In this guide, we explain how to choose a rain gauge, a simple but essential tool, ideal for measuring the amount of rain that has fallen.

There is talk of a device that must always be placed in an outdoor area, free of obstacles in the vicinity, to function correctly. Although it may seem easy to choose, there are several elements that you should know before deciding which rain gauge to take home.

Right below, we had selected some of the best models of the best rain gauges.

JOYBee 7inch Garden Glass Rain Gauge Replacement Tubes for Yard Garden Outdoor(Pack of 2)
  • 💎Calibration clear, easy to read
  • 💎7" accurate measurement for precise rain measurement
  • 💎Calibration will not rub off
  • 💎Suitable for measurement of rainfall, lawn & garden watering
  • 💎Keep track of rainfall while also displaying an elegant garden decoration
Home-X Large Rain Gauge, Mountable or Stake, Weather Station, Garden Tool, Clear, 12” L x 2 ¾” W x 1” H
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Instead of exposing fragile materials like glass to the outdoors, our rain gauge was crafted to weather the elements with durable plastic. You won't need to worry about chips or cracks while handling and emptying the contents. You can reuse it year after year without worry.
  • READABLE NUMBERS: Large printed lettering on the collection tube allows for easy reading of rain. This makes it ideal for those with visual impairment or if the rain gauge is not closely accessible. Our gauge won't look overwhelmingly large or small; it measures 12" L x 2 3/4" W x 1" H.
  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: Our rain gauge not only is visually appealing, but it also works accurately to measure collected up to 6” of rainwater. The clear collection tube has printed measurements that instantly show how much rain or snow has fallen or how much water your sprinkler has spread.
  • MOUNTABLE: Mount the rain gauge on a wall, fence, ground stake, or wherever is ideal for rain collection. This means the gauge will firmly stay in place and can endure the elements without tipping or breaking. Simply attach using screws in the pre-drilled key holes (screws included).
  • OPTIONAL STAKE: Our rain gauge has a couple of options for display. The pre-drilled holes and included screws allow you to mount it in place, or you can simply stake it in the ground. We designed the base of the container with a point so it can be staked into the ground in case mounting isn’t ideal.
SaleRANK NO. 3
Taylor Jumbo Jr. 20" Easy-Read Rain Gauge with Ground Stake & Mounting Bracket
  • 20" tall jumbo jr. rain gauge with 5" water capacity
  • Accurate, easy-to-read measurements are visible from up to 50 ft. away
  • Funnel filter minimizes outdoor debris
  • High impact plastic construction provides extra durability
  • Includes ground spike and bracket for easy wall mounting and ground installation
World's Coolest Copper Rain Gauge. Accurate Floating Rain Gauge for Lawn, Garden and Landscape
  • Measure rainfall, monitor sprinkler output and conserve water with the Original Floating Rain Gauge. Tube is marked with inches and centimeters. Measures up to 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) of precipitation. Big numbers are easy to read from the deck, patio, garden or lawn. Decorative rain gauge is a great gift for gardeners, weather watchers and gadget geeks. Easy and fun to use for any age or ability.
  • Glass-free construction. Safe to use around kids, pets and wildlife. Safe to leave outside all year but for longest life, please bring indoors if you live in an area with prolonged winter temperatures below freezing.
  • No assembly required. Select an unobstructed location, put your rain gage out and wait for rain. To empty, simply pour the water out after each precipitation event. Please don’t remove the foam float inside the rainfall measurement tube!
  • Easy to move to monitor sprinkler output in vegetable gardens, perennial beds and landscapes. A must for lawns and flower beds. Prevents over-watering and under-watering. Saves water and protects valuable landscape plants.
  • Amazing customer service. It’s the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge Company -- Satisfaction Guaranteed! Reach out to us if you have questions or need parts. We love to help!
Evergreen Garden Decorative Polystone and Metal Frog Statue with a Glass Rain Gauge - 4" W x 4" D x 18" H
  • LET IT RAIN: Rain, rain, don’t go away! This cheery frog statue will brighten your garden even on the gloomiest of rainy days while helping you keep track of rainfall with its glass gauge.
