The choice of a good ping pong ball is a moment that often accompanies and follows the choice of a racket and everything needed to start playing immediately.

On the market, some offers often combine the two, with a set that includes everything you need. In the guide we have prepared, we have tried to point out those points and particularities that help to play better, without the risk of being left without balls or with a low-quality product.

If you want, our editorial staff has then created a comparative table with which you can compare the different types proposed. This is not a ranking, but rather a series of mini-reviews in which the strengths and weaknesses of each object emerge in summary.

In the end, there is then a conclusion that pulls the strings of the speech. If you want to start figuring out how to choose a good ping pong ball, it might be the place to start. Here we will be listing the top 8 best table tennis balls.

JOOLA Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls 12, 60, or 120 Pack - 40+mm Regulation...
  • JOOLA - A PROFESSIONAL TABLE TENNIS BRAND TRUSTED FOR 60+ YEARS: Launched in the 1950s, JOOLA has been the proud sponsor of the...
  • PERFECT MIX OF QUALITY, DURABILITY, & VALUE: JOOLA's practice ping pong balls deliver superior bounce, spin, & control. These...
  • ITTF REGULATION SIZE AND WEIGHT: Meets official standards for table tennis tournaments: 0.86mm thick, weighs 2.7 grams and...
  • GREAT FOR ALL TYPES OF PLAY: These table tennis practice balls are designed to hit against multi-ball training, for clubs,...
  • Includes: 12, 60, or a mega 120 pack of white ping pong balls or orange colored ping pong balls. Recommended to be played with...
SaleRANK NO. 2
Franklin Sports Ping Pong Balls - Official Size + Weight White 40mm Table Tennis...
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: These table tennis balls are carefully constructed according to official 40mm and 2.7 g size and weight...
  • DURABLE: These table tennis balls are built to last so you can keep the game going without worrying about cracks or dents
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: These balls are designed to deliver consistent, reliable bounce and spin for optimal game play
  • HIGH VISIBILTY: The bright white and neon orange coloring make these balls easy to see and track against any playing surface
  • PERFECT FOR PRACTICE OR COMPETITION: Whether you're playing for fun or competitively, these balls are made to perform at the...
SaleRANK NO. 3
PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls - Orange 3-Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls (Pack of 12) |...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY BALLS - For competitions or family fun, these ping pong balls can survive any serve or smash
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Seamless poly balls for consistent bounce and expert control
  • CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE - Get an edge with pro accuracy, size (40+) and weight (2.7g)
  • GREAT FOR ALL PING PONG TABLES & ROBOTS - Instantly see the difference when you play with PRO-SPIN pro training balls
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Covers quality for 1 year when purchased from PRO-SPIN SPORTS
Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Table Tennis Balls
  • PERFECTLY ROUND - These balls feature outstanding roundness and consistency
  • VERY DURABLE - These balls are safer and far more durable than their predecessors
  • ITTF APPROVED - Which means these balls can be used in all ITTF sanctioned tournaments
  • PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE - Favored by many professional Table Tennis players
  • OFFICIAL BALL OF USATT - The ball used at the US Nationals and US Open tournaments
Nittaku 3-stars Premium 40+ Table Tennis Ball (Pack of 6)
  • PERFECTLY ROUND - These balls feature outstanding roundness and consistency. Manufactured in Japan from special poly material,...
  • VERY DURABLE - These balls are safer and far more durable that their predecessors. A new generation of Table Tennis Balls that...
  • HARD AS CELLULOID - The biggest complain about poly/plastic balls is that they are not as hard or stiff as celluloid balls....
  • ITTF APPROVED - Which means these Balls can be used in all ITTF sanctioned tournaments and are the highest quality one can get....
  • PROFESSIONAL'S CHOICE - Favored by many professional Table Tennis players over other poly/plastic balls and are unofficially...
SaleRANK NO. 6
15 Pack Ping Pong Balls Orange (Size 40+) Table Tennis Ball Set |...
  • ✴️ 【Bulk Pack】: Pack of 15 3-Star pings pong Balls. Large Quantity Orange color balls. Premium training balls for...
  • ✴️ 【Size & Material】: Each ball Perfectly round and is about 40mm/1.57in, 2.7g made up of No Smell New Durable ABS plastic...
  • ✴️ 【Wide Uses】: Perfect size for amateur entertainment, lottery games, education, handmade making, entertainmentand for...
  • ✴️ 【Teaching Activities】Ping-pong balls can also be used in multiple classroom games and teaching methodologies,...
KEVENZ 3 Star Ping Pong Balls, 60 Pack Advanced Table Tennis Balls, Bulk Outdoor...
  • 60-Pack white 3-star ping pong balls,40+ mm
  • Practice makes perfect: These balls are suitable for table tennis practice, entertainment, ping pong robots, beer pong, party...
  • Durable, consistent bounce, great spin, and good control
  • These balls are long-lasting and are more durable than your typical table tennis balls, you will enjoy them for months to come!
  • Manufactured by Kevenz Inc
Butterfly R40+ Table Tennis Balls - 40mm White Ping Pong Ball - ITTF Certified...
  • 3 STAR TABLE TENNIS BALLS - Perfectly round and approved by ITTF for tournament play
  • RELIABLE BOUNCE - Even roundness results in a reliable bounce and high durability ping pong ball
  • PLASTIC BALL - The poly 3 star ping pong balls closely resembles the bounce of traditional celluloid ping pong balls
  • MADE IN CHINA - This ball is made in China and manufactured under strict quality control achieving high uniformity, stable...
  • R40+ PING PONG BALLS - Come in a 3 or 12 pack

