Are you looking for a rabbit cage? Did you know that these cute animals, which in the past were traditionally only courtyard animals, are now pets and many families decide to welcome them? They are very loving, clean and intelligent. This is why it is right to have a large cage where these animals can live well and feel safe.

The cages protect your home’s furniture from the sharp teeth of rodents and offer your rabbit a place of its own. The animal must have enough space in the cage to stretch and be able to play.

Right here we had listed some of the best quality of rabbit cages that are given below.

Esright Rabbit Hutch Pet House for Small Animals 37 inches Guinea Pig House Rabbit Cage with Run Bunny House Indoor 4 Casters Removable No Leak Trays & Ladder
  • 🐇Durable Structure: Constructed by premium natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic varnish. The original wood is firm and natural for your beloved pet. Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes and fit well into indoor and no rain outdoor use.
  • 🐇Raised Perches & Removable Tray: The raise perch keeps your poultry safe, dry and warm. Rabbit hutch with two removable pull out trays are for easy cleaning. Overall dimensions: 37" x 24.4" x 36.2" (L x W x H).
  • 🐇User-friendly Design: The rabbit cage comes with nesting box and ramp, providing spacious space for your lovely bunnies. There is a sliding ramp allows poultry to easily enter the raised housing area. There are timber ridges above the ramp to protects your poultry from slipping back. Designed with 4 casers, you can easily move this bunny hutch around.
  • 🐇Gridding Fence & Open Roof: High quality wire grid provides a healthy poultry lifestyle. The fences are vital to the ventilation of poultry, they will also protect your poultry from the outside predators. With the pitched roof which can be opened easily with hinge, you will be easier to reach to your pets.
  • 🐇Easy Assembly & Customer Service: Very easy assembly, all parts and instruction are included. We packed item as good as we can, if there is any damaged part, please contact us first and offer us pictures of damaged part, we will solve the problem as soon as possible with our professional customer service and technical support.
Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Large, Rabbit Cage Indoor Bunny Hutch Bunny Cage with Wheels -Upgrade Removable Wire Rack
  • ★ Latest Upgrade Rabbit Hutch: Extra REMOVABLE Metal Wire Netting above the bottom tray so bunny will not standing on their poop and keep your rabbit safe when pulling out the tray.
  • ★ The rabbit cage comes with four wheels to move easily and quickly. Two of them are lockable to hold it in place.
  • ★ Indoor bunny hutch with two pull out trays are awesome and plenty deep to catch all the waste debris.
  • ★ A relatively affordable rabbit hutch that was easy to assemble and provides a good deal of space for one or two rabbits.It has 3 openings with good latches.
  • ★ Weatherproof roof make the bunny cage prefect for Indoor & Outdoor use. FREE rabbit chewing toy & metal feeder include.Happy Bunny Life!
COZIWOW Indoor Outdoor Rabbit Hutch,Small Animal Houses & Habitats,Rolling Large Bunny Cage with Removable Tray, Two Story Guinea Pig Hamster Hutch
  • [Spacious Apartment for All small animals]: The bunny hunch measures 37”×24.4”×36.2” is large enough for rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehog,hamsters and other small animals. A small animal habitat on the first floor with outdoor space and a warm cozy loft on the second floor connected by a ramp. This small apartment provides plenty of room for pets to move around as well as rest.
  • [Sturdy Material&Coating]: Made from fir wood and coated in waterproof paint, this cute hutch is worth considering if you want to give your rabbit a chance to experience nature. There’s a run where your bunny can enjoy exploring on the grass, plus wire fencing that keeps predators out but also allows ample ventilation.
  • [Excellent Indoor & Outdoor Mobility]: Equipped with 4 universal wheels and two of them with brakes, these allows you to easily move this house from indoors to outdoors. Even though the entire house is sturdy and heavy duty, you can still easily move around the floor, carpet, and any indoor outdoor area.
  • [Easy to clean]: At the bottom of the enclosure are 2 pull-out sliding trays that help provide a comfortable and hygienic environment. The trays are made of high hardness plastic and only need to be cleaned with water. An openable roof and two front doors for easily cleaning and feeding.
  • [Quality Assurance]: COZIWOW is committed to product quality, and we promise 100% quality assurance for products for 1 year, just to give you the best products and services. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Krolik Extra-Large Rabbit Cage w/ Wood Hutch Extenstion | Rabbit Cage Includes All Accessories & Measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.68H & Includes ALL Accessories | 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Perfect Rabbit Cage Starter Kit w/ Wood Hutch Extension | Rabbit cage includes large water bottle, feeding bowl, hay feeder, elevated feeding area ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas
  • Extra-Extra-Large Living Space | Rabbit cage measures 55.9L x 23.62W x 19.7H inches & includes a wood hutch ideal for nesting that creates a private living quarters for your pet
  • Easy Maintenance Rabbit Cage | Krolik features a 5.5" deep base to contain litter & entire base of the rabbit cage detaches for cleaning or dumping of litter / debris
  • Convenient Access | Full front door provides quick access inside the rabbit cage; wood hutch features a locking top panel w/ full access
