A good basketball is essential to play what is now one of the four most practised sports in the world, which also enjoys the admiration of millions of fans. Although practising it professionally requires exceptional physical conditions, mainly a considerable stature, many people opt for this type of sport during childhood or youth.

Although apparently basketball balls are all the same, there are substantial differences between one ball and another. Which one best suits your needs then? Continue reading our guide, and you will find all the information you need to answer this and many other questions about this product.

Here we had selected the best basketball balls for you that are listed below.

WILSON Evolution Game Basketball - Game Ball, Size 7 - 29.5"
  • When you focus on getting better, and not just on getting results, success takes care of itself. That is why the Wilson Evolution...
  • Signature EVO feel: the soft feel that the evolution basketball is famous for is due it’s cushion core carcass, making the ball...
  • Grip & durability: the premium Evo microfiber composite cover provides a grip that players love and durability to last all-season...
  • Ultimate control: laid-in composite channels create a consistent feel and texture over the entire surface of the basketball to...
  • NFHS approved: approved for play by the national federation of state high school associations (NFHS)
Spalding Zi/O TF Indoor-Outdoor Basketball 29.5"
  • Official size and weight: Size 7, 29.5"
  • Zi/O Tournament composite cover
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor play
  • Shipped inflated and game ready
WILSON Sporting Goods WILSON NCAA Final Four Edition Basketball, Official -...
  • Ncaa Final Four Edition Basketball
  • High Definition Pebble - Improved Grip
  • Deep Channel Construction
  • Premium Carcass Construction – Excellent Rebound And Durability
SaleRANK NO. 4
Senston Basketball Outdoor Indoor Rubber Basketball Ball Official Size 7 Street...
  • ✔ HIGH QUALITY: Rubber basketball. 100% eco-friendly natural and synthetic rubber. Rubber cover developed to withstand both...
  • ✔ OFFICIAL SIZE: Size 7, 29.5 inches. Size 7 Basketball is the most commonly used size in basketball matches worldwide
  • ✔ DIFFERENT COLOR FOR CHOICE: Colorful design, bright and colorful basketballs, which meets the young's fashion style,...
  • ✔ PACKAGE INCLUDING: 1 X HIGH GRADE BASKETBALL BALL; 1 X PUMP; 1 X NEEDLE (Tip: For transportation safety, the basketball is...
  • ✔ EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there is any quality problem after purchase, please feel free to contact us, we will try our...
SaleRANK NO. 5
Spalding Street Outdoor Basketball 27.5"
  • Youth size and weight: Size 5, 27.5"
  • Performance outdoor rubber cover
  • Deep channel design for superior control
  • Designed for outdoor play
  • Ships Deflated
CHAMPRO Monster Steel Ball Locker, Silver , 41”x 25”x 38”
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: The Monster Ball Locker holds 20 basketballs or 30 volleyballs and has a lid that folds open and can be locked...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for storing a large number of balls for team practice, recreation, or physical education classes. Use for a...
  • DURABLE: The heavy-duty steel frame with zinc finish is designed to endure life on the court.
  • MOBILE: Stabilizing base and 4 rotating casters make the ball rack responsive and easy to lead anywhere you want.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy to assemble with the included hardware.
Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Rebounder Net Return System Portable Shot Trainer for...
  • DURABLE AND SAFE BASKETBALL SHOT RETURN SYSTEM - The basketball shot trainer is built with 3" weave black rebounder net that...
  • BASKETBALL REBOUNDER NET RETURNS BOTH MADE AND MISSED SHOTS - Spend more time shooting and less time chasing the basketball as the...
  • INCREASE BASKETBALL SHOTS AND PRACTICE EFFICIENCY WITH BETTER FORM - The basketball rebounder hoop attachment can increase...
  • EASY TO SET UP AND PORTABLE BASKETBALL SHOT TRAINER - The basketball hoop rebounder attachment is lightweight at 35lbs and can be...
  • TRUST THE DR DISH BRAND - Practice your shooting skills using the preferred basketball training and rebounding system used by NBA,...
WILSON NCAA MVP Rubber Basketball, Intermediate - 28.5" (10214)
  • All Surface Cover and Wide Channel Construction improve grip
  • Pressure Lock Bladder improves air retention and durability
  • Rubber Cover Construction
  • Outdoor Use
  • Intermediate Size Basketball - 28.5"
WILSON NBA Authentic Series Basketball - Outdoor, Size 7 - 29.5"
  • Wilson NBA Authentic Series Basketball - Outdoor, Size 7 - 29.5"
  • NBA OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official basketball of the NBA. This ball features official NBA branding coupled with the iconic...
  • TACKSKIN COVER: New cushion layer offers ultimate grip in all weather conditions
  • AIR RETENTION: Inflation retention lining creats longer lasting air retention
  • NBA PRO SEAMS: New channel construction suited to player preference
rehomerance Ball Cart Garage Sports Equipment Organizer with Lockable Lid,...
  • [Quality Assurance for Indoor Outdoor Use]: The body of the cart is made of powder-coated steel, surrounded by strong mesh wire...
  • [270° Hinges for Extra Large Storage Space]: The unique 270° hinges make the tops be completely opened and drape down on side of...
  • [Lockable Double Lids for Safety]: The two lids are equipped with hasps to receive padlocks. *The padlock is not included. *,...
  • [Excellent Movement on All kinds of Ground]: The bottom is equipped with four universal wheels, two of which have brakes. The...
  • [Hassle-free Assembly]: All parts, accessories, tools and instruction included. Following the instructions, you can complete the...

