Dogs love to dive and splash around in the water, especially during these hot summers. A dog pool is a perfect accessory to keep your puppy fresh and cheerful. Not to mention that, if of adequate size, the swimming pool can also become leisure for you and your two-legged family members.

A dog pool must be durable. First of all: dogs know how to be quite restless during the game and could inadvertently put those who are bathing with them at risk.

In this guide you will find some useful tips to choose the swimming pool that best suits your needs, to spend a refreshing and fun summer. Here we will be listing the top 9 best dog bathtubs.

Pet Gear Pup-Tub, for Pets up to 20-pounds, Ocean Blue
  • Pup Tub is great for a relaxing bath for your pet or quick clean-ups from accidents or messes
  • Rubberized bottom provides a slip-proof floor even when wet
  • 2 tethers allow the pet to be secured during bathing process
  • Translucent plastic allows small dogs to see through resulting in less stress
  • Two storage trays for shampoo, etc. and quick drain
Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub and Wash Station for Bathing, Shower, and Grooming, Foldable and Portable, Indoor and Outdoor, Perfect for Small and Medium Size Dogs, Cats and Other Pet (Gray)
  • ✔BATH TIME MADE EASY: Bathe your cat or dog indoors or outdoors without the backache – or the mess – with 360-degree access to your pet. Portable bathing and grooming tub fits inside your bathtub or shower and helps you keep your pet clean while conserving water. When finished bathing, use the attached stretchable drain hose to drain into your tub or shower, or a bucket
  • ✔PERFECT WASHING & GROOMING HEIGHT: No more backache – the elevated tub makes bathing and grooming easy on your back and knees by putting your pet at the perfect height - just short of 35 inches. Two side pockets store shampoo and other bathing or grooming essentials within easy reach
  • ✔FOLDS IN SECONDS: Fold and unfold the tub with one hand thanks to its lightweight construction and patented folding mechanism. Simply wipe the tub dry and pull the handle in the middle to fold it from 33” to just shy of 6” wide for easy storage. The tub’s legs are easily removed to save even more space during storage and transport
  • ✔PERFECT FOR SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE DOGS & CATS: The basin measures 33” long, 17.8” wide and 11.5” deep, providing plenty of space for your furry pal. Included three-point leash restraint with adjustable collar can make showering your pet more safe and convenient. Ideal for most pets up to 40 pounds
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE DESIGN: The basin is made of marine grade PVC, which is rugged, easy-to-clean, and resistant to wear from paws and claws. The frame is made of stainless aluminum tubing and weighs less than 11 lbs total, yet supports more than 130 lbs (including water) and remains steady and safe during bathing and grooming. Dimensions: 35.7”L x 20.7”W x 35”H (unfolded); 2 year manufacturer warranty
Qyuruisi Collapsible Bathtub Pet Dog Cat Bath Tub Portable Multifunction Foldable Baby Bathtub Laundry Basket Storage Organizer Folding Washing Tub Non Slip with Drainage Hole (Grey)
  • It is suitable for bathing baby ,small pets, such as cats and small dogs, it can also be used for washing clothes, shoes, and other articles, as well as large laundry basket and storage organizer for bathroom, bedroom and kitchen etc.
  • When folding, its height is about 2.6inches, save more than 70% space. You can keep it in the trunk of your car, convenient for camping, fishing or outdoor activities etc.
  • Made of soft and strong PP and TPR, very durable, no-smell and non-toxic, ECO friendly, enable it can be used to wash vegetables and fruits too. The drainage hole enables the tub to drain without tilting it. children and elderly can do it easily.
  • When in use: 23.5 x 16.0 x 10.8, after folded: 23.5 x 16.0 x 2.6 inches.
  • Itself weight 2.60 pounds, and capacity around 25 liters.
Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing X-Large
  • Dimensions 50" x 21.25" x 15"
  • 19 inch leg height, 25 inch U Entrance, 32.25 inch total height when assembled
  • Leg Foot Print - 26" x 47"
  • 175lbs max weight capacity
  • Quick-snap legs
SaleRANK NO. 5
Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Washing Shower Grooming Portable Bath Tub (White, 37.25"x19.25"x35.25")
