It’s not you, and it’s him. The wrong and rebellious eyeliner you’ve always used. Even if you try and try again, what never makes your eyes stand out as you would like. Once it irritates your eyes or another dissolve at noon, leaving black spots on your face.

The time has come to turn the page and buy a product that makes the difference. Fortunately, the manufacturers have listened to the needs of all women who were looking for a good eyeliner, and today there are a lot of valid products suitable for women with sensitive eyes, for those who stay out all day.

Here we had listed out the best Korean eyeliners that are present below.

CLIO Sharp So Simple Waterproof Pencil Eye Liner (02 BROWN, Single)
  • [SERVE UP SMOLDERING LOOKS] Our creamy and smooth pencil eyeliner glides on effortlessly to define your eye. The highly-pigmented...
  • [SHARP AND NANO-THIN PENCIL TIP] Our self-sharpening tip makes it easy for you to move freely across your lids. Perfect cat eye,...
  • [WATERPROOF FORMULA] Waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, you name it. With a waterproof formula that won’t flake, fade or...
  • [PICK YOUR SHADE] We offer perfect shades for any occasion and every mood. All shades compliments any brow, eyeshadow, mascara, or...
  • [PAIR WITH OUR BROW AND MASCARA PRODUCTS] Build your look with our best-selling brow products and mascara products. All available...
ETUDE Proof 10 Gel Pencil Liner 0.3g (#1 Black) (21AD) | Creamy Gel Texture...
  • CREAMY GEL TEXTURE helps you draw a precise line with ease and less efforts
  • SUPER WEARABLE SHADES will help you to create your everyday amazing look
  • DEFINED EYES: You can sharpen the tip with the bottom sharpener to create more precise, fine line
  • WATERPROOF AND OIL PROOF: Strong waterproof film polymer withstands water and sebum for a long lasting, smudge-proof eyeliner that...
  • APPLICATION: Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after each use
Merry Monde Multicolor Super Slim Long Lasting Eyeliner Vegan Easy Ultra-Fine...
  • CREATIVE MULTICOLOR COMBINATION – Create your own eye makeup with our unique multicolor eyeliners. Please refer to our video of...
  • ULTRA-FINE FELT TIP – This advanced ultra-fine felt tip eyeliner gives makeup beginners or professionals perfect control of easy...
  • LONG LASTING & EASY TO REMOVE – All day long waterproof, sweat-proof smudge-proof eyeliner. Easily removed with makeup remover.
  • VEGAN -- This complete vegan eyeliner is not irritating even on sensitive skin.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE -- If you're not satisfied with our product, we'll give you a full refund. Please shake before use.
TONYMOLY Gel Eyeliner, 01 Black
  • Our #1 Bestselling item in Korea, this long lasting smudge proof gel eyeliner has won Korean beauty awards for 5 consecutive...
  • Grapeseed Oil, Macadamia Oil - Hydrates and conditions skin
  • Coat eyeliner brush with gel formula and draw line on upper lid and/or lower lid
ETUDE HOUSE Super Slim Proof Gel Pencil Liner #02 Choco Brown | 1.5mm Super...
  • 1.5MM SUPER SLIM GEL PENCIL EYELINER that softly melts on skin then fixes perfectly
  • SOFT CREAMY TEXTURE creates the most vibrant color with a single application
  • THE AUTOMATIC ULTRA-SLIM PENCIL EYELINER easily delivers extra precise eye makeup on waterline, lash line and wings without making...
  • LONG-LASTING, ULRA WATERPROOF: Water and sebum resistant film polymer creates a thin protective layer to keep the eye makeup fresh...
  • TIPS: Due to the super thin 1.5mm pencil type, exposing the lead excessively may cause the lead to break. Thus, be sure to expose...
Dlux Professional Gel Eyeliner - 4g Stick Eye liner, Waterproof Pencil Gel...
