Electrostimulation is also called electrotherapy because it consists precisely of a therapy in which the emission of an electrical impulse is used to induce a muscle contraction in one or more areas of the body, similar to that which the human muscular system naturally realizes.

Our body manages to contract the muscles starting from a current that is supplied to it by the central nervous system and which, crossing the motor nervous pathways, reaches the receptors located in the muscles.

This natural process can be artificially reproduced through a particular device called an electro stimulator.

Here we had listed out the best electro-stimulators that are present below.

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Buying Guide to Select the Best Electrostimulations

Typology: Ems and Tens

Given the operating nature of this device, we can affirm that the most crucial element to consider in an electro stimulator is undoubtedly the regulation of the electric current produced given that.

Depending on the intensity, type, and duration of the pulse, it is possible to carry out different types of treatments. The areas of use are mainly two, the therapeutic/rehabilitative one, and the aesthetic one.

The currents used are called EMS and TENSand they are distinguished from each other according to the frequency with which they are emitted: the EMS has a higher rate suitable for developing muscle mass, the lower TENS instead for massaging or relieving pain.



– Induces Muscle Contraction
– Works at high frequencies
– Works on motor nerves


– Counteracts the atrophy of unused muscles
– Re-educates the muscles to movement
– Tones and strengthens muscle tissue



– Has an analgesic action
– Works at low frequencies
– Works on sensory nerves


– Treats chronic painful conditions
– Helps relieve pain after trauma or accident

Let’s now see instead in more detail what are the elements that differentiate these two types of currents and for what purposes they are mainly used.

Ems Current Electrostimulation

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation or electrical muscle stimulation.

This is the induction of a muscle contraction similar to that which the body would naturally achieve by exploiting the electrical impulses generated by the electrodes.

The primary purpose for which this type of current is used is rehabilitation or to restore tone and resistance to those muscle groups that, for example, due to injuries or other impediments to the performance of physical activity, would risk atrophy or loss in tone.

In relatively recent times, the use of these EMS current electro-stimulators has become widespread for aesthetic reasons, to strengthen or maintain muscle tone and burn localized fat reserves.

Tens Current Stimulators

TENS indicates the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which in Italian corresponds to the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

This type of therapy achieves an analgesic effect, i.e., electrical impulses are used (at low frequencies and usually through 2-4 electrodes) in order to stimulate the nerves of the muscles and relieve pain.

Based on the intensity of the emitted frequency, this electrostimulation technique is divided into three subgroups called rapid TENS, delayed TENS, and TENS at maximum values.

Combined Electrostimulators

It is possible to find on the market devices dedicated only to the treatment of pain and others that, on the other hand, also combine this therapy with medications for muscle stimulation.

They are, therefore, more versatile and suitable, especially for athletes who may need an electro stimulator both to train the muscles and to carry out rehabilitation following any injuries.

The Structure

Another aspect that considerably differentiates the electro-stimulators on the market is their structure since it is strictly linked to the use that will be made of them.

For this reason, and to choose the model that best suits your needs, you will first need to clarify how many people will use the device and for what types of treatments.

The crucial aspects related to the structure of an electro stimulator are its conformation, the number of electrodes of which it is composed, and, for some models, also the name of channels.

As you can see, therefore, what changes are not only the primary use of the product (for example, if it can be used for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes) but also its versatility and predisposition for shared use.

Consider the case of a lumbar or abdominal electro stimulator: these two models are certainly not suitable for those who want to share the electro stimulator also with other members of the family since.

If these had different needs between them (for example, if a person wanting to stimulate the lumbar area and another, instead, wanting to focus on biceps and legs) could not satisfy them with the same appliance.


The number of electrodes with which an electro stimulator is equipped can vary from a minimum of 2 to a theoretically infinite maximum, but which usually does not exceed 8-10 wires.

In models with a structure formed by a central unit and adhesive electrodes, the latter are visible because they are external. Still, we remind you that the wires are also present in the other types of appliances since they are an indispensable element for the emission of electrical impulses.

It is particularly important to pay attention to the number of electrodes that make up an electro stimulator in particular about the area you want to treat: a man interested in the stress of the abdominal muscles.

