Finding the right eyeliner, to give even more body to your gaze becomes easier if you take a look at our indications. So you will discover that there are different types, from the pen to the gel version, which allows you to obtain various results, that is, thinner or more robust strokes. Much depends on the brush, and the amount of color retained: which is the best one on the market? Pay close attention to the shape of the eyes, because the line created must be able to enrich and not mortify your gaze.

Since ancient times, the use of eyeliners has served to emphasize the look and make it more penetrating. Thanks to the evolution of technology, today, it is possible to choose between different types, which match different types of skin.

In our guide, you will find 13 best eyeliners and many useful tips to make the right choice. Compare the prices of the products included in our ranking below, because among them there may be what you are looking for.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Graftobian Professional HD Cake Eyeliner (Espresso Brown) Get Precise Lines,...
  • LONG-LASTING WEAR: Get a silky smooth, gel-like liner that lasts all day with the Graftobian Cake Eyeliner. Your days of worrying...
  • VERSATILE OPTIONS: Our powder eyeliner comes in three colors: Expresso Brown, Jet black, and Starck White. Cake Eyeliner allows...
  • EASY TO APPLY: You can use a few application methods with our eyeliner powder. We suggest dipping an eyeliner brush, wet or dry,...
  • HIGH-QUALITY FORMULA: Graftobian's Cake Eyeliner is made with high-quality ingredients that are safe and gentle for your eyes. The...
  • EASILY REMOVED: While our eyeliner is long-lasting and durable, it's also easy to remove at the end of the day. Simply use a...
Addictive Cosmetics Matte Black Eyeliner- Cake Eyeliner with Applicator Brush -...
  • Step up your eyeliner game with our Rich, Vibrant Pigmented Colors
  • Long Lasting and Water Resistant
  • Comes with an eyeliner brush! Get that sleek lined eye with precision and ease with brush provided. Or use for eye art!
  • Our water activated eyeliners can be used as body paint!
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free
Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner, Black Ebony , 0.05 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • The rich, cushiony color stays all day and leaves a lightweight yet bold demi-matte finish.
  • Its unique applicator provides precise, full-coverage lip color application.
  • A liquid color Creamy, rich texture that lasts all day long without drying the lips.
  • Country of origin is United States
Pure Zivaª Black Matte Cake Eyeliner & Eyeshadow, Water Activated Pressed...
  • DIRECTIONS: Dampen a brush with water, mix on top of the Cake Eye Liner and build into a soft, velvety consistency.
  • Made in the USA, no animal testing or cruelty
  • 2023 PROMOTION: Use claim code PUREZIVA at checkout; receive 10% off 2 items and 15% off 3 or more items in our catalog
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michael marcus Cake Eyeliner - Water Activated Dry Pressed Eyeliner -...
  • PERFECT PIGMENT: Michael Marcus' eyeliner features a versatile cake eyeliner that provides bold, vibrant color. Look good and feel...
  • EASY TO USE: WATER ACTIVATED! For best results, wet the tip of your eyeliner brush, touch it into color, then draw a fine line...
  • QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: At Michael Marcus, we concentrate on natural ingredients and premium materials to deliver outstanding...
  • KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Let's be honest, is all the extra STUFF necessary?  It's important to cut as much waste as possible to...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: Michael Marcus is committed to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While we hope you are always satisfied, we...
SaleRANK NO. 6
michael marcus Cake Eyeliner & Brush - 2 Piece Water Activated Dry Pressed...
  • PERFECT PIGMENT: Michael Marcus' eyeliner and brush set features a versatile cake eyeliner that provides bold, vibrant color and a...
  • EASY TO USE: WATER ACTIVATED! For best results, wet the tip of your eyeliner brush, touch it into color, then draw a fine line...
  • QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: At Michael Marcus, we concentrate on natural ingredients and premium materials to deliver outstanding...
  • KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT: Let's be honest, is all the extra STUFF necessary?  It's important to cut as much waste as possible to...
  • OUR GUARANTEE: Michael Marcus is committed to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While we hope you are always satisfied, we...
SACE LADY Eyeliner, Pro Cake Eyeliner Powder, Long Lasting Water-Soluble...
  • Cake Eyeliner is a compact, water-based eyeliner. Its highly-pigmented pressed powder can be applied with a damp brush.
  • Black cake eyeliner is an easy-to-use cake eye liner that delivers long-lasting colour payoff that doesn¡¯t fade throughout the...
  • Unique waterproof formula, easy to dry, natural and smooth eyeliner, long-lasting for a whole day. Delivers a solid, clean line...
  • The formula glides on the lash line smoothly and stays all day long. Easy to apply, it dries immediately without flaking, leaving...
  • The dark blue and purple color is perfect to use for an intense eye look especially for stage effect. Smudge-proof and...
Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner Black Ebony
  • Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner - # Black Ebony - 1.4g/0.05oz
Jolie Extra Long-Wear Cake Eyeliner (Black-Brown)
  • A pigmented formulation rich in color with tremendous staying power.
  • Smudge and transfer-resistant formula glides on the lash line smoothly and stays all day long.
  • For a longer lasting and more defined look, apply using our cake eyeliner sealant.
Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Cake Eyeliner (Navy)
  • Use dry for soft subtle liner or wet for dramatic sultry look
  • Mineral, baked texture creates smooth even lines
  • Stays put for hours
SaleRANK NO. 11
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Cake That! Powder Eyeliner, 0.09 Ounce, Black,Brown...
  • A pressed powder eyeliner duo with a matte finish and intense color payoff
  • Includes not one but two absolutely essential shades-black and brown
  • Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply the eyeliner along your lash line. Wet the brush to achieve extreme color payoff
  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused.
JUST FOR REDHEADS Professional Cake Eyeliner - (Includes Eyeliner Brush)
  • LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT: Just For Redheads Professional Cake Eyeliner gives your eyes definition without looking too harsh. Lightly...
  • EASY TO USE: Long-lasting eye liner goes on easy without flaking. Its velvety texture glides on the lash line effortlessly with...
  • PROFESSIONAL LINER BRUSH: The ultra tiny brush precisely lines your eyes for a well-defined look. Its tapered tip allows you to...
  • VERSATILE COLOR: Just for Redheads Cake Eyeliner is the perfect shade for all shades of redheads. It is a buildable formula where...
  • JUST FOR REDHEADS HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 25 YEARS: We offer a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products to help you...

