Whether it’s an emergency or something else, crutches are handy medical devices, which allow you to divide the body weight in a balanced way, avoiding problems. There are many solutions on the market, but in this guide, you will find the items that we have selected with an eye to the portfolio.

There are different types, but to find the right one, it is essential to know some characteristics that distinguish them and that make the difference.

In this guide to choose the best crutches, we have collected what you need: you can read it in the following paragraphs. Here we will be listing the top 9 best gel crutch pads.

Vive Crutch Pads - Padding for Walking Arm Crutches - Universal Underarm Padded...
  • ESSENTIAL CRUTCH COMFORT: A must-have accessory for anyone using crutches, the Vive crutch pads are made with a soft, high-density...
  • ELIMINATES PAINFUL PRESSURE AND IRRITATING CHAFING: Foam crutch pads eliminate chafing while also reducing painful pressure on...
  • SIMPLE AND EASY: Easily attaches to most standard sized crutches. This includes crutches designed for adult men, women, and...
  • BREATHABLE CONTOURED CUSHIONING: Superior contoured foam retains its shape through extensive use while also providing nonslip...
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
Universal Crutch Underarm Pad and Hand Grip Covers - Luxurious Soft Fleece with...
  • DELUXE 4-PIECE SET includes 2 underarm pads and 2 hand grips
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT with sculpted memory foam pads
  • LUXURIOUS FLEECE covers feel great, absorb moisture, and are washable
  • EASY TO INSTALL IN SECONDS and secure with hook & loop fasteners
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE or your money back
SaleRANK NO. 3
Crutcheze Premium USA Made Crutch Pad and Hand Grip Covers | Comfortable...
  • NUMBER ONE SELLING BRAND: Crutcheze Premium Crutch Pads provide ultimate comfort, style, protection and easy care. Crutches NOT...
  • The ORIGINAL Contoured Crutch Pad Accessory for Armpits and Hand Grips: Highest Quality Medical Grade high-density foam padding...
  • The Only Crutch Pads made with BODYCARE fabric: Moisture wicking, specially treated to control odor, breathable covers to keep...
  • Medical Grade: Designed by healthcare professionals and sold in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States....
  • MADE IN USA: Each set of Crutcheze pads are carefully made right here in the USA. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! One size fits all...
SaleRANK NO. 4
Crutch-Mate Underarm Gel Crutch Pads, Pair
  • Provides long-lasting comfort
  • Helps prevent blisters or bruises
  • Waterproof Covers
  • Gel Thickness: 3/8"
  • Sold by the pair , Made In USA
Crutch-Mate - Underarm crutch pad - Pack of 2
  • Provides long-lasting comfort
  • Helps prevent blisters or bruises
  • Fits a standard pair of crutches
  • Crutch Mate I-standard for under arm pads only
  • Made from glycerin gel designed to prevent hard spots
SaleRANK NO. 7
Vive Crutch Pads & Bag (5 PCS) - Crutches for Adults Armpit Padding, Hand Grips,...
  • COMPLETE CRUTCH ACCESSORY KIT: Making crutch use more comfortable, the five piece Vive crutch accessory kit includes two padded...
  • ELIMINATING IRRITATION AND DISCOMFORT: Easy to install over the existing crutch pads, the Vive crutch pads are made with a soft,...
  • RELIEVES HAND AND WRIST FATIGUE: Wrapping the existing hand grips with comfortable padding, the Vive hand grips reduce friction...
  • SECURE STORAGE POUCH: Secured with six adjustable loop fastener straps, the Vive crutch pouch provides safe, convenient storage...
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
Universal Underarm Crutches Padded Crutch Pads with Hand Grips Padding Handle...
  • EXTRA 2 PCS HAND GRIPS FOAMS FOR FREE: Package including: 2 underarm crutch covers and pads ,2 hand gripe covers and pads, EXTRA...
  • STYLISH CRUTCH COMFORT: A must-have accessory for anyone using crutches, the crutch pads are constructed with soft foam to cushion...
  • ELIMINATES PAINFUL PRESSURE AND CHAFING: Providing comfortable cushioning, the foam crutch pad set eliminates irritation and...
  • FITS STANDARD AND YOUTH CRUTCHES: Simple to install on most standard-sized crutches, including crutches for both adults and...
  • REDUCES HAND FATIGUE: Hand grip covers with ultra soft contoured removable padding for comfortable support.
Southwest Technologies Elasto-Gel Crutch Mate Gel Hand Pads Small - Pair
  • Limits friction and pressure to improve comfort
  • Made from high glycerin gel
  • Will not disintegrate
  • Latex-free cover and strap
  • Comes as one pair

Buyer Guide to Choose Best Gel Crutch Pads

For those who have undergone surgery or have had an unfortunate accident, performing an action as simple as walking can be too difficult. This situation is aggravated if medical devices suitable for movement are not available, but the crutch comes in handy.

