The irons steam ironing without wires are relatively new on the market and, as such, there are not many to choose from. If you are looking for the best cordless electric iron, it is essential that you know the available features and what are the differences between a standard iron and a cordless iron.

In this article, I will examine the features that you should go to look for in new iron, to then underline the differences that I found regarding the wireless metals, and finally, I will show you which are the most purchased cordless irons!

Here we had listed out the best and advanced models of cordless irons that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Steamfast SF-760 Portable Cordless Steam Iron, With Carrying Case, Non-Stick...
  • CORDLESS DESIGN— Enjoy optimal maneuverability to get every wrinkle without the hassle of a tangled cord.
  • EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB— 1200 watts of power removes wrinkles from almost any fabric with variable temperature control for use on a...
  • DRY OR STEAM IRON— Choose between dry or steam ironing with a spray mist option, or a burst of horizonal or vertical steam.
  • AUTO-OFF — Safety-centric design automatically turns off the iron if it is left idle for more than 8 minutes
  • IN THE BOX— Conveniently store the iron in its unique carrying case. The included measuring cup provides for easy refills.
Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless, Portable 1500W Contoured Multi-Directional...
  • CORDLESS, 1500W STEAM/DRY IRON End the hassle of twisted, tangled power cords for quicker, easier, more convenient ironing on a...
  • IRON IN EVERY DIRECTION Sleek, contoured 360° Freestyle soleplate has a double-tipped design to ensure natural movement in any...
  • CURVED, STAINLESS STEEL SOLEPLATE Non-stick, dual-tipped soleplate maneuvers seamlessly over fabric without tugging or wrinkling
  • HEAT, STEAM AND DRY SETTINGS Apply the perfect level of heat and steam, or no steam with the touch of button; a powerful vertical...
  • MAXIMUM PORTABILITY A matching lightweight, heat-resistant carrying case snaps easily onto the iron and power base after use for...
SaleRANK NO. 3
Panasonic Cordless Iron, Portable 360-Degree Freestyle Dry/Steam Iron with...
  • Iron with Cordless Freedom: End the hassle of twisted, tangled power cords and embrace quicker, easier ironing of your clothes,...
  • Ultra-Smooth Glide with a Curved, Non-Stick Soleplate: Nickel-coated stainless-steel soleplate gently glides over clothes and...
  • Natural 360° Movement with Precision Tips: Freestyle clothes iron moves effortlessly in any direction, to quickly cover even...
  • Powerful Vertical Steamer, without Drips or Build-up: Steam vents along the entire soleplate allow for even, powerful steaming to...
  • Safe and Portable, with Go-Anywhere Case: Bring along to quilting and sewing meet-ups, and store neatly anywhere at home; cord...
SaleRANK NO. 4
Panasonic 360 Ceramic Cordless Freestyle Iron
  • Cordless - No cord to get tangled or caught on the end of the ironing board
  • Expansive surface area - Great for larger fabrics, like curtains and tablecloths
  • Unique double-point design
  • Adjustable steam / Vertical steam
  • Detachable water tank
SaleRANK NO. 5
Panasonic 360º Freestyle Advanced Ceramic Cordless Iron, Rose Gold
  • No cord to get tangled or caught on the end of the ironing board
  • Larger soleplate is great for larger fabrics like curtains and tablecloths
  • Non-stick, lightweight and ultra-smooth
  • Easy to fill without taking the whole iron to the sink
  • Cord reel on charging base
Sunbeam Professional 1700W Digital Steam Iron, 11-Heat Settings, Multi-Color LCD...
  • MORE POWER: Professional Digital Steam iron with 1700 watt of power for quicker heating and an LCD screen with a multi-color
  • POWERFUL SHOT OF STEAM: works horizontally or vertically for hanging garments, upholstery or drapery
  • SPRAY MIST FEATURE: the spray mist feature helps smooth out even the toughest wrinkles
  • NON-STICK SOLEPLATE: Full size nonstick soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics with 11 heat settings to cover all your ironing...
  • AUTO-SHUT OFF: 3-way auto shut-off automatically shuts off iron
SaleRANK NO. 7
Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron, 1400 Watt, Large Anti-Drip Stainless Steel...
  • MORE POWER: Steammaster Iron comes equipped with 1400 Watts of power for quicker heating
  • POWERFUL SHOT OF STEAM FEATURE: works horizontally or vertically for hanging garments, upholstery or drapery
  • SPRAY MIST FEATURE: the spray mist feature helps smooth out even the toughest wrinkles
  • NON-STICK SOLEPLATE: large nonstick soleplate glides smoothly across fabrics
  • AUTO-SHUT OFF: equipped with a 3-way motion smart auto-off feature for added safety and peace of mind
Black+Decker ICL500 Light ‘N Go Cordless Iron, Purple, Large Water Tank
  • Illuminated Charging Base: Return the iron for a quick recharge between garments. The light ring makes it easy to see when the...
  • 1500 Watts: The iron heats up quickly with every recharge-as fast as 10 seconds
  • Ceramic Nonstick Soleplate: The durable, nonstick soleplate efficiently retains heat and smooths out wrinkles on a variety of...
  • Large Water Tank: The large capacity water tank accommodates spray mist and steaming for long ironing tasks
BLACK+DECKER Cord Reel Iron with Nonstick Soleplate, ICR16X
  • TrueGlide Soleplate: The nonstick soleplate provides a 2x smoother glide on all fabric types
  • Cord Reel: The spring-loaded cord unreels and retracts quickly for easy use and storage
  • Fabric Guide: Find the perfect temperature for all fabric types with the convenient guide printed on the top of the iron
  • Anti-Drip: This feature eliminates pesky water spotting by properly heating water before it enters the steam chamber
Sunbeam Steammaster 1400 Watt Steam Iron with 8' Retractable Cord, Large...
  • MORE POWER: Steammaster iron comes equipped with 1400 Watts of power for quicker heating
  • POWERFUL SHOT OF STEAM FEATURE: works horizontally or vertically for hanging garments, upholstery or drapery
  • SPRAY MIST FEATURE: the spray mist feature helps smooth out even the toughest wrinkles
  • NON-STICK SOLEPLATE: large stainless steel nonstick soleplate glides smoothly across fabrics
  • AUTO-SHUT OFF: equipped with a 3-way motion smart auto-off feature for added safety and peace of mind
Hamilton Beach Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer for Clothes with Scratch-Resistant...
  • 10X MORE DURABLE THAN TRADITIONAL NONSTICK: Durathon nonstock soleplate glides smoothly over clothes.
  • 60% MORE STEAM*: This steam iron for clothes offers superior wrinkle removal from even the most stubborn of fabrics.
  • NEAT, EASY STORAGE: 8 foot retractable cord retracts conveniently into base for neat, easy storage.
  • DOUBLES AS A VERTICAL STEAMER: The steam iron function lets you steam wrinkles from clothes while they’re still on the hanger.
  • 3-WAY AUTO SHUTOFF: Have peace of mind knowing the clothing iron will automatically power off after 30 seconds when placed on its...
Steam Iron for Clothes, Professional Grade Cordless 2400W Rapid Even Heat,...
  • ✅ ✅CORDLESS FUNCTIONALITY: The 2400-watt hybri-d cordless clothes steam iron provides up to 60 second-s of continuous heat and...
  • ✅ ✅LED INDICATOR: Steam iron features an LED indicator that tells you when the iron is losing heat in cordless mode, so you...
  • ✅ ✅GLIDING CERAMIC: Ceramic soleplate offers more "glide-ability" across fabrics than stainless steel or nonstick.
  • ✅ ✅CHOOSE YOUR FABRIC: Large, intuitive, easy-to-use dial lets you adjust for the type of fabric you're working with.
  • ✅ ✅VERTICAL STEAM FUNCTION: Also offers Spray Mist and Shot of Steam features; Vertical Steam features is great for...

