Like all everyday objects, even the toilet seat needs some little tricks to make it last over time and maintain an always well-kept and hygienic appearance.

The choice must not be based simply on the price if we do not want to risk using an uncomfortable and not very resistant product. We have collected some small tips for you that are useful for choosing but also for the correct maintenance.

Right below we had selected the best soft close toilet seats.

SaleRANK NO. 1
MAYFAIR 880SLOW 000 Caswell Toilet Seat will Slowly Close and Never Loosen,...
  • NO SLAMMING: Seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers
  • NO MORE WIGGLE: With the STA-TITE Fastening System your seat will never come loose
  • INSTALLS WITH A SNAP: The STA-TITE Seat Fastening System is easy to install with just a wrench
  • SOLID PLASTIC: resilient plastic with molded-in color which resists chips, wear and stains
  • FITS ALL ROUND TOILETS: Including Kohler, American Standard, TOTO and many more
SaleRANK NO. 2
Kohler K-20110-0 Brevia Elongated Toilet Seat with Grip-Tight Bumpers,...
  • No Slam Elongated Toilet Seat: Quiet close lid closes slowly and silently without slamming
  • Shift Prevention: Grip-tight bumpers prevent the seat from shifting during use and add stability
  • Effortless Install: Quick-attach hardware for fast and secure installation, with color matched plastic hinges included
  • Elongated Toilet Seat: Fits most elongated toilets
SaleRANK NO. 3
Delta Faucet Wycliffe Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat with Non-Slip Seat...
  • Slow-close feature helps prevents slamming
  • No slip seat bumpers keep the seat from shifting
  • Fits most elongated bowls
  • Fast and secure installation helps prevent loosening
  • Solid construction provides added weight for strength and durability
BEMIS 1200E4 000 Affinity Toilet Seat will Slow Close, Never Loosen and Provide...
  • NO SLAMMING: Seat closes slowly and quietly with a tap to eliminate pinched fingers
  • NO MORE WIGGLE: With the STA-TITE Fastening System your seat will never come loose
  • INSTALLS WITH A SNAP: The STA-TITE Seat Fastening System is easy to install with just a  wrench
  • QUICKLY AND EASILY REMOVES: For cleaning or replacement
  • PERFECT FIT: Precision Seat Fit has front to back adjustability for the perfect seat to toilet bowl fit
YASFEL Toilet Seat,Standard Universal Round Toilet Seat,Soft Close,Ergonomic...
  • 🔘【NO SLAMMING】 YASFEL standard round toilet seat and lid can close quietly, protect from noise & pinched fingers
  • 🔘【Ceramic Texture】The toilet seat is made of high-performance solid PP material--- Resists fracture, wear and stains
  • 🔘【Ergonomics Design】Designed with a comfortable toilet bowl seat radian to improve sedentary comfort. Designed with...
  • 🔘【3 Steps Easy Installation】 Manual and installation video are provided. This is a America universal standard round toilet...
  • ⭐【After-sales Service】Lifetime quality assurance, accidents are inevitable, and problems can be solved as long as you...
SaleRANK NO. 6
TOTO Transitional SoftClose SS114#01 Elongated Soft Close SEAT, Cotton White
  • SoftClose action reduces injury and eliminates "Toilet Seat Slam"
  • Molded bumpers
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Solid High-Impact, High Gloss Polypropylene
  • Length 18-1/2-Inch, Width 14-Inch, Height 1-1/2-Inch
SaleRANK NO. 7
Mayfair 15EC 000 Removable Soft Toilet Seat that will Never Loosen, ROUND -...
  • NO MORE WIGGLE: With the STA-TITE Fastening System your seat will never come loose
Heavy Duty Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat Compatible with TOTO...
  • 【Built-in SoftClose Hinge System】The seat and lid utilize a built-in soft-close hinge system, which lowers the seat and lid...
  • 【Fits Elongated Toilet Bowls】This toilet seat cover is compatible with TOTO toilets, replaceable for SS154, SS113, SS114, and...
  • 【High-Impact Gloss Polypropylene】Constructed with durable solid high-impact, high gloss polypropylene material and includes...
  • 【Two Types of Screw Accessories】Included all installation hardwares for the softclose toilet seats. Two kinds of screws are...
  • 【Humanity Design】No loud slamming toilet seat lid cover closes slowly and quietly without cracked toilets and pinched fingers....

