Many think that the world of false eyelashes is hugely complex, and for this reason, they have never dared to approach it, although the idea of ​​having a look that is always cared for and intense is truly a dream.

Well, today, we will try to clarify what are the characteristics to keep in mind to make an appropriate purchase, trying to explain how to choose good false eyelashes.

Here we have listed out some of the best individual lashes that present below.

Scala 240pcs C Curl 10D/20D Cluster Eyelashes Mixed, 0.07mm /0.10 mm Mixed,8/9/10/11/12mm,10/11/12/13/14mm,12/13/14/15/16mm and Under Eyelashes Mixed Professional M (8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashe)
  • 10 roots,thickness 0.10mm , C Curl ,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm and under eyelashes.
  • 20 roots,thickness 0.07mm , C Curl,8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm and under eyelashes.
  • 10 Roots+20 Roots Mixed,Contains length:10 roots 8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashes +20 roots 8/9/10/11/12mm and Under Eyelashes Mixed.
  • 12 rows,240pcs
  • Under Eyelashes length :6mm,10 roots
SaleRANK NO. 2
Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl 8-15mm Mixed Flat Eyelash Extension supplies Light Lashes Matte Individual Eyelashes Salon Use Black Mink False Lashes Mink Lashes Extensions(D-0.15-MIXED)
  • 1.Eyelash Extension Flat lashes have a slightly oval shape, rather than being rounded, Flat lashes are a great option for those clients who are hoping for a dramatic look, but don't quite have the natural lashes to hold conventional extensions.
  • 2.The EllIPSE-SHAPED and inside HOLLOW let it 47% lighter than the average eyelash extension with improved comfort and longevity.
  • 3.In addition to providing increased attachment surface area for adhesion, the flatter ellipse-shaped base also fills and corrects the appearance of gaps between natural eyelashes, creating a unique eyeliner effect and the illusion of a fuller natural lash line.
  • 4.Matte Deep Black Finish Make More Thickner Look With Special Light Weight.Softer Frame Line and texture due to its split tip .
  • 5.100% Guarantee Return Policy , If You Don’t Like Our Products , Please don’t worry , just contact us , we will do the best solution .
Scala 20 Roots 0.07mm Thickness 8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/14mm/16mm Hot Sale Grafting false eyelashes False Eyelashes Individual Natural Long Mink Fake Eyelashes Extension Handmade (16mm)
  • Wholesale, large quantities to buy false eyelashes please contact us.Thank you.
  • High quality lashes, soft, silky and glossy.Can be removed by eye makeup remover.
  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear!
  • Features: Eye Lashes Extension, Individual Eyelash Cluster
  • These individual false eyelash clusters are made of high quality synthetic fiber, they are perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes , Short, 56 Count
  • This lashes are perfect for enhancing your eyes for an everyday look
  • These are the most popular lashes as they give the desired, natural look of full beautiful lashes
  • This bold and sparkling lash styles are reusable
Volume Eyelash Extensions Thickness 0.07 D Curl 8-15mm Mix Premade Fans 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 20D Easy Fan Lash Self Fanning|Optinal Thickness 0.05/0.07/0.10/0.12 C/D Curl Single 8-18mm Mix 8-15mm|
  • Specifications: Quewel premade fans volume eyelash extensions 12 rows.Curl:D;Thickness:0.07mm;Length:mix 8-15mm,details:8mm*1 line/9mm*1 line/10mm*2 line/11mm*2 line/12mm*2 line/13mm*2 line/14mm*1 line/15mm*1 line.
  • Material:PBT from South Korea;Color:Matte Black Eyelashes Extension;The lashes are very soft as mink,it can make your eyes look more attractive.
  • New style of eyelash extension,easy fan cluster.Using with tweezers and professional glue,you can make any fans by yourself.For example,take 5 pieces with tweezers,you can make 5C/5D volume lash extensions.
  • It can increase density and graft time saves half.Premade Volume Lashes are fluffier, lighter, stronger, and softer to touch.From 0.05 to 0.12,the hardness is getting higher and higher.
  • As Wholesale, large quantities to buy the volume eyelashes extension,please contact us. FREE LOGO.If you do have any problems about quality,please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you fix it.
SaleRANK NO. 6
LANKIZ Eyelash Extensions Individual Lashes 0.15mm C Curl 8-15mm Mink Eyelash Extension Supplies Classic Lash Extensions Professional
  • Soft and Light: LANKIZ individual eyelashes are made of A-Class silk materials, 100% handmade. Our single lashes are soft and lightweight, suitable for professional salon artists and DIY at home.
  • Easy to Use: Mink lashes individual are easily removed from the strip without glue leaves. The strips are easily to be picked up from the tray as well. No residual, no stick, no kink.
  • Natural Look: C curl lash extensions are slightly curlier than our real lashes, it shows your lashes natural. D curl individual lashes are curlier than C curl, it makes you more charming.
  • Stable Curl: Our individual eyelash extensions have been double heated during manufacturing to keep its perfect curl, not easy to deform with proper care. Long time retention and waterproof.
  • Specifications: 0.15mm|0.2mm thickness, C|D Curl, 8-15 independent length and 8-15 mixed tray, 12 rows with 8mm*1|9mm*1|10mm*2|11mm*2|12mm*2|13mm*2|14mm*1|15mm*1
Ardell Multipack Knot-Free Flares Individuals Medium Black
  • Knot free
  • Natural looking
  • Value pack
  • 112 individual flares
12rows,120pcs 10D Premade Volume Fans Eye Lashes Extensions Thickness 0.07mm D Curl Black Soft Individual False Eyelashes Makeup Fake Lashes Cluster 8-16mm to Choose (16MM)
  • Wholesale,Can be customized. Need to buy the false eyelashes in bulk,please contact us.Thank you.Our company specializes in producing false eyelashes, we have our own eyelash brand, our false eyelash materials are handmade,quality can be guaranteed!
  • Our lashes are closest to nature eyelashes,very soft and light,comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to apply and remove ,they can be removed by eye makeup remover.
  • Easy to pick it off from the boxes,no spilt.
  • They are made of high quality fiber,very close to mink hair.perfect for professional, makeup salon, cosmetic school, makeup artist and personal home use, etc