  • Does Not Melt - Our waterproof eyeliner is completely water resistant and will not melt on your face even during your toughest...
  • Ultra Smooth Texture - The incredibly creamy texture of our eyeliner gel pen allows the pencil to glide on your lids in one quick...
  • Goodbye Frequent Touch Ups - The long-lasting formula of our eyeliner pencil means you can make the most out of your favourite eye...
  • No Need To Twist Up - Unlike majority of the gel eye liners that require twist-ups for consistent use, our stick liner gives you...
  • Supreme Quality - These colored eyeliners are a Korean cosmetic product that has been expertly produced and checked for quality at...
IM UNNY Fake Trick Double Eyelindner 01 Pale Brown | Korean Eye Bag Makeup,...
  • ✔️MULTI-USE PALE BROWN TRICK PENCIL - double trick eyelinder creates a natural shade with a soft brown color that you can...
  • ✔️SOFT MICROFIBER BRUSH - 0.01 mm thin brush does not leave any irritation even on the sensitive skin and lets you draw...
  • ✔️LAYERING WITH ZERO CLUMPING: an advanced formula of the shading pencil lets the lines maintain high long-lasting fixation...
  • ✔️NO WORRY ABOUT LEAKS: Acrylic Resin, which is a strong oil-proof and moisture-proof agent, forms a thin coating film on the...
  • ✔️REASONABLE CONSUMPTION: a liquid type pencil dispenses a certain amount of the product letting you comfortably and evenly...
Honest Beauty Liquid Eyeliner Vegan Smudge Flake Transfer Proof Carbon Free...
  • New look, same great formula; packaging may vary
  • Ultra-pigmented, black liquid eyeliner
  • 2020 Self Healthy Beauty Awards
  • Lasts up to 8 hours without smudging or flaking
  • Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Esmé Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Ray Liotta (Actors)
  • Anca Miruna Lăzărescu (Director) - David Farr (Writer) - Callum Devrell-Cameron (Producer)
  • French, Chinese, Tamil, Bokmål Norwegian, Italian (Playback Languages)
  • French, Chinese, Tamil, Bokmål Norwegian, Italian (Subtitles)
SaleRANK NO. 10
KISSME HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep 01 Jet Black
  • It is a waterproof liquid eyeliner to keep your makeup beautiful for long time
  • Its smooth and fine brush allows to get the perfect winged eyeliner or flick for their cat eye
  • It stands up to tears, sweat, water, and oily skin
COLORGRAM Artist Formula Cream Liner 0.25g 8 Colors - True Beauty K-Drama...
  • Available in a wide array of shades for more styling options
  • Comes in a sophisticated slim design
  • Has a smooth texture that glides easily across your skin for even application
  • Provides full coverage and intense color
  • How to Use : Gently draw along the lash line.
ETUDE Tear Drop Eye Liner #1 White Tear (21AD) | Eyes Makeup | Kbeauty | Liquid...
  • 💗 MAGICAL SPARKLE IN ANY ANGLE: The crystal & opal pearls sparkles shine differently under the light giving you a more ecstatic...
  • 💗 SURPASSING LONG LASTING & SHIMMERY: Waterproof formula stays on all day long regardless of oil and tears
  • 💗 COMFY LOVELY GLITTERS: Don’t worry about fall outs! Locked sparkles will always stay there throughout the day
  • 💗 HOW TO USE: Wear it alone or apply it over eyeshadow or eyeliner to create a stunning makeup look! Lastly, apply mascara on...
  • 💗 TIP: You can layer it on top of your eyeliner as part of your daily makeup routine or dab a little right beneath your pupils...
HEROINE MAKE Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep 02 Brown
  • This eyeliner keeps your makeup beautiful for long time
  • Its smooth and fine brush allows to get the perfect winged eyeliner or flick for the cat eye look
  • It stands up to tears, sweat, water, and oily skin