  • Flying Pig Grooming perfect sized tub for medium to small size pets
  • Whole unit size: 37.5"L x 19.5"W x 35.5"H. Maximum weight: 150 pounds
  • Basin is made of heavy duty plastic material. Stand(legs) is made of stainless steel.
  • 360 degree access and leveler is adjustable for uneven floor
  • Light weight and Portable. Good size to fit in standard bathtubs.
Dono Foldable Pet Bath Tub for Small to Large Sized Dogs Outdoor PVC Swimming Bathing Tub Kiddie Pool for Dogs and Cats and Kids
  • SIMPLE USE: The convenient fold-down design makes it simple to open and fold, space-saving for storage at home, and easy to store and carry, when outdoors or traveling. Build-in drainage hole adopts drain design, rotate and open, convenient to drain. The drain cover is well sealed, there is no need to worry about water leakage during use.
  • DURABLE & HEAVY DUTY: Durable PVC material prevents punctures. The bottom is soft and flexible. Corners sealed well without leak.
  • SUITABLE SIZE AND NOTE: We provide three sizes for you to choose: S: 11.8" x31.5", M: 11.8" *47.2",L:30*160cm(11.8"*63"). We recommend placing the swimming pool on a level surface, without rocks or similar sharp objects under the swimming pool, and trim the dog's nails before using the swimming pool.
  • MULTIPLE USES: The pool can be used as a dog bath, outdoor swimming pool, fish pond, toddler bath kids play pool.Let your dogs and children enjoy a wonderful and happy time in summer.
  • EXCELLENT BATHING TUB & SWIMMING POOL: Throw your dog a water party to enjoy in the summer heat. believe that you will fall in love with it.
Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub Spout w/ Front Diverter, Ideal for Bathing Child, Washing Pets and Cleaning Tub
  • Patent Designed YOO.MEE Professional Dog Shower Unique on your Existing Tub Spout (w/front diverter) for Bathing Child, Washing Pets, Cleaning Tubs in Portable and Convenient Bathing, Easy and Quick Installation.
  • Must Pay Attention to Read over the Description and Take the Measurement before Buying. Don't hesitate to buy this Tub Sprayer if your Faucet well fit Our Product Requirement.
  • Attention 1 *** Only Use On the Tub Spout WITH TOP DIVERTER on Front in Vertical Direction and Perpendicular to the Spout Mouth (SEE PICTURE 3)
  • Attention 2 *** Only Suitable For the Tub Faucet Height From Top Diverter to Outlet Mouth at 2.20''-- 3.150'' MAX, and Tub Spout mouth Diagonal Width at 2.050'' MAX (SEE PICTURE 3)
  • We use Solid Brass Connection Diverter Valve to switch the showering between Fixed Showerhead and Tub Spout Spray. Our Tub Spray Cabinet and Hand Shower are made from High Strength ABS engineering grade plastic, which avoid ugly surface scratches on your metal spout. The soft hose as it need flexible bending no risk and scare for baby and pets. Inside Silicone Rubber Washer prevent the build-up of aging too hard for water sealing.
Varybeaty Collapsible Bathtub,Baby tub,Small Pets Bathtub Portable Baby Bathtub Washing Tub, Foldable Multifunction Plastic Laundry Basket Storage Basin Shower Basin Folding with Drainage Hole (Grey)
  • VERSATILE USES: It works well for bathing baby ,small pets, such as cats and small dogs, also can be used for washing clothes, shoes, and other articles, as well as large laundry basket and storage organizer for bathroom, bedroom and kitchen etc.
  • SPACE SAVING: It folds down to around 2.7inches when folded, enable it is very easy to find storage place, convenient for camping or ourdoor activities etc.
  • MATERIAL: It is made of soft and strong PP and TPR, very durable heavy duty plastic, no-smell and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, so they can be used to process vegetables and fruits too. The drainage plug allows the tub to drain easily without tilting it.
  • SIZE: When in use: 23 x 16 x 11 inches, When folded: 23 x 16 x 2.7 inches. Please check if the size is suitable for you.
  • WEIGHT&CAPACITY: Itself about 2.8 pounds, and capacity about 25liters
Flying Pig Pet Dog Cat Portable Bath Tub (Royal, 37.5"x19.5"x35.5")
  • Flying Pig Grooming perfect sized tub for medium to small size pets.
  • Whole unit size: 37.5"L x 19.5"W x 35.5"H. Maximum weight: 150 pounds.
  • Basin is made of heavy duty plastic material. Stand(legs) is made of stainless steel.
  • 360 degree access and leveler is adjustable for uneven floor.
  • Light weight and Portable. Good size to fit in standard bathtubs.

