Are you a fanatic of fishing but don’t know which reel to buy because you can’t find the model that best suits your needs? Don’t worry, and we have prepared for you a ranking of the items that most impressed us with their characteristics and the selling price, to help you compare the most interesting proposals of the moment.

Whether you are an experienced or novice angler, you will always need a good reel to be able to fish effectively and comfortably at the river, lake or sea. But which one to choose among the many available on the market?

This section guides you in search of the best model for you, and further concrete help can be found in the ranking below with the review of the most popular reels this year. Here we will be listing the top 9 best baitrunner reels.

SHIMANO Baitrunner 8000D, Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel
  • This classic live bait reel features a secondary drag system that allows free spooling with the bail closed and allows your bait...
  • Utilizes an oval oscillation gear that provides a consistent spool speed which results in an even line lay that provides excellent...
  • Better casting; better line lay; less backlash wind knots or tangles; less friction on the line; larger; more comfortable grips; a...
  • Offers dyna-balance technology that eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counterbalancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and...
  • Max drag: 20 lbs. / gear ratio: 4.8:1. / weight: 21.7 oz. / line retrieve: 36" / bearings: 3bb + 3rb – powerpro line cap:...
Shimano Baitrunner 4000OC Saltwater Fishing Reel
  • The S A-RB bearings feature shields on both sides of the bearings reducing the possibility of salt or sand from inhibiting the...
  • The dyna-balance feature eliminates wobble during the retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and...
  • Fluidrive II features a large master gear polished using a wrapping process; increasing the efficiency of the retrieve
  • The propulsion line management system provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design while preventing...
  • Super stopper II anti-reverse uses a one-way roller bearing that eliminates back-play which provides anglers with instant hook...
Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel,12+1BB Metal Body Smooth, Carp Spinning Reels,...
  • POWERFUL -Sougayilang Baitfeeder Fishing Reels has 12 + 1 Corrosion Resistant Smooth Ball Bearings, Precision Matched Gears and a...
  • DURABLE-5000/6000 Baitfeeder Spinning Reel has Flawless Light Weight Graphite ,This Material Makes the Reel Corrosion...
  • SMOOTH-The Fishing Reels Baitfeeding System Allows for Disengagement of the Spool and Free-running Line Without Opening the...
  • GREAT FEATURES - Interchangeable Right or Left Hand CNC Machined Aluminum Handle,Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System. Ultra-thin...
  • FREE 1 YEAR WORRY-FREE SERVICE!We Are Proud To Present You The Worry-free 1 Year Warranty!If Any Problem about The Product ,...
SaleRANK NO. 4
Sougayilang Carp Spinning Reel 5+1 Shielded Stainless Steel BB - Carbon Fiber...
  • Front and Back Brake Interrotation System.instant lock anti-reverse.The Sougayilang bait feeder front and rear drag fishing reel...
  • 5 +1 Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings, CNC Aluminum Spool, 3 sets of Drag Washer Discs, Alloy Gears, CNC Aluminum Handle, Rust...
  • 4.7:1 gear ratios for fishing with heavy baits and up to 28lbs of drag to stop big fish. The carp fishing reel can be...
  • Available in sizes 4000,6000 to match the species whether you are live lining shiners with spinning tackle for bass fishing or...
  • This classic live bait roller has an auxiliary towing system that can be wound free of charge when the hook is closed and allows...
SaleRANK NO. 5
Daiwa Black Widow Baitrunner/Freespool Reels Sizes 3500A/4000A/4500A/5000A Ca...
  • Reelsize: 4000, Gear Ratio: 4.6:1
  • Line Capacity: 10 lbs / 300 yds, 12 lbs / 260 yds, 14 lbs / 220 yds
  • Line Retrieve: 31 Inch
  • Weight: 16.2 ounce
Shimano Baitrunner 6000 OC Oceania spinning fishing reel BTR6000OC
  • Retrieve: Reversible, Gear ratio: 4.8:1
  • Line capacity mono lb/yds: 10/300,12/265,16/170, Line capacity PowerPro lbs/yds: 30/245,50/210,65/130
  • Weight: 19.2 ounce
  • line retrieve per crank: 35 inch
  • Bearings: 3 S ARB, dragforce: 20 lbs
Spinning Reel Part - RD3011 Baitrunner 4500B - Pawl
  • Reel Type: Spinning, Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Model: Baitrunner 4500B
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Brand: Shimano
Spinning Reel Part - RD7218 Baitrunner 4500B - (1) Bail Spring Cover
  • Reel Type: Spinning, Brand: Shimano
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Model: Baitrunner 4500B
  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
Shimano Baitrunner ST 4000 FB Baitrunner Standard Spinning Fishing Reel,...
  • Gear Ratio: 4.8:1, Weight: 12.5 ounce
  • Line Capacity mono lb/yds: 8/240, 10/200, 12/160
  • Line Capacity PowerPro (lb/yds): 15/265, 30/175, 50/145
  • Line Retrieve per crank: 29.50 inch
  • Bearings: 1 Shielded Stainless Steel

What to Look for Before Buying Best Baitrunner Reels?