Best Cake Eyeliners Buying Guide

The Typology

Depending on the desired effect, but also on the amount you want to spend, it is possible to identify the most suitable product for your person. The price is not always the main discriminant, because it is not too important oscillations between one typology and another.

The main distinction is undoubted that between liquid, pencil, and powder or gel eyeliner: the first can be equipped with a more or less thin, light, and very flexible brush, capable of creating a very precise line.

The version that has, however, the brush is often suitable for much more intense lines, which want to cover a greater part of the eyelid. Those who are less familiar with this type of make-up must really lean towards the latter type, as it guarantees the possibility of creating a stroke that is much less likely to be smudged.

The one with the synthetic felt brush has the great advantage of not losing color, so it is particularly suitable for beginners. If you prefer a pencil instead, you will find many variations on the market, which can satisfy your needs without forcing you to spend a fortune. The cost of these products is, in fact, among the lowest on the market.

The eyeliner powder can be diluted with water and used by those who are most familiar with it, to obtain a result worthy of Berber women. The gel one is very easy to blend, it can be used with various types of brushes and, above all, it guarantees long-lasting hold. If you don’t always want to be careful of any burrs, this is the eyeliner to be preferred among those on the market.

Shape of the Eyes

One way to find the best brand is to choose the right eyeliner for your eye type. That’s right because their shape can give you the right indication of which one is most suitable for you. The lucky ones who have almond-shaped eyes can dare everything: for them, any type and any style you want to adopt is fine.

Some problems, however, have those with the so-called hooded eyes: these are quite sunken and that do not leave space to the crease of the eyelid, not visible from the front. In this case, it is preferable to avoid the classic eyeliner and focus more on the pencil.

The same problem for those who have eyes with a hollowed-out eyelid and an evident eyebrow arch: in this case, better a product that allows you to draw a simple line. Those who have the large and protruding can instead play freely, so as to reduce their size.


The reviews of other users are always a point of reference that should not be underestimated. The presence of accessories, such as an integrated sponge in the pencil version, is a plus that makes the product even more attractive.

Do not disdain particular formulas, such as colored or waterproof ones, if you are looking for a different or particularly resistant article. How to use eyeliner
To emphasize the depth of the gaze, in addition to creating games of light and shadow with glitter, mascara, and eyeshadow, more experienced women cannot give up eyeliner. Used since the time of the Egyptians, it requires a steady hand and dexterity because making a perfect line is not easy. With the exercise, perhaps using a black pencil, you will be able to obtain the desired result, and you will want to repeat it again and again.

Style Matters

For a make-up that is “seen or not seen,” and if you have a drooping and barely visible upper eyelid, pass the eyeliner along the entire upper ciliary line without going beyond the outer corner of the eye. Choose the more or less thick line but do not overdo it, because otherwise, it would become too obvious. If you can do it properly, whoever looks you in the eye will barely perceive it, believing that you have thick and very long eyelashes. If, on the other hand, you have small, downward eyes or are determined to seduce and want to show off a feline look, start from the middle of the eyelid and fade to the outside corner.