Cordless Irons Buying Guide


The first thing to do, when choosing a cordless iron, is actually to check if your habits can go well with the timing and methods of using such a tool. Therefore, first of all, evaluate the frequency with which you usually iron your clothes and the number of items to be arranged each time.

In this sense, it is easy to identify yourself or whoever irons the clothes of the day in the morning, little by little but continuously, or who spends an entire day ironing laundry as the whole.

These two profiles generally adapt to different types of iron. In the first case, a model with a small container of water will do more than well, since the quantity of steam produced will be enough to complete those two or three items that you usually iron in the morning.

In this case, however, you may need a rather high power level, so that it reaches the maximum temperature in the shortest possible time. In the second case, instead, it is necessary to aim for a model with a tank large enough to allow you a functional autonomy. Even if it isn’t mighty, waiting a few more minutes for it to warm up shouldn’t be a big deal.

Technical Specifications

Now let’s see what some of the technical specifications of a cordless iron are. We have already mentioned the importance of a container that is suitable for your needs and, in addition to its size, it is also essential to evaluate the possibility that you can fill it without having to cool the entire structure.

A second essential aspect concerns the wattage, which is the value that determines the speed with which the iron will reach its maximum temperature. This is also one of the elements that we consider variable based on what your habits are.

An additional detail that can be useful is also that of temperature control, which will allow you to work on different garments without the risk of ruining them or not ironing them at all.

Materials and Additions

Ultimately we give some inputs regarding the choice of the most suitable materials and other additions that you can find or not find in each model. The best materials for the plate, so that the iron slides on the clothes at best are stainless steel, titanium or ceramic.

The plate itself will then be more efficient as the number of steam holes increases. Its shape may vary from model to model, but those with a sharp precision tip will make it easier to iron sleeves, collars, and all those complex areas such as those around the buttons.