Buying Guide to Select the Best Soft Close Toilet Seats

Beware of Attacks

They are the real weak point of this product, as well as the only part that, together with the hinges, has some mechanical complexity. They can be made of metal or plastic.

The former is more expensive, but also more resistant to jolts or movements. In contrast, the others have the undoubted advantage of resisting water and humidity very well, even though the introduction of stainless steel screws has now solved this order of problems.

In any case, it is always important to check their compatibility with the type of bowl on which the product is installed, checking that the distance between the two anchoring slots on the toilet matches that between the connections mounted on the axis.

Pay attention to the diameters, because if the anchor slots are too full, the seat will dance or tend to move. Also, look at the grip that the screws exercise, which must, in any case, be very strong, especially for the universal type, that is hypothetically valid for each model.

Plastic or Coated Plywood?

The major brands use die-cast plastic, a technology that allows you to create resistant objects with various shapes. However, it is also possible to find products made of resin-covered plywood, or even painted wood fiber, a new eco-sustainable product.

Compare the prices and you will see that the models belonging to the second type cost much less, even if they suffer from a reduced resistance. Wanting to make a ranking, the toilet bowls made of solid wood or entirely of plastic are generally those that reach the highest rating in user reviews.

Check also if the product has been subjected to the necessary anti-aging and anti-yellowing treatments that are used to prevent the board from taking on an unpleasant yellowish patina over time that tastes old.

Brand or Cheap?

The toilet seat must also be beautiful and pleasant to look at, being a detail that stands out in the bathroom, and that invariably becomes the object of the comments of guests who venture on it.

It is, therefore, not surprising that this accessory so crucial for our comfort has become, over time, also a design object that has inspired entire generations of creatives.

Among other things, Italy is the industry leader in the sector, having highly respected companies that offer online at affordable prices. These original high-quality products were then inspired by the companies of large retailers to create their models. You will find some examples of this in our ranking of the most prevalent toilet seats.

Purchase Tips

Before proceeding with the purchase of a new toilet seat, we must be sure that we have taken the dimensions correctly. Take the measurements of the distance between the two holes and the maximum one both horizontally and vertically.

If you wish, you could take a photograph of the toilet from above (without coverage) and transcribe the data to be sure not to do confusion. Read the brand and model of your sanitary; sometimes, the production houses also sell these accessories at affordable prices.

But today, finding universal models is very simple. For the color instead, if you do not want to opt for the classic white, you could be inspired by the other shades of the bathroom, such as the furniture or the tiles.


We know that everyone has their habits when it comes to cleaning, not to mention that certain brands of detergents are often used, which are practically passed down from parents to children. However, we have some suggestions for avoiding the premature deterioration of the seat.

To avoid scratches on the toilet cover, after using neutral soap and water, dry everything with a soft cloth. That’s right, we recommend neutral detergent to the most aggressive remedies, such as bleach or abrasive powders, because they tend to deteriorate the surface.

This foresight can be useful, especially for those who have chosen a model of a particular color since acids or abrasive action could alter the tint. And if you really can not help but use bleach or other acids, after cleaning the sanitary ware, remember to leave the seat and lid up.

So that any fumes can escape, and not alter their appearance, special consideration also for the hinges, or any slow-closing accessories, which should always be dried thoroughly to avoid oxidation.

Has the Plastic Toilet Seat Turned Yellow?

Yellow spots may appear on the plastic seats or that the whole surface starts to veer on this shade. Do not try to eliminate these stains with bleach because, in all probability, it is precisely its use that causes them.

Several people associate the strong smell of this liquid with a perception of hygiene. Still, it is good also to consider alternative ways to be used daily and which allow obtaining a good cleaning.

The bleach, therefore, should be preferred only occasionally, the ideal would be to favor the delicate one to oxygen, or replace it with hydrogen peroxide of 30 or 40 volumes.

To remove yellow spots from the toilet seat, prepare a solution with 200 ml of white vinegar and the juice of one lemon. Soak a non-abrasive sponge in the mixture, sprinkle its surface with salt and start rubbing the tablet.

If the stains persist, try to spray a little of this solution and let it act for at least an hour (or even overnight), then rinse and rub again, this time with a mixture of bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide of 40 volumes (those who dye their hair at home may already have a bottle), you will see that a sort of cream will form. Alternatively, replace the hydrogen peroxide with mild oxygen bleach.

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