When you have acquired a certain dexterity, try the many eye make-up techniques. We suggest you some. First, you can use a white pencil to guide you as you draw the line with the eyeliner. After having passed the eyeshadow (if the make-up foresees it), pass the white pencil on the upper rhyme and correct any imperfections. So, go over with the eyeliner, and you’re done.

And you want to pass the eyeliner directly, prefer those with light colors, because, in case of a little firm and firm stroke, the inaccuracies will be seen less than the evident cut of black, blue, or brown.

You will get the same result while saving a lot of effort. If, on the other hand, the steady hand is not your main characteristic and even after a lot of exercises, the straight line just doesn’t come, try using the technique that involves placing a piece of scotch tape on the eyelids, passing the eyeliner right on the edge and removing (with care) the sticker.

The Decisive Factors for the Choice of Cake Eyeliner

Among all the products dedicated to make up that exist today, eyeliner is certainly one of the great timeless classics: just think that already the ancient Egyptians, around 4000 BC, used to enhance the eyes with a dark line, using very fine powders obtained by burning minerals like lead. This particular way of putting on eyes, however, did not only have a purely aesthetic function. It was believed that the powders protected these delicate areas of the body from sunlight; furthermore, this eyeliner ancestor is thought to have a religious significance and was used to ward off bad luck.

We can safely say that eyeliner has become an indispensable product for those who want to dare with eye makeup, or simply for those who, even daily, want to create a simple look that accentuates the look. Today, moreover, there are various formulas and colors produced by a large number of brands and cosmetic houses. However popular; eyeliner also remains one of the most feared cosmetics, since being able to create two perfectly equal lines, straight and without smudging is not for everyone; in addition, it is not said that the same style can enhance different types of eyes.

In this guide, we have collected all the features to watch out for in order to purchase the most suitable eyeliner for your needs: just a few simple tricks to obtain an impeccable and perfect look for our eyes!

Formula and Manual Skills

The first element to evaluate when choosing an eyeliner is the formula, ie, the consistency; as already pointed out, there are several, and each of them corresponds to a specific method of application. In this case, therefore, the criterion on which to base the choice is very simply your manual skills. Some formulas spread very easily, while other textures involve a greater risk of smudging. Let’s see in detail what are the formulas that we can find on the market and the level of manual skills required by each:

Liquid Eyeliner

it is certainly the most common and classic formula but at the same time, the most difficult one, which requires a certain manual skill and is not ideal for beginners. It tends to dry out very quickly, which makes it very difficult to adjust the line in case of errors. In general, there are two types on the market, distinguishable on the basis of the applicator: we, therefore, have the liquid eyeliner with a brush, considered the most professional and recommended for expert hands because of its very soft tip, or the liquid eyeliner with a felt applicator which, being more rigid, is relatively easier to apply.

Cream Eyeliner

As the name suggests, it is a very creamy formula and easy enough to work; among all types of eyeliner; however, it is probably the slowest drying one. Sold in small jars, it must be applied using the special angled brush and, in terms of manual skills, it requires a level that we could define as intermediate.

Gel Eyeliner

This formula has appeared on the market in slightly more recent times. Gel eyeliner is a mix between liquid and cream eyeliner, dries quickly and comes in small jars; like the cream one, it must be applied to the eyes with the angled brush and requires intermediate dexterity.

Powder Eyeliner Also Called Cake Eyeliner

It is comparable to an eyeshadow, whose texture it reminds. However, it must be applied with a brush moistened with water, since, using it dry, it would not be possible to obtain a precise and defined line. Similar to those in cream and gel, the eyeliner powder is suitable for those who are not necessarily expert but still have a minimum of manual skills with brushes.

Pen Eyeliner

It is distinguished by a felt tip, very similar to that of a classic marker, which can be more or less long and flexible depending on the desired result. Its shape makes it extremely simple to use and allows you to quickly create a precise section or, if necessary, to adjust and correct it easily. For this reason, pen eyeliner is definitely the best choice for those who are beginners and have yet to become familiar with this type of cosmetic.

Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner pencils are also very suitable for those with little manual skills, especially automatic ones, which must be rotated in order to let the tip come out. Their consistency is generally rigid enough to allow precise application but still remains rather soft, allowing you to modulate the section according to whether you want it thicker or thinner.

