Sport ennobles man. Not surprisingly, in ancient Greece, all battles and wars stopped and resumed at the end of sporting events during the Olympic Games.

The healthy competition, the values ​​of team solidarity, the adrenaline of performance, the desire to excel are all peculiar and distinctive characteristics of the competitive activity, both amateur and amateur as well as professional.

Sports can be divided into two main categories: those where the winner is a subjective parameter (think for example of the juries that evaluate the dives) and others where the winner is an objective parameter, that is, a measure, a time, a burden. Here we will be listing the top 10 best stopwatches.

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How to Choose Best Stopwatch?

The chronometer is undoubtedly the noblest and varied objective instrument that sport can boast of measuring times precisely, and monitoring sequences with extreme precision are the objectives to be always guaranteed and regardless of the conditions of use.

In this guide, we will see how to choose a stopwatch suitable for our needs, evaluating the main features highlighted in the reviews and the factors that most affect the final price.

Mechanical Stopwatch and Digital Stopwatch

As much as they have fascinated millions of athletes in the past decades, mechanical stopwatches are slowly giving way to the new digital chronometers increasingly popular on the market regardless of the best brand.

Unlike analog ones, digital chronometers have numerous advantages, although not always present in all models and brands: the integrated GPS for the geolocation of routes, waterproofing, data transfer to your smartphone or tablet.

The display is a fundamental element to pay particular attention to. It must be of excellent quality. It must present a contrast between writing and background suitable for all contexts, even the most extreme. It must contain all the information on different lines, to make itself user-friendly for any sportsman.

Amateur Chronometer or Professional Chronometer

The main difference between these two categories of stopwatches is tied, with the same digital technology, to the price: higher for the professional stopwatch.

This difference is immediately justified by observing that a professional chronometer possesses, in addition to a higher resolution, precision, and accuracy, a whole series of additional functions (accessible and intuitive), which prove to be very useful for the sportsman.

The available memory is also an element that distinguishes the two types of stopwatch: the recordings that can be recorded and stored by a professional stopwatch are generally higher than an amateur stopwatch.

Ergonomics and Design

Stopwatches must be used by athletes on the move, under stress, in tension: for this reason, they must be conceived, conceived, made to be an integral part of the athlete’s body. The shape, the type of attachment to the wrist, the possible grip, the low weight must fully meet this fundamental need to climb the ranking of preferences.

Regarding the design, we believe that it should not be excessively bulky and complicated, compare prices and characteristics of the suggested models, and notice that simplicity proves much more captivating than articulated graphic and stylistic artifices and allows it to allow you to save a little something.

Excellent Value for Money

The Casio company certainly needs no introduction as it is one of the first stars in the Japanese industry’s heaven, especially in the electronics sector for watches and calculators.

His watches are known not only for the value of being available at a decidedly affordable price but also for being reliable and for the simple but highly innovative design, immediately recognizable at a glance.

The HS-80TW-1EF stopwatch belongs to the Casio Collection line, which, among all the different lines of watches produced by the Asian house, is the one that brings together the most significant number of variants offered. It is a digital unisex model with peculiar characteristics.

However, which, according to some, is not suitable for professional use, but which for others it is, and now we will immediately try to understand why this different evaluation.

1/1000 Second Display

Let’s start by saying that the LCD of the Casio HS-80TW-1EF is capable of showing times up to the thousandth of a second, and this is undoubtedly a professional level feature.

It also has a memory for recording one hundred data sets, containing the total time, the mean times, and the number of laps. However, the limitation is given by the dynamics of the display, which has enough space to show only two parameters: the total and partial times for the last lap.

Each time the relevant button is activated, therefore, the time of the penultimate lap is memorized but removed from the display and added to the total elapsed time count, and to be able to display it again.

It is necessary to go and look for it in the menu, thus frustrating the usefulness of the stopwatch sports activities, such as swimming for example or athletics, where it is necessary to have a simultaneous display of the different partial times recorded.

Football Function

On the other hand, the Casio stopwatch is equipped with the useful Football function, which allows you to take into account the actual playing time compared to the total time spent.

This function makes it particularly suitable for the refereeing of football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and other similar sports. In contrast, for swimming and other gymnastic activities, it has a more limited application.

It is also equipped with the primary clock function, and it is possible to set up to twelve different alarms during the 24 hours. Other positive features include water resistance and pressure resistance up to 5 bar.

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