There are different types on the market, each one going hand in hand with the advancement of technology and new knowledge in the orthopaedic field. Nonetheless, the main ones are four: axillary, tripod, folding and Canadian, the latter are the classic ones with a handle and a forearm rest.

The axillaries, on the other hand, are the least used because for some they are too uncomfortable, unlike the folding and tripod ones which are a bit the innovation in this field because they are similar to the Canadian ones but more comfortable and compact.

Clearly finding the best one will be up to you, because the doctor can only advise you on the most appropriate one. Continue reading if you don’t know which crutch to choose.

The Quality of The Support

Regardless of which type attracts you, it is always advisable to buy it with the possibility of changing the height and with a stable support base. Of course, the physiotherapist can easily regulate it later. Still, if this is not possible, the rule “prevention is better than cure” applies.

In a nutshell, when purchasing, you must make sure that the crutch is provided with holes along the tube and near the handle. This guarantees you the possibility to raise or lower it at will and, depending on the model chosen, also to fold it or block the movement with small metal components.

In these operations, you may need someone, but as far as stability is concerned, that depends on you and which crutch you choose. Many are equipped with rubber pads that allow better adhesion to the ground, and this guarantees more excellent safety when you have to move on wet surfaces.

Value for Money

Fortunately, the average price of a classic crutch is not too high, which means that you could choose the best product without necessarily emptying your wallet. Buying the right crutch is very important, and if you don’t want to create further complications during walking, look for the model that meets at least the three requirements listed above.

Clearly, the quality/price ratio is added to all the rest: nevertheless, it is equally important to avoid spending too much on excessively innovative models, unless requested to do so by the specialist doctor.

For example, online, there are numerous solutions suitable for any eventuality, including folding crutches ideal for the elderly with thicker and more resistant rubbers. Also, make sure that the quality of aluminium and plastic is adequate for the price you are going to pay.

Height and Dimensions

As you can imagine, what emerges from the different opinions of those who use crutches is that both height and size are fundamental characteristics. In this regard, before proceeding with the purchase, it is good to consider these two aspects, which with Gima crutches tend to be strengths.

In fact, with this model, the ground clearance goes, in principle, from 76 to 100 cm, with a tube diameter of 22/19 mm. Therefore they are not even too bulky.

Then, based on the needs of each buyer, the company has equipped the medical device with an adjustment system that allows you to add 20 mm in height, practically ten times more than the classic models.

As for the handle, it is just 3.5 x 10 x 23.5 cm, therefore adaptable to the hands of every type of patient, because it allows you to have a firmer and therefore safer grip.

Ergonomic and Safe

Another peculiarity that can never be missing in such a product is the aspect related to safety and related to ergonomics. Gima does not spare himself in this, in fact, he decides to exploit resistant and soft materials such as propylene for the handle, and other lighter but still valid ones such as aluminium for the tube.

The combination of these factors also affects the quality of such a medical device: an aspect impossible to overlook is the maximum weight of these crutches, which is around 130 kg.

Nonetheless, both the screws and the tube are not very resistant to substantial impacts or higher pressures, and for this reason, the former tend to unscrew easily. At the same time, the rod could become permanently curved.

Having removed these last two weaknesses, by purchasing Gima crutches you will have better safety during movement, thanks above all to the ergonomic handle and the type of anti-brachial support.

Low Cost, High Quality

In addition to the low prices, which distinguish Gima crutches, the quality of the materials with which they are made is an equally fundamental aspect. In fact, although they are not technological or with who knows what intrinsic peculiarities, simplicity of use, excellent resistance and ergonomics, but also lightness and all the other characteristics listed in the previous paragraphs, make them of sure interest.

Among other things, due to the characteristics listed above, their use is not recommended for short walking periods. However, this does not affect the article itself, because, at the end of the fair, the low cost still underlines the possibility of exploiting them for sudden situations.

All without necessarily emptying the portfolio, unlike what could happen with other solutions that often offer less quality at the expense of a higher price.

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