Grocery shopping is an activity that many people find fun and relaxing. The trouble, however, begins when you go home alone, on foot, with heavy and bulky bags and, why not? it also starts to rain.

The shopping trolley is a valuable aid, suitable not only for the elderly. We have created a guide to help you choose the item that’s right for you, in this way you will be able to orient yourself better among the models on the market and maybe find the best brand at a good price.

Here we had selected some of the best shopping trolleys that are listed below.

dbest products 01053 Trolley Red Foldable Shopping cart for Groceries with...
  • Oversize beefy wheels can easily go over any terrain
  • Large handle with a rubberized grip offers comfy use
  • Holds 110 lb.; weights less than 4 lb.
  • Removable shopping bag with 7 pockets and beverage holder
  • Transport large items by removing the bag. Bag Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 13 x 21 inches
Amazon Basics 2-Wheel Shopping Trolley, 40 Litre, Blue Jeans
  • High-quality 2-wheel design; easy to manoeuvre or stand upright
  • Thickly woven 600 denier polyester for added durability; 40 litre capacity
  • Wheels click on and off and the bag is detachable
  • Drawstring closure to protect contents
  • Foldable frame for easy storage
CLAX, Multi use Functional Collapsible carts, Mobile Folding Trolley, Shopping...
  • The original, made in Germany
  • Endless possibilities at the touch of a button.
  • A sturdy aluminium and plastic construction equips CLAX with maximum stability.
  • Regardless whether in a hotel, for shopping, for catering, in the warehouse or in the food service business
  • Loading area width: 14.17 inches, Loading area length: 2.47 inches
dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly, Brown Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart
  • The Bigger Trolley Dolly is great to transport items around while on the go, downtown, or the business. It has a large comfortable...
  • The oversize beefy wheels allow for smooth rolling on any surface, even uneven paths. It has a removable shopping bag which...
  • Remove the shopping bag and the Trolley transforms into a Dolly for amazing weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • It is the ideal solution to move a wide variety of items with ease
  • The Bigger Trolley Dolly folds in half the size of traditional trolleys for compact storage anywhere when not in use
EasyGo Rolling Cart Folding Grocery Shopping Cart Laundry Basket Rolling Utility...
  • EASYGO FOLDING DESIGN – Strong X-folding stable steel design makes this cart easy to fold, steer and store. Easy grip handles...
  • CANVAS BAG FEATURES – Heavy duty canvas bag will not tear or break when storing your items. Fold over flap protects items from...
  • WHEELS and BRAKES – Tire tread is high density foam. Front wheels are double swivel but can also be locked into place for...
  • BAG HOLDERS – Canvas bag is equipped with (2) plastic bag holders that allow fragile items like eggs, bread, fruits and...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Wellmax Grocery Shopping Cart with Swivel Wheels, Foldable and Collapsible...
  • MADE TO LAST: Wellmax Grocery Shopping Cart is made using a high quality and durable material that is both lightweight and long...
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Our metal collapsible utility cart folds flat allowing you to easily store it anywhere you want. Thanks to its...
  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: This foldup cart with wheels is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Our heavy duty shopping...
  • EASY TO MANEUVER: Thanks to the swivel wheels on the front, this collapsible shopping cart with wheels provides full control...
  • FOR ALL YOU NEEDS: This lightweight and sturdy folding utility cart isn’t just for shopping in groceries stores. Our heavy duty...
SaleRANK NO. 8
Stair Climbing Cart Hand Truck Grocery Shopping Cart with Mute Wheels, Folding...
  • 【Equipped With 360° Rolling Swivel 10-Wheels】- it has 6 climbing wheels and 4 universal 360° Rolling Swivel wheels on the...
  • 【Multi-function for Stair Climbing Shopping】- There is a detachable bag (size: 20*16*8.7 inch)with this utility cart, the...
  • 【Height Adjustbale & Collapsible】-The height of stair climbing cart can be adjusted from 26 inches to 42 inches, suitable for...
  • 【How To Use】- Step 1: Extend the handle. Step 2: Step on the bottom plate and unfold the hand track then install four bottom...
  • 【Package Content】1 x Stair Climbing cart with 6 climbing wheels, 4 x universal 360° Rolling Swivel wheels, 1 x Elastic rope,...
Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline
  • Gomez- Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • Virgin Records Us (Publisher)
SaleRANK NO. 10
Kanchimi Stair Climber Foldable Trolley Dolly 220 lbs with 50L Bag & Adjustable...
  • 🛒【Multifunction Broaden Tri-Wheel】Our wheels are consist of high qualty material that suitable for multiple topography such...
  • 🛒【Easy Install & Disassemble】Kanchimi shopping cart have provided detailed assembly instructions in the package that list...
  • 🛒【220LB Load & 50L Store Bag Capacity】Our wheeled shopping cart cart with the broaden heavy wheel, upgraded broad...
  • 🛒 【Combine 2 into 1 & Scalable Elastic Rope】Combine 2 into 1 Use folding groceries cart .With a store bag attached can as...
  • 🛒【360°Rotating Unique Lengthening Handle & Multifunctional Uses】The luggage cart improved longer cart handle,so you no...

