In many sports, the helmet is a mandatory accessory. This is the case of climbing, in which we must protect our head from any object that may fall on us, such as carabiners, safety devices, rocks, or ice. This can also avoid serious consequences that can result from a fall.

As with most products, not all climbing helmets are created equal. There are several things to keep in mind before you can choose one.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to find the model that best suits your needs, whether you are starting this sport as a beginner or that you are an established professional.

Right here we have listed out the best climbing helmet for you.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Black Diamond Equipment - Half Dome Helmet - Slate - Medium/Large
  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world's best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
SaleRANK NO. 2
Black Diamond Vector Helmet, Orange, Small/Medium
  • In-Mold headlamp clips for ultra-secure attachment
  • Tuck-away suspension makes for compact storage
  • Co-molded EPS foam with polycarbonate shell
  • Ratchet adjuster with molded push buttons
  • Large ventilation ports provide max airflow
Bike Helmet, Basecamp Bicycle Helmet Cycling/Climbing Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Goggles Visor&Led Back Light&Portable Backpack Adjustable for Men/Women Mountain Bc-069
  • Safety protection - Basecamp bike helmets for men/women with high-density imported pc+eps foam, will surely improve safe performance. in-molding technology joins thick eps foam core and the outer polycarbonate shell to ensure better shock absorption in all direction, giving you the best protection when road cycling or mountain biking.
  • Led safety light - bicycle helmets led rare light with 3 lighting modes - steady, slow flashing and fast flashing, warn cars and help other riders behind you clearly recognized your direction, brighter and safer in night cycling. an extra spare battery is also included as bonus.
  • Detachable magnetic goggles - special cycling helmet with unique design, a magnetic visor shield in gray can be used as sunglasses provides eye protection uv400 and blocks the strong ultraviolet light/dust/wind/sand away from your face perfectly. easy to flip up or remove with one hand when cycling, meets your 3 wearing needs-goggles up, goggles down and no goggles. (your own glasses also can be worn under goggles)
  • Adjustable size system - easy-use dual fit adjustable design, an adjusting knob at the back of the adult helmet and adjustable strap make it adjustable and suitable for different head size 22.44’’-24.41’’/57- 62cm, meeting the needs of most cycling riders both men and women.The manufacturer minimum age of this adult bike helmet is 18.
  • Super comfortable&convenient - biking helmet in special aerodynamic design is super lightweight 0.56-0.58lbs, with 28 breathable vents, detachable and washable liner padding, effectively reduce air resistance, sweating, and keep cyclist cool. an extra portable carrying backpack is included as bonus.
PRO Climbing Helmet Sun Shield,Thicker and Wider,Fits,Rescue Helmet, Accessories Suit Climbing Helmet Rescue Team, High-Altitude Worker
  • ★Prevent Sunburn: Widen and increase the brim to prevent sun rays prevent the sun shoot in the eyes during the working.Suitable for helmet head circumference less than 65cm.
  • ★ Easy to Fix and Carry: Can be folded, small size, easy to use, easy to carry.Two-tone design, can be used on both sides.
  • ★ High-quality fabric: Made of quality Nylon waterproof, lightweight, breathable, non-irritating and durable, easy to wash and dry, protects you from strong sunlight.
  • ★ADJUSTABLE FIT - Put directly on the outside of the helmet, suitable for Climbing Helmet,Rescue Helmet.
  • ★ GUARANTEE - We pride ourselves in every product made, if you are not completely satisfied, we’re happy to give you a refund. No questions asked.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Black Diamond Equipment - Half Dome Helmet - Women's - Caspian - Small/Medium
  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world's best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
Petzl Adult Boreo Camping Climbing Helmet, White, M/L (53-61 cm)
  • Speleo helmet with mounting options for a duo headlamp
  • Robust helmet with hard outer shell for optimum durability
  • For best protection and effective shock absorption, the hybrid construction of a thick ABS hard shell exterior and two layers of foam inside
  • Weight: 335 g
  • Certification: CE EN 12492, UIAA
Black Diamond Equipment - Vision Helmet - Tundra - Medium/Large
  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world's best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
Black Diamond Equipment - Vapor Helmet - Steel Grey - Medium/Large
  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and constructing the world's best climbing, skiing & mountain gear since 1957
EDELRID Madillo Climbing Helmet - Pebbles/Oasis
  • Weight (g) 390
  • UIAA and CE certified
SaleRANK NO. 10
PETZL Meteor Climbing Helmet Violet M/L
  • Lightweight (240g), low-profile with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam liner, and well ventilated polycarbonate shell.
  • Designed with Petzl’s Top and Side Protection
  • Ready for ski touring - ski goggle compatible
  • 2 clips in front and rear to attach headlamp
  • Meets EN1077 standard for alpine ski helmets, Certification(s): CE EN 12492, CE casque de ski de randonnée, UIAA
Heemtle Safety Helmet Rock Climbing Tree Caving Kayaking Rappel Rescue Hard Hat 7 Colors Optional (Adjustable:52-62CM)
  • Climbing Helmet:the Adjustable Head size is 52-62cm,You need to confirm If the helmet size is suitable for you before purchasing,and you can mack choice from the 7 colors
  • Construction and Material: ABS material with high strength and good corrosion,wear resistance,lightweight,The vent holes can effectively heat dissipation, breathable and ventilated
  • Humanized Design: Adjust the device can adjust the head size, turn it right, so that head size become smaller.Fits head circumference 52-62cm.Helmet with protector design, can effectively protect the chin,more comfortable.With buckle,easy to wear and take down
  • Applicable Sports:cycling, skateboarding, skating, rock climbing, mountaineering, outdoor expand, rappelling, rescue and other outdoor sports
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: we provide a customized and professional customer service before and after your purchase; feel free to contact us if you have any trouble with our Rock Climbing Helmet.

