If you are a lover of DIY and you need a new tool for your jobs, you are in the right place. Anyone doing DIY needs to have an electric drill. Keep reading our guide if you need help comparing and choosing the best electric exercises on the market.

Electric drills are indispensable tools for any DIY lover. These tools are cheap and very functional. They are handy for any repair and project in the house, both professional and amateur. After a long evolution, we have come to modern drills with many additional functions, such as screws.

Right below, we had selected the best Chicago electric drills.

Chicago Electric Power Tools 1/2" Variable Speed Reversible Heavy Duty D-Handle...
  • Amperage (amps) 9 Maximum speed (rpm) 0-1000 RPM
  • Superior balance and handling
  • Ball and needle bearings for smooth operation
  • Precision-cut heat treated gears for maximum life
defoo 62459 91938 Carbon Motor Brushes Suitable for Harbor Freight Chicago...
  • Carbon Motor Brush Suitable for Harbor Freight Chicago Electric HarborFreight HF Drill Master DrillMaster 14" Cut-Off Saw/Metal...
  • Item Number: 62459 91938.
  • We have been specializing in the production of carbon brushes for 20 years. Our products are not only supplied to Chinese...
Drill Key Chuck 1/2" 15/64" Pilot Hole for Harbour Freight Chicago Electric...
  • Works for Harbour Freight Chicago Electric Hammer Drill
Hymnorq 1/2-20UNF Keyed Drill Chuck 1.5-13mm Clamping Range with SDS-plus Shank,...
  • 3-JAW CHUCK - Drill Chuck with universal keyed 3-jaw design can firmly hold a variaty of bit shanks ranging from 1/16" to...
  • PRECISION - Compared with keyless chucks, the classic keyed chucks is more precise, for holes that have very small tolerance....
  • 3 ADAPTERS - The 3 different types of adapter can easily convert your tool to a drill, suitable for multiple connecting needs; The...
  • SUPER DURABILITY - The chuck is high-precision threaded and tapered tightly with rust-resistant Cr-coated body and sleeve...
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY - This drill chuck adapter tool kit is suitable for gyro-screwdriver, wireless screwdriver, impact screwdriver,...
16A Drill Trigger Switch,Electric Cordless Hand Drill Table Saws Speed...
  • 【Product】-16A Drill Trigger Switch,Electric Cordless Hand Drill Table Saws Speed Controller7.2 V-24 V,Push Button Controlling...
  • 【Easy to operate 】- Speed is convenient to adjust, press down the switch button to start, the lower you press down, the speed...
  • 【Widely use】 - This switch is widely used in electric hand drill or other power tools. Great to replace the old or broken one...
  • 【Specifications】- ❶Material: plastic and metal❷Color: black❸Maximum current: 16A❹Voltage: 7.2 V - 24 V
  • 【JECTSE】 -Jectse is not just a brand. We deeply care about our customers and about making sure that the buyer gets what they...
PC18B 18Volt Replacemnet Battery Compatible with Porter Cable 18V PC188 PC18B-2...
  • Battery Type: Ni-Mh | Voltage: 18V | Cpacity: 3.0Ah | Wattage: 54Wh | Replacement for Porter Cable 18v pc18b battery.
  • Replacement for Porter Cable 18v battery pc18b pcc489n pc18bl pc18blx pc18blex; Compatible with all Porter Cable 18v cordless...
  • Top A Grade Battery cells, built in multiple protection system, safeguard features automatic overload cut-off, against...
  • Products are CE / RoHS certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products. High quality capacity battery for longer running...
  • 30 days money back and 12 months quality service. Any concerns about this item feel free to contact Customer Service, we will...
SE Chuck Key for Flexible Shaft Grinder - 9741CK
  • Steel body
  • Key size: 1/8”
  • Can be replacement for lost or damaged chuck keys
  • Use with power drills, flexible shaft grinders, and more
  • Great for tightening, loosening, and securing a variety of chuck sizes
SaleRANK NO. 8
Genesis GD38B Variable Speed Reversible Electric Drill with 3/8-Inch Keyless...
  • 3/8 in. (10mm) Keyless Chuck for Quick Bit Changes
  • Powerful 4. 2 Amp Motor for All-Purpose Drilling and Driving | Reach for Genesis Power Tools for your next DIY project!
  • Variable Speed (0-3000 RPM) and Reversible Motor for Versatility | Choose the perfect speed for starting screws or drilling...
  • Lock-on Button for Extended Use | Prevent Fatigue during your DIY project!
  • Rubberized Non-slip Grip with Belt-Clip

Things to Consider Before Buying Chicago Electric Drills

There are many types of electric drills, so consider the characteristics of a model well before buying it. You must always know a tool before purchasing. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that can help you resolve possible doubts and make a reasoned purchase.

What Is an Electric Drill?

An electric drill is a very versatile tool. They are usually gun-shaped and have a trigger-shaped switch, pressing, which activates the mechanism. They have an outer casing called the casing, usually made of reinforced plastic, which covers the engine and chassis.

At one end, we find a piece called the spindle, which serves to tighten the tip. Regular electric drills must be held in hand, while columns support larger ones.

