Finally, you will no longer have to be locked in the house “glued” to your favorite game. Now with smartphone game controllers, you can take it anywhere and play it whenever you want. The future of gaming seems to pass through the mobile phone. Both video game creators and mobile device manufacturers are investing heavily in these products, and it is thanks to their commitment that we are able to find high quality games on the market, with which we can have fun with our smartphone.

The game is more than ever in your hands. You can take it wherever you want and choose the scenario in which it will take place. Victory, however, can become more difficult if you only have control of the whole game from your mobile screen. In that case, a smartphone game controllers can help you play with more agility and convenience. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about smartphone  game controllers.

The reasons why you may need a gamepad for your smartphone can be varied, but I think everything can be enclosed with the simple motivation that having a smartphone game controllers are much more comfortable than having to use your own screen to play. So, if you want to know what the best Android controller could be, but you don’t want to wander around the media world of your city, here we are.

In this Top eight best smartphone game controllers for Android and iPhone smartphones, we have grouped the best products currently on the market.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller / Gamepad for Xbox Android USB-C: Game Pass...
  • Universal Mobile Gaming Controller: Designed to bring console-level control to your phone for gaming anywhere.
  • Cloud and Mobile Gaming: Compatible with leading cloud gaming services including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, Amazon Luna,...
  • Refine Your Aim and Execution: Clickable analog thumbsticks provide greater accuracy and tactile feedback, and the performance...
  • Latency-Free Gameplay: Unlike Bluetooth controllers which produce lag, the controller has zero latency by directly connecting to...
  • USB Type C Charging Port: For pass-through charging of your phone or tablet while using the controller.
2022 New Model Mobile Game Controller Trigger, Mobile Game Accessories 6 Finger...
  • 【Back clip design】The film and shell curved screen can be used easily and responsively to use this game controller.this game...
  • 【Exquisite design】This PUBG gamepad trigger is made of ABS and chip, durable and ergonomic. Transparent structure unblocked...
  • 【Highly sensitive contacts】The contact is highly sensitive and will not break, and it can be linked with six fingers to move...
  • 【Super gaming experience】Electroplated alloy materials, mouse buttons, smooth touch, six-finger linkage, four-speed adjustmen...
  • 【Small and Lightweight】The triggers are portable and tiny for you to put them into your pocket, and have them for gaming when...
SaleRANK NO. 3
Nacon MG-X PRO for Android - Wireless Mobile Gaming Controller for Android...
  • DESIGNED FOR XBOX / ANDROID: Designed for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate*, the MG-X PRO offers gamers a console controller experience on...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Featuring an extendable phone cradle, the MG-X PRO accommodates Android* smartphones with screens of up to 6.7...
  • PORTABLE DOMINANCE: Enjoy the full layout and feel of a console controller; the MG-X PRO features familiar buttons and layouts to...
  • PORTABLE COMFORT: The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands while textured surfaces ensure optimal grip during those...
  • CLOUD GAMING COMPATIBLE: Play over 100 Xbox titles anywhere with Xbox Game Pass Ulitmate*
SUNCHI Universal Mobile Game Joystick Spiral Mini Joystick Game Handle Grip...
  • ✔ it is not a electronic product ,Compatible with all touch-screen smartphones. All iPhone and Android phone ,it have no matter...
  • ✔ Also it’s an adjustable smartphone case and also a smartphone stand holder . You can use it to watch videos with hands-free
  • ✔ The handle grip has an ergonomic design and comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time gaming.
  • ✔ Unlike bluetooth / WIFI controller , you no need to contact the smartphone to controller ,it avoid battery consumption ,but...
  • ✔ there are 3 piece 3mm soft mat to left air place between the handle and phone ,this will help the working smartphone cool off...
SaleRANK NO. 5
Jovitec Foldable Controller Clip Mobile Phone Plastic Holder Smartphone Game...
  • Material: ABS plastic, ergonomic design, comfortable to use; Color: black
  • Fit for Xbox One & Steelseries Nimbus gameapd Controller conveniently; The telescopic clip design, the maximum compatible with...
  • For convenient using, you can put the clip and the controller separation use as mobile phone stand
  • Universal Smart Game Clip with adjustable viewing angle attach any android or IOS phone strong and secure, it is flexible enough...
  • Package include: 2 pack clip for Xbox One Controller
SaleRANK NO. 6
Vakili Mobile Phone Game Joystick Game Control Touch Screen Joypad Game...
  • NEW GENERATION OF MOBILE JOYSTICK - uses a special elastic material to improve the adsorption surface, the joystick can be fixed...
  • HIGH SENSITIVITY PLASTIC ROCKER - ANTI-HAND SWEAT! Mini Mobile Joystick will give you the best precision and comfort for the touch...
  • Easy to use and never overwrite the game - Joystick diameter is 0.99 inches, no additional spiral pattern covering game. No wires,...
  • Perfect compatibility - any game with a certain kind of screen control panel is suitable for mobile joysticks. It is compatible...
  • Note: this joystick is made for direction coltrol only, not supposed to making sprinting in games such as PUBG or COD etc.
Paddsun Mobile Game Controller, Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Joystick Game...
  • Compatible with all Android smartphones, TV Boxes, PCs, etc. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission can be operated within 10 meters.
  • Download supportive games (Android system without root), mobile phone connects directly without root, without having to install...
  • Comfortable touching feel, dual analog joystick along with precise cross keys and 14 action buttons.
  • Smart power-saving sleep mode, effectively enhance the efficiency of the battery.
  • Works with Octupus Game App (Android Only)
Mobile Joystick Controller Grip Case for Smartphones, Mobile Phone Gaming Grip...
  • The controller gaming grip case has an ergonomic design and comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time...
  • Built-in stand clip attached at the back of the grip, adding more convenience for your phones.
  • This joystick is only as big as it needs to be for your thumb’s effortless moves. Its size is optimized so it does not block...
  • Enjoy your game by shooting with your index finger while your thumb are moving, no delays. Easy to use and high precision. It is...
  • With anti-skid ripple button, 360 degree flexible and removable. You can shoot or aim conveniently while moving. Controller...