Buyer Guide to Choose Climbing Helmet

The most important feature to check in a climbing helmet is its effectiveness in protecting the head. The following paragraphs will show us the various characteristics of different models, the tests to be passed to comply with the regulations, and which are the most appropriate types based on the manufacture or use we intend to give them.

What Is a Climbing Helmet?

The climbing helmet is a safety element that protects the skull from the blows that could be received due to a fall, or from rocks or ice. Therefore, this accessory must always be used when climbing, especially outdoors, where we put our physical integrity at risk.

What Are the Types of Climbing Helmets?

The materials with which climbing helmets are manufactured are mainly plastic materials. All must be equipped with a minimum of hardness and impact resistance.

Therefore they must pass the tests necessary to be approved with the legislation. Anyway, among all the materials, there are some lighter than others, and starting from this, we can distinguish three main types:

  • Hard Helmet: They are the most robust and long-lasting. Generally, they can be used for all adventure activities, so it is normal for them to be manufactured by companies that offer multi-adventure services. Usually, they are made of ABS plastic with an inner pad of hybrid materials.
  • Lightweight Helmet: The outer plastic layer is finer and, consequently, less durable, but still capable of withstanding the blows. Also, it includes an expanded polystyrene sponge, known as EPS. It can be considered a hybrid helmet, a mixture of the rigid ones that we will mention below.
    Ultralight Helmet: It is the one most appreciated by professionals or experienced adventurers, thanks to its extreme lightness. They are made with a monobloc of polypropylene or polystyrene (EPS), without any external layer. It is necessary to consider that you are more at risk, due to the reduced protection and the economic cost of the product, which is certainly less lasting compared to others.

What Certification Must a Climbing Helmet Be Equipped With?

The ce en 12492 standard explains the minimum conditions that climbing helmets must respect.

The energy absorption capacity cannot exceed 10 kg (kilonewton), after the impact of a mass of five kg, which can be vertical, lateral, frontal, or rear.

The fall distance is two meters in the vertical test and 50 centimeters for the other three shapes.

This type-approval process, which includes other tests than those commented on, is considered by some to be very demanding for certain areas. Who has the decision-making power, in this case, is the European standardization committee.

There are also multi-functional helmets approved for various disciplines such as cycling, climbing, and skiing. If you only practice one, it is not convenient to adopt this option due to its high price.

How Long Can a Climbing Helmet Last?

The durability of a helmet depends on the quality of the material with which it is manufactured. In any case, plastic materials become rather fragile over time, so it is not recommended to exceed five years of use, or a little less if they are used very frequently.

Most manufacturers specify in the instructions what is the date by which it is safe to use the same helmet.

Also, the helmet risks being damaged in some way. in this case, the best thing is to replace it, even if it seems to be in excellent condition.

