If you’ve come across this guide, it’s because you’re going to buy a ceiling fan. You will have your reasons, but mainly you will find it a useful device that refreshes the environment, without weighing too much on energy consumption.

There are many types, and it is normal not to know how to choose it, without evaluating its performance and style of person.

You will already know that most devices of this type now also include lighting. So there are many things to evaluate! And that’s why our guide will help you, both to get to know the ceiling fans better and to find the best one on the market.

Here we had listed out some of the best quality of ceiling fans that are present below.

Portage Bay 51453 Madrona Ceiling Fan, 52, Gun Metal
  • TRANSITIONAL: Modernized LED lighting fixture (bulbs included)
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and...
  • TWO-BLADE FINISHES: Walnut and Chocolate Maple! Get the perfect finish match with our reversible ceiling fan blades. Each side has...
  • MEDIUM SIZED ROOMS: Perfect for rooms around 350 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: You'll love this ceiling fan!
Portage Bay 51436 Renton Ceiling Fan, 42, Bronze
  • THREE LIGHTS: Branched traditional ceiling fan lighting fixture (bulbs included).
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and...
  • TWO-BLADE FINISHES: Walnut and Chocolate Maple! Get the perfect finish match with our reversible ceiling fan blades. Each side has...
  • MEDIUM SIZED ROOMS: Perfect for rooms around 350 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: You'll love this ceiling fan!
Prominence Home 50853 Benton Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 52” Matte...
  • Hugger ceiling fan. Features a white finish and 5 dual finish, reversible fan blades. White blades one side, white oak on the...
  • Enjoy the cool breeze created by a Prominence Home ceiling fan. Three speeds allow for the perfect setting for your space.
  • Traditional pull chains included for easy "on and off" adjustments but this fan is also conveniently compatible with universal...
  • Perfect for medium spaces. This fan is perfect for rooms around 350-450 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms...
  • Limited manufacturer's . You'll love this ceiling fan.
Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52" Matte Black West Hill Ceiling Fan with Bowl Light...
  • LOW CEILINGS: No problem, this ceiling fan measures 11.5 inches from ceiling to bottom of light fixture
  • LIGHT: Frosted cased white light kit with 1 E26/A15 bulb. Dimmable 100% to 10% and 600 lumens (200 degree beam angle)
  • 5 BLADES: Dual finish fan blades (52 inches) Matte Black on side A - Siberian Walnut on side B
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and...
  • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime
Prominence Home 50860 Alvina LED Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 42...
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN: Hugger ceiling fan, built for rooms where extra space is needed.
  • SMALL - MEDIUM ROOMS: perfect for rooms around 350 square feet such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or family rooms
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible motor. Can be run in the winter to aid in rotating warm air and...
  • FAN MEASUREMENTS: this Fan measures 7.22 inches from Ceiling to bottom of Fan, 6.19 inches from Ceiling to bottom of blades and...
  • DUAL FINISH BLADES: get the perfect finish match with our reversible Ceiling Fan blades. Each side has a unique finish
BOJUE 52” Ceiling Fans with Lights Remote Control,Indoor Outdoor Wood Ceiling...
  • DC Motor : Motor is the most important part of ceiling fan, Our products use DC frequency conversion motor, the motor is...
  • High Quality Solid Wood Blades Blades are made from chinese parasol wood.We have our own plane trees planting base and blades...
  • Product Function: This is a smart fan with remote control, three options. Adjustable 6-speeds wind ,slow speed wind is suitable...
  • Noise problem: The noise problem is something we are always concerned about. 35W DCfrequency conversion copper motor, the maximum...
  • Customer Service: BOJUE brand takes user experience very seriously, We provide you with good after-sales service, motor is...
SaleRANK NO. 7
Sofucor 52" Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control, 3 Poles for Indoor Outdoor...
  • Wide Application: 3 down rods 5"/10"/24", matte black finish, stylish and vintage design, moisture-proof level, great for any...
  • High-quality After-sales Service: Lifetime warranty for motors and 15 years warranty for accessories. If you have any installation...
  • Ceiling Fan with Lights: Integrated LED Light , 1500 Lumen, 18W, 3000K warm light, 4000K natural light, 6500K white light,...
  • Ceilng Fan with Remote: Handy remote control, independently turn ceiling fan/ light on/off, adjust the fan speed from low, medium...
  • Reversible ETL Motor: Hand-craft cooper motor, 35W ultra-powerful, max CFM 5250, quieter performance, reversible for winter use...
42" Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light (E26 base) and Remote Control, Reversible...
  • REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Features a oil rubbed bronze finish reversible motor and 3 dual finish, reversible fan blades. Walnut color...
  • LOW CEILINGS: No problem, this ceiling fan measures 12.9 inches from ceiling to bottom of light fixture
  • LIGHT: Light kit with frosted white lampshade with 1 E26 base (Bulb not included). Dimmable 100% to 10%
  • QUIET: Noise of the fan is less than 45 db. Perfect for the bedroom and other indoor location
  • AFTER-SALE WARRANTY SERVICE: Hykolity brand provides 12 monut worry-free warranty. Motor lifetime warranty. We also provide...
Dannilong Caged Ceiling Fan with Lights ,Modern Enclosed Ceiling Fan Indoor with...
  • 【Unique looks and safe design】This industrial/rustic caged ceiling fan looks very beautiful,it is enclosed with 8 ABS blades...
  • 【Super quiet】: This 17.7 inch fan light is insert with a silent pure copper motor, which can bring stable and strong power...
  • 【Remote control】: 3 speeds control, low/medium/high; 4 Models time, You can set time 1/2/4/8 hours for fan
  • 【Material】: Black iron metal case and ABS fan blades. With 2 down-rods: Black ceiling fan with light is equipped with two...
  • 【Small but mighty】:Black iron metal basket cage create a Rustic and Modern Farmhouse decor and Urban Industrial and Coastal...
SaleRANK NO. 10
Chriari Ceiling Fans with Lights, 3 Wood Fan Blades, 52" Black Classical Style...
  • [CLASSICAL CEILING FAN] Chriari ceiling fan is the perfect combination of classic and technology. 3 mahogany blades are carved...
  • [STRONG & QUIET] Features a 65W DC copper core motor. 240r/min in full speed model - 30% faster than other fans. The volume is...
  • [EASY to INSTALL] Most of the functional components have been assembled. You can save on the expensive cost of hiring an...
  • [REMOTE CONTROL] Easily adjust the lighting of the ceiling fan (white light - warm light - yellow light), 6 wind speeds, and...
  • [FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE] We provide an 18-month worry-free warranty for every customer. In addition, we also provide 24-hour...