Buying Guide for the Best Smartphone Game Controllers

Obviously, with your smartphone, you can play all kinds of games, without the need to use a controller. However, a mobile gamepad will significantly improve your gaming experience. It will allow you to play more comfortably, to have more control over the game and to get quick responsiveness. In short, playing on your mobile will now be easier and more fun.

With the improvement of mobile games and their spread, smartphone game controllers have also started to evolve. But it is with the rise of multiplayer games and to phenomena like Fortnite or PUBG, that these devices have been so successful. More and more players are using them for all types of games, be it sports, cars or action.

Before choosing a model, you must immediately check the compatibility of the gamepad with your mobile phone, and also that it is suitable for as many games as possible, or at least, make sure that it is compatible with your favorite games. Battery and ergonomics are other important purchasing criteria.

Some PC controllers can also be used to play with smartphones, but it is better to choose a model designed specifically for the mobile phone. And, although these devices are relatively new, there is already a large choice on the market.

What are Smartphone Game Controllers?

A smartphone game controllers is an electronic device that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or cable and interacts with the video game displayed on the screen. Once connected, it will serve you to have full control of the game, without having to touch the smartphone screen, and will ensure you an experience very similar to that of the PC or console.

Also called joypads, gamepads or simply mobile controls, smartphone controllers make the gaming experience more complete, fun and comfortable. Mobile games are increasingly interesting and complicated, and although you can play even without external controls, the use of a good gamepad significantly changes the playability.

What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Smartphone Controllers?

With an ever-growing list of games on the market, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you will surely spend more and more time playing on your mobile. It is essential to be able to rest your hands more comfortably, to have greater control of the game and to obtain a faster response in all circumstances. A controller allows you to do all this, and like all things, it also has other qualities that we summarize here.


  • Enhance the gaming experience.
  • Increases game control and allows for a faster response during the session.
  • Optimizes ergonomics and allows you to play more comfortably, especially if you spend a lot of time on it.
  • It allows you to play all the games more easily and will, therefore, be more fun.
  • You no longer have to touch the screen of your mobile phone.
  • It is very similar to the PC or console controller, so it will feel familiar, easy to use and intuitive.


  • You will need to carefully evaluate its compatibility with your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to configure it through an “application” (app) of the manufacturer or an external one.
  • You will have to carry an extra device if you want to always carry it with you.

Is It Worth Buying a Smartphone Controller?

There are many emulators, that is, programs that replicate classic console and PC games, which allow you to run them on your smartphone. Mobile phone manufacturers are launching some of them just for gaming. in addition to being able to take them wherever you want, and to easily share your results on social media, smartphone games are generally faster, more dynamic and more intense. Therefore, for any avid gamer, a controller is a more than interesting, almost fundamental solution to optimize the gaming experience on the mobile.

Are Smartphone Controllers Compatible with Any Mobile Phone or Tablet?

The strength of smartphone controllers is that they improve performance and compatibility every day. Unfortunately, however, not all of them are compatible with Android and iOS, and vice versa. The ideal is a model compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is, therefore, necessary to verify this aspect in the manufacturer’s specifications.

