Satellite receivers were once used only by subscribers of cable TV. Today, however, thanks to the transition to digital terrestrial, they have become useful for any type of user who, in addition to the standard free offer, wishes to pay a monthly installment to see higher quality content.

There are two types of satellite receivers on the market: those called IRD (an acronym for Integrated receiver decoder) and Free to Air.

Here we had selected the best fta satellite receivers for you that are present below.

Koqit V5H H.265 Free To Air FTA Satellite Receiver DVB-S2 Satellite TV Receiver...
  • 【Matched with FTA Sat Dish】Work with Free to Air sat dish antenna. Of course, before you connect the sat tv receiver, adjust...
  • 【Meecast Sharing】Koqit V5H Satellite Receiver Buil-in Meecast App,can Share your local/Online Photo video to Bigger tv,Wifi...
  • 【Not work Direct TV Dish Network!!!】Not Working Direct TV dish(US DISH carriers,such as DirecTV at 119.0°W / at 110.0°W),For...
  • 【Easy to Use】Full Blind Search on Single / Multiple Satellites,After plugging all cables of machine in a Correct way,...
  • 【Upgrade By Net】Connected internet,Via Meecast app input Upgrade link(Get it at the Koqit official website),Waiting the Update...
GTMEDIA V8 UHD 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite Receiver, FTA H.265 TV Sat Decoder...
  • [4k UHD Display and Decoder] Fully comply with DVB-S/S2/S2X/DVB-T/T2/Cable (J83.A/B/C)/ISDBT, built-in 2.4G WIFI modules, supports...
  • [CA Smart Card Reader and Multi-room] allows you to share your CA card with other receivers on the same network, which means that...
  • [DLNA and Sat to IP] DLNA function supports transmitting the video in your phone and tablet on a large TV screen. Sat to IP...
  • [Multiple Chanel Options] There is 6000+ channels TV and Radio programmable for you. You can add your favorite or move channel...
  • [Dual-core MIPS74Kf processors] Support Multi-format ultra-high definition video decoder. V8 UHD satellite receiver supports...
KOQIT FTA Satellite Receiver LNB Universal Ku Band LNBF KU-Band Linear Polarized...
  • 【Linearly Polarized LNBF】This product is a linearly Polarized LNBF and does not support circularly polarized signal reception
  • 【Lowest noise figure】This Koqit LNBF is a high performance product featuring the lowest noise figure available to address the...
  • 【Not working Bell TV and Direct Dish USA】This Universal Ku band LNB can receive signal from all linear polarized Ku Band...
  • 【FTA DVB-S2 Satellite】Superior Phase Noise performance, DVB-S2/S (HDTV) compliant
  • 【Universal LNBF】Universal signal coverage for American and Atlantic satellites,Output:950-2150MHz,L.O.Low...
Pansat Wideband 4x1 DiSEqC 1.0 Model 4x1W Premium Satellite Switch FTA Dish LNB
  • Pansat's Premium 4x1 Switch
  • Connect up to 4 LNBs to one FTA receiver
  • Wideband with High Isolation
  • Frequency Range 54 to 2400 MHz
  • Works with all FTA receivers on any satellite
GT MEDIA V9 Prime Digital Satellite Receiver H.265 FTA Free to Air DVB-S/S2/S2X...
  • [DVB-S/S2/S2X] 1080P satellite receiver support DVB-S/S2/S2X, VCM/ACM/multi-stream/T2-MI, HEVC main 10 profile, AVS+.
  • [CA Smart Card Slot] In addition to watching satellite programs, this satellite receiver also supports inserting CA cards to watch...
  • [Sat to IP] This receiver supports to transmit your satellite TV program to your mobile phone, tablet and other device via GTShare...
  • [USB 2.0 Port] USB port is compatible with FAT/FAT32/NTFS big capacity hard disk. And USB port can also be used for personal video...
  • [Firmware Upgrade] The firmware in the satellite receiver will be updated from time to time. You can upgrade it through USB port...
Mingbao New Full Free to Air FTA HD Smart Digital Satellite TV Receiver...
  • ully DVB Compliant and H.264/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/AVS.
  • Support Full / Blind Search on Single / Multiple Satellites.
  • Support Auto / Manual Search on Terrestrial Network.
  • Support DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS / Unicable.
  • Powerful Service Control by Favorites, Lock, Skip, Move, Rename & Delete.
GT MEDIA V8 Finder2 Satellite Finder Digital FTA DVB-S/S2/S2X Signal Measuring...
  • [H.264 DVB-S satellite finder meter] 🆕 V8 Finder2 SAT finder is a DVB-S/S2 compliant handheld satellite meter, support mutiple...
  • [3.5’’ HD LCD Screen] 🆕 it is convenient to see the satellite list and make troubleshooting more intuitive. You can view...
  • [Speaker Integrated] 🆕 V8 Finder2 satellite finder equipped with built-in large capacity power supply which can provide you a...
  • [Satellite Finder & H.264 Decoder & HD Player] 🆕 V8 Finder2 is not only a satellte finder, but also a combination of...
  • [Portable Carrying Pouch] 🆕 V8 FINDER2 satellite finder meter comes with a portable carrying bag. V8 FINDER 2 sat finder not...
GTMEDIA V8X Full HD 1080P DVB-S/S2/S2X FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Support...
  • Support DVB-S/S2/S2X; Support VCM/ACM/Multi-stream, HEVC 10bit, AVS+;
  • Support BISS Auto Roll, Full PowerVu, DRE &Biss key;
  • Support Unicable, DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS Motor; Support SAT streamed to DLNA;
  • Support Built-in 2.4G WIF-I module, Ethernet, and support 3G usb dongle
FTA Satellite Receiver Ultra HD 4K TV Universal LNBF KU Band LNB KU-Band...
  • 【FTA DVB-S2 Satellite】Superior Phase Noise performance, DVB-S2/S (HDTV) compliant
  • 【Not working Bell TV and Direct Dish USA】This Universal Ku band LNB can receive signal from all linear polarized Ku Band...
  • 【Universal LNBF】Universal signal coverage for American and Atlantic satellites,Output:950-2150MHz,L.O.Low...
  • 【Linearly Polarized LNBF】This product is a linearly Polarized LNBF and does not support circularly polarized signal reception
  • 【Lowest noise figure】This Koqit LNBF is a high performance product featuring the lowest noise figure available to address the...