  • Ferplast Quality Guarantee | Rabbit cage includes 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Scurrty Rabbit Hutch Indoor Bunny House Large Rabbit Cage Outdoor Guinea Pig Cage Deep No Leak Waterproof Pull Out Tray Coop Bunny Cage on Wheels Guinea Pig House with Stair
  • 【2 Easy Entry-Door】You will easily be able to access any part of this bunny cage, 2 solid front door for every direction easy catch. A sliding door ramp also allows rabbits to easily going up to the raised housing area.
  • 【Removable tray】Rabbit hutch with DEEPPER removable bottom tray. Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes and fit well into indoor decoration and outdoor scenery.
  • 【Material】Wooden Rabbit Hutch Made by Fir,hinge roof can be opened easily for cleaning and SBS asphalt weatherproof roof prevents rain and sun heating, provides them a safe, warm and dry living conditions.
  • 【Comfortable House】Spacious and seperate space for bunnys sleeping and living on double floor. With design of wire door, you can watch your pets without disturbing.
  • 【Specification】Overall size: 40*36*26”, 38.6lbs, also great for small animals like rabbit, guinea pig, chick and hamster. Easy assembly with PRE-drilled holes.
MidWest Homes for Pets 158 Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home, Rabbit Cage, 39.5 L x 23.75 W x 19.75 H Inch
  • Rabbit Cage includes free hay feeder, water bottle, feeding bowl & elevated feeding area, Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs & Chinchillas
  • Rabbit Cage measures 39.5 L x 23.62 W x 19.75 H inches providing a large living space & maximum comfort for your pet
  • Rabbit Cage features 5.5" deep base to contain litter & convenient top / full side-door access
  • Rabbit cage (model 158) is compatible with both extensions to create an even larger living space (Wire: 158WEX or wood Rabbit Hutch: 158HEX)
  • No tools required for assembly & Rabbit Cage includes a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty
Rabbit Cage Indoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Hutch Outdoor, Guinea Pig Cages with Removable Bottom Wire Netting - Easy Clean
  • This rabbit hutch come with REMOVABLE wire netting above the bottom tray that make clean super easy.
  • The tray is deeper than before and won’t leak off. Any problem with removable tray, We are pleased to send you free replacement.
  • Made of natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic varnish.
  • Four casters and two of them are brake to move and fix the rabbit cage easily as your wish.
  • Easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes; If there any damage, our customer service will get back to you within 24 hours.
Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Rabbit Cage Outdoor Bunny Hutch Guinea Pig Cage with Removable Wire Floor & Wheels
  • ★ Removable Metal Wire Netting above the tray, bunny will not standing on their poop. Super easy to clean your rabbit cage.
  • ★ 4 Casters to move the bunny hutch easily and quickly. Two of them are brakes to stay well and safe.
  • ★ Rabbit hutch with DEEPER pulls out tray that won’t leak off. Quality plastic trays will never leak or rusty.
  • ★ Easy to watch with open roofs, top pen cover, side window, and two front access doors. Much easier for every direction to catch rabbits and clean the house.
  • ★ Size: 40.4"L x 23.6" W x 28.3"H, large enough for 1-2 small bunny, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small animals, no weight limit. Rabbit chewing toy and metal feeder to preventing your pets from chewing their cage
PawHut 32”L 2-Level Indoor Small Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch with Wheels - Black
  • ✅SMALL ANIMAL CAGE: this wheeled indoor habitat is great for your lovely pet to live. The beautiful color looks great, and the home itself is ideal for small pets like rabbits, pet mink, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc
  • ✅USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: the large inner space features a platform with an anti-slip ramp and two openings, one on the top and one on the front, for easy access to your pet.
  • ✅EASY ROLLING WHEELS: the small animal shelter includes 4 universal wheels (2 with brakes) for easy movement and transport around your home or yard.
  • ✅EASY TO CLEAN: a removable tray is included for quick cleaning allowing you to maintain a healthy environment for your pet.
  • ✅HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: our small animal cage is made using a sturdy metal frame with 0.78'' and 0.13'' wire. The metal is fully painted, making it wear and corrosion resistance. Intentionally-spaced 0.95'' bar spacing avoids your animal getting stuck. NOTE: Buyer to determine the amount of pets that will fit in the hutch depending on breed and size.
SaleRANK NO. 10
Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage
  • Sets Up Complete in Seconds, No Tools Needed | Approx. 37L x 19W x 20H
  • Unique Design Provides Versatile Top and Front Door Access
  • Secure Slide Latch Allows for One-Handed Door Operation
  • Easy to Slide Out and Clean Front Access Durable Plastic Pan
  • 1/2 inch Grid Mesh Floor Supports and Hygienically Protects Rabbits Hocks

Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Cages

Does My Rabbit Have to Get out Of Its Cage?

A cage offers your rabbit a home of its own where you can feel protected. But the animal also needs to change the air and try new stimuli. Therefore, even if the cage is large, experts recommend offering him the opportunity to walk around the house or in the garden at least two hours a day.

So he will exercise and will not be bored. There are rabbits that adore their routine and going out won’t appeal to them much. But it may also be that you have an animal that loves to discover new smells and spaces.

