The birth of the umbrella dates back to antiquity, although with different functions and facets than those we are used to today. The idea was designed to shield the face and arms initially from the sun, particularly in areas of China, India, and Egypt.

Numerous tombs of pharaohs show frescoes depicting long stems covered by a large upper chapel. At the same time, in the old Chinese books, there are already the first testimonies of an object capable of offering protection to the emperor.

In many places, it began to be used as a real cult object, a symbol of fertility: for example, in Greece, it was associated with the ceremonies of the goddess Athena or Persephone, held mainly outdoors.

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totes Women's Clear Bubble Umbrella
  • CLEAR STYLISH BUBBLE UMBRELLA: Waterproof clear canopy for maximum rain coverage and see through visibility.
  • WINDPROOF AND RAINPROOF: With 51” canopy, you’ll be protected from the wind and the rain so hair and clothes stay dry
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Steel shaft with classic handle design
  • FASHION FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Clean, distinct totes bubble design umbrella is the perfect rain accessory for a wedding,...
  • Easy and durable , Care instructions: Leave open to dry, Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Materials: Synthetic
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G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella Extra Large Oversize Double Canopy...
  • THE ULTIMATE GOLF UMBRELLA With a 54/62/68-inch canopy and heavy duty design, the G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella is an ideal...
  • PROTECTS FROM THE ELEMENTS Never get caught in the rain (or sun) again. The G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella will protect you from...
  • YOU (WON'T) BE BLOWN AWAY The double-canopy design and fiberglasses frame will ensure that your umbrella is VIRTUALLY WINDPROOF....
  • OPENS FAST Automatic Open functionality ensures that there will be no delay to your comfort. Fast and reliable automatic opening...
  • ONE YEAR GUARANTEE. We engineer our umbrellas to stand the test of time. For the ribs and tips we use fiberglass, which is...
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Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella - Wind Resistant, Small - Compact,...
  • ↕️Black Umbrella Auto Open Function Makes For Easy 1 Handed Use: We built our travel umbrella with an automatic operation...
  • 👨‍👩‍👦Small Umbrella is Perfect For the Whole Family: Our windproof travel umbrella is light, weighing a mere 15...
  • 🖐️Easy to Grip Wind Resistant Umbrella: Strong wind gusts and heavy rains can make it hard to hang onto your mini umbrella,...
  • 🌂Large Umbrella is Suitable for Sharing: We designed our rain umbrella with a large 42 inch (106.8cm) double vented canopy,...
  • 👍Our Black Vented Umbrella Includes a Convenient Wrist Strap: Unlike cane umbrellas, our high quality umbrella comes with a...
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Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella - Wind Resistant, Small - Compact,...
  • ↕️Automatic Umbrella Makes for Easy 1 Handed Operation: We built our travel umbrella with an automatic operation system,...
  • 🖐️Easy to Grip Wind Resistant Umbrella: Strong wind gusts and heavy rains can make it hard to hang onto your mini umbrella,...
  • 👍Our Rain Umbrella Includes a Convenient Wrist Strap: Unlike cane umbrellas, our high quality umbrella comes with a wrist...
  • 🌂Large Umbrella is Suitable for Sharing: We designed our rain umbrella with a large 42 inch (106.8cm) double vented canopy,...
  • 👏Many Praises for the Repel Easy Touch Umbrella: Featured on TV and on Wire Cutter, our compact umbrellas for rain are known...
DAVEK DUET UMBRELLA - Extra-Large Windproof Umbrella with Automatic Open & Close...
  • Patented wind-combat frame system is composed of high-grade steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum to produce a vastly...
  • Dimensions: Closed length: 14.75 in. Arc diameter: 55 in.; Extra large coverage diameter: 47 in.; Weight: 1 lb 6 oz; Automatic...
  • Large and hefty. A sturdy solid steel shaft that ensures stability during severe storms.
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totes Auto Open Wooden Stick Umbrella, British Tan, One Size
  • totes Coat application repels water for superior rain protection.Classic wood crook handle for a secure grip
  • Weight : 20.8 oz
  • Opens automatically with the touch of a button
  • Canopy Size: 48 inches; Folded Length: 36 inches
  • Backed by totes’ lifetime warranty – if yours breaks, simply return it to our warranty center
totes Kid's Clear Bubble Umbrella with Easy Grip Handle, Dots
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Featured in the 2021 Amazon Holiday Kids Gift Book and Holiday Gift Guide. This fun, colorful design is a...
  • MOMMY AND ME: Enjoy rainy days and walking together with our cute family style totes umbrellas! Available in Dots, Clear and...
  • WINDPROOF & RAINPROOF: Kid’s bubble dome umbrella with a 38-inch extended canopy keeps your little one dry during any outdoors...
  • CLEAR UMBRELLA: The clear canopy with fun and unique designs ensures your child can always see what’s ahead while walking...
  • PEACE OF MIND: Rounded tips and a pinch-proof closure keeps little hands safe while opening and closing the umbrella. Perfect for...
totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella, Clear
  • REVOLUTIONARY REVERSE CLOSE DESIGN: totes InBrella is a durable and versatile double layer canopy umbrella that closes inside out...
  • WINDPROOF & RAINPROOF: Rain rolls off fabric so your umbrella stays 4 times drier thanks to NeverWet invisible coating
  • AUTOMATIC CLOSE: Durable rubber coated handle with one touch auto close feature allows you to get in and out of the car without...
  • EASY TO STORE: Stands upright on its own. Canopy size 47 inches for full protection; stands 31 inches when closed. Leave open to...
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Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Umbrella, Black, One Size
  • Automatic-open umbrella with Teflon-coated wind-guard canopy
  • Branded handle
  • Folded length: 17"
  • Automatic open Teflon(R) coated polyester wind guard canopy
  • Samsonite branded TPR handle