Climbing helmets are made to protect your head from rock hits or rather hard objects. It is positive that a helmet breaks after a very strong impact: this implies that the energy is distributed on the surface.

Why Does the Type of Climbing Influence the Helmet Model to Choose?

The various adventure sports or outdoor activities that we can practice are distinguished by the type of surface, terrain, and climate.

Consequently, it is important to choose a helmet that has the appropriate characteristics for each situation. Below, we will see what are the most recommended performances for the helmet, depending on the type of climbing:

  • Indoor Climbing: unless the managers of the structure have imposed some particular rules, usually in this case you can use a very light helmet, with little sponge, in the end, the rock on which you will carry out your activity is not real: you will not run the risk of hitting it or receiving objects on it.
    In the mountains: normally, these are long-lasting activities and during which enough weight is transported. The ideal is to use a light helmet with rather wide openings for ventilation, and bright colors to be able to be located even at a distance.
  • Ice Climbing: obviously, we will do without ventilation to protect ourselves from the cold. The resistance of the helmet must prevail over lightness, given that it is a terrain where it is very likely to receive impacts from pieces of ice or other materials.
  • Climbing with Equipment: during this type of climbing, we are exposed to receiving many types of blows on the head, of rock, earth, or even elements of the equipment of your companions. Opt for a hard helmet and possibly with a visor, to avoid damage to the eye area.
  • Climate: for this factor, what prevails is ventilation. For high temperatures, a helmet with many openings and rather wide is needed. Sweat and heat must be combated. For the cold, however, quite the opposite: you need a closed helmet that does not allow the air to enter inside.

What Does the Climbing Helmet Protect Us From?

The debate over the effectiveness of helmets has not yet ended. Many think that the legislation is not sufficiently demanding and that it limits itself to dwell on the impacts that can be received from falling objects.

In reality, however, most of the blows come from collisions that can mainly affect the lateral, rear, or frontal areas.

Of course, some climbing helmets have also passed tests in this regard and have more certifications, but the fact remains that most of them have not solved this important problem.

In any case, eps sponge helmets are those that provide more protection in the event of a collision, which is a much more frequent situation, compared to impacts from falling objects.

Purchase Criteria

When it comes time to buy a climbing helmet, you have to keep in mind what you will use it for. once you understand the type of climbing and the climatic conditions from which you must protect yourself.

You must concentrate on the most suitable product that can perform this function well, analyzing the material, weight, and strings to be adjusted. Beyond this, as we have already said, you must make sure that it complies with the safety regulations.

  • Use
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Approval
  • Strings to Adjust
  • Kind


The first thing to consider before buying a helmet is to know exactly what type of climbing or activity we will engage in.

if we meet in a situation with ice or rather cold climatic conditions, ventilation is not necessary. In essence, ​​we must focus more on a high level of resistance since the risk of hitting or falling is higher.

In less demanding soils or with higher temperatures, priority must be given to lightness and wider openings for air to flow.


The legislation indicates that all climbing helmets must be made of plastic materials. The external part must be of a polycarbonate very resistant to mechanical shocks.

Also, it is the lightest option. Most models use abs material. The interior, on the other hand, is made with expanded polymer sponges (polypropylene, polyurethane, or polystyrene).


The climbing helmet must be resistant since its function is to protect us from blows on the skull. It must also be light, especially when we know that we will have to engage in a fairly long activity.

Most of the products offered on the market are manufactured with materials that bring this lightness.


When we want to buy a climbing helmet, we have to make sure that it complies with safety regulations. In other words, we need to verify that it has passed the necessary tests imposed by the European standardization committee.

If it is homologated, a label bearing ce en 12492 will appear on it. we cannot endanger our physical integrity with products that do not comply with safety standards.

Strings to Adjust

The regulation system is very important and must be effective; it must prevent any type of helmet movement. The chin strap is the strap that keeps the helmet tight under the chin.

It must be padded and give a feeling of comfort because the helmet will often be worn for several hours. The rear adjustment wheel or similar accessory will complete the locking.


From the available size of each model, you can understand if it is a helmet suitable for children, women, or men. most of the models have various sizes, so they are unisex.

Others, however, only have large sizes, and its use is limited to the male gender. For women, there are helmets with a hole in the back, which allows the hair to be gathered into a tail.

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