Top 9 Best Bath & Pool Towels in 2022 – Reviewed & Rated

It is not easy to choose the right set of towels, the one with the best materials, which is soft and resistant at the same time.  It is easier than you think to get into the wrong purchase when it comes to choosing the bathroom towel set. Some factors, such as the quality of the materials, the resistance of the colors to continuous washing and the good workmanship, can be seen by following some simple precautions that we present below.

One of the things we suggest to most of our readers is to buy the towels from a well-known brand. Good brands provide, good quality products, excellent customer support and have service centers in different places in the country.

In this buying guide we have tried to define and analyze the decisive factors for choosing the ideal towel warmer for the most varied needs, in order to provide you with the most useful information possible for an adequate choice.

Are you looking for the best towels? Don’t worry anymore! As in this post, we have listed the nine best towels which are the most voted and appreciated by the people who use them.

SaleRANK NO. 1
American Soft Linen, 6 Piece Towel Set, 2 Bath Towels 2 Hand Towels 2...
  • ✅ Towel Set Includes 2 Bath Towels of 27 x 54 inches, 2 Hand Towels of 16 x 28 inches and 2 Washcloths of 13 x 13 inches.
  • ✅ 100% TURKISH COTTON. Our towels are made from cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey's best quality cotton. These towels...
  • ✅ These Towels are STANDART 100 by OEKO-TEX Certified and Tested for Harmful Substances.
  • ✅ Towels contain long loop-pile height which makes them extra fluffy and extremely absorbent. For best use, wash separately on...
Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels - Natural, Ultra Absorbent and Eco-Friendly...
  • GREAT QUALITY: Woven with a blend of High Quality viscose from Bamboo & Cotton for Softness, Absorbency, Strength, and Durability.
  • GREAT VALUE: The set includes 4 Premium Bath Towels of generous size (Size: 30" X 52").
  • ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE: Our towels feel extra soft and smooth offering a long lasting refreshing experience.
  • EASY CARE: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry on low heat.
QUBA LINEN Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels-27x54inch - 6 Pack Shower Towels - Light...
  • EXTRA ABSORBENT. These 100% cotton towels are extra absorbent so you can get dry and warm as quickly as possible. When you step...
  • Size and Colors:You can get 6 pieces of 27”x54” bath towels containing Grey, white, teal, navy blue, pink and blue
  • BEST VALUE:Includes 6 piece bamboo bath towels of 27 x 54 inches.Folds into a compact size to be used in the home, on travel, at...
  • Also multi-use for daily: washcloths, kids washcloths, spa & hotel towel, gym towel, face cloths, shower towels.
  • Machine wash COLD with colors. Tumble dry. Do not bleach. PLEASE WASH BEFORE FIRST USE
SaleRANK NO. 4
Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Bath Towels - 100% Cotton, 2-Pack, Platinum
  • Bath towel measures 54 by 30 inches
  • Made of 100% cotton for softness and tear-resistant strength
  • Lightweight; quickly absorbs moisture for a cozy feel; attractive solid color
  • Simple band and border detailing adds visual interest whether folded or hanging
  • Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and...
Kaufman - Ultrasoft, Plush ,100% Combed Ring Spun Yarn dye Cotton Velour Tonal...
  • 100% high quality combed ring spun cotton velour makes our towels feel soft and luxurious on your skin after the beach, pool or...
  • 30x60 is the perfect size for the entire family -adults and children. These towels are generously size for use at home in the...
  • The classic colorful bold yarn dye stripes in assorted vibrant colors and plush soft cotton absorbs moisture from your body while...
  • Multi color set: Orange, Turquoise, Pink, and Lime Green
  • We guarantee you will love and enjoy our towels. Our commitment to excellence ensures we will deliver to you the customer great...
Cotton Bath Towel Set, 24x48 Inch Pack of 6 Towels, White Bath Towels Ideal for...
  • Pure Luxury 6 piece durable towel set is made of finest quality. 100% cotton is chosen to produce extravagant and durable, bath...
  • These Bath Towels measure 24 x 48 inches in White color. These Bath Towels are double stitched for longevity while also making...
  • Luxury Bathroom Towels are designed for easy daily usage, revitalizing your post-bath experience by providing you a soft and cozy...
  • The bath shower towels, are extremely easy to wash and reuse. These towels are specially processed to make the dryer take less...
  • Terry Towel material allows for maximum absorbency. The towel set is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom...
Quba Linen Luxury Hotel & Spa 100% Cotton Premium Bath Towels Set of 6 - 24x48...
  • DAILY USAGE TOWELS: These luxurious hotel quality Bath Towels will transform your home into a sanctuary and your bathroom into a...
  • BATHROOM TOWEL SET MATERIAL: Imported , ring-spun premium cotton bath towels with professional finish to keep small particles and...
  • HOTEL & SPA TOWELS - Indulge in luxury that lasts, luxury towel set add a touch of elegance to any décor, ideal for Home, spa,...
  • WASHING & CARE TIPS - Wash your towels before the first use to remove any excess lint leftover from the manufacturing process and...
SaleRANK NO. 8
Hammam Linen Cool Grey Bath Towels 4-Pack - 27x54 Soft and Absorbent, Premium...
  • DRY OFF IN LUXURY 4-Piece super soft and absorbent Turkish cotton bath towels. (27 x 54 inches) These absorbent, eco-friendly bath...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT LASTING PRIME QUALITY - Our most absorbent, versatile towel. Great for those who enjoy a good self-care moment,...
  • EASY TO CARE - Machine washable, easy to care and clean. These towels are specially processed to make the dryer take less time,...
  • Avoid contact with skincare products to help minimize towel spotting or bleaching. Some lint may be observed in the first few...
  • BETTER WATER ABSORPTION - Terry towel material allows for maximum absorbency. Perfect for poolside, bathroom, Beach, salon,...
SaleRANK NO. 9
Elvana Home Ultra Soft 6 Pack Cotton Towel Set, Contains 2 Bath Towels 28x55...
  • Each set contains 2 oversized bath towels 28x55 inches, 2 hand towels 16x24 inches & 2 wash cloths 12x12 inches
  • 100% Pure cotton for softness, absorbency & durability - Outdoor Lightweight Quick Dry Towel Set
  • Complimented set for daily use, hotel & spa, quick drying & multipurpose usage
  • 100% Natural materials & free from harmful chemicals / materials - safe for you & your family
  • Machine washable & dryable, wash in cold water, tumble dry low - wash separately before first use