The reel has become, together with the rod, the very symbol of fishing and, since it was invented, it has dramatically expanded the possibilities of the fisherman and the types of fish that can be caught.

The most common reels are those with a fixed spool and are often sold with a spare spool that allows them to be adapted to various techniques, from bottom fishing to spinning. They are great for very long casts and those with light baits.


During the winding, a compelling twist is created on the nylon, and it will be necessary, most likely, to make a change during the fishing season.

This problem does not occur with rotating reels, widely used in casting, trolling and drifting. They are more sophisticated models to use, and spinners often need some time and practice to master the right technique; they are used primarily when dealing with particularly combative fish.

For huge specimens, it is better to rely on a specific trolling reel that does not allow you to launch or move the crank from right to left. On the other hand, it is capable of spooling large quantities of wire and is equipped with a buzzer that signals the bite and the wire coming out.

For fishing on the high seas at hundreds of meters deep, you will need a more sophisticated and complex electric reel and, in this case, the price variable becomes fundamental: many models could prove to be decidedly out of budget.

Construction and Components

If fishing is or is about to become your passion, we do not recommend buying reels made of inexpensive materials, which allow you to save money, but which do not offer the necessary guarantees.

The models of the best brand stand out over the others because they can ensure the two indispensable requirements for a reel: resistance and lightness. With the advent of carbon and composite materials, it has been possible to create extremely long-lasting products, resistant to impact, salt corrosion and, at the same time, also very comfortable to use.

Other essential parts make up the reel such as the bearings that must be of quality and fixed in the right places; on these depends the fluidity of the rotation and the comfort of use. The bearing marked +1 indicates the needle bearing which, acting as a non-return, increases comfort even more during the Ferrata phase.

As for the bow, the closing click must be perfect, while the crank and knob must guarantee a safe and comfortable grip.

Cut It

The choice of the reel is strictly linked to the type and weight of the fish to be caught, therefore compare prices and performances but also pay attention to the size which is expressed in numbers, from 1,000 to 20,000, and which indicates the size and capacity of the reel.

For example, very light reels up to 2,000 are suitable for fish up to 2 kg; light ones from 2,500-3,000 for fish up to 4 kg and so on up to heavy ones, recommended for large specimens weighing over 8 kg.

The Perfect Balance Between Lightness and Resistance

The Ninja A proposed by Daiwa is a reel designed primarily for spinning fishing, although its remarkable versatility allows it to adapt to different circumstances of use.

It stands out for its captivating design characterized by special red and black finishes that convey a feeling of reliability and value, even though many have complained about the weak hold of the paint, which tends to contact with humidity and saltiness. To peel easily, especially after intensive use.

Regardless of this, the evaluation of the model strongly shows the company’s choice to use only high-quality materials, among which in particular stands out the cold-forged steel of the external body which gives the model excellent qualities of resistance and lightness to the time itself.

This construction concept allows you to have a higher balance both in the launch phase and in the recovery phase, to improve efficiency even in extreme conditions.

Technical Features

The Daiwa reel is appreciated especially in those situations where precise control of the fishing rod is essential. This is due to the provision of an efficient front clutch system capable of ensuring more exceptional power transfer from the crank to the rotor while ensuring excellent performance even during the launch phase.

But the real strength of the model is the four ball bearings which have proven to be very resistant to oxidation and corrosion: the result is an exponential increase in fluidity during rotation and a consequent reduction of lateral torsion during recovery.

This allows the gears to work at maximum efficiency. At the same time, the screw crank reduces the play and the risk of the tangle, giving the fisherman the possibility of making incisive casts reaching considerable distances.

The Price Ratio

Users consider it an excellent model and, except for the drawback as mentioned earlier of the finishes, it seems to have no other manufacturing and assembly defects.

It is a very versatile spinning reel, so we have no problems recommending it for both sea and freshwater fishing.

Also, it is available in different variants, each with a replacement coil and anti-oxidation bearings, but distinct from each other in terms of weight, which varies from 220 to 380 grams, in terms of recovery coefficient and price.

Speaking of price, Daiwa’s Ninja A is one of the most appreciated and sold models on the web also for its excellent ratio between overall quality and cost, which makes it perfect especially for beginner fishers, who will be able to refine the technique using a good reel without having to invest large sums.

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