What to Look for Before Buying Ceiling Fan?

If you need to freshen a room, there is nothing better than a ceiling fan. But that’s not all: even if you also want to give a touch of modern design to your home one of these appliances can help you.

Choosing the right ceiling fan is not easy; we agree. This is why we answer the most frequently asked questions that users who, like you, want to make such a purchase.

Why Is the Ceiling Fan an Interesting Purchase?

First of all, we give you a good reason: because it will save you on the electricity bill. As warm air moves down in winter, and vice versa, heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced.

As if that were not enough, it is an ideal complement to decorate your home, and you can also add lighting.

How Do You Define a Ceiling Fan?

These mechanical, usually electrical, objects have rotating blades mounted on a hub to circulate the air. The most modern ceiling fans have an electric switch to reverse the rotation of the blades, depending on whether it is activated in winter or summer.

These devices were born in the United States, particularly between 1860 and 1870. In the beginning, they were not driven by an electric motor, but they resorted to the current given by the water together with a turbine.

This system allowed two blades to spin through a belt system. It can still be seen in the southern United States today.

What Exactly Is the Reverse Function of A Ceiling Fan?

The reverse function allows you to use the device on both summer and winter days. The hot air weighs less than the cold air and, therefore, when the winter function is activated, the device shifts the heat downwards.

In particular, the ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise in summer and vice versa in winter.

When Are Ceiling Fans Indicated?

In essence, they are perfect when the heat is not excessive, and you can do without an air conditioner. Also, even when air conditioning is needed, the ceiling fan will help you cut your electricity bill.

These appliances move the air and, even if they do not cool the room, they give an unsurpassed feeling of freshness.

What Advantages and Disadvantages Does a Ceiling Fan Offer?

The ceiling fan is an efficient device. It contributes to the ventilation of a room and adds more style to its decoration.

As a decorative accessory, it is essential to know how to choose it correctly. Still, we must also know its advantages and disadvantages so as not to be caught by surprise. We list them in the following table:

  • Ventilation, Cooling
  • Decoration
  • The airflow that generates the fan keeps insects away.
  • They can’t cool the air like air conditioning.
  • They can be dangerous.

Do Ceiling Fans Not Cool Rooms?

No, they do not reduce the temperature of the room, but they influence the thermal sensation of people.

The refreshing sensation is obtained through two forms of cooling of the human body: convection and evaporation. The air on the skin is obtained thanks to the evaporation process in the body, generating freshness.

Many soon became popular in restaurants, shops and offices, places where it was convenient to refresh the environment.

How Do You Turn on Ceiling Fans Today?

Today you will find a wide range of ceiling fans on the market. From its origins, the design of these devices has evolved enormously. So even though in the nineteenth century only chains were used to turn it on and off, today there are many more formulas.