Things to Consider Before Buying Korean Eyeliner

You don’t need to do a master’s degree to learn how to outline your eyes. Just know how to choose the right product and follow some tricks. Start by dispelling your doubts about eyeliner once and for all. Please read the following list of common questions and their answers carefully.

What Is Eyeliner Used For?

It is possible to create various aesthetic illusions depending on the product and the type of eyeliner applied. Eyeliner was said to have originated in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in an attempt to recreate the eyes of felines.

This product is usually applied to the inner and outer edges of the eye and is a useful resource for improving the appearance of the gaze. In addition to being one of the most used cosmetics by women, it has recently gained popularity among men. More and more brands are developing eyeliner designed for a male audience.

Which Eyeliner Color Is Most Suitable for Me?

Don’t just use the same black eyeliner as ever, and you can range between many other colors. Let me know me know the color of your eyes, and I’ll tell you which eyeliner shade you should use.

  • Blue Eyes: A copper or golden eyeliner will make your eyes even bluer. The terracotta, champagne, and navy blue colors will also be perfect for you.
  • Green Eyes: The reddish shades complement the greenish ones so that the garnet color will fit you very well. You can also experiment with an eggplant violet and bronze.
  • Brown Eyes: Colors such as amber and midnight blue will accentuate the small bright spots of brown eyes. Purple and cobalt blue can also give you. A golden or emerald eyeliner will highlight the greenish tones of the brown eyes. Also, try bronze and olive green.

What Tricks Will Help Me Get a Better Effect?

If you already manage to outline your eyes and are trying to take a step forward, follow these little tricks:

  1. The end of the outline or “corner” is what lends itself most to experimentation. For a 1950s-style effect, draw a growing ending.
  2. To get the significant puppy eyes effect, draw a descending ending.
  3. Prepare the two side dishes in tune at the same time, and don’t wait to finish one to outline the other. This way, you will get more symmetry.
  4. If you are a perfectionist and want a perfect eyeliner, be creative. Place a piece of paper, tape, or a piece of card stock where the corner begins. Use them as a guide!
  5. Always start as close to the lashes as possible, even if you want a thick stroke. In this way, you will avoid gaps that, even if they are not visible to the naked eye, would modify the effect.

What Are the Benefits of An Hypoallergenic Eyeliner?

If you have sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses, or have any pathology in the eye area, a hypoallergenic eyeliner will change your life. Some eyeliner that does not have this designation may have an excess of lanolin, paraffin, or other chemicals.

These components tend to block the eye glands, as well as cause infections. The advantage of hypoallergenic eyeliner is that it is composed of natural extracts from organic agriculture.

Containing no synthetic, chemical, or petroleum-derived oils, these products generate less irritation and allergies. A good quality hypoallergenic eyeliner can offer the same finish and effect as a traditional one.

How to Outline the Eye According to Its Shape?

Getting a realistic look is not that simple. The key is to determine the eyeliner that best fits the shape of your eyes. Which is the best for you?

  • Distant Eyes: The mission is to create a closer eye effect. Outline the entire eye from the corner to the tear duct. Add more intensity to the duct area.
  • Close Eyes: The effect we are looking for is the opposite of the previous one. Start from the duct with a fine line and intensify the stroke as you approach the outer corner of the eye.
  • Small Eyes: Broaden your gaze by outlining the upper eyelid from the middle of the eye outwards.
  • Round Eyes: The idea is to create an almond eye effect. Outline the eye from the tear duct outward with the same intensity throughout the stretch.
  • Almond-Shaped Eyes: You are lucky! Virtually any way you outline them will be beautiful, play with the tones and effects you like best.

Which Products Should I Use to Remove the Eyeliner Correctly?

Having to remove the eyeliner every night is the least fun part of using this cosmetic. However, if you choose the right product, it will be less challenging to do it. Check out the following tips:

  1. Coconut oil or jojoba oil.
  2. Oil-based makeup remover (for waterproof eyeliner).


Although many eyeliners claim to be long-lasting, some are more so than others. Three characteristics must be specified on the label for it to be a genuinely semi-permanent product.

The first is that it must be waterproof, and the second is that it must be long-lasting. Finally, it must have a high degree of pigmentation. However, not all women need lasting eyeliner.

If your skin is dry and the makeup usually doesn’t go away, you don’t have to choose a product with these characteristics. Also, your eyeliner is not long-lasting can make you comfortable when you have to remove it since you can do it with a simple water-based makeup remover.


Last but not least, always check the composition of the eyeliner you want to buy. Most eyeliner includes three types of ingredients: thickening agents, pigments, and fixers. The predominant ones are usually thickening agents, both in volume and weight.

Make sure the thickeners included in the product are natural derivatives. One of the most used is the wax from Japan, which is extracted from the Rhus Succedanea plant. As for pigments, the most commonly used are titanium dioxide for the lighter shades and iron oxides for black and brown.


Compliments! You are now ready to get away with the eyeliner. Know the different eyeliner formats available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages. Also, you have three of the most popular products among users as a reference.

Even if none of them convince you, they will guide you in choosing the right one. Also, you can identify which colors are best for your eyes and the techniques that will help you get the look you want.

You know what practices to avoid to make your experience frustration, and you also see a couple of tricks to take the art of outlining your eyes to a new level. You have to apply our advice and start making the right purchases.

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