There are several accessories and clothing that make one look different from another. While women can count on bags, bracelets, necklaces, jewelry; we men, unfortunately, or fortunately, can draw on a smaller range of items made mostly of glasses, watch, tie, bracelets and cufflinks for those who love to take care of the details.

Today, however, we will focus on an accessory used daily by the vast majority of the male gender, without any exclusion. Ready to discover the fantastic world of men’s belts? In this issue we will analyze the parameters of choice for the purchase of the most suitable belt for you, focusing particularly on the materials used and the models

Right here we have selected the best men’s belts. These are available in different colors and types.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Timberland PRO Men's 40mm Workwear Leather Belt, Black/Roller Buckley, 40
  • Men's leather belt made with 100 percent genuine leather for a soft smooth feel. Sizing: order 1 size larger than your pant size...
  • Perfect men's durable work belt that will soon become your favorite go-to durable leather belt
  • The perfect men's belt for hard work that can also convert into a men's casual belt
  • Timberland makes heavy duty leather belts for men that are designed to look great and last long
  • Timberland belts offer men's plus size belts and big and tall men's belts in extra large sizes
Nylon Belt Men, Military Tactical Belt with YKK Plastic Buckle, Durable...
  • BEST CHOICE FOR SPROTS & TRAVEL: This military belt makes with lightweight and wear-resisting nylon material that has a strong...
  • HIGH STRENGTH STRAP: 100% special pure nylon belt, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, total length is 53", strap width...
  • INTERNATIONAL STANDARD YKK BUCKLE: Top quality plastic belt buckle made of high strength polyacetal, can withstand the weight of...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR SIZE: You can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit. Automatic Buckle,no holes in belt. ◆If...
  • APPLICABLE SCENE: Nylon material belt,worn for four seasons,can be used with shorts /jeans/cargo trousers,ideal for outdoor sports...
Men's Comfort Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Click Buckle...
  • [Suitable Waist Size]: The total length of this belt is 130cm (excluding the buckle), suit for 28”-44” waist. Belt Width is...
  • [No More Holes]: Easy removable buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size to give a primmer and custom tailored...
  • [Easy To Use]: Slide in the strap to tighten and the belt auto locks. Lift the buckle and pull to release. Quite easy to tighten...
  • [Great Quality Leather]: Made of genuine leather strip and elegantly designed alloy buckle. Extremely durable and comfortable.
  • [Gift Box Packing] : This fashion belt is enclosed in a sleek and modern gift box, which make it a great gift for boyfriend,...
Under Armour Men's Baseball Belt , Black (001)/Black , One Size Fits All
  • Elastic webbing with polyurethane
  • Custom UA Branded belt loops
  • Width: 2"
SaleRANK NO. 5
Nike Men's Standard 3 Pack Golf Web Belt, White/Gray/Black, One Size
  • 3 web straps one buckle
  • One size fits all up to 42
  • 2 percent zinc
SaleRANK NO. 6
Dickies Men's No-Scratch Mechanic Belt, Black, Medium (34-36)
  • UNIQUE: How does this belt work? This no-metal visible belt is a must-have if you are looking to hold your up pants without a...
  • GREAT FEATURE: A metal plate is sewn into the belt strap which includes a comfortable metal pin that sticks out toward you,...
  • DICKIES QUALITY: At Dickies, we take pride in designing belts that are made for your everyday life. From work to family time, we...
  • SIZING: For best fit, select a belt size 2 inches larger than your pant size. For example, if your pant size is 34, shop belt size...
Timberland Men's 35mm Classic Jean Belt, Black, 36
  • GENUINE MEN’S LEATHER BELT: The Timberland Men’s Classic Leather Jean Belt is made with 100% genuine leather and has a...
  • CASUAL OR DRESS BELT: This men’s leather belt is perfect for jeans but easily converts into a dress belt. The precision...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Timberland products are made to last. High-quality genuine leather, tight stitching, and precision...
  • HEAVY-DUTY MEN’S BELT: This classic heavy-duty men’s leather belt is designed to last long and look great. Its durable...
  • MULTIPLE SIZES AND PRECISION FIT: The Timberland Men’s Leather Jean Belt fits exceptionally well. We offer sizes 32 through 42....
SaleRANK NO. 8
Everyday Medical Hernia Guard I Inguinal Hernia Belt For Men I Left or Right...
  • EFFECTIVE INGUINAL HERNIA RELIEF - SIZE SMALL/MEDIUM fits a Hip Circumference of 34-44 IN. Measure around your hips and not the...
  • WORKS FOR BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE - Unlike standard inguinal hernia briefs for men and women, our premium hernia support band is...
  • WEAR UNDER YOUR CLOTHES - Comfortable and slim enough to wear under your clothes inconspicuously, our groin support strap is...
  • GENTLE PRESSURE - Specifically made to target hernia pain and aid in the treatment process, our Everyday Medical Guard - inguinal...
  • COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE - This belt hernia support truss for men and women features a flexible waist strap design and an...
Steve Madden Men's Dress Casual Every Day Leather Belt, Cognac/Black (Feather...
  • The Steve Madden's men's casual dress belt is the ideal belt to transition your outfit from casual daywear to work wear or dressy...
  • Perfect men's casual dress belt that will soon become your favorite go-to everyday belt.
  • The perfect men's belt for jeans that can also convert into a men's dress belt and work belt.
  • Madden makes fashionable and functional belts for men that are designed to look great and last long.
  • We stand by our product and believe you will too. Our Madden Men's bonded reversible leather belt is the best belt for all...
Levi's Men's Cut to Fit 3 Pack Web Belt with Buckle, Black/Olive/Khaki, One Size
  • STURDY STRAP: This belt strap is made of cotton, polyester, and nylon. The fabric material is durable enough to resist the wear...
  • HEAVY-DUTY BUCKLE: Without a doubt, this belt will withstand long days with the easy fitting antique nickel buckle, made of the...
  • SUPERIOR STYLE: These web fabric belts will make your everyday outfits stand out in a crowd, yet they are extremely on trend. They...
  • CONSISTENT COMFORT: Our Levi's belts are made with comfort as a priority. For long work days, it is essential to feel comfortable...
  • IDEAL FIT: A great belt is nothing without a snug fit. This means getting the correctly fitting size. These belts are cut to fit....

