Geiger counters are machines used to measure the level of radiation from an object or emitted from a particular area. They make use of a Geiger-Muller tube which is capable of responding to ionizing radiation.

A Geiger counter is a relatively inexpensive way to measure many types of radiation, including those from alpha, beta and gamma particles. As people want to find out what kind of radiation is in their area, Geiger counters have become more famous.

This article is a small guide to help you find the best Geiger counter for your needs. You will find most of the useful and great products that have been selected based on their characteristics, reliability and convenience.

Right here we have selected the best Geiger counters that are listed below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
GQ GMC-320S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter Geiger Counter...
  • Real-time data logging every second into internal memory.
  • History data can be downloaded to computer
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Free data Viewer PC software
  • Dosimeter mode, CPM count mode, Graph mode, Swivel Display option
GQ GMC-500Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Dosimeter,...
  • Enhanced model, dual geiger tubes sensor, independent calibration factors
  • Push the detection range upper limit 10 times higher
  • Large informative LCD Display with auto horizontal and vertical large font display
  • Built-in flash memory. Onboard speaker and audio output,Rechargeable battery installed.
  • With unlimited server logging data storage.Submit data to any server in the world automatically
SaleRANK NO. 3
New GQ GMC-320 Plus Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder Beta...
  • Newly designed digital Geiger Counter/Data recorder,Record the radiation data. Play it back later
  • Text, Graphic and Large Font mode provide visualized radiation changes
  • Auto 180 degree swivel display provides a convenience reading when unit upside down.
  • Recharable battery,Alarm setting:alarm ON/OFF, alarm type, alarm level.
  • Money Back Guarantee. We ACCEPT RETURN for REFUND if you are NOT SATISFIED.
SaleRANK NO. 4
GQ GMC-300E Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Data Recorder Beta Gamma...
  • Newer GMC300EPlus Fulfill of gmc-300 series geiger counter for nuclear radiation
  • Text, graphic and large font mode provide visualized radiation changes
  • Usb connection for both communication and data communication
  • Package weight of the Product: 6 Ounces
SaleRANK NO. 5
Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector,CHNADKS Upgrated Monitor...
  • HFS-10 is a portable and accurate nuclear Radiation Detector, mainly used for monitoring X, β and γ rays.
  • User-friendly:Handheld instrument with clear page and easy operation, covering two measurement alert methods and recording...
  • Technical Data:Use GM counter tube as nuclear radiation, measurement range 0.08uSv-50mSv, measurement accuracy -17%... +25% based...
  • ✔Please note: The sensor of this nuclear radiation detector is on right sides, the value will be more accurate when monitoring...
  • Application occasions:Widely used in home radiation, irradiation processing enterprises, health epidemic prevention and other...
RADEX RD1503+ Outdoor Edition dosimeter, geiger Counter, high Accuracy Nuclear...
  • UPGRADE Outdoor Edition - better protected
  • Combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation detection.
  • Detection range of 0.05~9.99 µSv/h (Micro Sieverts per Hour) or millirems
  • Audio alarm - Vibration Alarm - Backlight
  • Pre-calibrated, Accurate (+/- 15%), Fast (40 second cycle if low, Immediate if high)
SaleRANK NO. 7
GQ GMC-600 Plus Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Dosimeter Alpha Beta Gamma...
  • Detect alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray radiation
  • Large lcd display auto horizontal and vertical large font display advanced cpu on board built-in flash memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi onboard speaker real time data logging unlimited server logging data storage rechargeable battery installed and...
  • Country of origin: United States
SaleRANK NO. 8
GCA-07W Professional Digital Geiger Counter - Radiation Monitor - with External...
  • HANDHELD PERSONAL NUCLEAR RADIATION DETECTOR. Fast, Accurate and Easy To Use. Detects a broad spectrum nuclear radiation,...
  • NRC CERTIFICATION READY – Our NRC certification is available at additional cost from the manufacturer.
  • AMERICAN MADE GM TUBE: Detector Sensitivity LND712: Detects Alpha particles above 3 MeV in energy. Beta radiation above 50 KeV;...
  • COUNTING RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) - 10,000 Counts Per Second (CPS).
  • RADIATION RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 0.001 mR/hr resolution / 1,000 mR/hr Range (Imperial measurements); 0.01 uSv/hr resolution - 10...
RADEX RD1503+ w/o dosimeter: High accuracy Geiger counter, radiation detector...
  • Updated and improved 1503 with more features and new software
  • Combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation reading
  • Measurement cycle of 40 seconds
  • Scale range ambient dose rate equivalent is 0.05 - 9.99 µSv/h
  • Vibration is added as well as the audio alarm
IMI Inspector Alert V2 Geiger Counter
  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Radiation detection with premium "Pancake" GM sensor with mica window. Flat out the best detector for broad...
  • Easy to Use and Understand. Best Support and Warranty. Phone Support Standing by
  • A Real Professional Geiger Counter by a Company with 30 Year history of innovation. Designed and built in the USA
  • Exceptional battery life: 6 to 9 months 24/7 operation on a standard 9 volt battery
  • Fits in the palm of the hand with ease. Size: 150 x 80 x 30 mm (5.9" x 3.2" x 1.2")
GCA-06W Professional Digital Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor with External Wand...
  • HANDHELD PERSONAL NUCLEAR RADIATION DETECTOR. Fast, Accurate and Easy To Use. Detects a broad spectrum nuclear radiation,...
  • NRC CERTIFICATION READY - Our NRC certification is available at additional cost from the manufacturer. The NRC certification...
  • AMERICAN MADE GM TUBE: Detector Sensitivity LND712: Detects Alpha particles above 3 MeV in energy. Beta radiation above 50 KeV;...
  • COUNTING RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) - 10,000 Counts Per Second (CPS).
  • RADIATION RESOLUTION AND RANGE: 0.001 mR/hr resolution / 1,000 mR/hr Range (Imperial measurements); 0.01 uSv/hr resolution - 10...

