The world globe is a timeless and indispensable accessory for both adults and children to discover the planet where they live. Whether it is an object purchased only for the furnishing of an office or a studio, or an interactive world globe for children, this type of accessory brings with it an undeniable charm for anyone who even looks at it.

Of course, you say, there is nothing simpler. In reality, however, for sale, there are many types of the world globe, for furniture, for adults or interactive for children, and if you have not already chosen a model to buy, the choice may be more complicated than it seems.

Right below, we had listed out the best interactive Globe for kids that are great for educational purposes.

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe (Frustration Free Packaging)
  • Go beyond countries and their capitals with this enhanced globe that explores cultures, animals, habitats, and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos
  • Tap anywhere using the stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games and trigger videos that let kids visually experience the world
  • Features a 2.7" LCD screen that displays video and animations with playful characters that guide children through games and activities
  • Race around the world, discover new places and solve mysteries by answering questions in three entertaining interactive games
  • Intended for ages 5-7 years. Requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use
Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)
  • ► Orboot Globe + app takes your child on an augmented reality based journey around the world. Fun. Interactive. Educational. Learn Geography, History, Environmental Science, and more(No borders and no names on Globe)
  • ► COMPATIBILITY - Orboot app is free on iOS and Android. Compatible with - iPad 5th gen & above, iPad Air all models, iPad Pro All models, iPad Mini 2 & above, iPhone 6 & above; Android 3GB RAM and above. devices (kindles) are currently not supported at the moment.
  • ► The box comes with a 10” globe, passport, stamps, country flag stickers, and a detailed help guide.
  • ► ORBOOT APP - Explore 400+ highlights and 1000+ world facts across 6 categories - cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather for various countries.
  • ► STEAM ahead - a perfect toy for the ever-curious kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. Makes for an amazing and unique gift for kids!
LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe, Interactive Childrens Globe, Educational Smart Globe for Kids with 2.7 Inch LCD Screen, Toys for Children with Games and Activities, Suitable for 5, 6, 7+ Year Olds
  • EDUCATIONAL LEARNING: Go beyond countries and their capitals with this enhanced kids globe that explores cultures, animals, habitats and more through 5+ hours of BBC videos
  • INTERACTIVE TOY: Tap anywhere using the stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with unique games and trigger videos that let kids visually experience the world
  • 3 LEARNING GAMES INCLUDED: Race around the world with this educational game, discovering new places and solve mysteries by answering questions in three entertaining interactive games
  • ELECTRONIC LEARNING TOYS: ideal to display video and animations with playful characters that guide children through games and activities, developing their learning through visual aids
  • GAMES FOR 5 YEAR OLDS+: Educational toy intended for 5, 6 and 7 + year olds that boosts geographical knowledge through different learning games, making this learning toy the ideal home school gift
SaleRANK NO. 4
Goodking World Globe, Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids, Illuminated AR Globe for Geography Learning with Interactive App, Stem Toy for Boys & Girls, Educational Toy Gift
  • 【AR Globe Augmented Reality】A new way to discover the world. AR globe is the new early educational product for children based on AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The AR Augmented Reality smart device app brings the globe to life with animals, dinosaurs, and famous landmarks.
  • 【Available on the App Store and Google Play】With App, you can enjoy an augmented reality experience in the Animals/Dinosaurs world, hopping from country to country, seeing famous landmarks. Realistic 3D Scenes: Experience 3D Augmented Reality - animals, landmarks, dinosaurs, world cuisines, leading universities and tourist attractions!
  • 【Lights Up For Use In Dark】 Illuminated world globe features switch-controlled LED lights so it turns into beautiful lighted globe for nighttime learning. The LED Light is soft in dark environments or at night. It will be a beautiful night learning light or kid room decoration.
  • 【Easy To Read Text & 360° Movement & Rotation】 Continents, countries, capitals, deserts, seas, and boundaries are clearly marked and easy to detect on this enchanting world map. Kids can spin this globe on its axis to mimic Earth’s natural rotation and study global citizens and territories.
  • 【 Perfect Gift For Kids & Teens】 Perfect toy for kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. Compared to the traditional world globe, this smart globe does well in stimulating children's learning interest.  It helps build knowledge, linguistic and cognitive skills. Makes for an amazing and unique Christmas or birthday gift for kids!
SaleRANK NO. 5
Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Featuring Bindi Irwin, Easter Gift, Globes for Kids, Interactive Globe with Talking Pen, Ages 4+
  • LOOK, LISTEN & LEARN: Our interactive talking globe will take you around the world where you can discover the fascinating world of geography, animals, and nature. Over 1,000 facts about animals and nature, countries and cities, continents and oceans