Buying Guide to Select the Best Individual Lashes

The Typology

If you are worried because you are afraid of not knowing how to apply false eyelashes to your eyes, do not worry. There are many models on the market that allow everyone, even the most clumsy, to succeed in the business.

As a rule, false eyelashes are made up of bands on which hairs are placed, often fake, which go perfectly with those you already have.

A prevalent type is that of the so-called whole lashes, which cover the entire ciliary rhyme and which can also be curved, to create an even greater effect.

Those who need to thicken their eyelashes can instead opt for the single ones, with a tuft, to be inserted where required or at the end of the eyelid, to lengthen the look.

In addition to these two versions, there are other more striking models, such as the paper ones, suitable for some occasion or a party, the coloured ones or those with feathers, for the more extravagant ones.

A fun pair can also be the one made up of LED lights, which will surely add glow to your face! To find the best brand, it is essential to pay attention to the reviews of other users who have been able to try the product before you.

How to Apply Them

We come to talk about what, for many, seems the most challenging detail to deal with: the application. The process is straightforward, just be patient and equip yourself with the right tools.

A handy trick is to mark the eyelid with the eyeliner, to have a reference edge for the application of the eyelashes. If you have chosen a model to be placed with glue, take them with a pair of tweezers, apply the glue and wait for a moment to trim.

Move from the inside out, so that the product adheres well. To remove them, just pull them lightly, without hurting yourself or causing eye damage.

To make them last for a long time, you will have to clean them from the glue every time, so that they do not ruin or remain pieces that would compromise a new application.

If this seems too much work, you can opt instead for the magnetic ones, usually made up of two parts, equipped with fascinating parts that allow them to adhere to a simple gesture.

A Few Tips

A minor issue is a price, as the costs of the false eyelashes are usually very accessible and do not force you to give up other beauty products.

Remember not to use poor or expired glue, which not only would not make them firm on the eyelid but would ruin them, making them unusable.

Those who are more experienced can opt for a self-adhesive model, which does not require experience or an excess of time to make you get a fascinating look.


