Buying a massage table that adapts entirely to the needs of operators in the beauty, health, and wellness sector are not that easy.

There are many aspects and components to be evaluated that can make the difference, and that can put you in a position of being completely satisfied with the purchase or regret not having bought another.

If you do not know what you want from the beginning, at least try to understand what you will need to avoid making an unsuccessful purchase.

The bed is undoubtedly a fundamental element for all masseurs to be able to work well and satisfy all the comfort needs of customers.

We are providing below the list of best top 7 best light weigh massage tables.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Lash Bed Massage Bed Foldable Massage Tables...
  • 【Excellent workmanship】The professional massage table is constructed of beech wood legs, aluminum alloy and composite board...
  • 【Adjustable height】Yaheetech Massage Table has two twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 kinds of different height...
  • 【Height-adjustable headrest】The headrest of the massage table, also face cradle, is removable if you do not need it. It is...
  • 【Simple to use】It is easy to set up and close the massage table. You do not need a tool at all. Open the case and you will see...
  • 【Multiple situations】This folding massage table can be used for multiple purposes, home massage, spa, beauty salon, clinic,...
SaleRANK NO. 2
AmazonCommercial Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Black
  • Massage table offers client comfort and adjustable-height ergonomics for massage therapists
  • Durable, sturdy construction; consists of 35% plywood, 10% solid wood, 35% foam, 15% PVC leather, and 5% iron
  • Easy set-up (no tools needed); simply unfold the table from the middle and the legs automatically fall into place
  • Attachable headrest, armrests, and hand pallet provide added support
  • Folds for convenient portability; carrying case included
SaleRANK NO. 3
Yaheetech Massage Tables Portable Adjustable Massage Bed Foldable Massage...
  • 【Premium Soft & Comfort Massage Table】The massage table is made of high quality beech wood legs with 2 inch thick sponge which...
  • 【Adjustable Height & Headrest Lash Bed】The lash bed has 2 twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 kinds of different...
  • 【3 Sections Massage Table】The massage table is designed in 3 sections for more usage requirements. The length of each section...
  • 【Portable & Light Weight Tattoo Table】This tattoo table is about 33lb which can be folded into a portable case with clasp...
  • 【Easy to Set up Massage Table】This comfy massage table does not require any tools at all. All what we have to do is to...
Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Spa Bed PU Leather 2 Fold Heigh Adjustable 84...
  • 👍【HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE TABLE】: The every sturdy feet of the massage bed are equipped with height-adjustable device....
  • 👍【COMFORTABLE AND EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG】:The massage table has high density sponge, give you a soft and comfortable...
  • 👍【SIMPLE INSTALLATION】: This massage bed does not require any tools , All we had to do was open/unfold massage bed from the...
  • 👍【EXCELLENCE IN DETAIL PROCESSING】: The massage table cover draped in a luxurious PU leather, durable, soft, and easy to...
  • 👍【PORTABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT】: The massage table easy to move around if you're a traveling esthetician or massage...
civama Massage Table Massage Bed Portable, 29 LBs Light Weight 2 Section...
  • Portable Massage Table: Lightweight for portability, the total net weight of the massage bed and accessories is 29LBs. Foldable...
  • Customized Accessories: This professional massage table comes with an adjustable face cradle with a soft face cushion, a hanging...
  • Maximum Comfort: This 2 folding adjustable massage bed is covered by durable smooth PVC leather, which is waterproof and oilproof,...
  • Durable Material & Height Adjustable: Heavy-duty solid wooden frame makes this massage bed sturdy and durable. Weight capacity:...
  • Easy Set & Fold Up - This massage table only takes one or two minutes to set up in a few steps. Table Dimension: With the headrest...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Bonrcea Upgrade Reinforced Professional Massage Table Bed Portable 500 LBS Load...
  • ✔【Superior Comfort】: The surface water & oil proof black PVC leather of the portable massage table is breathable,...
  • ✔【Sturdier Wooden Construction】: The base structure of this lash bed features high-quality wooden materials and reinforced...
  • ✔【Lightweight to Carry】: This massage table has the advantage of being lightweight (about 28 lbs). The given carrying case...
  • ✔【Simple Assembly Within 5 Minutes】: The whole setup process of the spa bed only takes a few minutes and not required any...
  • ✔【Suit for Different Kinds of Massage Needs】: The height of the salon bed can be adjusted by simply turning...
SaleRANK NO. 7
Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, Black
  • Beech Hardwood Frame / Multiple Frame Support Cables / Threaded Support Bar
  • 2” High Density Foam Deck / Water & Oil Resistant PU Leather Upholstery
  • Tabletop Dimensions: 73” x 28” / Height (Adjustable): 25.5” x 33.5” / Folded/Closed Table: 37” x 28” x 7”
  • Table Weight: 30 lbs / 400 lbs Working Weight Capacity

Best Lightweight Massage Tables Buyer Guide

Types of Uses

If in ancient times, the practice of massage was almost always performed on the ground on the floor, the modern evolutions of this technique have brought more comfortable and ergonomic solutions. It is not only a matter of comfort for the patient but also for the operator, who is practicing at a comfortable height.

