A ladder can lend itself to multiple uses: it allows you to reach the highest points, change light bulbs, hang curtains, approach the balcony of your beloved woman. But remember not to go under it, otherwise, it will bring you bad luck. Beyond jokes and clichés, there are many occasions when this practical tool can be useful.

To choose the most suitable model for you, you will have to take into account some aspects, such as the height it allows to reach, the weight it can hold, the type of material with which it is made and, of course, its design.

Here we had selected the best ladders that are available below.

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity, M13, 13 Ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum,...
  • Dimensions - Max A-frame height: 5'1'' | Max Extension Height: 11' | Max scaffolding height: 3' | Max workbench height: 3' | Min...
  • The Velocity also includes several innovative new features such as the dual-pin hinge and the easy-to-use rock, locks for quick...
  • The Velocity can be used in many unique configurations as an a-frame, extension, staircase and 90-Degree ladder, and with Velocity...
  • The Velocity's wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum construction provide an unmatched feeling of safety and stability
  • Weight capacity: 300-lbs
LUISLADDERS Folding Ladder Multi-Purpose Aluminium Extension 7 in 1 Step Heavy...
  • MULTI-FUNCTION | This aluminium ladder can be used as scaffold, leaning ladder, stepladder and also can be changed into many...
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE | Heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminium construction; square rungs and supporting tubes, make this folding ladder...
  • SECURITY 'CLICK & LOCK' SYSTEM | Connected by six security locks, which can be opened and locked for changing the shape of ladder...
  • WARNING | Under the condition of STRAIGHT LADDER, if you want to fold it or change to other position, PLEASE PUT IT ON THE FLOOR...
  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN | Adopting the design of zigzag anti-slip foot straps, which can prevent ladder from sliding during use to a...
SaleRANK NO. 3
Ladder 8' Fiberglass Step Ladder, 250-lb Capacity Industrial Home Improvement...
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: This 8-foot step ladder is made of superior quality, non-conductive fiberglass.
  • GET MORE DONE WITH PATENTED PRO-TOP plenty of features to improve performance when working electrical, construction and...
  • STURDY AND STRONG: With its 250-Pound capacity, elegant design and smooth finish, you won’t find a more durable, reliable...
  • ULTIMATE STABILITY: It has slip-resistant rubber feet, aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread on all four legs to provide...
  • MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY STANDARDS: Ladder is committed to meet or exceed all safety standards.
Telescoping Ladder 20ft 6.2M Aluminum DIY Extension Folding Loft Ladder with 2...
  • ▶Extension and Retraction Design: This telescoping ladder compacts from handy 109cm (3.58ft) to 6.2M (20.34ft). With inward...
  • ▶Safe and Compact: The ladder comes with 2 Hooks for secure fixing. Featuring durable aluminium design, industrial-grade...
  • ▶Portable and Convenient: Weight approximate 36 lbs (16.3Kg), 15 steps; folded height of 3.58ft, it is easy to be stored in car...
  • ▶Easy to Operate: For extension, start from the top and extend each step fully, then you can hear the "click" sound (confirm...
  • ▶Multi-purpose Use: This telescoping ladder is perfect for indoor housework and outdoor activities, window cleaning, changing...
Stealth Multifunction Telescoping Ladder , Aluminum Extension Ladder with 2...
  • 【MULTI USE DESIGN】- In order to fit your different needs, your ladder is adjustable, which can be as an a-frame ladder, an...
  • 【PORTABLE DESIGN】 - Portable ladder,weight 41 lbs and equipped with two wheels to make it easy to move
  • 【NON-SLIP DESIGN】 -Widened foot pads have the surface made of non-slip texture, which increases the friction to provide a...
  • 【EMBEDDED BUCKLE】 - An embedded buckle for locking the ladder to make the different function position fixed. And the embedded...
  • 【DURABLE DESIGN】 Made of Aluminum , durable and tough enough to resist rust and aging and serve you a longer time
Werner 5906 6' Fiberglass Step Ladder
  • Tool-Tra Top convenient tray for tools or paint can, and slots for paint tray
  • Green electrically non-conductive side rails / OSHA certified / 28-7/8" approximate spread
  • Sturdy paint can hanger on back side of top / 3" wide steps / Slip-resistant foot pads
  • Durable, rugged molded braces for support / Fiberglass / 225 lb duty rating
  • Braces on top step and top horizontal / 6' / Step ladder / 19" approximate width
Little Giant Ladders, Epic, M22, 22 foot, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type...
  • Multi-position ladder converts from stepladder to extension, 90-degree, staircase and trestle-and-plank with the press of a...
  • Safety rails can extend horizontally in the stand-off position, providing extra stability when working at the top of the ladder....
  • Rachet leg levelers allow user to adjust the ladder to uneven ground.
  • Integrated dual-position accessory ports improve usability with Little Giant ladder accessories.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards and is rated Type IA to hold 300 lbs., and in the stepladder configuration, can hold...
16.5FT Extension Telescopic A-Frame Ladder 16 Feet Multi-Purpose Aluminum...
  • Independent Locking: Separate mechanical locks on rungs 2 to 15. The independent locks allow user to adjust the height of the...
  • Weight: Net weight approximate 37.5lbs (16.9kg), Maximum 150kg/330lb load-bearing capacity; Compacting from handy 2.8ft to 16.5ft...
  • Safe & Compact: Featuring durable Aluminium design + industrial-grade height-locking latches + solid anti-slip rubber-tipped feet...
  • 3.Widely Application: For Indoors and Outdoors. This useful ladder should be part of any household and tool kit. It can be used to...
  • Warm Reminder: Before using, please kindly confirm the ladder is put upright, the locks are locked in placed and do not move the...