Among the various possible options, we also find the self-cleaning option, to prevent the stock from clogging the holes, and that of the auto switch-off, for more excellent safety.

Technical Specifications

To know how to choose an excellent cordless iron, it is essential to first analyze its technical specifications, to estimate performance and effectiveness, already in the selection phase.

The steam delivery can reach a speed of 35 g / min and its power is 2400 w. for this reason the total time for its heating is only 30 seconds, and also the base allows rather short refill times.

The company stresses that it is also possible to use tap water for filling the tank and that its opening is extensive, to make everything easier. The boiler has a capacity of 0.3 l and allows a functional autonomy if you think about the number of garments that can be treated with a single filling.

Aesthetic Aspect

The appearance is compact and the proposed color, in this case, is blue, combined with white. For this reason, it is rather easy to monitor the water level reached, and it is easy to proceed with filling the tank in case of insufficient quantity.

The base is small and round and to reload the iron just hold it for a few seconds; a special indicator light will indicate the total time required. The full dimensions are 29.5 x 12.2 x 13.85 cm, and the total weight is just over 1.5 kg; for these reasons, it is manageable and somewhat compact.

The shape of the plate is also very pointed and this, as we have seen, is an essential detail about precision and yield, once passed on the garments. Users note that the great freedom, due to the absence of the thread, also adds a good yield on clothes, ruined only by a slight delay in the steam coming out.

How to Use the Cordless Iron?

Once you have decided which cordless iron to buy, you just have to learn how to use it. The methods of use differ from the classic models, and it is important to underline some specifications that could help you in a more comfortable and more effective use of this tool.


The first thing to do, before using the cordless iron, is to proceed with its preparation. If you have opted for a model with a boiler, you must first make sure of what type of water should be inserted into the tank, a data that must be reported in the instruction booklet.

Once you have ascertained this fact and chosen the right amount of water, you just have to connect it to the power outlet and wait for the water and the dish to heat up: this should be indicated using warning lights or acoustic signals.

If, on the other hand, the model does not have a boiler, simply connect it to the socket and, once again, wait. The times in this sense vary according to the power you have chosen for your iron: the higher the wattage and the faster the maximum temperature will be reached.


Among the features that we have seen and that distinguish each model, there is also the regulation of temperature. This phase can take place either through select buttons or with graduated cranks, which will indicate the level of heat that can be reached.

This optional is very important because it allows you to have greater security on the clothing you want to iron. Each fabric has information on the ideal ironing mode on the appropriate tag and is a value that must be respected to avoid damage to structures or ineffective passes.


Once you have waited the necessary time and selected the ideal temperature for the garment in front of you, you just have to start ironing. The approach with a wireless model, like the ones we have analyzed, can be quite tiring at first.

It is necessary to adapt one’s times to those of the machinery, and this may not be easy in the first instance. The autonomy of iron of this type is, in fact about 30 seconds, a value that varies from model to model and which mainly depends on its power.

We speak of autonomy because, at the end of this time, it is necessary to rest the iron on the base and wait for it to recharge. Also, this value can change and varies from two to ten seconds.

For many garments it may happen that the time needed to iron and reposition the dress coincides with that of autonomy and recharging of the iron; in other cases, however, it may be limiting, especially for sheets or tablecloths, for which the 30 seconds may not be sufficient.

Once you are familiar with this aspect, the ironing phase continues as always, with the great advantage that the iron can move freely without the constraint of the thread.

The dishes can then have the same effectiveness as the classic models, just point to those in ceramic, titanium, or steel and to well-shaped shapes that allow excellent precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Cordless Iron Work?

It is an iron that allows you to have maximum freedom of movement, thanks to the total absence of wire. The plate rests on a base that acts both as a refill and as a boiler, and that connects to the power outlet so that the electricity can heat the water in the tank.

The iron resting on this base then heats thanks to an internal resistance, which is powered by electrical connections located at the rear. To make this tool a truly safe object, plastic mechanisms are often added, which avoid hand contact with the electrical connectors that feed the iron.

Is the Boiler Iron Better?

Irons with the boiler are on the market with a much higher cost than those without a boiler. This also coincides with a much better performance both in terms of autonomy in terms of time and terms of yield on clothes.

The iron of this type allows you to iron up to two consecutive hours, without having to refill the water or wait for the plate to reach the temperature. This will then slide on the clothes smoothly and smoothly. Also, thanks to the number of holes present and therefore to the quantity of steam supplied.

What to Do if The Iron Loses Water?

If the iron leaks water from the plate, i.e. it supplies water instead of steam, you must check in the instructions what type of water is required by the manufacturer, whether from the tap or distilled.

Just a small layer of limestone may be needed to vaporize the water correctly, and in its absence, this does not occur. If, on the other hand, the water comes out of the boiler, it may be useful to go and clean the seals which could be encrusted with limestone.

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