How to Choose Fta Satellite Receiver?

How Many and Which Programs

On the market, you can find satellite receivers compatible with two different technologies: analog and digital, which are therefore able to decode the transmissions of one or the other type.

Let’s say that, at present, the choice is practically obligatory since digital has become the standard, because it allows you to receive a considerable number of channels, often in high definition (and soon the first 4K broadcasts should arrive too) or in three dimensions.

The models with which you are probably more familiar are called IRDs and allow the reception of paid programs, such as the decoders in the Sky offer.

They are equipped with a space in which to place a smart card on which the subscription data is recorded and which, once inserted, “unlocks” the vision of encrypted transmissions.

The alternative is represented by the Free to Air receivers, which, as you can guess from the name, allow you to view only the free channels, for which no type of smart card is needed. IRD decoders are usually enabled to receive Free to Air channels as well, while the rule does not apply otherwise.

Hd Broadcasts

As mentioned, the standard of television broadcasts is represented by high definition, and, considering that the vast majority of the televisions sold are capable of displaying content with this resolution.

It seems to us an obligation to rank first in the ranking of discriminants to be taken into account. Before choosing a satellite receiver, opt for a model compatible with HD.

Technology tends to “age” rather quickly, so carefully evaluate the characteristics of the receiver you want to buy, because it is straightforward to find yourself with an obsolete product already a few months after its purchase.

