The counterfeit banknote detector is a device that continues to be useful given that, despite the trend of commercial transactions leaning towards debit or credit cards, the exchange of liquid money continues to be more current than ever.

If you handle large amounts of cash, because maybe you work at the cash desk, or because you have a business, you will surely have everyone’s fear: that of receiving a fake banknote. If it has never happened to you, it is because you were lucky. After all, it is a more common phenomenon than it seems.

For this reason, counterfeit banknote detectors represent a strong ally against the fight against counterfeiting. If you are not familiar with this type of device and you want to buy one, then keep reading the guide, and we will tell you everything you need to know to avoid unpleasant surprises when you collect money.

Here we had selected some of the best and latest models of the counterfeit money detectors.

Money Marker (5 Counterfeit Pens) - Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen with Upgraded...
  • INSTANT VERIFICATION: The Money Marker counterfit marker is specially formulated to deliver accurate and easy results within...
  • SAVE MONEY by checking and rejecting bad currency with a bill marker counterfeit marker currency pen. Comes in a BOX OF 5 pack of...
  • INNOVATIVE CHISEL TIP lengthens the life of each money pen and helps a business earn more by preventing each money marker...
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We strive to make the best and most convenient counterfeit money pen you've ever used in...
Dri Mark Dual Test - The Original Smart Money Pen with UV LED Cap Counterfeit...
  • TRUST THE ORIGINAL, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE: Dri Mark’s unique patented Dual Detector counterfeit pen and UV light is an instant...
  • LOSS PREVENTION: Catch a counterfeit and it pays for iteself, Perfect for detecting “bleached” bills. These are $1 and $5...
  • FRAUD DETECTION: Strong. Compact. Simple. UV Light is great for authenticating passports, credit cards, traveler’s checks, and...
  • MORE VALUE: Battery Powered UV Light, 3 LR-44 button-cell batteries are included. Enough power to check thousands of bills. Bonus...
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK : Dri Mark's 90 day Limited from the date of purchase, this product will be replaced, or the purchase...
SaleRANK NO. 3
Dri-Mark 351B1 Smart Money Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen for Use w/U.S. Currency
  • Currency-screening formula creates dark mark when counterfeit is detected
  • Cost-efficient design offers quick, inexpensive method to detect bad bills
  • Perfect for use in busy retail environments, special events and more
  • Perfect for use in busy retail environments, special events and more
  • For use with U.S. currency
Huron Counterfeit Money Detector Pen (5/15/50/250) (5 pc)
  • User makes a small, quick mark on the surface of currency
  • Genuine currency will yield a faint, light brown mark
  • Counterfeit currency will yield a dark brown mark
  • Recommended particularly for use with all bills equal to or greater than $10 in value
Counterfeit Money Bill Detector Pens, Markers - Detects Fake Currency - 5 Pack
  • INSTANT VERIFICATION - Quickly recognize a fake from a real bill! Our counterfeit currency pens are specially formulated to...
  • CLEAR & CONCISE RESULTS – Our markers are easy to understand. A Black line means the bill is a fake whereas a Gold line means...
  • SAVE MONEY - By exposing a fake with our Counterfeit Marker, the marker will pay for itself! Plus, our markers are packaged in BOX...
  • INNOVATIVE CHISEL TIP – A Chisel Tip makes marking easy and helps to preserve ink.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are confident that you will have a great experience with these Counterfeit Bill Detector Pens. If the...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen Fake Bill Checker Money Tester Pen Universal...
  • Easily detect counterfeit bills: our counterfeit bill detector pen detects genuine US currency paper by simply drawing a mark on a...
  • Package includes: you will get 4 pieces of counterfeit bill detector pens in a pack, and these pens' ink is sturdy, can be applied...
  • Protect your property: by checking and rejecting bad currency with a fake bill detector; Better quality means better performance...
  • Convenient to carry: the pen measures 13 cm/ 5.1 inches, portable and useful, it's convenient to put in your pocket and you can...
  • Wide occasion: the currency detector pen is suitable for many different occasion to avoid profit loss, can be applied in...
Dri Mark CFD15PK Counterfeit Bill Detector Marker Pen, Made in The USA, 3 Times...
  • INSTANTLY AND EASILY DETECT FAKE BILLS - Prevent profit loss with this fast, accurate, effective counterfeit tester. Marker pen...
  • DRI MARK PENS WILL OUTLAST AND OUTPERFORM OTHERS MADE OFFSHORE - Precision fitted parts ensure long shelf life and no-dry-out if...
  • SMALLER PEN, 3 TIMES THE INK - Dri Mark's "Pocket Size" Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen has 3 times the ink and is almost an inch...
  • TOP QUALITY U.S.A. MADE - Dri Mark is the only US manufacturer and original patent holder of Counterfeit Detector Pens. For over...
  • MANUFACTURER 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Dri Mark's 90-day Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. You can trust Dri Mark's...
SaleRANK NO. 8
Royal Sovereign Pocket Sized Counterfeit Bill Detector (RCD-UVP), Black
  • High Security: Ultraviolet light is used to check UV sensitive strips and markings.
  • Compact and Portable: Counterfeit detector fits in your pocket and in the palm of your hand.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to operate counterfeit detector solutions.
  • Battery Operated: 30 Day Manufacturer's limited
SaleRANK NO. 9
NoteShield 6 Pack Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen Counterfeit Pen Fake Money...
  • Handle Cash Confidently: Losing money hurts, no matter how much. These counterfeit bill detectors find phoney money in mere...
  • Stay Protected: Taking small risks in finance is normal, but risking fake money isn't! This money marker bill detector set is a...
  • Clipped Lid: Keep your money marker pen near you at all times with the super efficient clipped lid, so you can check bills in a...
  • Comfortable Grip: Checking multiple bills at a time? Don't worry about discomfort - our counterfeit pens come with a smooth body...