  • MEASURE IN STYLE: The beautiful antique rust finish on this aesthetical amphibian and his umbrella is sure to make a statement. The glass rain gauge monitors precipitation in centimeters and inches.
  • MADE TO LAST: Crafted from polystone, metal, and glass, this rain gauge frog figurine is made to stand against the elements. The weatherproof and fade-resistant materials ensure that the garden décor piece will bring joy year-round.
  • GREAT FOR YOU OR AS A GIFT: The statue’s unique design is perfect addition to your décor and will make a wonderful housewarming gift for new neighbors or old friends.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Measuring 18" H x 4" W x 4" D, this froggy friend is ideal for display in a planter, garden, or any outdoor space.
Bits and Pieces - Solar Powered Butterfly Rain Gauge Garden Statue - Solar Panel Captures Sunlight and Illuminates LED Glass Rainfall Tube
  • Our beautiful rain gauge will capture and measure the rainfall in your garden.
  • An attractive ornamental stake during the day, with colourful metal cattail and butterfly adorning the top.
  • The solar panel captures the sunlight and illuminates the LED glass rainfall tube at dusk.
  • On/off switch located on solar panel.
  • Stands 25" tall on a 4-1/2" pronged metal stake.
60 '' Tall. All-In-One Solar Weather Station with Solar Powered Light - Measures Snow, Rain, and Wind Speeds
  • MONITOR WEATHER ELEMENTS: The weather station includes a wind direction arrow, an anemometer that spins in the wind, a rain gauge, and a thermometer that displays the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • SOLAR LIGHT: The weather station is topped with a solar powered lamp head for optimal illumination
  • DURABLE AND STURDY: The weather station is designed with durable iron and plastic. The metal stakes allows you to easily anchor the station anywhere in your yard
  • OPTIMAL HEIGHT: The All-in-One Solar Weather Station is 5 ft. tall
TBWHL 2pcs 5" Capacity Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube for Yard Garden Outdoor Home
  • Appearance:Clear color,standard inch increments
  • Dimensions:0.86W x 0.86D x 5.51H in, Weight: 0.25 lbs
  • High Quality Materia:Crafted of durable glass
  • Purpose:It is used in rainfall measure, Great rain gauge outdoor, rain gauges for yard
  • Marked with Two Scales Desigh:can measure less than 5 inches or 12 centimeters of rainfall
Cedmon 7" Capacity Rain Gauge Glass Replacement Tube with Lid for Yard Garden Outdoor Home (2)
  • 7" accurate measurement for precise rain measurement
  • Lip Design
  • Dimensions - 2 W x 2 D x 8.27 H in/5 D x 5 Dx 21 H cm, Weight: 110g/ 0.6 lbs,
  • Crafted of durable glass
  • Comes with upgrade box package. No Damaged and No Broken!
Juegoal 31.5 Inch Rain Gauge Butterfly Garden Stakes Decor Glow in Dark Metal Yard Art Outdoor Lawn Pathway Patio Decorations, Set of 2
  • [Butterfly Rain Gauge]: 31.5 Inch Butterfly measure rainfall garden stakes decorative made from high grade rust-proof metal, plastic tube and plastic wings(glow in dark). Place them in your garden, yard or anywhere you want, they will bring more refreshing feel of nature.
  • [Glow in Dark]: The yard rain gauge stakes can be glow in dark. The colorful wings absorb sunlight during the day and glows faintly light automatically at night.
  • [Plastic Tube]: Rain gauge measure the rainfall with 5 inch capacity large plastic tube, black easy to read in both inches and centimeters scales and numbers, safer than glass.
  • [Widely Use]: Water rain gauge is a great gift for friends and family. Durable, waterproof and rust-proof, widely use such as garden, backyard, patio, planter pot and so on.
  • [Tips]: When you receive the product, it may be slightly deformed due to transportation, please adjust by hand to the best condition. If you encounter any problems in the process of using our products, please contact us, our after team will solve any problems when you meet them in time.

What to Look for Before Buying Rain Gauge?

Types of Rain Gauge

Rain gauges, like all measuring devices, have undergone an irreversible digitization process in recent years: conceived as analog instruments, they too were soon integrated into automatic control and measurement systems.

Leaving aside the by now antiquated analog rain gauges, for digital rain gauges, we can distinguish different construction and implementation typologies.