Example Product Best Table Tennis Balls

The Right Diameter

The best ping pong ball is the one that above all respects the dimensions deemed suitable by the federation, especially if you want to buy it given a competition. The diameter must not exceed 40 mm, with a weight that remains within 2.7 grams.

For those who do not have special needs, this is information on which you can also postpone, but it is good to specify here.

These values ​​should be checked carefully on the packaging or on the surface of the ball itself—a note of precision and important detail for those who look at certain points.

Quality and Quantity

So how to choose a good ping pong ball? To answer this question, we believe it is essential to understand how a valid number of balls must always be accompanied by a construction quality worthy of the name.

The main material with which the balls are made in celluloid, light, and easily workable compound with which to shape different objects, including ping pong balls.

A search among the most famous brands can be useful to get an idea of ​​the type of ball you are looking for. The color usually varies between white and yellow, but it is not uncommon to come across even more extravagant colors. In this case, if you are playing with friends, nothing prevents you from aiming for an ultra colorful look for the game ball.

Format and Packaging

Comparing the prices, it is often noted that the difference is made by the number of balls on the one hand and the other accessories included on the other. Very often, manufacturers tend to combine a pair of rackets and a case with which they can start a game immediately.

It is good to compare the different proposals in this way, also reading the opinions of users who were able to touch and choose from the best brands.

The positive side of comparison lies essentially in this, in the general framework obtained and in the possibility of carefully studying aspects and proposals, weighing calmly which ping pong ball to buy.

The History of The Balls

Although they may seem like elementary objects, tennis balls hide an exciting story. Initially, they were made with materials that today would make us smile like chalk, sand, or even leather. Only with the invention of the rubber vulcanization process in 1844 by Charles Goodyear were modern rubber balls used.

Even the color was different, depending on the place where they played they could be white or black, and only in 1972 the yellow ones were adopted since they are more easily identifiable.

The “pressurized” balls that the professionals use are covered with felt, in this way the speed is reduced creating greater air resistance, it would be impossible to play with a core of pure vulcanized rubber due to the excessive speed it would reach each blow.

Compared to non-pressurized balls, however, these have a shorter life span, since as soon as the package is opened, also under vacuum, they will automatically begin to lose pressure.

The Tennis Player

The first analysis necessary to understand which tennis ball to buy is precisely that of the tennis player or the player who will have to use it.

A regular or professional player knows the difference between the products on sale on the market and knows how to distinguish the best balls from the poorest ones or those unsuitable for intensive sessions.

For beginners, it would be better to opt for easy-to-use balls, with a slow rebound and without pressurization that not only lasts longer but also makes the introduction to this type of sport easier.

Those who practice it with a certain regularity may prefer pressurized ones, such as those used in the most important tournaments, able to travel quickly and with excellent rebound quality.

Finally, professionals should only choose balls covered in felt and created with quality rubber, aiming directly at the best brand on the market: Wilson, the official supplier of the balls for tournaments on the American territory.

As you can see, our ranking is dominated by one particular brand, Wilson. Also, in the fourth position, therefore, we find a pack of four balls of the well-known American brand.

Unlike those previously examined, Team W Practice is designed for training on synthetic pitches, and they have a slightly greater weight than tournament ones.


The construction quality is high, starting from the core up to the external felt, and according to what consumers report, they return excellent game sensations even after numerous exchanges.

They are slightly harder than usual, so you must initially get used to them before you can get satisfactory results. However, this is a small flaw that most people have overcome very quickly, in the course of some training.

Note that they are also highly appreciated by those who buy them to play with their dog, their resistance, allows good results even with this not orthodox use.

Among the cheapest on the market, the four balls produced by Wilson are perfect for training and challenges on synthetic pitches.

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