More than 90% of university students: future engineers, architects, or computer technicians, use or have used a scientific calculator.

If choosing the right one adds more anxiety to your student life, even more than the calculations themselves.

Here is the list of top 10 best scientific calculator that has different colored keys to facilitate typing but, above all, it allows you to enter complex expressions as they are on the sheet, without having to break them down first, with great advantage in terms of time and effort saved.

Casio fx-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator, Pink
  • Easy to use
  • Good for all math
  • Approved for use
SaleRANK NO. 3
FX-115ESPLUS Casio FX115ESPLUS Scientific Calculator Black 1-Pack 1
  • Perfect choice for high school and college students
  • Natural Textbook Display is highly visible
  • Protective hard case keeps calculator from being damaged
  • Powered by solar power and features battery backup supply for reliable use
SaleRANK NO. 4
Scientific Graphic Calculator - CATIGA CS121 - Scientific and Engineering Calculator - Programmable System (Black)
  • Scientific Calculator with a Graphic Function- This is a scientific calculator that is able to show graphs of formulas. With a screen large enough to be able to display graphs and equations simultaneously in order to facilitate calculations and corrections in high detail. Its 7x3.3 size ensures comfortable use.
  • Programmable System - Has a programmable system for all level courses and promotes student learning of concepts instead of button memorization for more efficient learning.
  • Over 280 functions-including fractions, statistics, complex number calculations, linear regression, standard deviation, permutations, and variable solving
  • Perfect for Advanced and Beginner courses including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Finance & Business.
  • If you are not able to turn on the calculator, please press the reset button on the back! If you still have any other issue, we offer a 365-day limited warranty. Please contact us and we will give you a response within 24 hours.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Casio Scientific Calculator Black, 3" W x 5" H, 2.25 (FX-260 SOLARII-S-IH)
  • Solar powered scientific Calculator
  • 10+2 Digit LCD display
  • Fraction calculations
  • Logarithms/exponents
  • Trig functions
SaleRANK NO. 6
Helect 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator, Suitable for School and Business, Black
  • Professional grade scientific calculator with 240 scientific functions. Easily handles 1 and 2 variable statistical calculations, three angle modes (degrees, radians, and grads), and scientific/engineering notation modes
  • 12-digit widescreen HD display. 2-line display shows inputs and results at the same time. Works efficiently and makes no mistake
  • Meets the ergonomics design and offers a comfortable grip. Responsive buttons, clear numbers, and scratch-proof
  • Solid sliding protective case covers either side of the calculator. Protects buttons and the device body
  • Package includes: Scientific Calculator*1, instructions, customer service card
SaleRANK NO. 7
Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator with WriteView 4 Line Display, Battery and Solar Hybrid Powered LCD Display, Black & White, Black and Silver, Model Number: ELW516TBSL
  • Large 16 Digit, WriteView 4 Line LCD Display
  • 7 Modes: Normal, Stat, Drill, Complex, Matrix, List & Equation with 640 Functions
  • Home Key Allows Users To Start Fresh From Any Screen
  • Quadratic & Cubic Equation Solvers and 3 Variable Linear Equation Solvers
  • Durable, Gloss Black FInish with Silver Accents and Protective Hard Case
SaleRANK NO. 8
Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator, Red
  • Robust, professional grade scientific calculator. Logs and antilogs
  • It has 2-line display shows entry and calculated result at same time
  • Easily handles 1 and 2 variable statistical calculations and three angle modes (degrees, radians, and grads) and scientific and engineering notation modes
  • It has 1-year limited
  • Solar and battery powered
SaleRANK NO. 10

Buying Guide to Select the Best Scientific Calculators

Traditional calculators now seem outdated tools, given that smartphones perform their functions. However, if you need to perform more complicated operations, you are well-advised to move towards a scientific model, an indispensable tool for physics or mathematics students.

For this, we have created a guide that highlights the peculiarities of a product of this type to help you choose for the best is.

What Is a Scientific Calculator?

The calculator is nothing more than a device used to make calculations; Generally, complicated calculations, which would require more time for the human mind.

The scientific models, in addition to possessing all the functions of “classic” calculators, also allow you to perform more complex operations: trigonometric functions, statistics, algebraic calculations.

Some have a screen large enough to show the most protracted and most complex operations, and in general, we can consider them as the most efficient.