How to Choose Best Dog Bath Tubs?

Swimming pool made of non-toxic and safe plastic materials (PVC). Again for safety reasons, it was equipped with internal bumps, padded walls, and a non-slip bottom.

Drainage occurs through the opening of a lateral spiral cap. The pool is foldable and, therefore, easy to open and close, as well as to transport (it is equipped with a unique bag). It is available in three sizes (S, M, L) but in only one color variant: red/blue.

It is an efficient and versatile model: it can act as a swimming pool for dogs or be used as a play corner for children on the beach, or even as a sandpit for the little ones.

The practicality of assembly and transport are the other strong points of this product, appreciated both by dog ​​owners and by parents and grandparents.

A refreshing swimming pool in a hot summer can make a big difference in a dog’s life: the heat is stressful for everyone, and for him, it is even more stressful since he cannot sweat and take a shower. A swimming pool is truly a great gift!

What Is a Dog Pool For?

Being able to cool down is essential for a dog, especially when on hot days. After playing and walking in the sun for a long time, he physically needs some refreshment and a swimming pool and the perfect way to provide it.

Dogs are almost devoid of sweat glands, and unlike human beings, they struggle to release the heat, so that summer often becomes a time of suffering. A swimming pool can help them a lot to avoid heatstroke and heat-related heart problems

Can I Put Chlorine in The Water of My Dog ​​pool?

Of course, yes, as long as you don’t go overboard. Chlorine eliminates most fungi and bacteria by sanitizing the water, but an excessive amount may irritate the skin and eyes of your dog and your family.

After the bath, rinse your dog’s coat with fresh water to remove all traces and dry it with a soft towel. Chlorine can cause allergies and mild irritations, but with these precautions, it is quickly eliminated.

What Is a Heat Stroke, and How Can a Dog Pool Help?

Dogs are particularly vulnerable to summer heat stroke (sudden increases in body temperature), given the scarcity of sweat glands and the difficulty of their body to regulate itself. Numerous veterinary studies show how these episodes can lead to disability or even death.

If you notice that your dog is panting or staggering, or is boiling, make sure to cool him down as soon as possible because they are the first symptoms of heatstroke. Take it in the shade and try to make it drink or wet it with fresh water (slowly immersing it in the pool would be ideal).

What Can I Use to Protect My Dog ​​from the Heat?

Dogs get tired very quickly in hot weather, and they must always have fresh water to drink, as well as a series of bright and shaded beds. You could even create a small shelter from the sun for him.

Grooming can be a good idea, since cutting the fur favors its molting. Also, avoid playing in the sun and taking it for a walk in the central hours of the day. Always take some water with you to make it drink or cool.

Which Dog Breeds Have the Most Difficulty Swimming?

Generally, dogs have a good relationship with water, and swimming amuses them. However, some breeds have morphological or character characteristics that make this activity challenging. For example, those breeds that have a flattened or snub nose: bulldog, pugs, Chow Chow, Shi Tzu, and the like.

Some races are skilled in running but curiously denied for swimming, such as greyhounds, Basset Hound or Bull Terrier. Ditto for dachshunds, because of the long body and short legs. These dogs probably find it more fun to dive into pools of water where only their legs get wet.

What Should I Do After My Dog ​​has Come out Of the Water?

It is best to dry it as soon as possible, as dogs’ hair and ears don’t like humidity. Rinse it with fresh water (if it has been in contact with salt water or chlorine) and dry it with a towel or let it play in the sun. Remember: humidity is the cradle of leaks and bacteria!

Water in the ears also causes otitis, so try to dry your dog’s ears as best you can! Of course, it will also be useful to dry the edge of the swimming pool to avoid diving and sliding over time.

Can I Host a Puppy in My Dog’s Swimming Pool?

Of course, yes! On the chest, however, that other adult dogs accept it and do not appear aggressive. And above all that he has received and completed the first cycle of vaccination and pesticides (fundamental thing).

Sometimes puppies may feel mistrustful of water, which is why it is best to dip them gradually in a little water, especially if other adult dogs are present. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, do not hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian.

Can I Use My Dog’s Pool to Wash Him?

Yes, the dog pool can be both a place for recreation and cleaning for your puppy. Although of course, you will have to use different products and avoid putting chlorine in the water. Remember that for optimal cleaning, you must always use a special shampoo for animals.

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