Everything You Need to Know About Geiger Counter

What Is the Geiger Counter?

Geiger counters are devices now within reach of all that allows us to detect radioactivity. They can measure the level of radiation of the natural outdoor background, that present in the environment, in homes and on materials of various kinds, such as building materials that are often slightly radioactive.

The operating principle of the Geiger counter is based on the ionizing radiation detector tube, so-called: “Geiger Muller tube”. But it must be said that not all of these sensors are comparable in both reliability and performance.

The Price of A Meter Depends on The Characteristics of The Installed Geiger Tube

The potential buyer must know that the amount of these probes and consequently also of the radioactivity detectors that use them are directly comparable with the intrinsic sensitivity and the ability to be able to detect the various kinds of nuclear radiation.

The Economic Geiger Counters.

In general, economy class Geiger meters are not able to detect all types of nuclear radiation, namely: Alfa, Beta and Gamma, because they mount low-quality Geiger probes, made of low-cost materials that generally cannot be traversed by radiation Low energy alpha and beta.

In practice, they can only reveal gamma radiation and very energetic beta. In the worst cases, it might happen to come across tools that to contain the prices mount old vintage pipes that are not very sensitive and with questionable reliability.

Bout Geiger Muller Pipe Installed.

Another vital point that must be considered before purchasing a Geiger meter is the sensitivity of its “tube” to the various types of detectable radiation, i.e. the minimum level of detectable activity that is generally expressed by the manufacturer of the Geiger tube as a function of a specific radionuclide.

Another parameter that can give a general idea is the value of the activity of the so-called natural fund detected by the instrument in an open environment.  It is necessary to be able to distinguish Geiger tubes with high performance from ordinary ones.

For example, there are Geiger tubes of excellent high quality that detect the activity of the natural bottom of about 40-60 CPM, compared to 10/20 CPM of the industrial machines.

The Guardian Ray Professional Geiger Counter with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Xray Pancake Probe

For example, our Professional Guardian Ray Smart Geiger counter uses a sensitive and precise Geiger Muller Pancake Tube LND7317 as a probe for radioactivity. It is also equipped with unique software algorithms to exacerbate the already high precision and sensitivity of these particular American-made probes.

The Two Leading Technologies Used in Geiger Counters.

There are two types of Geiger counters: analogue equipped with a vintage needle instrument characterized by the so-called parallax error and a brief indication of radioactivity, based not on the actual count of the particles detected by the Geiger tube. But by an analogic process of integrating the impulses.

The digital counters are instead governed by a more or less powerful micro-controller and a modern numerical display.

The digital Geiger counter is the latest generation, certainly much more reliable than the analogue one, it is capable of exact counting of the radioactive particles detected by its Geiger tube.

The Economic Geiger Counters

Poor quality Geiger detectors typically have measurement error levels between 30 and 40% of the actual value of the measured radioactive activity. A reliable instrument should have at least an accuracy of between 20 and 25%,

The Professional Geiger Counter

A Geiger counter can be fully defined as “Professional” and reliable, first of all, if it can carry out radioactivity measurements in standard mode with a tiny margin of error on the real activity of the source, or with discards between 5 and 6%, a level of negligible error which is practically insignificant.

Things to Consider Before Buying Geiger Counter

Before taking a look at what the market offers, let’s try to understand what it takes to know to get the right counter for your needs.

1. Detection Method

The detection method can usually be a standard Geiger-Muller tube or a so-called pancake tube which is very same but has different types.

When selecting a meter, you have to check the types of devices as it has a certain degree of relevance. The pancake tube is great at catching beta and gamma radiation while it is not good for alpha radiation.

2. Display

These devices have displays to show vital measurements, so finding one with a bright, clear screen is important for effective data control.

3. Specific Use

As with the other things you buy, an essential question you need to ask yourself is: why do you need a Geiger counter? Are you a hobbyist or do you simply want it for educational needs? Does it have to do with your job or, for some reason, are you concerned about radioactivity in your area? The process of choosing the best radiation detection device has a lot to do with these questions.

These are the most important factors to consider when going to buy a Geiger counter. The products on this list have been carefully researched and analyzed to ensure that they represent the best value. Thanks to the right level of diversification, you can also find the right one for your specific needs.

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