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING GLOBE FOR KIDS: Our 12” globe featuring the voice of Wildlife Warrior Bindi Irwin. The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe includes a smart stylus pen with a built-in speaker. Pen requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • COOL EDUCATIONAL FACTS KIDS LOVE: Over 10 hours of interactive audio, just touch the pen to the globe to measure distances, hear cool facts, and explore
  • EDUCATIONAL TOY DESIGNED FOR KIDS: The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe is the perfect learning toy and educational gift for curious learners
  • BACK TO SCHOOL or HOMESCHOOL ACTIVITY: Our Geosafari Jr. interactive talking products make the perfect activity to get ready for school! Or keep kids engaged, entertained, and learning independently while being at home
SaleRANK NO. 6
Little Experimenter Talking Globe - Interactive Globe for Kids Learning with Smart Pen - Educational World Globe for Children with Interactive Maps – 9”
  • EARLY LEARNING GLOBES FOR KIDS 🗺️: This interactive globe teaches children all about the world, including facts about countries, countries, capitals, areas, geography, national anthems, languages, populations, currencies, area codes and climate!
  • INTERACTIVE SMART PEN 🗺️: Girls and boys can use the smart pen to touch countries and locations on the globe and get information in real-time via voice recordings played through the small, built-in speaker, offering hours of early learning fun.
  • ENGAGING TRIVIA QUESTIONS 🗺️: Each world globe also features 300 trivia questions that help challenge children to learn with engaging, easy-to-remember facts sure to keep them interested and asking new questions.
  • HOME OR CLASSROOM LEARNING 🗺️: These small 9” kid’s interactive globes are perfect for playing and learning at home, sharing new “adventures” with students in the classroom, or even challenging friends and family members to answer trivia!
  • FOCUSED ON A BRIGHT FUTURE 🗺️: Here at Little Experimenter, we’re passionate about providing kids with good, wholesome, and educational entertainment that keeps them engaged, learning, and having a great time. We’ll also be here if you have any questions.
SJ Smart Globe with Interactive APP & LED Illuminated Constellations at Night, DIY, Easy to Assemble, Educational Content for Kids, USB Cord Included, US-Patented STEM Toy, 10" World Globe
  • New type of 10” Interactive SJ Smart Globe with Educational "Click Word Atlas" app for iPad, iPhone and android phone
  • LED Starry globe showing 88 constellations, zodiac signs and Milky Way, US-certified LED globe for safety. STEM TOY
  • Fine Geographic World Globe: Detailed globe depicting mountain ranges, ocean currents, deserts, lakes, state capitals and major cities
  • Interactive App Content featuring fun yet educational topics about countries around the world coupled with text, sound and captivating visuals
  • Easy to assemble globe, USB cord included, wall adapter not included
Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Discovery Educational World Geography Kids - Learning Toy
  • HEAR – The SmartGlobe talks and speaks about lots of fun facts. Listen to the country’s national anthem, capital, or history. Over 2,000 information pieces are stored in the globe’s digital memory
  • TOUCH – Use the SmartGlobe pen to touch all over the globe. The stand base and world globe contain digital touch points almost everywhere!
  • PLAY – Learn and have fun! Contains 19 games that will teach your children about world facts, while capturing their interest
  • PORTABLE – Take the globe anywhere. Operates on 3 AA batteries (included) so no cords needed
  • AUGMENTED REALITY – New for 2017! Use the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe AR app to bring the globe to life with animals and dinosaurs!
Illuminated Rewritable Globe of The World 8' for Kids with Stand,Colorful Easy-Read High Clear Map, Illuminates Educational Interactive Globe STEM Toy, Light Up Globe Lamp, Night Light LED Decor
  • In the daytime, your kids can explore the Earth we live in through this Colorful, Easy-Read High Clear Map Rewritable world globe, oceans continents, countries, cities and natural wonders, knowing how big the world is. At night, Illuminated World Globe Features Switch-Controlled LED Lights so it Turns into Beautiful Lighted Globe For Nighttime Learning
  • Our illuminated globe adopts superior led bulb giving off warm light for more obvious contrast. An elegant eye-catching decoration in the dark. What's more, our world globe has Power interface with USB Cable, you don't need to spend extra money to buy batteries. Brighter and money-saving!
  • Rewritable with Pen and Cleaning Cloths:The surface of our globe has been specially treated for writing, marking, etc., dustproof, waterproof, long-term storage, and a longer service life
  • Fun & Educational: encourage inquisitive children to explore the world of science ,Kids would have a general idea about world and more stories waiting for them to explore and discovery. We would like to broaden their imagination through our globe instead of limiting it.
  • Globes, Children love them. The Perfect Child Educational Gift,Get the gift that glows and grows with your child! This Practical Educational Gift Makes Learning Fun & is Ideal For Children & Curious Learners of all Ages

Interactive Globe for Kids Buying Guide

For Display or Educational Purposes

The price of a good world map can vary a lot according to some parameters that respond to different needs. There are objects of undoubted aesthetic value that can cost a lot and have an awe-inspiring appearance.