Everything You Need to Know About Umbrellas

The Type of Umbrella Is Crucial

Over the years, each object has been hit by change and the progress of progress, which has brought about considerable changes in the daily life of man.

Even the umbrella, compared to its origins, has changed, so much so that today among those sold online, we can find all types, divided for convenience into classic and folding.

The first has a higher amplitude and also an extreme resistance; in fact, it is rare to get wet since it is made of solid wood and steel, with a nylon fabric that is thick and difficult to wear, which does not allow water to filter.

The second type, on the other hand, is the one that mothers usually buy for their children, or the one that is taken in passing when you are already away from home, particularly appreciated because it is comfortable to carry, given the resealable handle that can be stored in your bag or backpack.

Both have pros and cons, and the choice must be careful based on the use you want to make of it; for example, if you have an important meeting and you cannot risk getting your dress wet, a classic umbrella will undoubtedly protect you more.

But if you are traveling and have no particular demands, a folding umbrella can be an excellent compromise, since it does not involve any clutter.

Choose the Right One

If you are wondering which is the best umbrella around, start from the assumption that to find it, you have to take into account several important factors, besides the type shown above.

You can start by checking the handle: it is made of different materials, such as wood, which makes them more elegant, but it must be treated in the right way to avoid chipping or wear.

In this regard, we recommend preferring the rubber one, which is non-slip, less prone to breaking, and also keeps your hands warm on colder days.

The second important element is the umbrella dome, which in the best is usually made of nylon, a fabric that tends quickly and does not break at the first blow of wind or hail.

Alternatively, there are those in polyester, a fabric that repels moisture, or in transparent PVC, which have a more attractive design and allow a broad view, even if the material is worn more quickly.

The frame is also essential to be taken into consideration because it determines a greater or lesser resistance to adverse weather: for example, to prevent the umbrella from bending with the wind, it is better to choose a model with steel, carbon or fiber ribs of glass.

Our guide to choosing the best umbrella ends with the proposal of several captivating and fun models among the best sellers, depending on your tastes and personality.