Buying Guide to Select the Best Ladders

The staircase is one of the tools that have accompanied man since ancient times because reaching high places has always been a fundamental requirement in many jobs and occasions. Below we will explain everything you need to know in order to choose the most suitable staircase for you.

What Is a Ladder?

The stairway – often also called stairs – is a tool designed to reach high places. It is a very simple tool: two vertical rods joined to various horizontal pegs. Going up on these rungs, also called steps or steps, we can reach high points otherwise unattainable.

Over time, the scales have evolved. Today we find folding and multifunction stairs: the latter allows you to change their shape, so as to be used for different, professional, or domestic jobs. Traditionally, the stairs were made of wood, but today they can also be made of aluminum, metal, or fiberglass.

Which Type of Ladder Is Most Suitable for My Job?

If you plan to use the ladder professionally, the best decision is to opt for an industrial-grade ladder like the ones we described in the previous section. This type of ladder is designed for intensive use and to offer greater stability and safety to the user.

It is important to know which type of ladder is usually used in the various work sectors since each of them has particular characteristics. If you often use the electric drill to make holes in walls, for example, you will need more stability.

How to Choose the Staircase that Best Suits My Needs?

Stairways have some general properties which, depending on their characteristics, can be more or less useful in different situations. In this regard, first of all, you need to clearly define what goal you will use the ladder with. As we explained in the previous sections, this will affect the choice of type and material.

But of course, that’s not all. There are other factors that will determine how you can use the ladder and then, below, we present a list of features to focus on to choose the ladder that best suits your needs:

  • Weight: since you will be working on the ladder, you will have to check what weight it can hold. Some scales support up to 150 kg, but these are rare cases. Remember that they must hold your weight and that of your tools.
  • Length: a staircase of about 3 meters is more than enough for almost any job, especially in the home. For professional use, there are models that reach 10 meters.
  • Steps: the steps of the stairs can be simple, rounded, or square. Professional stairs are equipped with wider steps and covered with some non-slip material.

Stairway for Home Use, with Or without Support?

A stairway for domestic use with lateral support facilitates the ascent and descent. This type of ladder is recommended if it must be used by people of a certain age or who need greater stability. The main disadvantage is that these stairs usually take up more space than those without supports.

In some sectors and works, such as interior whitewashing, the support is usually equipped to support various types of tools. Some house painter stairs are equipped, for example, with hooks for hanging paint containers. In general, to decide whether you will need support or not, think about the types of jobs you plan to do with the ladder.

What Is the En131 Certificate?

The EN131 safety certificate is a regulatory standard developed by the European Committee for Standardization CEN / CENELEC. This regulation specifies the requirements that stairs must satisfy and includes the type, design features, dimensions, materials, technical requirements, and marking information.

In summary, this standard identifies the minimum and maximum quality requirements that stairs must meet in order to be sold in the European Union. Here are some of these requirements in detail:

  • The load cannot exceed 150 kg. This weight includes the user and his tools.
  • The EN131 standard does not apply to stool-type stairs.
  • The depth of the steps must be at least 20 mm.
  • Rungs wider than 80 mm are called steps.
  • The distance between the steps must be uniform, with a maximum deviation of +/- 2 mm

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Now that you know everything you need on the scale, it’s time to understand what the main purchase criteria are. Choosing the best model, which suits your needs and your budget, is not a simple task. Fortunately for you, we have prepared the following guide to help you choose and make your life easier.

  1. Use
  2. Safety
  3. Materials
  4. Height
  5. Portability


This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when buying a ladder. How do you plan to use it? Do you want a ladder for home or work? In the case of stairs for domestic use, the best are those of the stool type or folding ones with a platform greater than 3 or 4 steps.

If you want a ladder for professional use, you will have to look for an industrial model. In this article we have described the different types and their most common uses, so you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.


When choosing a staircase, safety is among the first things to focus on. One of the main elements, from this point of view, is the steps. Stairs with wide, rubber-coated steps are better because they will help you stay stable and work more comfortably.

Another element that cannot be missing in your staircase is the safety locks, which block the position of the staircase and prevent it from opening completely or closing while you use it. Safety tie rods and hinges are other ideal complements to ensure the stability of the ladder, as well as rubber feet.


Traditional stairways were made of wood. Although this material is still used, today the most common are aluminum or white metals, more resistant and lighter. Fiberglass stairs are also widespread, as this material is not conductive of electricity and they are also very light and easy to move.

As for the safety elements of the stairs, the ideal is that they are equipped with high-density rubber feet, for greater stability. You should also choose a model with rubber-coated steps and steel safety tie rods. Finally, even if there are plastic stool models, we do not recommend them, as they are not very resistant.


Domestic stairs have different heights according to different needs. Those with three steps, usually, do not exceed 2 meters in height, while those of four is a little lower than 3 meters. These stairs are ideal to keep in the house or in shops and workshops, where there is no need to reach too large spaces.

For professional jobs or those that require reaching very high, such as in the case of telecommunication infrastructures, industrial or electrical maintenance, the ideal is to have telescopic or folding models that can reach 10 meters in height. They are very solid, resistant, and reliable stairs, even if a little more expensive.


Most stairs can be folded and transported with ease. The scissor or telescopic ones are light (they are almost always made of aluminum or fiberglass) and, in fact, easily transportable. Usually, these models do not weigh more than 6 or 7 kilos, which allows you to move and store them without major problems.

In the case of domestic models, the measurements are usually smaller. These scales do not weigh more than 5 kilos and, when folded, they do not measure more than 30 centimeters in width. They are ideal to keep at home and store in any corner without taking up too much space.

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