Buyer Guide to Choose Counterfeit Money Detectors

If we want to hinder the spread of banknote counterfeiting, we cannot just rely on our intuition. We need all the technological help we can. In this sense, counterfeit banknote detectors are well known because they operate with great speed. We encourage you to analyze this section with answers to the most common questions about these devices.

What Exactly Is a Counterfeit Banknote Detector?

As the name already indicates, these detectors are devices, usually battery-powered, whose purpose is to guarantee the authenticity of the banknotes.

Through different detection systems, and depending on the model, they manage to analyze various characteristics of the paper with which these banknotes are made, and emit a sound signal if one of these does not comply with the legal parameters.

Why Do You Need to Use Counterfeit Banknote Detectors?

Today cash (banknotes and coins) continue to be the most used commercial transaction system in the world. Payment by credit or debit card is increasingly common but has not yet managed to replace the traditional method.

This has led to the banknote counterfeiting industry becoming increasingly refined. A few decades ago, the most experienced and trained people could identify fake banknotes even by careful observation.

However, technological advances have made counterfeiting of banknotes so professional that it is no longer enough to observe them. The detection machines incorporate some recognition systems that are unattainable for the human eye.

How Do Counterfeit Banknote Detectors Work?

To perform the detection checks mentioned, the machines are based on different inks with which banknotes are made: model, consistency, holographic marks, and reactions. When they scan a particular note, they analyze it through a susceptible spectrum sensor and compare it with the correct image saved in the device.

How Do You Use Counterfeit Banknote Detectors?

The use of counterfeit banknote detectors is straightforward. Almost all models are equipped with an easily readable LED display and an audible signal that warns of anomalies.

You have to insert small wads of banknotes in the front slot or the input tray. The detector “reads” them and ejects them from the rear slot or the exit tray.

How Do Counterfeit Note Detectors Behave if Banks Update Currencies?

In general, the central banks of most currencies are continually working to improve banknote security and to prevent counterfeiting. Some detector models automatically update the software when new currency exchange is communicated.

For others, it is necessary for the user to connect to a computer and to follow the instructions for this purpose. Typically, counterfeit banknote detectors are equipped with a USB port, so it is straightforward to connect to a computer to update the software.

Other newer models have slots for inserting micro-SD cards. In any case, to avoid risks, it is always useful to be careful of the changes communicated by the Central Bank.

Advantages or Disadvantages Counterfeit Banknote Detectors?

If you work at the cashier, if you are in charge of a shop or if you manage a lot of cash for work, it is likely that sooner or later, someone will trim a fake banknote. Detector devices can be handy to minimize this possibility, as shown in the following table.

  • They are small or light
  • They are battery-operated. Therefore they do not always have to be connected
  • They are easy to use: insert the banknote, and the machine does everything alone
  • They run at a very high speed
  • They involve an extra step for each transaction, which can lead to a waste of time
  • They may not be updated with time
  • If the banknote is damaged, they may not work well
  • Can I use the same counterfeit banknote detector for different currencies?

Usually yes. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the product description to be sure. The models that are sold in Italy generally operate with the euro and up to four other currencies from countries that are part of the European Union or the Schengen area. For example, British pounds or Hungarian forints.

What Other Functions Can Counterfeit Banknote Detectors Have?

In general, these devices have a specific task and are only used to authenticate the validity of banknotes. However, in recent years, models have begun to appear, which also acts as banknote counters.

This feature is handy for those who handle many banknotes since it will save a lot of time by performing two functions simultaneously.

Things to Consider Before Buying

At this point, you will have already convinced yourself to buy a counterfeit detector. You don’t have to make the mistake of choosing the first product you find at an acceptable price.

We advise you to take into account some purchase criteria to choose the model that best suits your needs. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • Autonomy
  • Reliability
  • Detection systems
  • Variety of currencies
  • Software update


Counterfeit banknote detectors work mostly with rechargeable lithium batteries. This is good news because, in this way, you are not dependent exclusively on a power supply. We advise you to buy models that guarantee an autonomy of at least 8 hours, to ensure a day of work without worries.


An unreliable counterfeit detector is useless. Before buying one of these devices, you need to check whether the European central banks certify it. Thus, you will know for sure that the sensors will be able to detect the latest security technologies applied to banknotes with 100% reliability.

Detection Systems

As we have already seen, counterfeit banknote detectors can have one, two, or more systems to authenticate the validity of a currency. The two most important are UV control and magnetic wire control, and they are also the most difficult to falsify. Of course, the more detection systems our device has than these two, the better.

Variety of Currencies

Although in Italy, the currency that most interests us is the euro, for obvious reasons, we must not forget the large number of tourists that we cross in our work path.

For this reason, to avoid fraud, it may be appropriate for the counterfeit detector that we buy to be able to authenticate other currencies from neighboring countries (UK, Poland, Hungary).

Software Update

Banknotes do not change every year, but occasionally they integrate more sophisticated security measures. Counterfeit banknote detectors must offer the possibility to update their software easily. Otherwise, you will be forced to buy a new device every time changes are communicated.

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