Buying Guide to Select the Best Shopping Trolleys

Size of Trolley

If you are a person who compares prices you will have noticed that they differ according to the size of the cart. It is a product available in different sizes and, consequently, the capacity varies.

If you don’t know how to choose, think first of all about the use you will make of it: do you live alone or in a large family unit? If your expenses include few items, think that a smaller basket will allow you to move more easily on the streets and in the aisles of the supermarket.

Among the various data provided by the manufacturers you will find the range and capacity. With “capacity” we refer to the kilograms that the trolley can carry (for a good capacity consider those from 30-40 kg upwards) and it is related to the “capacity”, that is the liters that it can contain and that can vary according to the material of the bag or of the supporting structure.

In addition, you can evaluate the size based on the space you have at home. Some models can be folded and stored in the closet or behind some slots, so as not to clutter when not in use.

Materials and Design

Most shopping trolleys are made up of a bag that must be positioned on the frame. It is preferable that the latter is made of metal, because it is more durable, even if it involves an increase in weight.

The bag, on the other hand, can be made of cotton, nylon, or other fabrics. It is advisable to choose a model with the bag made of rainproof material with drawstring closure and an additional upper pocket, so you can store things to have on hands, such as house keys, loyalty cards, or coins.

If you can, consider taking out the container so you can wash it. Then there are the shopping trolleys made of plastic, in this case, we are talking about solutions that are somewhat reminiscent of those of supermarkets or boxes (some box models can be closed again taking up the space of a briefcase).

To be sure that you are about to invest money in a good product we advise you, when present, to read the reviews written by users who have tried it before you.

Wheels and Accessories

The number of wheels is very important because they will help you to climb stairs more easily; some models have six and have been specifically designed for this purpose.

In addition to the number, evaluate the diameter: large wheels may be more resistant to impact and allow you to better drag the trolley on roads with potholes. There are several options that you may like, such as the presence of a telescopic handle (especially if you are tall).

Perhaps with a handle covered with soft-touch material; or the hook with which to attach the shopping basket to the supermarket trolley. Other items have a small thermal bag, useful when buying frozen foods.

In the classification of the characteristics to be evaluated, do not forget safety and, therefore, the presence of brakes and reflective elements.

Simple but Practical

Few frills for the Gimi shopping trolley but also a lot of practicality. In our opinion, it is an excellent solution for shopping at the supermarket near the house: it has a robust frame, so much so that it bears a load of 30 kg.

The two wheels are large, too much according to someone but in our opinion they are one of the strengths of the trolley. The handle is covered with a soft material and promotes a firm grip without, moreover, forcing it to sink too low.

We believe it has excellent stability, even if it is not supported, it remains in an upright position without danger of it falling over, spilling the contents to the ground. In short, in other words, from this point of view, it is very reliable.

Beware of Obstacles

The only two wheels are not always sufficient to overcome small obstacles encountered when walking from one shop to another. An example? The sidewalk: in most cases you have to lift the trolley to get on or off and this can be a problem if it is full; then it is clear, it depends on the size of the load.