In fact, the margin of error of scientific calculators is practically zero. Today, thanks to technological progress, extremely compact and functional models can be found, even very different from each other, and therefore suitable for different profiles.

Calibrated to Your Needs

Scientific calculators differ from each other in size and integrated functionality, so it is good that you know in advance what operations you will find yourself most often to perform, after which compare prices and evaluate the size of the display.

Let’s start by talking about the functions and the ability, for example, to solve derivatives, statistical calculations, equations, and all kinds of complex operations.

Including those that involve the management of tables, graphs, coordinates, and much more. It is also right that the model you choose can intuitively switch between the different numerical systems, from the decimal to the binary.

Given the vast wealth of features present on the models of the best brands, our advice is to read the reviews carefully and technical data sheets of the scientific calculators that interest you most, to know in advance what operations it will be possible to perform.

In case you also need to put this device in communication with a computer, perhaps to export files or install applications that facilitate the execution of some operations, try to choose a model that can communicate with the PC through a USB port.

Scientific or Graphic?

The display is one of the distinctive elements of this kind of product and distinguishes the “simple” scientific models from the graphic ones.

In the first case, you can also settle for a monochromatic screen with standard dimensions. In contrast, in the second case, it would be better to opt for a device with a large display, capable of managing a good number of colors, so that graphs and histograms are reproduced clearly and faithfully.

In the ranking of the aspects to consider more, therefore, the screen can be placed in the first place in the case of a graphing calculator, lower in that of a scientific model.

In general, however, our advice is to focus on a large display, to consult formulas and results more quickly. On the other hand, it is now quite easy to find products on the market at a more than acceptable price.

In the Jacket Pocket

It can easily be assumed that you will find yourself using a calculator of this type both at home, for study and exam preparation sessions, and at university, during a lesson or performing calculations for a written test.

It, therefore, becomes essential to have a device that manages to combine the completeness of the operations that can be performed with a keyboard with many keys, so that each can be associated with one, at most two functions, to the benefit of simplicity and speed of use.

All this, however, in a compact-sized body, so that it is comfortable to store it in the bag if not even in the jacket pocket and always have it with you.

If you are a university student or you are studying in a scientific institute, it is quite likely that you need a calculator that will support you in your calculations and in carrying out complex mathematical operations.

For years, all cell phones have been equipped with calculators of all types. Still, to ensure an excellent level of assistance during the study.

It is better to rely on dedicated products, capable of performing extremely complicated calculations, displaying symbols, derivatives, and functions and with numerous settings. Customizable.

Professional, scientific calculator, with a battery that guarantees an autonomy of 2 years.

The screen is divided into two levels to perform operations simultaneously, and also shows the expression and the result that derives immediately. It efficiently manages statistical calculations and variables, allows you to convert degrees to radians, and has the scientific and engineering writing mode.

This scientific computer from Texas Instruments displays the data on a 55 x 19 mm LCD screen, on four rows, with the possibility of entering several up to 16 digits.

He will not let you down because of the power supply, because you can use both batteries and solar charging for him. The color of this product is black, to be as practical as possible, and the general dimensions are 170 x 83 x 15 mm, so you can easily hold it in your hand.

To protect your computer when you are not using it, you will also receive an easy-to-use cover, which will be especially useful for keys. This model stops automatically at a particular time of inactivity and, of course has memory functions.

Compact and Light

The main features of CASIO products, which have also become an integral part of the company’s design style up to the present day.

These are the simple but innovative design, reliability, ease of use, and low cost of its products compared to the competition. This element fully reflects the philosophy of this company, born in a historical period of terrible economic crisis.

The scientific calculator FX-991ES Plus has all these features and offers much more; to begin with, it is compact and light and can be transported very quickly. The poor, but the right quality materials also help a lot in keeping the price competitive.

Wide Range of Calculation Functions

The FX-991ES Plus is also very easy and intuitive to use, thanks to the colored buttons and the Natural-VPAM dot matrix display, which allows you to view mathematical expressions, roots, and fractions precisely as they appear in textbooks.

As for the performance offered, however, the FX-991ES Plus has 580 different functions, including 417 mathematical functions.

40 physical constants, statistical calculations, equations, determining and inverse matrices, vectors, fractions, roots, powders, 24 levels of parentheses, amounts, totals, estimates based on N, calculation of complex numbers and much more.

It is ideal for students, engineers, architects, mathematicians, geologists, and physicists, especially for outdoor use, thanks to the presence of the solar cell.

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