A rain gauge is an instrument that is used to accumulate and measure the amount of fluid precipitation using set time. So, it is an essential instrument that is used to investigate the weather and climate phenomenon. So, in this article, you can view the 13 best rain gauges.

This is an essential instrument used by the weather stations and the people living in beach and dams’ areas. It is also known as a udometer, pluviometer, or and ombrometer. But, it is very easy to understand the working of a rain gauge. So, you can say that it is just a cylinder that catches rain inside.

If it collects one-inch rain inside, then it means that only one-inch rain has fallen. But, the standard and digital rain gauges are more preferable for the measurement of rains. Because these gauges have a wide funnel leading into the cylinder to measure even one-tenth of an inch.

Normally you can use a simple rain gauge for the measurement of rainfall. Usually, the measurement is 203 mm (8 inches). You will see that this rain gauge is designed as a circular funnel with a diameter of 203 mm. Because it collects the rain into the calibrated cylinder. Which can record up to 25 mm of precipitation.

Other name for rain gauge:

The rain gauge is also known as a tipping bucket. As its structure is just like a bucket that collects the rain into a calibrated cylinder. If it is not a digital rain gauge then it does not need to show any measurements. A measuring scale is printed on the bucket through you can easily judge the quantity of rain that has fallen.

SaleRANK NO. 1
AcuRite 5" Capacity Easy-to-Read Magnifying Acrylic, Blue (00850A2) Rain Gauge
  • AcuRite rain gauge measures up to 5 inches of rainwater
  • Numbers are magnified by over 35% for simple, at-a-glance rainfall measurement viewing
  • Easy-to-read white numbers and inch markings
  • Durable, weather-resistant acrylic construction on this plastic rain gauge
  • Integrated hang hole for easy mounting or can be staked into the ground
Taylor Precision Products 2702N ClearVu 6" Capacity Rain/Sprinkler Gauge, Clear,...
  • CAPACITY: 6 inch capacity with 1/10 inch precision increments
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: The rain gauge stands 12.5 inches tall
  • MOUNTING: Install on a post using two screws and attach to holes provided in the mounting bracket. For ground installation, insert...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Measure rainfall, track watering amounts for yards/gardens, and manage sprinkler system zone timing based on water...
  • USE & CARE: Hand washes only with mild soap and water when needed.
SaleRANK NO. 3
AcuRite 02446M Wireless Rain Gauge with Indoor Digital Display, Black
  • Outdoor rain collector measures rainfall in your backyard and wirelessly transmits readings to its indoor display
  • Customizable alarm notifies you with an audible beep once your set rainfall total has been reached
  • View rainfall totals for the current day, yesterday, past week, by month and year
  • Self-emptying rain collector means no daily maintenance - simply connect the collector to the display and start measuring rainfall...
  • Makes a great gift for the gardener or casual weather-watcher
SaleRANK NO. 4
AcuRite Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Self-Emptying Collector with Rainfall...
  • Wireless Rain Gauge: Measures rain precipitation in inches or milimeters with rainfall history
  • Programmable Rain Alarm: Customizable alerts for rain rate or flood watch to help indicate if present conditions can lead to...
  • Self-Emptying Rain Collector: The wireless rain collector is self emptying and easy to install with little maintenance
  • Strong Wireless Signal Penetration: Rain gauge transmits outdoor rain totals every 60 seconds to indoor display
  • Digital Display Console: Easy-to-read digits from across any room and features current date and time
Toiclebor® 7" Capacity Rain Gauge,Detachable Glass Rain Gauge with Metal...
  • Toiclebor rain gauge measures up to 7 inches of rainwater.8.75" glass tube (measures 7 inches(in 1/8 of an inch) of rainfall).
  • 【Easy to Install】Inserted on the ground or Hung on fence.
  • 【Easy-to-read】Big numbers and inch markings
  • 【High-quality】The holder is made of metal,The tube is made of high-quality glass.
  • 【The Perfect Gift】Rain gauge is an essential tool to have,a perfect gift for family and gardeners,a housewarming gift for...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Circrane 5-Inch Capacity Outdoor Rain Gauge with Additional Hang Bracket&...
  • Durable, weather-resistant acrylic rain gauge could measures up to 5 inches of rainwater.
  • Additional hang bracket with stainless steel screws provide multiple mounting options. The bracket could fits onto post or fence...
  • When there is rainwater in the gauge, scale numbers will magnified by over 35% for simple, at-a-glance rainfall measurement...
  • Easy-to-read white numbers and inch markings on green background.
  • Packing Included: 1* Circran 5" Rain Gauge; 1* Hang Bracket; 2*Stainless Steel Screws.
BIUWING Rain Gauge, Glass rain Gauge Outdoor, rain gauges for Yard with Stake...
  • 【Fashionable design】The rain gauge is composed of fashionable pure metal frame and high-quality glass tube, which is simple to...
  • 【Clear and easy to read】The glass tube of the rain gauge is made of high-quality glass, which is transparent and textured, and...
  • 【Easy installation and use】This rain gauge can be fixed on the ground or hung on the fence, which is very convenient. The...
  • 【Durable]】The frame of the rain gauge is made of pure metal, which is durable and will not fade or deform. The glass tube of...
  • 【High quality after-sales】Our products undergo strict quality inspection and multi-layer packaging to ensure that the products...
La Crosse 704-1531B-INT Large Magnifying Easy Read 5-Inch Capacity Acrylic Rain...
  • Weather resistant 12 inch plastic gauge
  • Measures up to 5 inches of rain
  • Magnifying acrylic for easy-to-read design
  • Dynamic navy blue with white numbers & markings
  • Keyhole bracket fits onto post or fence with screws (not included), or use it as a garden/yard stake
SaleRANK NO. 10
SYCozupy Rain Gauge, 7" Capacity Upgrade Glass Rain Guage Outdoor-Detachable...
  • 🌲【Upgrade Stylish Design】 The rain guage is held by a stylish spiral metal bracket,one piece-metal design,Reinforced metal...
  • 🌲【Easy To Read 】 This Precious wide opening rain gauge outdoor can Collect most rainfall volume. With a dual scale of 7...
  • 🌲【Easy To Use】 Fix it on the ground or hang it on the fence .check the rain collected, record results, empty the tube and...
  • 🌲【Made To Last】Rain gauges outdoors best rated is crafted from superior quality glass and won't get cloudy from long-term...
  • 🌲【100% Quality Assurance】If you receive a damaged product or have any other dissatisfaction, please do not mind contacting...
Springfield 90106 Glass Tube Rain Gauge
  • The product is 5 inch glass rain gauge
  • Easy and simple use kit
  • The product is manufactured in china
  • Glass tube rain gauge
  • Accurately measure up to 5-inch of rainfall
VANCORE 32 Inch Rain Gauge Outdoor with Waterproof Thermometer, 7 Inch Rain...
  • Outdoor Rain Rauge & Thermometer: The water gauge measure helps you monitor daily rainfall, don't worry about overwater your...
  • Easy to Read From Distance: The garden rain guage has clear measurement lines on glass tube, metal frame with large outer digits...
  • High Quality Durable Material: This rain guage on a stake is made of rust proof double layer copper painted metal stand and...
  • Rain Gauges Package Included: 7 Inch rain meter glass tube + 32 Inch detachable hummingbird decor iron frame + Outdoor...
  • Perfect Decoration & Christmas Gift: The antique hummingbird rain gauge is also not only a great accent piece to your yard, garden...
La Crosse 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge
  • Innovative design slides on & off bracket for ease of use
  • Mounts on a deck, fence rail or top of stake
  • Rain gauge measures backyard rain fall
  • Large width waterfall design
  • plastic frame