The first aspect to consider for an in-depth evaluation of the massage table that fully meets individual needs is to define the primary technique you intend to practice on it.

Depending on the technique practiced and, consequently, on the type of movements most operated on the patient’s body.

It will be easier to identify what the main requirements of your massage bed maybe. It is also good to remember that these furnishing accessories are often sought after also to be used by tattoo artists or in beauty centers.

Beds are very similar to those used for massages, precisely because both activities are performed in some institutions.

Structure and Materials

Always a symbol of extreme relaxation and personal care, the massage table is an article that hides, in its sheer simplicity, the secret of its high comfort.

Every single component, its general structure, and the materials with which it is made, all have the ultimate purpose of contributing to the effectiveness of the manipulations on the patient’s body.

Regardless of the peculiar characteristics of the selected model, their structure stands out clearly from that of the others:

  • As a tattoo artist
  • As a doctor – physiotherapist
  • From beauty center

Compared to the specimens present in the tattoo studios, the structure of the massage beds does not include the “chair” mode.

Physicians and physiotherapeutic technicians, on the other hand, often make use of more particular and performing models such as the electric massage table.

Finally, the beautician’s bed does not necessarily have a hole to support the head, a detail that instead clearly characterizes those for massages.

The latter also includes the water massage bed, ideal for beauty and relaxation treatments, but not for therapy activities.

Most massage beds remotely remind hospital stretchers: both aim to keep the patient in a relaxed position, minimizing any inconvenience and tension.

The massage beds, in addition to being without side rails, have a much simpler structure, usually consisting of:

  • A soft upper side consisting of fixed and reclining parts;
  • A rigid or foldable lower support section said frame;
    Complementary detachable accessories to increase comfort.
  • Recent developments have led to solutions suitable for all those professionals who operate in multiple locations or at home with their patients.

In these cases, the portable massage table has dramatically simplified the lives of operators and customers, thus guaranteeing both quality treatments in all conditions. From this point of life, there is no difference in terms of comfort, practicality, and overall.

Artistry compared to the fixed massage table: the advantage lies in their portability and lightness.

Width of A Massage Table

In principle, the most common measures of a professional bed for beauty/wellness centers and spas are around 70 and 76 cm wide.

They also exist of smaller width but are usually recommended for therapists of short stature (in fact, having a bed too full could, in this case, jeopardize the accessibility to some areas of the recipient and, over time, create back pain problems).

Indeed, having a bed of greater width offers better comfort to your customers, but first of all, the dimensions must be assessed and decided based on the operator’s height and comfort. Otherwise, physical problems may arise, which over time, will cause you problems during treatment.

What Is the Best Length of A Cot?

The length of the bed is also essential for customer comfort and should not be underestimated.

Usually, the length of the beds is between 180 cm and 195 cm; the standard and most commonly used size is 185 cm.

It must be taken into consideration that with the simple addition of a headrest, the length can be easily changed and increased by 20/30 cm more for taller customers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ensuring a long life and efficiency of portable massage tables is not a challenging undertaking. It is sufficient to take care to open and close them following the instructions in the user manual of the selected model, and periodically check that all the components are in good condition.

As for maintenance, the only great care is to make sure, before the patient gets on, that the massage table is stable and does not make strange noises. Apply pressure and test pressure on the mattress before each use.

Cleaning is, in reality, the only primary care capable of keeping the article in excellent condition and for a long time. The pH of the skin, the oils.

Creams for therapies and aesthetic treatments, the continuous rubbing with the patient’s body, and the pressure exerted by the operator: all these factors, with time, can damage the mattress.

A thorough cleaning of the surfaces can guarantee a significant reduction in wear. It is not only a matter of better conservation of the materials that make up the professional massage table but also of hygiene and sanitization, a fundamental requirement for patient and operator safety.

Weight Considerations: Transportable or Fixed Massage Tables?

Usually, their weight ranges from 12 to 21 kg. If you often work at home, the ideal would be to find a folding bed under 15kg in weight, to make moving more comfortable and lighter.

If instead you work fixed in one place, but you need to fold the bed to make room for other treatments, then you can also opt for a foundation of even 20 kg. On the other hand, beds under 8 kg are not recommended because they are not very solid.

Usually, the lighter beds are made of aluminum but have a higher cost than the others.

If, on the other hand, you find a cot that you like very much, but that is heavy enough, you may want to buy a cot trolley. But don’t forget that you cannot still avoid all the lifts.

Easy to Use

The load-bearing frame is made of beech wood, which guarantees solidity during use, with a dynamic load of up to 300 kg and a static load of up to 900 kg. In addition to the general robustness, it is a material that is also very easy to clean from any oil residues.

Even the expanded padding, 7 cm thick, is covered with a cover of imitation leather, which considerably simplifies cleaning at the end of the operation.

The opening and closing of the Belton Classico XL massage table is the further great detail that determines its remarkable value.

It is equipped with side imitation leather handles to facilitate handling and an effective system of tie rods that allows, in a few seconds, to prepare it for treatments or to put it away.

Finally, the compartments under the mattress reserve an ad hoc space for all the accessories that are part of the kit, minimizing the compressive dimensions of these portable massage tables when they are closed.

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