Of using it to climb stairs, of course, not even talking about it. For this purpose six-wheel trolleys are needed and in this model there are only two. Another shortcoming is the hook, which can be found in other models, which allows you to attach the Gimi to the supermarket cart.

We believe that for the selling price, perhaps a little more could have been expected. But let’s go on because there is still talk about the bag; we discuss it better in a dedicated paragraph.

The Bag

This fundamental element of the cart, according to the comments we have read on the net, is what has most disappointed in the face of overall positive opinion. What’s wrong? First of all the material, several people tell how the bag in their possession broke.

We must, therefore, be careful how you load it, avoiding, perhaps, angular objects. The closure is entrusted to a simple snare and here too we have to bring up the selling price again: in certain figures, an extra effort is needed by the manufacturer.

There are three pockets: one on the back and two on the sides. The latter at most come in handy to put a small umbrella. The rear one is wider but also, in this case, you can’t put in who knows what.

To Limit the Number of Bags in The House

Whether you have to pay or not to get the bioplastic bag, the truth is that all these myriads of sachets that circulate around the house are just a clash. They create disorder, multiply indefinitely, and are unable to withstand more than a couple of uses.

Rather than bringing new garbage into the house that you need to dispose of properly to avoid being submerged, it’s a good idea to use a shopping trolley. To organize the content, simply divide the interior of the trolley into various compartments.

Using a couple of canvas bags will be enough to keep the contents in order and isolate the most fragile ingredients of the shopping, the eggs most of all. To get a good idea of ​​how to organize everything, you can use the same cart even while shopping and then recreate the right order after paying for everything.

How to Organize the Contents of The Cart?

The more methodical will have noticed how a good organization of the arrangement of the purchased objects simplifies the transport of the trolley.

The heaviest products will have to be strictly low. Not only because this way they will not crush the lighter ones, but also to give greater support and structure to the trolley. If the weight is poorly balanced, it is possible that it will tip over as you drag it home.

At the top, all those packages that require special care will be placed comfortably. Not only do eggs, biscuits, crackers, and the like require some delicacy during transportation. If those who use the trolley have to take a long walk before arriving home again, they must pay due attention to this aspect.

Who Benefits from Using the Trolley?

Especially those who are over the years can take advantage of the trolley to make their walks safer. Carrying out daily and undemanding tasks, such as shopping for everyday lunch, is an excellent incentive to always stay active.

The distance of the supermarket from your home should not be a limit. It will not be necessary to load the arms and shoulders carrying heavy bags, just rely on the wheels of the trolley.

A good idea to support the pace of older people is to push forward instead of dragging the cart. In this way it is possible to have a stable and very solid foothold to firmly rest your steps along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Shopping Trolley Made?

A shopping trolley is an object that reproduces a large basket but has the same operating mechanism as a trolley. It consists of two or four wheels and a metal or plastic handle, which you can drag with you.

The bag, usually resealable, is made of waterproof fabric and has a closure that prevents what you have purchased from falling. There is also a metal element, which allows the trolley to stand up when you want to stop.

Where Can You Buy a Shopping Trolley?

You can find this product in any store in your city, from large retail chains, such as Unieuro, Euronics, etc., to local stores, which also deal with accessories of this type.

The cost is not very high but, to save a little more, you can opt for the web, visiting one of the sites that allow you to have a delivery at home and take advantage of very convenient offers.

What Should I Put in The Shopping Cart?

It depends a lot on the model chosen: if it is a resistant one, you can also dare with bottles of water, which usually make up a nice load, or with packs of detergent and bleach.

Otherwise, it is better to limit yourself to basic necessities, such as bread, pasta or legumes, and vegetables, also because, if you are not forced, it will be a great effort to drag a well-loaded and heavy shopping cart.

How to Unlock the Shopping Trolley?

Do you want to take a shopping cart but you don’t have one euro, two euro, or 50 cents coins available? You can also unlock it with those of 20 or 10: how to do it? Simply insert the coin into the special compartment, keep it pressed upwards while closing the flap.

You will see that the hook, which keeps the trolley tied to the others, will come off just as it would with one of the requested coins.

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