There are many udometers in the market having different characteristics. So, that here is a buying guide for you to pick the best rain gauge to use for a long time.

Buying Guide For The Best Rain Gauges

A rain gauge looks very simple and easy to use. But there are different types of rain gauges in the market. These are often different in characteristics and working. So that, when you are going to buy a rain gauge. You must have to consider the things about it for buying the best and reliable rain gauge.

There are different types of rain gauges. Some are specifically used by professionals like government weather departments and some or used by common people.

So, usually, there are three types of rain gauges. These are mentioned below:

• The standard rain gauge: This rain gauge manually records the rainfall using a standard or a funnel.
• The tipping bucket rain gauge: The method of using this rain gauge is typically different from the standard gauge.
• Weighing rain gauge.

If you are going to buy a rain gauge for your own use. Then first you should get some knowledge about this item. Because the knowledge makes you confident about buying the correct item.

For this purpose, here are some important key points in this buying guide. You should keep these important aspects in your mind Before buying a rain gauge. Because these key points will help you a lot to pick the best rain gauge fulfilling all rainfall measuring needs.

Location To Place:

First of all, it is a small and lightweight item so place it in a safe place. Like, place it where is no chance of destroying by the wanderers. Secondly, place it using a rod for permanent adjustment and have no chance of losing.

But for the better results of rainfall and other measurements. Place it where are no obstacle, trees, and any kind of shades. So, that the rain gauge is directly facing the sky and waiting for the rainfall to generate accurate results.

Device Connections:

The best rain gauge will allow for technological and electronic data conversion. You can transmit data remotely to your smartphones, tablet, and PCs using different applications. So, these applications are good enough to get quick and accurate results of rainfall.

Simply, you just have to install the software for receiving the rainfall notifications. The apps allow the rain meter to connect to the specific website and then communicate the forecast to you.

After the installation on a smartphone or any other device. Simply connect it to the rain gauge to check the amount of rain that has recently fallen.

Instructions For Use:

The better use of best rain gauge can produce more accurate results about the rainfall. As you can understand the write use of technology can lead us prosperity by making life easier. So, it is necessary to read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand its working and use it correctly.

Read the instructions carefully and configure the rain gauge at the same time. Because using a rain gauge by following all the manufacturer’s instructions can save you from inconvenience, mall function, and waste of time and money.

Accuracy & Calibration:

When you will pay for a measuring instrument, definitely, you will not compromise on its functionality. So, do not forget to check the functionality, precision, resolution, accuracy, and measurements of a rain gauge before buying.

The best rain gauge will definitely ensure even the decisive measures accurately. So, check the prices to know how the manufacturer has calibrated the reference graduated scale and various sensors possibly integrated.

Quality & Reliability:

As there are two main types of rain gauges. The one is manual and the second is digital. And the manual rain gauges are very reliable and familiar for anyone’s use. But if you want to buy a digital rain gauge due to new functions and features. Then there would also be better quality and reliability.

When buying a rain gauge, you should remember what purpose the rain gauge server to you. It is to notify that the bigger rain gauge has features like less evaporation and better resistance to heavy rain.

Prices Of Rain Gauges:

As the prices of rain gauges increasing with the passage of time. The new models like especially Stratus Precision may have little more prices due to new design and more quality.

So, sometimes the price depends on the model that you are going to buy. But it is also possible that the prices may be high due to the economic issues of the country.

Nowadays, the estimated prices of rain gauges may be between $10 to $50 that come with different features and functions.


If you have read this interesting and informative article. Then I hope you have got enough knowledge about how to buy the best rain gauges. Because these were very important key points that you should remember before buying rain gauges for any outdoor use.

So, try to read carefully the above key points before buying the best rain gauges. I hope this short and interesting article will be very helpful for you to buy the best rain gauge. That will also be according to your rainfall measurement requirements. Thank you.

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