Furthermore, if the smartphone controller has a support where to place the mobile phone or tablet, you must check that the device measurements are compatible with the adapter. Some gamepads, on the other hand, can be used without using the stand, and project the image on a TV, for example, but they are certainly less practical. This aspect is very important for tablets.

Are Smartphone Controllers Compatible with All Games?

The new models of this year are in fact all compatible with most of the games on the market, but it is still better to check it. Hence, it is important to check in the manufacturer’s specifications that the smartphone controller can be used for your favorite game. Otherwise, you can always try to configure it through an app, but it is not the best, especially if you are not an expert connoisseur of mobile technology.

Can the Buttons on the Smartphone Controllers Be Configured?

A sports game like FIFA is not like a car game like Asphalt or a survival action game like PUBG. Therefore, the smartphone controller includes an application that allows you to configure the commands according to your preferences. In this case, it is said to “remap” the controller, assigning to each key the preferred functionality suitable for different games.

Purchase Criteria

If you are an inveterate gamer, after all, we have told you, and after seeing the growth in quality and quantity of mobile games, you may be thinking of buying a smartphone controller. It is the best solution to optimize your mobile gaming experience. Before choosing, we remind you to consider the purchase criteria that we consider the most important.


We have already talked about it, and we do not want to repeat ourselves, but this is the factor to which you must give more importance. It is not nice to buy a controller and then realize that your mobile phone is not able to support it, or that it is incompatible with your favorite game. Yes, because compatibility must exist for both mobile phones and games.

First of all, you will need to know the version of the operating system of your mobile phone, be it iOS or Android. Next, you’ll need to check the gamepad’s compatibility in the manufacturer’s specifications. The games are increasingly compatible, so just make sure you can play as many games as possible, or at least your favorite games.

Most of the phones and tablets released in recent years are compatible with all gamepads, but if your device is more than five years old, check its operating system and compatibility with the controller, so as not to have unpleasant surprises. Although game makers and controller makers are working hard, they still don’t guarantee total compatibility today.


Although it is not essential for using a controller with your mobile phone or tablet, a stand will give you more convenience and bring you closer to the screen. Obviously, if you will use it to play outside the home, it is a very important accessory, even more, if you have no support on which to place your device.

Whether it is a central bracket or an extendable support, it is important to check whether it accepts the dimensions of your device and therefore, whether they are compatible. It is important that it is stable, fixed and does not move, in order to guarantee a good gaming experience, without having to think about anything other than the game.


Some gamepads run on AA batteries, while others need a rechargeable lithium battery. The advantage of batteries is that you no longer have to replace them during the game, but they are neither ecological nor economic. Their duration will depend on the brand you buy.

If you choose a model with a lithium battery, its autonomy will be about ten hours. You have to consider that the time of a full charge is between two and three hours. Some batteries allow you to play while charging and have the autonomy level indicator. If you play outside the home, the battery is a factor not to be underestimated.

Design and Ergonomics

The designs adopted by these devices closely resemble those of classic computer or console controls. Thanks to the excellent ergonomics, you will never get tired of playing today. If you are used to a particular type of controller for your console or PC, choose a similar design because this will help you familiarize yourself with your new gaming tool.


The connection of the gamepads with the mobile phone or tablet is via Bluetooth in version 3.0 or higher. Most models have a USB cable that allows you to connect them to other devices without Bluetooth. Some have a USB stick for a wireless connection with devices that do not include Bluetooth technology.

A very useful and interesting thing is to be able to connect them directly to other devices. From a computer to a smart TV or to Android TV or Apple TV devices. In addition, there are models that are compatible with the PS3. Compatibility information with other devices is typically specified in the manufacturer’s notes.


One of these is certainly the weight, a variable that particularly affects the way we interact with our gamepad. The weight of this type of device is between about 200 and 400 grams, and is determined by the components present inside the product: a motor for the particularly sophisticated vibration effect or a touch-pad, for example, can significantly increase the weight of the gamepad. An optimal weight is around 300/320 grams, taking into consideration the essential equipment, therefore vibration and cable connection system.


With a smartphone controller, the gaming experience on your mobile phone will be completely transformed. A good gamepad will give you more control of the game and better responsiveness, which means more levels passed, more games won, and therefore more fun. A lot of games will be available soon, and then it will be an indispensable accessory for every gamer.

There are several purchase criteria to consider before choosing a mobile controller. Both the design and the battery are important to play more comfortably and for as long as you want, but the determining factor is compatibility. And remember that it must exist both with mobile phones and with games.

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