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Towels?

Types and Measures

Elements of daily use and essential furniture in the home of each of us, the towels are essentially rectangles of fabric, whose particular texture allows them to absorb significant quantities of liquid without soaking, and therefore serve to dab or rub our body to dry it. Their function can be disposable if they are made of paper, or even be purely aesthetic. In general, there are many types, designed to be used in other rooms of our home or pools.

However, the use in bathrooms remains the one with the greatest diffusion as they are more suitable for it due to their composition, in fact, there are usually real sets of bath towels, designed for body, face and bidet.

Body towels are large in size and are used to wrap the whole body after a shower. Face towels are kept near the sink, have an average width, and are suitable for dealing with individual parts, such as hands or face. Finally, small wipes placed next to the bidet will help us dab the water after using it.

Bathroom Towel Sets

You can find bathroom towel sets in which even a bathrobe and a mat to be placed on the ground to avoid dripping on the floor are included, or you can buy the various pieces individually. However, this hypothesis is not particularly convenient and is recommended only in case one of the components of the complete set needs to be replaced due to excessive wear.

Before evaluating the materials and the aesthetic aspect, it is essential to check the dimensions, in particular of the bath towel, since even the best absorbency is useless if we are unable to adequately wrap our body. It is, therefore, necessary to choose based on your build or personal preferences, if you want to completely wrap yourself in your bath towel, between small, medium or large models.

Sizes of Bathroom and Pool Towels

The different sizes of bathroom or pool towels may vary according to the choice of the production companies; however, it is sufficient to check the label, even if sometimes we will find the indications in inches. We will, therefore, have to consider that 1 inch corresponds to about 2.5 cm, and carry out the conversion. In general, a tall, corpulent person will have to look for a large towel to get the right level of comfort. It is equally important to check the weight of towels, in fact, the higher their weight, the better their efficiency.