Final Effect

The final effect is nothing more than the result we will get after the application, once the eyeliner is dry. This characteristic is obviously linked to the consistency of the product and therefore varies according to the formula. Here are the effects we should expect from the formulas analyzed in the previous paragraph:

Liquid eyeliner: it is distinguished by a shiny effect and a very intense color and is normally a long-lasting product.

Cream eyeliner: this formula also ensures long-lasting and an intense and decisive color but, in this case, the final effect will not be glossy, but opaque (also called matte).

Gel eyeliner: this formula offers an intense color combined with a glossy and long-lasting effect.

Powder eyeliner: this product allows to obtain an opaque effect. The advantage of the eyeliner powder, however, lies above all in the fact that this type of consistency allows, just like a watercolor, to adjust the intensity of the color based on the quantity of water used to process the product before application.

Pen eyeliner: the extreme ease of application of this eyeliner, unfortunately, does not compensate for a whole series of disadvantages due to its rather oily formula. The stroke obtained with the pen model, in fact, is not dark and intense, but on the contrary, it is bland and not very pigmented; moreover, applying the product over the eyeshadow or a primer there is the risk of irreparably ruining the tip, which will lose the writing effect. On the other hand, if used directly on the eyelid, this eyeliner will eventually dry out and fade after a few hours.

Eyeliner pencil: the most obvious advantage of this eyeliner is that the intensity of the color and the stroke can be easily adjusted according to the number of applications that we decide to carry out.

Furthermore, this consistency allows greater experimentation, allowing, for example, to shade the product. Depending on the softness of the tip, we will have a more shiny and less lasting effect (in the case of very soft pencils like kajal, for example) or a result tending to opaque and longer-lasting.
Matita eyeliner.

Eye Shape and Most Suitable Styles

A seemingly simple product such as eyeliner allows, in reality, to create different looks. In fact, we can bring out the look in a different way depending on the chosen angle, the thickness of the line, the point from which the line is started, or, again, applying the product on both eyelids or only on the upper one. In this case, the type of line to be made essentially depends on our eyes: in fact, each shape corresponds to a specific style that allows you to make the most of it.

Creating Effects on Different Type of Eyes

Big eyes: this type of eye is best exploited by creating a stretch of eyeliner quite often along the top line of the eyelashes. If desired, you can add a well-defined comma at the end to give a more elongated effect.

Small and narrow eyes: in this case, we will have to create an illusion of magnification. For example, we can draw a line (narrow, so as not to weigh down the eye) starting from the inner side of the eye, then continuing outside and ending with a vigola at the end. To further open and round the eye, another line can be made along the inferior ciliary rim, starting from about half and continuing towards the outside, until it joins it with the line drawn along the superior rim.

Distant eyes: the idea is to bring them closer together, focusing attention on the internal corners. The line we are going to create, therefore, will be thick and must start from the inner corner of the eye and end at the outer one. If we want to make a comma, we won’t have to stretch it outwards but keep it inside the crease of the eyelids.

Eyes close: the goal, in this case, will be to remove them. This effect is obtained by starting the line not from the inner corner of the eye, but from about half of the upper line. We will also have to put the accent on the ends, creating an accentuated comma tending towards the outside.

Sunken eyes: this type is distinguished by a mobile eyelid that tends to disappear when the eye is open, a feature that can make the application of the eyeliner rather problematic. A possible solution, in this case, is to use an eyeliner pencil and blend it well with a brush, in order to accentuate the eyelid as much as possible. At this point, we can then use the eyeliner to highlight as much as possible the upper external rhyme and, if desired, the lower one.

Protruding eyes: in this case, the mobile eyelid is completely visible and tends towards the outside, resulting larger and more evident. The ideal for this type of eyes is a very thick stretch of eyeliner on the upper rhyme of the lashes, preferably opaque, in order to decrease the space and visually reduce the upper eyelid.

Round eyes: experts advise to draw a line also along the lower line of the lashes, which tends to visually lengthen the eyes outwards. Along with the upper rhyme, on the other hand, it is advisable to draw a thin line (since a very thick line would accentuate the roundness) starting from about half an eye, to then conclude on the outside with an elongated comma tending upwards.

Eyes are tending downwards: in this case, the effect we will have to create will be to lift the eyes upwards. The most suitable option is to draw a line starting from the inner corner of the eye, ending with a comma accentuated outwards and upwards: this “tail” must be wider than the line on the eye, just to give a “lifting” effect. Instead, we avoid putting make-up on the lower rhyme.

Elongated eyes: among all the existing eye shapes, this type is the one that most lends itself to eyeliner and which best matches the black line. Who has eyes of this type, can choose the look they prefer without fear of making mistakes.

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