Drill presses are for professional use, and we usually find them in workshops. The power of the drills varies from 12 watts of the battery ones to 1200 watts of the column ones. The most common drills have 600 watts of power.

How Does an Electric Drill Work?

It works with electricity, whether it comes from an outlet or a battery. Electricity generates a movement in the motor bearings, and this movement causes the spindle and the tip to turn.

By rotating, the materials are perforated. The drills are equipped with speed control and produce more or less power based on the material in front of them.

Sometimes the electric screwdriver is confused with the drill, but in reality, the two have different uses, since the former is less powerful and does not have the same functions as the latter.

What Is the Difference Between an Electric Drill and A Percussion Drill?

Traditional electric drills work using a rotary movement. The motor, by turning, imparts motion to the tip; the latter, by rotating, penetrates the different materials to be drilled, such as wood and metal. This is not possible with hard materials such as concrete and stone.

The impact drills, in addition to the rotary movement, also make percussion action. This means that in addition to twirling, the tip also moves quickly back and forth. This allows you to impact the material repeatedly. This movement is produced by two grooved discs which rotate in contact with each other. The impacts are transmitted to the tip.

How Can Accidents Be Avoided when Using a Drill?

Electric drills are potent tools. When using them, you must be careful to avoid accidents and injuries. Improper use of the electric drill can be risky since the tips are sharp and very dangerous. In this section, we show you the precautions you need to put in place before using an electric drill.

  • Protective Goggles: When you drill and drill a surface, they could splash off metal or stone chips. Also, some electric drills inside them have drill brushes that generate sparks. It is essential to protect your eyes from sparks and fragments using protective glasses.
  • Gloves: It is not recommended to wear gloves when using electric drills. The gloves may not adhere well, and the fabric may get caught in the tip. Such accidents are common in workshops, and all precautions must be taken to avoid them.
  • Don’t Put Too Much Pressure: The drill has its power. The tip penetrates the surfaces at your own pace, and there is no need to force or push the tool. If the information does not penetrate, it is possible that the drill is not powerful enough, so do not push it. If the spike jumps off, it can hit someone and injure him.
  • Overheating: As mentioned in the previous point, drills have their power, and it is not convenient to force them. If pushed, they could overheat, eventually burning the engine. In addition to potential damage to the tool itself, a fire may occur.
  • Materials: Do not use the electric drill with materials for which it is not suitable. If your drill is not a striker, do not use it to drill the stone.
  • Well tightened tip: The tip must always be well tightened and fixed to its housing. If you go wide and “dance,” it could pop out and hurt someone.

Purchase Criteria

To choose an electric drill, we must evaluate some purchase criteria. In this section, we show you what aspects you should consider before making a choice. In short, a mini-guide to determine the quality/price ratio.

These are the elements to consider:

  • Power
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Handle and accessories
  • Percussion
  • Speed
  • Battery


A typical DIY drill usually has a power between 500 W and 850 W. More powerful drills are excessive for home DIY projects, and are reserved for professionals. Cordless drills are differentiated based on battery voltage.

Drills with 18 V batteries have more powerful motors. Their power in watts usually does not reach 500 W. If you want more power, you have to invest more and choose a professional model. Although less severe, these drills are limited only when working on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Automatic Shutdown

This is an essential feature for the safety of those who use the drill. Automatic stop causes the drill to automatically stop turning when you take your finger off the trigger. In models without an automatic stay, the drill continues to turn until it stops. Cordless drills have this feature built-in, while corded drills are a bit rarer.

Handle and Accessories

Usually, we find drills of two different designs: T-shaped and gun-shaped. There are also column drills and angle drills. The latter is ideal for working in uncomfortable or dangerous to reach places.

However, they are a particular type of drill, and we have not talked about it in this guide. Regarding the design, it must be ergonomic and comfortable. A useful feature is an additional handle, which is present in some drills as standard.

Choose comfortable drills: some can weigh more than two kilos. Choose a comfortable drill, and your body will thank you when you have to use it for a long time. Another useful accessory is the drill stop.


Intense hammer drills with wire can drill almost any type of surface, including fearsome concrete. They are equipped with toothed gears that are activated when the rotation movement becomes difficult, knocking on the material. These impacts facilitate the drilling of hard materials.

There are both cordless and cordless impact drills, but for hard surfaces such as concrete, it is essential that in addition to being percussion, they are also powerful. Most cordless drills are not powerful enough to punch hard materials. And cordless impact drills are more expensive.


The best wire drills for DIY and professional use are equipped with different levels of mechanical speed or “gears,” so the speed and power are adjustable.

For example, it is advisable to set speed “1” when working with concrete, since although the drill rotates at a slower speed, it does it with more power and is helped by percussion.


Cordless drills are less severe. When the battery runs out, you are forced to put them down and wait until they are charged again. Some models include an additional battery, but this is not usually the case. Some batteries can fully recharge in less than sixty minutes.

Drill batteries are usually lithium-ion. These modern batteries weigh little and last much longer. Furthermore, the dreaded “memory effect” does not occur. Therefore the charge will always have the same duration. Cheaper cell batteries last less, take longer to recharge, and experience the memory effect.

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