If you have made a comparison between the offers, but you still don’t know how to choose a good brass compass, then you have come to the right part of our guide. Here you will find useful tips that will help you understand which model can suit you, so you can buy the right one and invest your savings well.

Our main suggestion is always to find a resistant and reliable compass in your hands. In general, these items do not cost much, so with a reasonable fee, you can still buy a professional product.

Here we had selected the best brass compasses for you that are present below.

The Brass Compass: A Novel
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Handmade Brass Push Open Compass with Rose Wood Case, Pocket Compass for Hiking
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  • Size:- 4.8cm - Dia x 1.5cm - Thick (Compass)
  • Size:- 9cm - L x 6cm W - 3cm H (Wooden Box)
Waxing Poetic Seaward Sterling Silver and Brass Compass Pendant with Oxidized Finish
  • Signature Waxing Poetic Design: Cast in sterling silver with oxidized finish.
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collectiblesBuy Nautical Vintage Antique Finish Compass, 2.2 inches, Shiny Brass Finish Compass
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  • MATERIAL USED & SIZE # Brass # Ground dial: 2.2 Inches - Open face compass ,Weight : 120 gram
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  • The sturdy cover protects the glass
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MAH Handmade Push Button Direction Pocket Brass Compass. C-3191
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Personalized Brass Pocket Compass Gift | Engraved Forestry Clinometer Compass & Optional Wood Box | for Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout, Son, Dad
  • CUSTOMIZED COMPASS: An engraved compass with a personalized message is a great way to ensure your compass gift becomes a memorable keepsake. Click the yellow customize now button to continue. You will have to option to add custom engraving to the top and/or bottom of the compass. An optional hardwood storage box is also available with your choice of design on the top of the box.
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: Constructed of solid brass and copper, this reproduction Forestry Ranger's compass can determine both the magnetic heading of an object, and its angle of elevation/declination. The compass has a reverse compass rose that makes the compass read more like a GPS. There is a needle lock mechanism to protect the jewel during transport.
  • DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: 2 3/4 inches (7.0 cm) diameter, 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick 12.5 ounces (354 grams)
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Our compasses are rotary engraved with a diamond-tipped drag engraving machine for a deep, permanent engraving that will last forever with your keepsake
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Antiqued Brass Poem Compass with Leather Case
  • Antiqued Brass Poem Compass With Leather Case
  • Engraved with Robert Frost's famous poem "The Road Not Taken"
  • Brass and glass compass, leather case
  • A gift that will be cherished for generations
Brass Tidings by Compass Rose Brass Ensemble (2013-05-04)
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • CD Baby (Publisher)
Authentic Vintage Style Brass Pocket Compass with Leather Case
  • Authentic Vintage Style Brass Pocket Compass With Leather Case
  • Finish : Antique Brass
  • Compass Size : 2.5 Inches
  • Case Size : 3 Inches
  • Primary Material : Brass

Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Brass Compasses

Compasses for Navigation

The first distinction to make when choosing a compass is based on your favourite activity. If you are looking for a model for sea navigation, then you will have to rely on a professional direction equipped with an inclinometer.

Usually, the navigation models are analogue and can be mounted on a tripod to keep them well stable, making it easier to check information.

The inclinometer is indispensable for checking the oscillation of the boat based on the tide and the waves, very useful, especially on sailing boats or medium or large boats.

Be careful because many brass ‘nautical’ compasses on the market are very beautiful to look at, but which are not very practical.

These models usually sold as aesthetic objects, remain good gift ideas or ornaments to be kept in the living room, office, or in your studio.

Compasses for Hiking

Turning to the compasses for hiking, we can find digital and analogue models. The digital ones are very comfortable as they have different functions suitable for outdoor adventures such as the altimeter, the barometer, and the hygrometer.

The disadvantage of digital compasses is that some functions often prove more or less precise than others.

The analogue compasses for hiking are very precise. Moreover, they have very compact dimensions that allow you to take them wherever you go.

They do not have the functions of digital models, but they are more resistant and reliable.

If you love to tackle routes that involve climbing hills or mountains, then we recommend that you opt for a digital compass that is equipped with an altimeter, temperature calculation, and weather forecast.

For orienteering, it is better to focus on an analogue model, as it will be easier to use it with topographic maps. On the market, you can also find compasses for scuba diving that are entirely waterproof and so compact that they can be tied to your watch.


Since these are objects to take with you during your adventures at sea or in nature, we recommend that you focus on compasses with a compact and above all light design.