We explain them to you in the following list:

  • Chain or tie rod. In this case, you leave the wall switch on, and you have one fan chain and one for lighting. Besides, only one of the functions can be used with the wall switch. Just type OFF when you prefer to leave it inactive and activated in the fan or lighting function, depending on your needs.
  • Wall switch. Only the wall switch can be used, as indicated in the previous option. This option can be very convenient if the chain is located in a very distant point.
  • Only with remote control. This option requires the wall switch to be in ON mode. If the remote control has a memory, it does not matter if you turn the switch off and on, because the device “remembers” which function was active. If the remote control has no memory, you will need to turn it on again.
  • Chain and remote control combination. In this case, if you want to work only with the wall switch, the chain must be activated. If, on the contrary, you want it to work with the remote control, you must begin the chain and put the wall switch in ON mode. This formula of a combination of remote control and chains is familiar in ceiling fans with light.

At What Height Should the Ceiling Fans Are Positioned?

If the ceilings in the room are very high, you can always install an extension. As a general rule, the minimum height is 2.20 meters, while the maximum height is three meters.

These figures may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Generally, the instructions indicate the appropriate measures for its installation.

Are the Ceiling Fans Noisy?

Basically, the higher the speed level, the higher the noise. Those with longer blades are quieter, but the speed is slower.

Also, the more blades, the more silence, but also more engine effort. There are also fans with direct current (DC) motors, very silent, which represent the latest trend in this sector.

What Types of Motors Have Ceiling Fans?

The more powerful the engine, the more the air moves. There are two types of motors: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) machines. The former is cheaper but overheat more.

The latter, more modern, are more expensive but are quiet and low consumption. There are still a few on the market.

Which Type of Ceiling Fan Is Ideal for The Bathroom?

You will find many models on the market, but it is not the same thing to install such a device in the living room rather than in the bathroom. In the latter case, it is better not to choose ceiling fans with wooden blades.

They are delightful to look at but can deform when they stay in a wet area for a long time. Furthermore, they are not recommended for outdoors, where the best choice falls on steel.

Purchase Criteria

You will find so many models of ceiling fans on the market that you will need to compare several items before purchasing one.

In this section, we will show you some essential criteria before deciding on a particular product. Therefore, you can select the best device, both to cool the environment and save money or just to decorate:

  • Space size
  • Type of light
  • Energy consumption
  • Speed
  • Blade material
  • Direction of rotation
  • Noise
  • Position

Space Size

We have already dealt with this aspect in the previous section, but we remind you that in homes, it is better than the devices used are silent.

In addition to the m² of the room, you should check the ceiling height. The longer the blades are, the more air will be able to move. Do not forget this criterion, fundamental when installing the fan.

Type of Light

If possible, choose models compatible with LED light. LED bulbs are not only more environmentally friendly, but they also consume less.

In any case, on the market, you will find three different types of lighting. In the following list, we tell you what the advantages of the different types of light for these devices are:

  1. Spotlights. They have different points of light, so they are ideal if you want to add another touch to a room. Furthermore, they allow the installation of low consumption light bulbs.
  2. Ceiling lamps. They only have one light point, so they are indicated when you want to add a particular type of atmosphere to a room. Remember that they usually have low power, a maximum of 60 watts (W).
  3. Tulips. They usually offer three to four lighting points. In general, it is possible to choose LED lights, low consumption and halogen lamps.

Energy Consumption

If you don’t want the energy expenditure to skyrocket, choose ceiling fans with a maximum power of 60 watts (W). These devices don’t come close to consuming an air conditioner, but you have to think about it before deciding.

The figure to be evaluated does not include light bulbs, which, as far as possible, should be low consumption.


In general, ceiling fans have three-speed levels. Keep in mind that the third level can be louder. The adjustable speed allows you to choose the ventilation you want at any time. There are also models with multiple speed levels, although they tend to be more expensive. You choose.

Blade Material

On the market, you will find three different materials for the blades: metal, wood and plastic. The easiest to combine and the most aesthetically pleasing are the wooden ones.

However, they can deteriorate with humidity and are not recommended in bathrooms, outdoors and in the kitchen. Plastic can turn yellow, and finally, metal ones are easier to clean.

Direction of Rotation

As already described in another section, many current fans incorporate the reverse function. Not all ceiling fans offer this functionality, which is undoubtedly very practical. Choose a device with a reverse position so you can use it both in summer and during cold winters. You will not regret it.


We have already mentioned this topic, but let’s add some information in this section. Some people need total darkness to sleep, and others who require absolute silence.

If you are one of these last people, choose devices with long blades. If you have the chance, opt for a DC motor, faster and much quieter.


Keep in mind where you intend to place the device. If it is for the exterior, you should evaluate a material such as steel, which does not deteriorate over time.

If it is for indoor use, do not choose wooden blades for damp or hot environments, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Finally, remember that manufacturers usually offer spare parts.

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