Buyer Guide – How To Choose The Men’s Belt?

Men’s Belts: Materials

Let’s start with a brief excursus on the materials that make up the belts that today’s market offers. They are different and all have peculiar characteristics.

The belt is not only a functional accessory but it is much more. A belt is an object that adds charm to clothing and completes the outfit; that’s why the choice of this key element of the male wardrobe is fundamental to characterize your look.

Let’s go into a bit more detail by analyzing the materials used to make men’s belts and the characteristics associated with each type. The materials, in the objects, as well as in the clothing.

In addition to determining the specific functions of a particular article, serve to particularize the design and therefore the aesthetics of a specific product:


This is certainly the most used material. If the quality of the leather used is good, the final product will be not only beautiful, long-lasting and very functional.

Leather can be worked through different methods. For this reason, depending on the type of belt you want to make, there are models that require very high thickness and rigidity of the leather and others that prefer a leather so thin that it can be wrinkled almost like a sheet of paper.

In this case, your choice will have to be guided by your personal preferences keeping in mind that belts with a thicker leather could be a little less elegant


A textile fiber widely used for its excellent characteristics: versatile, robust and resistant. An excellent material with which it is possible to create many shapes with different colors.

Precisely because of its peculiarities, jute is widely used for sportswear even if we also find it in beautiful applications used to embellish more elegant garments. A classic belt made with jute is the military belt.

Polyester, material deriving from the polymerization between acid and alcohol. It is a cheaper product than leather but easily workable and adaptable both for more sporty and casual belts, and for much more elegant belts. The right compromise for you who love to alternate the formal look with the informal one.

Types of Men’s Belts


They are elegant belts with a clean design that is combined mostly with men’s shoes and other accessories suitable for events and special occasions.

The leather used is often shiny or semi-shiny, in particular, both smooth leather models and belts with exotic prints such as Tejus, Viper, Crocodile, Alligator, and Tortoise are fine. Among the ceremony belts, those with modern prints such as carbon is very successful.

The seams are in tone and the yarn used and thin. In addition, there are no-sewn belts, the so-called welded belts, which are very elegant and appreciated. The buckle can be shiny or brushed, generally nickel in color, gold is returning a little at a time.


This group is larger because it includes part of the classic and ceremonial belts. These belts are produced with either shiny or matte, smooth, printed or natural grain leather. The seams can be both in tone and in slight contrast.

The buckles generally have a square shape which is more easily combined. Among the elegant belts, reversible belts with swivel buckles are having great success, offering the possibility of wearing them with two different clothes, generally black and brown.


