Not everyone knows what a die cutter is or what it is used for. Although it is a very useful and versatile tool, it is difficult for anyone who is not an expert to know its name.

If you are reading this guide you probably want to understand better what it is, how to use it or you are looking for a product to buy for your needs. Even those who are not professional may in fact need punch pliers, for example, to make holes in a belt.

Today many keep it in their toolbox and use it when needed. In this guide you will find all the information you need to know about it, so you can make a purchase that you will not regret.

Here we had listed out the best Punch Pliers that are present below.

Bon Tool 15-405 Grid Punch Pliers 1/8" Hole
  • The largest selection of tools manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Leader in professional construction tools
  • Innovative, durable
  • Lightweight and easy access with one hand in tight corners
General Tools Revolving Punch Pliers - 6 Multi-Hole Sizes for Leather, Rubber, &...
  • HEAVY DUTY PUNCHES: The General Tools rotary puncher is made of plated steel with a sharp circular knife-like edge for stronger...
  • BELT HOLE PUNCHER: Our versatile gadget can also be used for making round holes in cardboard, denim, cloth, and canvas. The novel...
  • FABRIC HOLE CUTTER: Make little punches with a single-style force to your belt, purse or watch strap, pet collar, shoulder bag, or...
  • DIFFERENT SIZE HOLE PUNCHER: Learn the art of crafting with our non-clogging punch sizes ranging from 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8",...
  • GENERAL TOOLS: We're a recognized leader in designing and developing specialized precision tools dedicated to delivering...
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Revolving Punch Plier Kit, XOOL Leather Hole Punch Set for Belts, Watch Bands,...
  • 【Multi-function】 Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces. It is an awesome tool. The punch plier is commonly used for punching...
  • 【High Quality and Safety】 The durable punch plier is made of plated steel that is high hardness, good toughness and durable....
  • 【Ergonomics Design】 The professional punch plier adopts double lever mechanism to greatly save your strength. Powerful and do...
  • 【Convenient Storage】 In the bottom of punch plier, there is a stainless buckle. When you don’t work, you can buckle the safe...
  • 【Excellent Product Performance】 The unique design of punch plier allows for use with one hand and gives you the ability to...
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KNIPEX 9070220SB Revolving Hole Punch Pliers Tool
  • Precision Grade Performance Tools
  • The Number 1 Choice Of Tradesman Worldwide
  • Comfortable In Use And Quality Assured Design
  • Fit To Match The Needs In The Shop, At Home Or In The Service Field
  • Each Tool Is Proven And Tested For Durability And Function In Real World Use And Conditions
Leather Punch Set, with Punch Pliers, snap Button, Diamond Chisel, Rubber...
  • ★The rotary punching pliers include six punching specifications: 2-2.5-3-3.5-4-4.5mm. You only need to rotate the head to select...
  • ★Buttons + installation tools/sets: gold, silver, bronze, black, 10 sets of buttons for each color. The size of the snap button...
  • ★Diamond chisel: 4mm (1 tooth + 2 teeth + 4 teeth + 6 teeth), a total of four. An indispensable tool for handmade leather art, a...
  • ★This set of tools is a good choice for home use and for giving away. It is also suitable for people who like hand-made. It will...
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Leather Hole Punch,Belt Hole Puncher,Leather Punch,Revolving Punch Plier Kit for...
  • 【Applicable materials】Leather punch are commonly used to punch round holes in leather, belts, plastics, rubber, canvas,...
  • 【Rotation design】Leather hole punch adopts 6-section rotary design, drilling diameter(in): 5/64,3/32,1/8,9/64,5/32,11/64,...
  • 【Labor-saving & Fast Punching】Professional fabric hole puncher use double lever under the principle of labor-saving lever, and...
  • 【High quality &Multi-function】The head of the revolving punch plier is forged from #65 manganese steel with a sharp round...
  • 【Simple operation】If you are not familiar with the use of small belt hole puncher, you can view the operation video on our...
90 70 220 SB Revolving Punch Pliers 8, 66" In Blister Packaging
  • Package Dimensions: 26.0 H x 2.5 L x 9.0 W (centimetres)
  • With opening spring and locking device
  • Package Weight: 0.5 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : Germany
6 Sized 9 inch Heavy Duty Leather Hole Punch Hand Pliers Belt Professional
  • Punch size: 2.5mm, 2.95mm, 3.54mm, 4.06mm, 4.59mm, 4.99mm
  • Rotates counter clockwise to switch sizes
  • Comfortable plastic handle cover revolving punch
  • Oiled to prevent rust oxidation
  • Add soft layer (like cardboard) under leather item for better punch result.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Punch Cutters

What Exactly Are the Punch Pliers?