Adequate values range from 400 to 550 rpm, or grams per square meter, but those who have greater needs, or want to rely on excellent softness, can seek higher ones. Finally, it is necessary to evaluate the mass, or the thickness of the wire, looking for indications such as single 16s, single 12s or double 21s. In the absence of these data, an excellent evaluation method consists of weighing the consistency, thickness and overall weight with your hands.

Comparing Materials

The main function of towels is to remove water from our skin by absorbing it; however, it must be soft to avoid scratching us, even if we rub it vigorously. The right material is therefore needed, with an optimal combination of absorbency, softness, and resistance to washing and wear. It is also necessary to check the presence of a dense texture, as if it were large, it would not dry out and would be ruined in a short time.

There are different types of fabric, but in general, it is important to avoid substances that could be toxic, such as particular dyes or synthetic materials. It is therefore advisable to prefer natural fibers, and however, nowadays, it is now easy to find synthetic fabrics able to guarantee efficacy and safety. The most widespread materials are cotton, linen and microfiber.

Cotton and Terry Towels

The best level of efficiency is offered by cotton towels, which must always be 100% pure, and can be worked in many different ways. Terry towels are very common as they offer greater absorbency, and work with the same effectiveness on both sides, except in the case of single and non-double fabric models. However, there are other variations, such as jacquard or honeycomb work. The first is always terry but has an added value in terms of aesthetics as it has “bas-relief” decorations along the surface.

The second one, on the other hand, has a different type of texture, which is not particularly elegant but has the advantage of being thin and light; therefore it is very comfortable for travel as it fits easily in a suitcase and does not weigh on the weight of hand luggage.

Linen and Microfiber Towels

A good alternative to cotton towels can be linen towels, which however have a greater diffusion in other areas as they are perfect for drying dishes and glasses without leaving streaks. Their great delicacy, however, can be indicated for the skin of newborns, which risks being scratched even with very soft cotton muslin towels. They also have the advantage of being particularly elegant and can, therefore, prove to be excellent decorative elements for our bathrooms. They do not have a great resistance; therefore, they wear out quickly due to repeated washing.

A type of modern towels now easy to find everywhere is the microfiber one, a synthetic fabric with excellent absorbency and softness, and highly versatile as it is very thin, easy to use and to carry on the go, or at sea or in the gym bag or of the swimming pool.

Which Material Is the Best?

Despite the valid alternatives, cotton remains the material with greater efficiency, thanks to its great resistance and the ability to lend itself to an unlimited amount of colors and decorations that can satisfy anyone’s tastes. To make sure we buy quality terry towels, just look for the word 100% Cotton on the label, preferring the long fiber models, and if we want to rely on excellence, we can even opt for the very precious, but equally expensive Egyptian cotton.

Finally, it is essential to check the quality of the texture of the towels, therefore in addition to evaluating the softness to the touch we will have to make sure of the absence of curls or frayed seams, or of an excessive loss of lint, which would remain on the wet skin forcing us to another shower.

Style and Furnishings

Once the dimensions and material have been assessed, it is important to take into consideration the aesthetic aspect, as bathroom towels are an integral part of the decor of this room, and will, therefore, contribute greatly to completing the look. It is, therefore, necessary to match the shape to the ancient or modern style of the furniture, but above all, to combine the colors in order to obtain a pleasant result.

The most popular models have a fairly neutral appearance, which will, therefore, be easy to insert practically anywhere; however, with a little patience, you will even find refined designs with particular styles. For example, in a minimal and ultra modern decor, microfiber could be ideal, while linen towels offer a high level of elegance and adapt to an ancient or luxurious style. As for colors and details, we can choose between

  • Solid color or fantasy
  • Bright or neutral colors
  • Simple or decorated

A simple but effective choice is that of monochromatic bathroom towels, looking for a color, or more than one if we want to buy different sets capable of offering a specific palette, in accordance with the walls and the furniture. If our bathrooms have tiles, choosing the same color or a similar shade gives a homogeneous style, while completely changing the hue, we will have an excellent contrast effect.