There are incredibly resistant models which, however, are a bit heavy and therefore not suitable for long walks in the sun.

In general, nautical compasses are the least ‘practical’ in terms of size and weight, unlike models for diving and excursions that can often be simply put in a pocket or even worn around the neck with a cord.

Watches and Compasses

Many digital watches also include the ‘compass’ function. Still, we encourage you first to evaluate the factual accuracy of the latter if the idea of ​​having a multifunction wristwatch seems appealing to you.

Choose a model that has the cardinal points of the wind rose clearly outlined on the dial so that you can make the best use of the digital compass and other orientation functions.

These watches are often not produced with particularly resistant materials, so if you are hiking, we still recommend that you bring a spare compass with you so that you can deal with emergencies in case of the watch breaks during the journey.

How the Compass Works?

Do you want to buy a compass, but have you always wondered how it works? Very simple, the focus always manages to indicate the north thanks to a magnetized needle that moves towards the magnetic field of our planet.

The Earth has its geomagnetic field, which generates a force very similar to that of a magnet.

If we were to draw these lines of invisible ‘force,’ we could see that these will be perpendicular in two points on the Earth’s surface, namely north and south, while parallel lines will be seen near the equator.

The magnetic field has a horizontal component to which magnetic compasses react thanks to the attraction of the poles, just as if they were being attracted to a giant magnet.

How to Read the Compass?

You will notice that the compass has two arrows: the first is the orientation arrow, i.e., the non-magnetic one which remains fixed on the north; the second arrow, on the other hand, is the direction arrow that usually points away from the compass. In the centre, you will find the magnetic needle that will be attracted to the Earth’s magnetism and will allow you to find the right direction.

To control the direction, you must place the compass on the palm of your hand and move it to the right or left. As you move the focus, watch the magnetic needle move, then turn the compass ring so that the orientation arrow coincides with the north of the magnetic needle.

The indicated direction will be that of the final alignment. However, a distinction must be made between the ‘true’ north and the ‘magnetic’ one. By ‘true’ north, we mean the cardinal point where the longitudinal lines of the map converge, which is the North Pole.

However, the compass will tend to point towards magnetic north, or towards the planet’s magnetic field which has a discrepancy of 11 degrees from the Earth’s axis. Taking this difference into account, you will have to calculate the right distance, as a minimum error is enough to go wrong completely!

How to Orient Yourself with The Compass?

A standard method is to put the compass on the map and, with a ruler, draw a line between the starting point and the arrival point.

Now positioning the compass on the starting point, you will have to move the ring until the arrow of the orientation is parallel to the meridians of the map.

Now without touching the ring nut, you will have to take the compass and to hold it on the palm of your hand rotate until the magnetic needle coincides with the arrow.

You will have to learn how to correct the distance using the calculator, so you can add and subtract the difference in degrees detected between magnetic north and true north.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Invented the Compass?

This question seems to generate a lot of controversy in the world of navigation and hiking, as there is no universally accepted answer.

However, it seems that the inventor of the compass is Flavio Gioia, an Italian originally from Amalfi, although there are several doubts about it.

The Chinese used the first compasses, but these were not tools for navigation as much as for construction. There is a common tendency to believe that the modern direction was born from the collaboration between western and eastern ideas.

Why Does the Compass Always Point North?

The compass is equipped with a magnetic needle which is stimulated by the Earth’s magnetic field created by the core of the same planet made up of iron and nickel.

The Earth’s core can be considered as a giant magnet capable of attracting opposite poles, which is why the magnetic needle of the compass is always attracted by the magnetic north.

Magnetic north, however, is different from true north or geographic north, in that it suffers a discrepancy of 11 ° concerning the axis of rotation of the Earth.

Where to Buy the Compass?

You can buy a compass in any sports shop by going to the section dedicated to camping or hiking. Likewise, compasses for navigation are sold in stores for marine equipment.

An excellent way to find all the models at affordable prices is to buy online, taking advantage of the various offers available, so that you can focus on a good compass with an optimal quality-price ratio.

Are Compasses on Smartphones Accurate?

It depends, but in general, for orienteering and navigation, it is highly recommended to buy a real compass.

Apps can come in handy as a ‘backup’ in case the compass itself fails, keep in mind that the various components of the device could compromise the pointing.

Moreover, many free apps contain annoying advertisements and pop-ups that can complicate your life while you are trying to get an accurate measurement or direction.

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