The punching pliers are tools, normally made of steel, equipped with a part with a recess and edges that cut or punches, to perforate or puncture different materials. In general, the punching pliers can be used with materials that are not very hard, and it is possible to choose the diameter of the hole to be made.

How Do You Use a Punch Pliers?

The punching tool is normally used to punch a material. In the case of a leather belt, for example, the steps to follow are very similar for all models. Practically, to correctly perforate the leather you need to follow these easy guidelines:

  • Mark the exact position on the leather object we want to punch.
  • Select the punch of the desired size.
  • Unlock the handle and position the pliers over the mark made initially, placing the leather over the caliper pad.
  • Press on both handles so that the punch passes through the leather.

What Is the Mechanism of The Punching Pliers?

Normally, the part of the collet that comes into contact with the material to be drilled is a steel plate. The transmission system consists of a spring that contracts when the handles are compressed.

The part of the tool that makes the perforation has a rotary mechanism that allows you to choose between punches with different diameters. Thanks to the recess of the gripper we can easily extract the excess material and continue working.

In the case of the jumper die instead, the cutting of the material is due to the force generated by striking the pliers with a hammer.

What Types of Holes Can We Make with A Punch Pliers?

Normally, existing gripper models allow you to select punches not only based on the size of the holes (diameter) but also on the basis of the shape. In general, the punches have a diameter between 2 and 5 millimeters and allow them to make round, oval, or rectangular holes.

How to Use the Punching Tool with Hard Materials?

In order to be able to use another type of pliers with these materials, considerable force should be applied manually. This way there is a risk of injury or damage to the clamp. For this, the best option is to use the pliers as a chisel, with the help of a hammer.

This type of gripper can also be used for steel, aluminum, or copper sheets with a maximum thickness of 0.3 mm. To complete the job without taking risks, it is necessary to use a more suitable tool, for example, a drill with the corresponding tip.

Do You Need a Lot of Force to Punch a Material with The Punch Pliers?

Absolutely not! Thanks to the double lever system, materials can be perforated with minimal effort. To avoid unnecessary strain and pain in the hands, it is necessary to understand exactly the situation.

aspect to consider is the material of the gripper. Normally steel or bronze pliers are considered better because they last longer and allow more force to be applied to the perforation. A plastic gripper will not give the same results, let alone achieve the same results by applying little force.

What kind of accessories are included when buying a punch press?

Some manufacturers put on the market real kits that include the punching pliers together with many useful accessories for repairs or DIY. For example, the kits may include:

  • Metal ruler
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement pads or plates
  • Screws
  • Hammer

Purchase Criteria

If you still don’t know which caliper to buy, don’t worry! First of all, you have to consider carefully the use you will make of it. Then there are a number of aspects that you need to consider if you want to buy a quality product. Here is what you need to watch out for if you don’t want to regret the product you buy:

  • Accessories
  • Versatility
  • Handle
  • Material
  • Safety


As we said, you can buy kits, which include the pliers and other complementary tools. The accessories give the gripper versatility and avoid future purchases.


In everyday life, we ​​may need to perforate different materials, so it is advisable to have a punch plier suitable for various materials. Grippers that are specific to one type of material can be used on limited occasions, for example, only for belts. The more versatile the gripper, the more we can save.


The punching pliers work manually, it is therefore important that the grip is comfortable, simple and that it does not require much force. It is a good idea to check that the gripper has an ergonomic, anti-slip design and that it does not cause pain when applying pressure.


The choice of the appropriate material is very important to buy a gripper that has good durability, that does not corrode and oxidize. The best pliers are those in stainless steel or iron, possibly with bronze punches or with a protective grinding.


Although it is unlikely to injure yourself using a punch plier, be careful! The safest models have a simple handle locking system. It is however advisable to keep the pliers out of the reach of children since a cut can be very dangerous.

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