In this case, you will have to work hard so that it can spend some time every day wandering around places outside its personal corner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Rabbit as A Pet?

The animal you choose to share the house with you will depend a lot on your character. Until recently, domestic rabbits were exclusively courtyard animals, but today it is increasingly common to find them like real pets.

If you like rabbits and are thinking of adopting one, here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of owning one of these animals:

  • Rabbits don’t require many hours of attention. The fact that you work all day won’t be a problem.
  • They are peaceful and affectionate animals, so they are ideal for spending time with your children.
  • They are very clean and their manure will collect in the lower cage tray.
  • They are very clean animals and you can educate them to do their needs where you are most comfortable.
  • They are rodents and, as this word indicates, your rabbit will be able to gnaw the lower part of your furniture or some cables, if you are not careful.
  • They usually have mild health, so you will need to go to the vet several times.
  • Rabbits are nocturnal and therefore, in your hours of sleep, their noises may wake you up.

How to Maintain Essential Cleanliness in A Rabbit Cage?

To avoid the bad odours of excrements and urine and to protect our rabbit from bacteria that could harm its health, its spaces must be kept very clean. It is recommended that a rabbit cage has well-differentiated spaces, placing a litter box in the area intended for your pet’s needs.

This litter box and the surrounding space must be cleaned practically every day partially and once a week thoroughly. Rabbits benefit from the hygiene of their home and is something necessary for you too. Stool and urine are the main causes of the bad smell, therefore the container where the straw is placed must be washed.

How Can I Disinfect a Rabbit Cage?

In addition to regularly cleaning the cage, you must also disinfect it every month. You can buy products made specifically for this task, or you can use boiling water and vinegar. It is necessary to disinfect the different parts of the cage and also the objects that are inside.

It is important to immerse the drinker in boiling water, as well as other utensils intended for use by your rabbit. You need to remove stains from the litter, which you can do with vinegar, to remove bad smells. It is also recommended to clean the cage grates one by one with soap and water.

What Size Should a Rabbit Cage Have?

Experts believe that the cage should be as large as possible, within the limits of the available space in your home. The fact is that your pet must have enough space to stretch comfortably in what will be his very personal home. The cage must be of adequate height to prevent the rabbit from crouching.

It is good to divide the cage into different spaces: the area for eating, resting and playing, for example. They do not need to be separated by walls, but simply with different elements. For your pet’s convenience, the sleeping area can be padded with straw, newspaper or wood chips.

In Which Area of ​​the House Should I Place the Rabbit Cage?

It is important that your rabbit’s cage has good ventilation but, at the same time, it must not be exposed to drafts. For the convenience of your rabbit, it is best that it is not affected by direct sunlight, especially in very hot temperatures. In addition, the cage should be located near places in the house where there is activity.

Being in a very isolated cage can be very boring for these animals and can make them feel sad. At the same time, place the house for your pet in a little transit place, so as not to bother you when you pass or to avoid tripping over it.

Can I Put the Rabbit Cage in My Bedroom?

Bear in mind that rabbits are nocturnal animals, so keeping your pet close during sleeping hours may prevent you from sleeping well. Deciding whether to sleep near your rabbit depends on how well trained, clean and healthy the animal is, but keep in mind that the cage will have some odour.

There is a possibility that between midnight and 2 am your pet will be very active. Even before dawn, between 5 and 6 in the morning, it is a time when rabbits play. During the day, while you are busy with work and other activities, this beautiful pet will take advantage of it to sleep.

Which Food Should Prevail in A Rabbit Cage?

We all know that rabbits love carrots. But the truth is that these animals love all plants. In order for your pet to feed and be happy, he must have broccoli, lettuce, parsley, chicory, endive, coriander, spinach, tomatoes and celery, among others.

In addition, the most important element of the rabbit’s diet is hay and should be served in unlimited quantities. The long hay fibres keep the animal’s intestines healthy and prevent furballs from forming in the stomach. Either way, don’t forget that a rabbit doesn’t start eating vegetables before 3 months.

Can a Hare Live in A Rabbit Cage?

Many people confuse hares with rabbits. In fact, they are different animals. To be able to distinguish them, physically it must be taken into account that hares are generally larger and faster than rabbits and that the first ones have longer ears. Also, the hares have not been domesticated.

This means that while a rabbit is an excellent pet, a hare will be very unhappy in the house and even more so in a cage. In fact, they are not exactly caged animals, with the exception of some species. While rabbits are happy near men, the hare remains distant and alert.

What Should the Bottom of A Rabbit Cage Look Like?

Many rabbits can suffer from a problem called pododermatitis, which causes sores in the back of their hind legs if they sit on hard ground or wet bases. Therefore they should be offered a cage with a comfortable bottom. If your rabbit’s cage has grates at the bottom, cover them with a solid, flat material.

It is also common to insert pressed chips into the bottom of the cage in the form of small wooden cylinders, which absorb urine odours well and form a comfortable base for the rabbit. For sleeping space, make sure it is soft. You can arrange a newspaper and a soft and light cover.

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