Towel Holder

In order to correctly position a towel, a face towel and a bidet towel, you need space and the right supports, especially if we live with different people and therefore we must have a kit for each user. A towel holder is therefore required, which can be hook, bar, or other types to choose from depending on the design of the environment. The most common are simple metal or plastic bars fixed to the walls by screws or suction cups, protruding in a parallel or perpendicular way, the length of which varies according to the pieces to hang.

Alternatively, there are structures to rest on the floor or wall or towel warmers. These are radiators with horizontal bars on which to hang the sheets, keeping them spaced apart. Their function is twofold, that is to heat the environment and the fabrics, and dry them if they are wet, avoiding the formation of mold or bad smells and making them always ready for subsequent use.

Tips and Conservation

Using bathroom or pool towels is simple; however, there are several precautions to be taken to ensure a high level of hygiene and to keep their softness and efficiency unaltered over time. First of all, it is necessary to have a sufficient quantity of pieces, as each tenant should have his complete set available, and it is also necessary to be able to make frequent spare parts.

We recommend replacing them every two days, or after about four uses, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and bad smells due to an excessive accumulation of humidity inside them. In addition to the number of people, it is necessary to consider the space in which you live, to avoid finding yourself with laundry that is too bulky or not totally dry due to the climate.

Washing the Towels

Normally the permitted washing temperature is between 40 ° and 60 ° C, and however, if we do not find indications in this regard, it is advisable to keep the minimum level to avoid damaging them. Those suffering from particular allergies should instead choose high-grade, washable models, in addition to ensuring the absence of allergens in the manufacturing materials. Sometimes they are found not suitable for the washing machine; therefore, it is advisable to check that you have this possibility before purchasing.

In fact, hand washing guarantees a remarkable delicacy and is less aggressive towards the fibers, therefore keeping them soft for a long time, however it is not always sufficient to ensure the complete elimination of bacteria. It is a good idea to always carry out a preventive wash before starting to use them, sometimes even 2 or 3, since the sponge may sometimes have a minimal residue of the work carried out during the manufacturing phase on its surface. In any case,

it is a method to be able to obtain the highest level of absorbency possible, allowing the fibers to swell to accommodate as much water as possible when it is necessary to dry hands, face or body.

Maintenance of Towels

At the end of the cleaning cycle, it is essential to dry them to perfection and store them well folded. It is not essential to iron them, even if the cotton ones allow it if we want an impeccable order while being careful to use a minimum temperature to avoid damaging the fibers making them hard and easily usable. As for the maintenance of integrity and absorbency, however, the precautions to be taken are

  • Choose quality products
  • Do not deform the fabric
  • Limit the use of detergents
  • Avoid fabric softener

In addition to assessing the thickness and softness of the bathroom towels, when purchasing, the fibers must be observed, since only if they rise when we move them with our hands can we be sure that we are dealing with an excellent level of absorbency. It is important not to test the fabric by pulling it, as this may lose its elasticity and deform, in addition to reducing its efficiency.

During washing, excessive use of detergent could harden the bathroom towels; however, the greatest damage is paradoxically due to the fabric softener. It is advisable to limit its use as much as possible or even eliminate it, as the fatty substances contained in it tend to deposit on the fibers over time and make them waterproof.

Excessive Heat Damages the Fibers

There are other precautions you can take to maintain an excellent level of fiber softness over time. We will have to use lemon and vinegar, pouring a few drops into a basin of cold water where we will make a prewash, and ammonia, to be added together with another drop of vinegar in the washing machine together with the detergents. Their function will be to soften the tissues and avoid excessive aggression by the chemicals in the soaps, also acting on the hardness of the water, reducing its negative impact.

Another factor to avoid is the excessive friction between the various items, both in the washing machine, which must therefore not be loaded too much, as in the dryer, where we can prevent tangling with a tennis ball or a dryer. If, on the other hand, we do not have a dryer, we will have to be careful to whisk the towels well to help the fibers relax and get rid of any residues before hanging them in the open air.

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