Adidas track spikes are essential accessories for those who like to train while running. In addition to ensuring comfort, running shoes protect the foot and body from impacts with the ground, minimizing the risk of injury. But what are the best running and trail running shoes? Let’s see it together.

Running shoes are essential for those who love running, whether they do it at a competitive level or as personal training. Choosing the right running shoes is necessary because, thanks to their ability to cushion, they protect the foot and body from the impact of the foot on the asphalt, on the paths or the slopes.

Among the many running shoes on the market, it is essential to understand which ones are best suited to our needs and taking into consideration the type of activity we want to carry out. In this guide, we will see what the factors to consider are and what are the best running and trail running shoes.

adidas Unisex Adizero XCS Track and Field Shoe, White/Black/Solar Red, 10 US Men
  • Track and running shoes built for cross-country athletes
  • Internal fit system for secure lockdown
  • Semi-translucent mesh upper for breathability
  • Bounce midsole offers cushioning; Rubberized TPU spike plate for traction across multiple surfaces
  • Unisex product is men's sizing. Women should size down 1 to 1.5 sizes
adidas Unisex-Adult Adizero Accelerator Track Shoe,...
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces (size 9); recommended events: 60 m, 100 m, 200 m, 4 x 100 m, 110 high hurdles
  • Synthetic leather upper for lightweight support
  • Micro fit locks your foot down for a direct fit and high-speed run; hook-and-loop strap over forefoot for secure lockdown
  • Torsion system for midfoot integrity; lightweight tpu plate
  • Engineered mesh heel for seamless fit and breathable comfort
adidas Adizero Ambition Spike Shoe - Men's Track & Field Solar Yellow/Clear...
  • Microsuede lining
  • Molded spike outsole
  • Lightweight locked-in feel
  • Middle-distance track shoe
  • Single-layer Celermesh upper
Adizero XC Sprint Track and Field Spikes Shoes
  • Men's lightweight shoes for cross-country racing, with a regular fit and a lace closure
  • LIGHTWEIGHT UPPER: Textile upper
  • BOUNCE: Lightweight Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility
  • DYNAMIC CUSHIONING: adidas Lightstrike is redefining the next generation of speed with a super-light midsole designed for dynamic,...
  • TRACTION: Rubber outsole for grip
adidas Adizero Ambition 3 Running Spikes - Navy UK 12
  • Mesh Upper that provides breathability.
  • Full length EVA midsole cushioning is longer and lower for better ground feel.
  • Perfect for 800m, 1500m, 3200m, 1 mile & 2 Mile.
  • Pebax outsole plate; Spikes & Spike Key included.
  • In-Store Price: $110 Colour: Navy Blue (Collegiate Navy / White / Equipment Green)
adidas Women's Adizero Javelin Track Shoe, Solar Red/White/Metallic/Silver, 14
  • Weight: 13 ounces; Runner type: track; Midsole drop: 1 mm (heel: 14 mm / forefoot: 13 mm)
  • Synthetic and textile upper
  • Moulded hook-and-loop strap over laces for secure fit
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Mesh rear quarter and heel
adidas Adizero HJ Spike Shoe - Unisex Track & Field Solar Yellow/Clear Aqua/Core...
  • Style#: FW2244
  • Coolever mesh lining's clover-shaped yarns wick away sweat to keep you dry, fresh, and focused.
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning with every step.
  • Pebax plate provides a rigid, stable platform strong enough to withstand an explosive approach and takeoff.
  • Sharkskin traction pattern and spikes grip the track during your approach for the power you need to make a clean jump.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Adidas Track Spikes

The New Balance Minimus 10 are born as trail running shoes but also offer excellent performance in road racing. The strong point is undoubtedly in the upper, made of GoreTex, which makes them waterproof and suitable for use in any weather conditions.

Remarkable comfort, the shoe has a structure that allows it to adhere well to the foot, ensuring an excellent fit. The Vibram sole has excellent traction even on wet or snow-covered terrain. The upper is made with two different types of mesh, in the middle of which we find the GoreTex layer.

Type of Support

Not all athletes run in the same way, and this mainly depends on the movement that the foot makes during the race and its supporting biomechanics.

The foot support phase can be divided into three phases: contact, support and pushing. To absorb the impact of the connection while resting, the foot rotates inwards. This rotation, called pronation, allows the calf to load for the next phase of the push: the body moves from the heel to the forefoot, and the arch is raised. The push phase is called supination.

Pronation and supination are fundamental for the correct biomechanics of the foot. In some runners, pronation or supination can be excessive and therefore the shoe can help give support to the foot, balancing it.


The upper ensures stability and a comfortable fit. It is generally made with an engineered synthetic mesh fabric that improves the flexibility of the shoe. It can be made in several layers to improve its resistance. The most used materials are mesh and nylon.

The waterproof and breathable uppers are often made of gore-tex which makes the shoes suitable for training in rain, snow or mud conditions.


The sole is composed of a midsole and tread: the midsole connects the upper to the tread while the latter is the part that comes into contact with the ground. The midsole is made with one or more layers of EVA which guarantees cushioning and stability.

The tread, on the other hand, is made of carbon rubber with studs more or less protruding in trail running shoes, to better resist wear due to irregular and unpaved paths, while foam rubber is mostly used in running shoes on the asphalt .


The drop is the difference in height between the heel and toe of the shoe, with a consequent more or less marked inclination of the foot. The fall, explaining it simplistically, determines the cushioning capacity of the shoe and the way the foot is supported:

Check the Wear of The Shoe.

Based on the model chosen, it is good practice to have reference parameters with which to understand when the time has come to change the running shoe. Some types tend to wear out faster than others. This is the case of A1 running shoes that should be replaced once they reach 300 km.

For the other models, on the other hand, they range from the maximum 500 of A2 shoes up to 1,000 km of A3 / 4 running shoes. If you have any doubts, we suggest you go to a specialized shop so that you can compare the status of your shoes with a professional.

Maintenance and Limits

If you are wondering when the time has come to change your running shoe, we suggest you first of all to consider the feeling and the sensation that the pump can transmit to you.

Some signs of a failure are visible externally, as well as the consumption of the lower sole is another parameter that should not be underestimated. In case of breakages and openings on the upper, there is little to do, and it is better to start looking for a valid replacement for your old running shoe.

Instead, removing excess dust is possible and desirable. Do not let too much time pass and equipped with a small piece and elbow grease, proceed with careful cleaning of all the areas in which this has gone to slip. Neglecting this aspect can lead to the risk that dirt penetrates the texture of the shoe, with unpleasant results.

Pronation and Supination

These are two natural movements, thanks to which the body adapts to running. In the first case, there is a rotation of the foot inwards, while in the second, the foot tends to go outwards in the balancing phase.

Excess in one of the two can cause damage and pain over time. Therefore, before buying, check if this trend exists, to choose the pair of shoes and footwear that best suits your running style.

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