Things to Consider Before Buying Basketball Balls

What Is a Basketball Ball?

It is a spherical ball that is used to play basketball. During games, the ball is always in motion, with throwing towards the basket, passing or bouncing while running.

Its circumference for adults measures 75 centimetres (cm) and its weight is about 600 grams (gr). However, different sizes and sizes are depending on the age or method of use since the origins of basketball in the late 19th century.

When the first game was played with two baskets of peaches and a soccer ball, the evolution of the ball has been meteoric, especially in recent decades from leather panels, sewn together with a rubber inner tube inside, to today’s most sophisticated synthetic materials.

What Is a Basketball Made Of?

The material used in the manufacture of the basketball for official competitions is original leather. It has a rough texture and channels that favour the grip and handling of the ball since the sweat of the hands would make it very slippery. We recommend its use on indoor fields.

The synthetic leather balls are identical to the previous ones, although easier to manufacture and of slightly lower quality. Then there are the rubber balls that are much simpler to process and low-end. They stand out for their hardness, making them suitable for outdoor concrete or asphalt scenarios.

How Does a Basketball Ball Inflate?

To play basketball, the ball must be in excellent condition, both in the care of the material and in the air pressure. A deflated ball, even slightly, would cause a significant drop in the level of play. Here are the steps to get the correct pressure:

  1. Buy a suitable pump and needle to inflate basketballs.
  2. Moisten the needle and insert it into the rubber nozzle of the ball. Inflate and check the air pressure by pressing with your fingers.
  3. To verify that the operation is correct, drop the ball from your shoulder height. The rebound must get her up to your waist.

How Do You Keep a Basketball?

Although its resistance is greater than that of balls used in other sports, if you want to extend the life of your ball, you should not subject it to extreme situations. Avoid kicking him or playing football. You must also be cautious with the inflation valve, especially when you need to introduce the needle.

  • Finally, cleaning is important but simple.
  • After each use, you will have to clean it with a damp cloth or sponge. You can use soap or a mild detergent.
  • To dry it, you will use a cloth or leave it in a ventilated place, but never exposed to the sun or sources of heat.
  • Store the ball indoors. When its use is infrequent, it is best to keep the ball slightly deflated.

What to Do to Repair a Puncture of A Basketball Ball?

It is always advisable to turn to a professional if you want a guaranteed job. In sporting goods stores you can find the solution to problems such as scratches, abrasions or punctures and also useful tips to solve them. If the air leak is in the valve, it is much better to leave it in the hands of experts.

But if you want to face the problem, on the market, you will find a spray or liquid products that can provide you with a solution. The former acts directly as a sealant. The second one has to be introduced slowly through the valve until air bubbles stop emerging from the hole you want to repair.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

To find the right product, you will have to follow a series of criteria, such as the size of the ball, the material with which it is made or the type of surface on which you will play. Once you have analyzed all these aspects, you will be able to purchase the perfect basketball for your needs. Here are the most important purchase criteria:

  • Measurement
  • Material
  • Field type
  • Replies
  • Pressure


To know which size of the basketball is right for you, or the person you want to give a gift to, you just need to know the gender and age of the player or players. Up to size 5 are specific balls for children under the age of 11. Measure 6 is set for women aged 12 years and children aged 12 to 14.

Men aged 15 years and older should use size 7, the largest of all. It is the one used in matches of federal teams and large elite competitions. All these weights and dimensions are regulated by international organizations and confirmed by the various national federations.


The type of material that makes up the ball determines the strength and durability of the ball. The balls in real leather are of better quality and allow better performances during the game. They also offer greater durability, but only if used on indoor fields with slightly abrasive surfaces, as in the case of parquet.

The synthetic leather ball has a similar feel to the touch and is cheaper, but its durability is less. As for rubber, its quality is much lower, but it is sufficiently resistant and can reach acceptable durability. These balls are ideal for outdoor surfaces, mainly asphalt or concrete.

Field Type

As we have indicated in the previous criterion, basketballs are made of leather, synthetic material or rubber. Depending on the type of material they are made of, they will offer you greater or lesser performance on an outdoor (outdoor) or indoor (indoor) field. However, some maintain performance in both scenarios.


There are people interested in having a high-end ball, but it is not always possible for economic reasons. For this, there are replicas, much cheaper. Of course, the quality is lower, which does not mean that the product is bad. We lose benefits, of course, but we still enjoy the article.

This is mainly based on some research that has carried out comparative analyzes and ensures that the replicas are not of poor quality. These studies are reliable since they measure sphericity, dimensions, weight, aerodynamics, shape retention, pressure loss and rebound.


The air pressure of the basketball must be correct. Failure to do so will make the game difficult for you and reduce your performance. Low pressure (as well as excess) will also have an impact on the durability of the ball.

Therefore, it is very important to be aware of this circumstance and to verify it after each use. The quickest and easiest way is to drop the ball from a height of 1.80 meters onto the wooden floor.

If everything is in order, the ball must bounce to a height of between 1.20 meters and 1.40 meters. More rudimentary, but valid, it is to leave the ball from the shoulder, which will have to bounce up to the waist.


The basketball ball is a popular item in the sports equipment sector. This allows potential buyers to have a wide range to choose from, with an infinity of excellent quality balls but also obliges them to analyze many products to know which is the best option.

The major sporting goods brands continue to invest in technological advances. They seek excellence in the production of basketballs, required by the most important basketball competitions and by the great figures of the sport, supported by millions of fans.

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