Is this just a first aspect to consider when buying, do I need only false eyelashes or even glue and tweezers?

Tweezers are essential for this purpose, but you can likely use those that you already have at home and that you probably also use for other purposes.

Of course, companies offer shapes and shapes that are as useful as possible to facilitate their application and are often already included in the package you are going to buy.

Among the types, we will distinguish between those with or without a magnet, and in the latter case, you will also need the appropriate glue.

Each company offers the one combined with the eyelashes themselves, but nothing prevents you from using a generic one, as long as it is compatible with the components.

The glue must guarantee the right duration, be not very visible, and keep the eyelashes firm and stable.

In some cases, you will also find other accessories for help such as mascara especially designed to accentuate the final effect, but which does not move the newly positioned eyelashes.


Here is another fundamental factor in choosing the right false eyelashes. On the market, there are, for example, synthetic fibre, silk, real hair, or more.

A first-choice criterion is undoubtedly the aesthetic one; synthetic materials are less expensive than others, but often more noticeable when applied, making the final effect less natural.

This is due to the too intense pigmentation, the too shiny surface, or the colour too different from that of your starting eyelashes.

The issue improves with silk because it is less shiny and, therefore, more suitable for those who only want to intensify the look, but without exceeding.

The last type is that consisting of real hair, which is generally less economical, but with a genuinely natural final effect.

Other ways to understand which of these do for you may be compatibility with the skin, a factor that should not be underestimated if you are allergic or sensitive, and the starting colour of your eyelashes which, if they are obvious, may not adapt to the typical black found on the market.

How to Use Individual Lashes?

In recent times the use of false eyelashes has become widespread, first accessories used almost exclusively by make-up artists and make-up artists, today an ornament in the beauty case of nearly all women, to have an intense look and more eyes in a short time considerable and enchanting.

It is essential, however, to choose the most suitable product and apply it correctly, avoiding all those errors and inaccuracies that, in addition to ruining the final result, could also prove dangerous.

The first thing to do, therefore, is to choose good quality false eyelashes, possibly using the cheaper ones only for the first tests or for short periods.

Ribbon or Tufts?

False eyelashes are mainly divided into two formats: whole or tufts. The latter has a length ranging from a few millimetres to thicken, to more than one centimetre, to enlarge the opening of the eye, going to conform to real eyelashes giving a more natural effect.

Not surprisingly, they are the most used by professionals in the sector precisely because they help to highlight the look without weighing it down.

Belt lashes, on the other hand, are the easiest to use and can be applied in a few minutes.

They are usually sold in pairs, and you can find them in various types, from the more natural ones that thicken only slightly, to the particularly long ones for a more intriguing look.

There are also coloured models, with rhinestones or with feathers that are mostly used for artistic tricks.

The Effect and The Materials

As for the materials, the most common and cheapest are certainly synthetic eyelashes, but the best remain those in silk or animal hair (such as mink), which guarantee an excellent visual effect and minimize the possibility of allergies and irritations, as well as to give an incredibly natural result.

The duration can also be different: in addition to disposable products that last a maximum of one day, there are also semi-permanent eyelashes whose hold also extends up to three months.

When approaching such a product, it is also essential to understand what effect you are aiming for, if you want to amaze or if you are looking for a natural result, so that you do not notice that the ones you wear are fake eyelashes.

Also, the opening of the eyes must also be carefully observed to identify the format that best suits the shape of your face and the type of make-up that is generally used.

Application Procedure

In addition to the type and materials, the false eyelashes also vary in the methods of application. Generally, those that are affixed with specific cosmetic glue are used. However, it is advisable not to use the bond that is usually sold together with the eyelashes because it is not always of good quality and could cause irritation to the eyes and skin.

The eyelashes will be applied to the eye by spreading a drop of cosmetic glue on the base, helping you with tweezers to make them adhere well to the eyelid. Remember, however, that the bond should be used in small quantities and will never be applied directly to the skin.

If, however, trafficking with glue and tweezers is not for you, an alternative solution is the false eyelashes with a magnet, consisting of small magnets in ultra-light fibre placed at the base of the tufts, to be placed above and below the natural eyelashes to seal them.

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