
  7. Do not touch the power source with your hands.
  8. Never handle installations with bare hands when there is power.

Purchase Criteria

Ammeters are highly complex systems, especially digital models, a necessary feature for these instruments that make exact measurements of current and voltage.

If you are looking for the best model on the market and equipped with the most useful functions, follow our tips and you will be sure to make the right choice:

  • Comfort
  • Utility
  • Resolution
  • Precision
  • True RMS
  • Operating system
  • Special functions


The design of clamp ammeters has evolved in recent years, and the materials used in their construction have also changed enormously.

The most modern models have tools that allow you to take readings in places that are difficult to access, among these we have removable screens from which you can observe measurements from a distance.

Most professional electricians recommend models with calipers to facilitate measurement. Since these work, via the magnetic field that generates electricity, you will not be forced to cut or strip the cable to connect it. We also suggest you choose screen models because they are easier to read.


The clamp ammeters have the ability to perform different types of measurements, and the most common is precisely the voltage and the current, both alternating and direct.

Depending on the complexity of the model, the reading functions vary. Some systems include options for reading voltage, resistance, continuity or even capacity.

We recommend you choose a model that has all the functions you will need in your work environment. Otherwise, you would risk a bad investment. Although digital ammeters are very versatile, their usefulness will still depend on the use you will make of them.


Resolution plays a significant role in purchasing clamp ammeters. The accuracy of the measurements and values ​​shown when reading the system will depend on it. Knowing the value of the resolution, it is possible to determine any change, even if very small, in the reading carried out.

To explain the importance of resolution with an example, we could tell you that it is useless to buy a ruler that measures centimeters if what you need to do is measure in millimeters.

Before buying an ammeter, we advise you to keep in mind the resolution you need in your work as this is an essential factor in determining the usefulness of the instrument.


When we speak of precision, we refer to the indication of the real value of what is measured. We recommend that you choose a device that has the highest possible accuracy, as the quality of the work will depend on it. The more accurate the measurements, the better you will be able to do your jobs.

In general terms, the reading precision has a value of 3%. It means that when measuring a quantity of 100 amperes, the reading could give three values ​​above or below the measurement. Usually, the precision margin is indicated by each manufacturer, and some ammeters may have additional specifications.

True RMS

Clamp Ammeters equipped with the True RMS function determine the actual correct value. These systems are more precise in that they obtain the measure by leveling the signal.

During the process, they adjust it to an actual value based on the dependence, without distinguishing between the shape of the output signal and the value of the coefficient to determine the real value.

These ammeters are able to measure the alternating voltage signals in a sinusoidal form with much more precision than the rest of the systems, while the models without the True RMS function are useful only for measuring electrical voltages that are not sinusoidal. Keep in mind that currents are not always sinusoidal, nor should they be.

Operating System

The operation of the clamp ammeters is straightforward, just select the parameter we want to measure, place the diodes in the corresponding connection area, and detect the measurement data directly on the screen. The selector has a straightforward rotation system with different selections for the same parameter.

The advantages of these selection systems are that we can use them without having to take off our protective gloves. Also, the selector allows you to turn off the AmmeterAmmeter when you are not using it, and some systems also have an automatic shutdown.

The clamp models measure directly from the cable by merely approaching the clamp and are considered very practical.

Special Functions

When buying a clamp ammeters, you need to take into account some special functions. If we do continuous work, the data retention function will be handy. Also, we suggest you always choose a system with overload protection in order to prevent short circuits and damage to the policies, extending their life.

Models with backlit screens will allow you to work in low light or even in the dark. The pliers are ideal for facilitating the work because they will enable you to take readings without having to cut or strip the cables.

Also, the switches and buttons for selecting the scales and the manual or automatic intervals are handy.

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