There are parasols or umbrellas for children on the market, the first sold as an accessory for the cradles of newborns, to protect them from the intense sun, the latter instead for those gloomy days when the little ones have fun playing outdoors and are decorated with cartoon characters.

As for the umbrella for men, it is preferable to have a larger model, preferably a classic one, with a wooden handle and a color tending towards green, blue or gray.

For women, however, it is the imagination that has the upper hand, with umbrellas that can be combined with the dress, with bright and bright colors, which can also be stored in the handbag, to be used if necessary.

The Windproof Type

Windproof umbrellas such as the one proposed by TechRise are manufactured differently than the more common ones, on which there is a tendency to save on materials and structure.

This feature shows us the primary strength of the object, which, being designed by the manufacturers to offer maximum protection to the buyer, is made of specific materials that are resistant to rain and, above all, to stable and obstinate winds.

This can be seen starting from the slats, which are made of fiberglass: this device is excellent because it makes the umbrella structure foldable and malleable.

Consequently, with every gust of wind, it tends to follow in its wake but without toppling over and offering the right support to the person who is maintaining it, also guaranteeing its safety.

The ergonomic handle below, then, facilitates the grip avoiding that, caught by surprise by the wind, the object can slip away from the hands and accidentally hit some other passerby.

Water Repellent Fabric

Some umbrella models are created with materials that allow water to filter, thus getting too wet clothes even if you are indoors. This is not the case with the TechRise type, which also has the characteristic of being water-repellent, thanks to the fabric made with nano-coated cell technology.

Put simply, and it has high compactness, which makes it impossible for the water to be retained, letting it slide from the sides without affecting the clothes; besides, it dries very quickly and offers adequate protection even against the sun’s rays, shielding its intensity.

And if until now you were afraid of buying a similar umbrella because you found it too bulky, you will have a double solution with this: the dimensions are natural, and you can put it in your bag or backpack without problems, while not giving up on the width, which will offer you 100% coverage.

Besides, the black and neutral color makes it suitable for both men and women, and its lightness allows it to be carried in hand, without tiring too much.

Automatic Mechanism

The umbrella is equipped with a convenient and practical automatic opening and closing mechanism. This means that to open it, simply press the button at the base of the handle, and to close the upper dome, you must do the same, without too much effort, and especially useful when you need to move quickly.

The only flaw of this technology is that, at the time of closing, as we have seen, the steel batten remains stationary, and you have to push it inward by hand to reopen the umbrella again.

Consequently, you need to do some strength, waste time, which is quite annoying for those who are currently unable.

The Ceremonial Model

We have to wait for the XII century to see the umbrella used as a real fashion and beauty accessory to show off to show wealth and opulence beyond the power of the nobility.

The Emperor of China had this ceremonial object among his symbol, and in 1176 the Doge of Venice obtained permission from the pope to appear in public with an umbrella woven with gold thread and brocade to express his importance.

In France, its debut is to be attributed to Queen Caterina De ‘Medici during the 16th century as a parasol, and from there, the passage to England as an object to shelter from the rain and wind, given the unfavorable climate.

Taking the tour of Europe slowly, the umbrella returned to Italy during the eighteenth century, this time in practical function, to protect itself from the weather, but without renouncing its prestigious and fashionable character.

Not surprisingly, at least for women, it will become a reason for showing off, thanks to the numerous hand-embroidered designs, the bright colors, and the details that made them unique and aesthetically beautiful pieces.

In Today’s Culture

Today the ancient value of the umbrella as an aesthetic accessory has been lost since it has become in all respects an element common to all and above all for daily use. However, if we think about its artistic side, Japanese girls can come to mind, who traditionally tend to dress in the classic kimono.

They are accompanied by rigid wooden or silk umbrellas with beautiful floral or dragon prints, chosen with meticulous care to attend the typical clothing correctly.

This custom has remained unchanged over time since young women had to carry this accessory with them, to prevent the sun from damaging their pale complexion, a symbol of extreme purity.

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