Our advice, for example, is to discard models without HDMI output, which serves to convey high definition transmissions on the TV, as well as those that do not have an optical audio output, which allows you to connect them to an audio system and ensure excellent sound quality.

For Those Who Are Always in A Hurry

By comparing the best models of satellite receivers, you will notice that there are also considerable price differences. The reason is related to the integration of any additional devices.

There are, for example, decoders that house a receiver for viewing digital terrestrial channels, and that proves to be an intelligent choice if your TV is not particularly recent. Therefore, it is devoid of it.

But the most exciting devices are those that integrate a hard disk on which to record what is being transmitted, so that you can watch it later, perhaps also using the programming timer options. It becomes so simple not to miss even one episode of your favorite series or the kick-off of the game.

The cost of these decoders is directly proportional to the size of the hard disk they integrate: the more significant the capacity, the higher the selling price.

Complete with Tv Sat Card

The Tivumax Pro II satellite receiver is also well equipped. In addition to the remote control and the HDMI cable, it is also complete with the Card TV-SAT, thanks to which it is possible to access interactive services provided by the web platforms such as Infinity and Mediaset On-Demand.

It is equipped with the Time Shift Recording function, which allows you to use the pause also during the recording of the programs, even if to enable it you need to connect an external memory unit to be used as a support for the records.

The latter can be both an external HDD and a USB stick, preferably with 64 gigabytes of memory.

The further advantage of connecting an external memory unit is that of being able to manage and program the recordings directly from the EPG, the electronic program guide, and to export the recorded programs to other devices.

Surround Sound and Parental Control

The Tivumax Pro II also has an S / PDIF digital audio output that supports Surround sound, SCART output, and a 10/100 Ethernet port for cable connection to the modem/router.

It is compatible with Teletext services and with the subtitle function. It is also equipped with password-protected parental control and an LCN system for automatic sorting of channels. It is compatible with both Unicable SCR systems and with the new CSS systems.

Thanks to a recently available software update. Updates can also be performed via a USB connection, or over the air via the OTA system.

How to Use a Satellite Receiver?

Which One to Buy?

The former allows the reception of programs included in the most outstanding subscription services, such as Sky. They are equipped with a particular slot to insert their smart card with the data necessary to unlock encrypted transmissions.

The free to air, as the word itself, says, only allows the viewing of free content and do not differ much from simple digital decoders.

The choice must be appropriate to your needs. However, we recommend opting for an IRD even if you do not have a subscription at the time of purchase. In this way, if in the future you want to expand your choice, you will not have to buy a new model of the satellite receiver.

Preliminary Steps

To make the best use of the device, preliminary steps are necessary, which you will find also illustrated in each instruction manual.

First of all, your dish must be positioned optimally to be able to communicate with the satellites at best. It will be necessary to choose a place oriented towards the equator without obstacles, performing a stable and vertical fixing. In the event of obstacles.

It may be necessary to position it at a greater distance to allow the parabola to circumvent them. It is required to point it towards the equator since the satellite’s orbit directly above it.

Connect to The Internet

Once the satellite dish is connected to the receiver, you can join it to the internet via the Ethernet port or, if equipped with a wireless module, via Wi-Fi.

However, we do not recommend relying excessively on the wireless connection as it is quite susceptible to lag and reception problems. So organize your arrangement at home to ensure that the modem is not too far from the satellite receiver.

Search for Channels

The time has finally come to switch on the receiver and the TV. All that remains is to start the automatic channel search by accessing the appropriate menu. We invite you always to have the instruction booklet handy so that you can check every procedure step by step.

If you don’t have any smart card or pay-TV subscription, after tuning the channels, you can enjoy your favorite programs. Otherwise, you will have to insert the smart card into the appropriate slot. If you wait a few minutes, the encrypted channels will be unlocked.


If your satellite receiver is equipped with a recorder and internal hard disk, you can also save programs that you do not have time to watch on your device. For this procedure, however, we refer you to the analysis of the instruction manual since the process differs greatly depending on the model purchased.

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