First of all, there are rain gauges whose operation is linked to a weather station: the user is notified of the start of precipitation using appropriate application software; subsequently, by processing the acquired data, the application allows you to adjust the subsequent watering for your garden.

Then there are the manually operated rain gauges, generally consisting of a graduated container placed at a certain height from the ground using a rod to be fixed to the ground.

Via intermediate between the two previous categories, the electronic rain gauge allows to obtain, by wireless transmission and up to tens of meters away, all the data of interest relating to the most recent atmospheric showers.

Calibration and Precision

Each measuring instrument on the market has a cost directly proportional to the quality, precision, and resolution of its measurement. For the same design technology, the cheapest rain gauges provide the coarsest sizes, while the most expensive ones are the ones that ensure decisive measures more accurate.

Compare the prices to compare how the manufacturer has calibrated the reference graduated scale and the various sensors possibly integrated.

We believe that this aspect of precision is to be particularly taken into consideration when deciding to buy a garden rain gauge to establish, optimize costs, how and how to reduce the supply of water to plants and flowers.

Network Interconnection

Another element of primary importance that we want to highlight in this guide to choose the best brand of rain gauge is the possibility of integrating it within a home or industrial network for the remote control of various parameters linked, for example, to automated irrigation systems.

Again, of course, it is up to you to find the right compromise between economic and technological aspects: the more the rain gauge can be integrated and adapted to the different types of networks, the more it will respond better to your needs.

How to Use a Rain Gauge?

The rain gauge is a measuring instrument that aims to collect information about the rainfall. It is used in various fields, such as meteorological, hydrogeological, but also in the agricultural and domestic fields. If you don’t know how to use it, we recommend reading this article.

The Typologies

Before using the equipment, it is necessary to identify which model it is since there are mainly three types of products on the market: manual, with electric and electronic sensors. Those with electrical sensors connect to a weather station via software and notify the user of the arrival of rain.

The data acquired by the precipitation are processed, regulating the subsequent watering of the garden or vegetable garden. The manual ones are composed of a graduated container, positioned on a rod.

The electronic rain gauge is a middle ground between the two types: it works wirelessly and returns all the most important information about the latest atmospheric showers.

Do Not Neglect the Instructions for Use

As we have seen, thanks to technology, the rain gauge has evolved not a little, and the most modern include additional functions, which may vary depending on the model. For this reason, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand each function and use it correctly.

Read the manual with the tool in front of it, so that you can configure it at the same time you read a certain paragraph. Following the instructions given by the manufacturer of that specific item will avoid inconvenience, malfunction, and waste of time.

Where to Place the Rain Gauge?

Deciding where to place the rain gauge is not a choice to be made in an impromptu way since the correct location is crucial to have accurate data. So take your time and make the right assessments. Avoid places near trees, because they could deviate the trajectory going to compromise the result.

More generally, you will have to position it away from any type of obstacle. Also, the equipment must be positioned at least 0.5 meters from the ground, up to a maximum of 2 meters in height. Stability is also important, with a stronger than usual gust of wind it risks tipping over.

Connection with Devices

The technological and electronic conversion of these devices, among other things, allows the rain gauge to collect data and transmit them remotely to the smartphone, tablet or computer, through applications provided by the manufacturer.

These apps allow the rain meter to connect to a specific website and, in some cases, to the weather stations and then communicate the forecast to you.
To obtain this performance, you must, therefore, install the software on the device on which you want to receive notifications.

After installation, from a smartphone or another device, connect to the rain gauge to check the amount of rain that has recently fallen. Sometimes, those who do not have a smartphone or tablet can take advantage of this service by connecting to the website to have the same information available.

Other Suggestions

As we said, most of the time, it is possible to connect the rain gauge to mobile devices or the PC, the advantage is also that of being able to obtain data to be compared.

However, if this function is not available, we advise you to write down the information on a notebook so that you can be sure that the rain gauge is working properly.

Reading the instructions will allow you to take full advantage of all the options available—for example, the possibility of controlling the outside temperature or the time and date of the day. Some models act as an alarm. As it is easy to understand, knowing the interface of your device can be very interesting and useful.

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