For example, you may prefer a model with multiple electrodes, so you can position them more accurately on the affected areas and therefore carry out a more targeted treatment.

The electrodes can then vary in shape: the most common ones are square but, always based on the muscle bands on which you are going to apply them, you can also choose rectangular stickers, such as those shown in the image above.

Then consider that, regardless of the quantity and type of electrodes already supplied, you can always replace them later.


Electrostimulators equipped with a central unit to which the adhesive electrodes are connected can have a variable number of channels: this means that.

For example, in an electro stimulator equipped with eight electrodes, these can be programmed separately per pair for a total of 4 channels, which allows you to treat areas that need different intensities or programs with a single session of use of the electro stimulator. In most of the most popular models on the market, the channels can vary from 1 to 4.

All the other types of electro-stimulators, on the other hand, do not have this possibility because they require that the electrodes are all applied on the same muscle band, thus making different programming by channels superfluous.

Programs and Functions

Further features to keep in mind when choosing an electro stimulator concern the training programs and the various functions that the device is equipped with.

These are elements that make the use of the appliance more relaxed and more comfortable and which, when present, clearly influence aspects such as versatility and the selling price.

Let’s start with a list of possible available programs, which are preset and divided into three large functional areas. To these are added the personalized programs.

  • Ems Programs: this group includes all those programs dedicated to muscle stress, divided by areas to be treated and by function. We find, for example, the heating program, the muscle recovery program, the one for strengthening the muscles (of the arm, forearm, abdominal, thigh, etc.), the one for maximizing power (always divided by treatment areas), the program lipolysis to act on fat accumulations and the capillarization program that increases circulation in the treated area.
  • Tens Programs: this group includes all the programs dedicated to pain therapy, mainly divided by area to be treated. Programs such as the one devoted to lower back pain, ankle, upper or lower limbs, cervical or menstrual pain are available.
    Massage programs: are not included in all models and, when present, may vary in number and type (impulse, pressure, relaxing, decontracting, combined massage, etc.)
  • Customizable Programs: these are programs in which the user establishes some parameters, such as, for example, the duration of the treatment and the intensity of the impulse

Below, however, you will find the various functions that an electro stimulator can be equipped with :

Timer: This function allows you to set the duration of the treatment to be carried out. When present, therefore, it will enable you to customize the programs according to your needs.
Intensity Adjustment: i.e., the possibility to select the intensity of the impulse emitted by the electrodes from a certain number of levels, in order to adapt it to your needs and your state of muscle training
Safety Stop: in alumni models, an automatic stop is activated if the appliance is not used for more than about one minute
Others: some models have extra functions such as, for example, the key lock or the ability to memorize your favorite settings in order to activate the program that takes place habitually immediately

Power Supply

Power is the last of the factors to consider when choosing a pacemaker but is actually very important if you practice regularly sport, even at a competitive level.

These devices can permanently be powered in two ways: with a variable number of batteries or with an internal rechargeable battery.

If you practice sports at an amateur level, you have special rehabilitation needs or think, in general, to resort occasionally electrostimulation, merely a model in which it is expected a ‘ power with batteries that, however, does not represent the ideal solution for those who use the appliance frequently.

For excessive use, it is ideal for moving towards electro-stimulators with an internal battery, which, in addition to avoiding having to change batteries often, also offers higher performance in terms of frequency of the generated current and available functions.

Electro stimulator: When Not to Use It

As anticipated, we advise you to consult the opinion of expert medical and sports personnel before improvising the use, especially if frequent, of the electro stimulator.

We also remind you that electrostimulation is not a practice to be considered as a substitute for correct and regular physical activity, but as an aid to maintain or regain a specific muscle tone.

As for its lipo-reducing effect, it is good to underline that it is a mild and applicable action on small localized adiposities, but it should not be believed that you can burn a significant amount of calories using the electro stimulator which, in fact, does not have a primary purpose that of slimming.

If you are pregnant or if you suffer from one of the pathologies listed below, it is undoubtedly not recommended undergo this type of treatment, because it could have contraindications and even severe side effects:

  • Cardiac pathologies.
  • Diabetes.
  • Epilepsy or neurological problems.
  • Hypertension.
  • Thrombosis or other problems related to the circulatory system.
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