They lend themselves well to furnish great rooms intended to receive guests or where business meetings are held. Antiques that are handed down from generation to generation can also be an interesting starting point to reflect on the transformations that geography undergoes with time.

The most modern globes designed to make the study of geography easily intelligible can be simpler and more comfortable to consult to allow everyone to have a clear idea of ​​the location in the space of the five continents and nations with their main cities.

Physical or Political Paper

When reviewing the different models on the market, pay attention to checking the type of representation that is made of the planet. The difference between political and physical maps is essential and answers questions of a different nature.

The color code used in the two different representations gives different and precise information: altitudes of the terrestrial expanses and abyssal depths are indicated by shades of green, brown, and blue for physical maps.

The distribution of the population and the density of the inhabitants per square meter is represented by the bright colors of red in the political maps and by the size of the font used to write the names of the cities.

Other accessory information can be entered at the discretion of the model and its designer. In that case, the symbols do not belong to a common standard but are still easy to interpret.

Which Materials to Prefer?

The best brand creates globes destined to survive the mutations that take place in the geographical structure, which is always subject to changes and transformations.

Who compares prices has undoubtedly noticed the difference between a good stable and robust model and a toy that is likely to suffer some bruising due to clumsy use. Metal, plastic, wood, these are the materials most often used: as long as they are of quality and well made, they will all go well.

The possibility of using the world globe as a night lamp thanks to the insertion of a light bulb inside will offer the option of assigning the world globe to a double function in the children’s bedroom.

Didactic or Exhibition

Another thing to evaluate before purchasing the best Globe for your needs is the purpose for which you want to buy it. Because it precisely understands if you’re going to use it for display or educational purposes, that you will begin to have a first idea of ​​the price you will spend.

There are globes of undoubted aesthetic value that can cost a lot and be decidedly crucial as a piece of furniture. Others, ancient, are antiques that are handed down from generation to generation, still others.

However, it is designed to simplify the study of geography and are much simpler and more comfortable to consult, to the point of becoming even interactive: an excellent chosen for the little ones, who will be more encouraged to study.


If until some time ago the globes integrated a traditional incandescent bulb, now all the worlds with internal light use LED bulbs. Buying a model that has this feature is a choice that depends, once again, on the application you want to make of the Globe and index on the materials with which the Globe is made.

Generally, the globes with internal light are made of plastic. They are highly recommended for those who have children at home and want to draw their attention to the information represented.

How to Use a World Globe?

The term world map, in truth, is misused to refer to what is called the Globe, that is, a scale reproduction of our planet Earth. The world map, on the other hand, is a geographical map showing the characteristics of the Earth’s surface. 

A Desk Lamp

The Globe can be used as a desk lamp. Some models have a light bulb inside them. This can be turned on by connecting the Globe to the electrical outlet or by using batteries. In this way, you have a pretty functional piece of furniture now, especially for the children’s bedroom.

To Furnish the Studio

To give a further touch of class to your study, this can be furnished with a world globe which can be made of wood or other material of a specific value. This gives the workplace a further touch of elegance. In this regard, it is better than the world map is large enough.

Playing with The World Map

You will hardly find a child of elementary school age who is not attracted to the world globe. This can become an exciting and stimulating game object thanks to which the child can fly with his imagination by imagining journeys to remote corners of the Earth to live the most varied adventures. While playing, the little boy learns.

What do you learn? The existence of nations and continents unknown to him but also their geographic location, borders, seas, oceans. If your child asks you for a globe, go along with it, and if he does not ask you, buy it anyway: he will learn something new, playing and exploiting his imagination.

Draw Your Next Trip by Lot

Even adults can play a small and straightforward game if they have a world globe. Imagine wanting to travel but not knowing where to go. Then let it be up to you to decide. Close your eyes, turn the Globe around, and when you think it appropriate, stop it by pointing your finger over it.

Unless you hit the center of an ocean, that will be the next destination on your trip. If, on the other hand, you have already been there, you either come back or try again.

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