This is probably the most worn and sought after category of men’s belts. The classic belt must be comfortable and wearable every day, it must be soft and resistant, for this reason, it is made with natural leather.

Beautiful and soft are the calfskin belts, precious and resistant are the vegetable cowhide belts. On this type of belt, the seams can be contrasting and the buckle can be slightly rounded or covered. The belts classic men are “smart” because they combine easily.


In this group, we have Casual and Sports belts. The casual belt is comfortable, suitable for everyday use, has a more youthful design and a stronger personality than the classic belt.

The term casual and sporty is often used indifferently to identify this type of dynamic and versatile belt. The casual man follows fashion by proposing his own taste and personality in clothing. Its belt stands out without being noticed.


The typical Jeans belt is high, comfortable, enveloping and must express a feeling of robustness. This belt would also fall into the casual-comfortable group, however, we prefer to describe it separately since it is dedicated only to jeans.

We point out the leather belts made from strips of vegetable leather 40 mm high and with unlined thicknesses of 4 mm. The stems can be simple and without seams or processed with complex seams or simply with hand stitching.

The Jeans belt is for both men and women, it is produced in different colors, some seasonal and others always in fashion.

Fashion Belts

The fashion belts (in English Fashion belts) and the trendy or trendy belt, stand out for the particular beauty of the buckles, which can have special finishes or particular designs.

In the same way, the leather of the belt can be particular, worked or specially tanned. The trendy belt is the most important accessory for the man who wears fashion, is attentive to fashion and does not want to go unnoticed.

Braided and Elastic

The Braided belts and the elastic belts are very versatile and comfortable, suitable for both casual wear and sports. The greater comfort of this type of belt is due to the intrinsic elastic characteristics of the weaves regardless of whether they are leather, elastic fabrics or blended with wool.

Furthermore, these belts, having no holes, allow the belt to be closed at any point. The great comfort can be appreciated immediately once worn. This type of belt is also suitable for both men and women.

Suede and Suede

The suede belts are fine a bit ‘everywhere, giving a touch of class and sportiness in every type of clothing. They are appreciated by both men and women, thanks to the wide range of colors and the wide wearability.

In particular, we point out the belts with buckles covered in leather with a more youthful look, the suede belts with rubber-covered buckles and the multicolored suede belts for a “trendy” look.


The vintage belts are always in fashion, they are made with specially treated leather to create the effect “experienced in a workmanlike manner” and buckles are similarly brushed or antique.

They are beautiful, particular and robust. They are often characterized by large stitching, handmade and also patchwork with leather. They go well with many types of clothing becoming the protagonists of your look.

They go well with casual trousers, they go well with jeans. They never grow old, indeed the older they are, the more beautiful they are. Suitable for both male and female clothing.

How to Wear the Belt

The belt must be worn at the third hole, which is the central one, leaving about 15 centimeters of a tip from the point where the belt is fastened.

This rule applies as much to leather, leather or suede belts that have 5 holes, as well as to elastic and braided belts that are without a hole.

This rule will also help you when purchasing the belt. You can learn more about this by reading our guide on how to choose the belt size.

What Height Should the Belt Have?

First of all, in the choice of men’s belts, height must be considered. Normally a low belt is more elegant while a high belt will be more sporty, so the one from mm. 35 is more classic and elegant while the one from mm. 40 is more sporty and casual.

What Characteristics Must Have a Good Men’s Belt

Aside from your taste or your particular need, it must be made with quality leather. The leather of the belt is the first thing that can come into contact with yours, directly or indirectly, by transpiring through your clothing.

The made in Italy belts are made with selected Italian hides and tanned mostly with vegetable tannins, in particular, we point out the vegetable leather or vegetable cowhide belts.

Low-cost tanned hides in other countries can be harmful to health. In addition, adhesives and other materials are used in the production of belts which can harm health in the same way. our leather belts use fine natural non-harmful adhesives.

Always choose made in Italy belts made with Italian leather or even better vegetable leather. Even the lining, or bottom, must be in real leather, for the reasons already listed. The skin is resistant to heat and cold, has a small natural elasticity and is, therefore, more comfortable, pleasant to the touch and smell.

Possibly choose handmade belts, which give the guarantee of a handmade and well-kept product. Finally, if you intend to shorten the belt after purchase or plan to do it in the future, always check that it is adjustable.

What to Avoid

Beware of cheap belts, they may not be real leather, deteriorating quickly, or they may have been made of poor materials.

Stay away from the belts of prestigious brands sold at bargain prices, even during sales. They may be non-original or made of low-quality materials.


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