Afa and higher-than-normal temperatures can cause us fatigue and malfunction of the devices we work with. A mini fan in these circumstances proves to be of great help. Practical to use, transportable and efficient, these small ventilation devices are ideal at home, in the office, or outdoors.

Mini fans are generally equipped with speed control and can be directed as we wish, they consume very little, and the power supply is via USB cable or batteries.

Besides, there are all the colors and models on the market. To know which one is right for you, however, you need to keep in mind some criteria such as design and power, size, or support.

Here we had selected some of the best mini fans for you that are listed below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Tripole Mini Handheld Fan Battery Operated Small Personal Portable Fan Speed...
  • ♥ Powerful wind ♥ This cute handheld fan is inbuilt with brand new copper made motor, which is powerful enough that can...
  • ♥ 2 speed adjustable ♥ The mini fan have 2 wind speed adjustable, you can simply press the power button to change the wind...
  • ♥ Rechargeable battery ♥ Tripole personal fan is powered by the upgraded rechargeable battery, hold charge well and battery...
  • ♥ Easy to hold ♥ Designed with the anti-slip handle that conform to ergonomic principle, the portable fan is very easy and...
  • ♥ Small size ♥ This cute fan only measures 17* 8.2* 2.5cm/ 6.7* 3.1* 1in, 98g/ 0.2lb, you can put it into your pocket or bag,...
Vornado VFAN Mini Classic Personal Vintage Air Circulator Fan, Green
  • ICONIC PERFORMANCE — Utilizes Vornado's signature Vortex air circulation to more effectively move air throughout the room.
  • TIMELESS DESIGN — Bringing together sturdy metal construction with authentic Vornado VFAN styling.
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS — The 2-speed manual control is easy to use and allows you to dial in your comfort.
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL AIRFLOW — Equipped with an adjustable tilt head that allows you to direct the air where you need it.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — Backed by a 5-year hassle-free guarantee and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS.
TORRAS Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan, Hands Free Semiconductor...
  • 【3S Cool Down 18 °F】The Ku Peltier Radiator is the secret to this neck ac device. With the 0.9 x 0.9 inch Ceramic...
  • 【3D Airflow and Double Vent Design】Coolify’s 3D Airflow Design includes 36 air vents to provide an immersive cooling...
  • 【Stylish Design & Safety Bladeless】The blade-less and hands-free design avoid the awkward moments that rest of cooling...
  • 【2H Charging Using Up to 8H】Using a 4000 mAh high-grade lithium battery, Coolify personal fans will last up to 8 hours per...
  • 【Elegant Package & 180-Days Warranty】Coolify personal neck fan comes with a special designed space capsule case, providing a...
JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan, 3 IN 1 Hand Fan, Portable USB Rechargeable Small...
  • 【Small In Size, Big On Function】 Combined with Fan + Flashlight + Backup Power Bank function, JISULIFE F8 pocket bear fan...
  • 【14-21 Hours Cooling Time】Up to 21 hours cooling time in one full charge. Super long battery life allows you to enjoy it while...
  • 【A Palm-sized Backup Charger】Featured with unique and pocket size design, F8 portable fan is easy to jam into a bag to tote...
  • 【Also A Flashlight】Designed with a flashlight function as a bonus. You may not look for a flashlight firstly but you will find...
  • 【3-Stage Transformable Fan】Able to be completely folded to hide the blades, makes it small and compact enough to slip into...
SaleRANK NO. 5
Aluan Handheld Fan Mini Fan Powerful Small Personal Portable Fan Speed...
  • 【Cooling Artifact】 Aluan mini fan is inbuilt with first- new copper made powerful motor, which can support the blade rotate at...
  • 【Speed Adjustable】 The cute handheld fan with 2 adjustable speed will meet your different need, you can simply press the power...
  • 【USB Rechargeable】 Powered by upgraded rechargeable polymer lithium battery, which can support the mini fan run longer than...
  • 【Small and Handheld】 This pocket fan only measures 12.6* 7.9* 2.1cm/ 4.9* 3.1* 0.8in, you can put it into your pocket or bag,...
  • 【Multi- use】 Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the personal fan can produce natural wind to keep you cool when reading,...
SaleRANK NO. 6
GUSGU Mini Stroller Fan Clip-on for Baby, Small Portable Fan Rechargeable and...
  • 【Upgraded Fan Gaps Protect Baby's Fingers】 GUSGU mini stroller fan with less than 6mm gaps to avoid the baby's tiny fingers...
  • 【Portable & 3 Speed Adjustment】 Portable fan with one button to switch between 3 speed at any time you need, and this flexible...
  • 【Rechargeable Design & Ultra-Long Battery Life】Built-in safety battery design, a single charge can be used for 8 hours, and...
  • 【Improved Cool & Quiet】Specially designed to keep your baby cool without the noise; The baby fan is equipped with a 3000RPM...
  • 【Flexible tripod and 360 ° rotation】Made of high-quality metal and silicone cover tripod can be bent to any angle you want...
SaleRANK NO. 7
Mini Handheld Fan,Portable Foldable USB Fans with Smart Led Digital...
  • ★【Handheld Fan·Desk Fan·Neck Fan 3 in 1 Design】L84mm*W41mm*H178mm size makes it very compact, you can carry it which...
  • ★【4000mAh Rechargeable Battery & Smart Led Digital Display】 This mini USB fan built in 4000mAh battery and digital display...
  • ★【4 modes of Wind Speed for Your Choice】Don't underestimate this small mini fan cause it has strong power. You can press the...
  • ★【Convenient USB Charging · 25db Silent Operation】This fan has a USB charging port, which can be charged by USB chargers,...
  • ★【Perfect Gift · Quality Assurance】 Focondot portable mini fan is exquisite and durable. It is a must-have equipment in...
SaleRANK NO. 8
Design Go Micro Fan Purple, One Size
  • Ultra compact mini fan
  • Small enough to use anywhere
  • Blade retracts for compact storage
  • Discreet & quiet
  • 0.69x2.17x1.77
Dyson Cool AM07 Mini Air Multiplier Tower Fan White/Silver
  • Includes AM07 Mini tower fan, remote control and CR2032 lithium battery
  • Air Multiplier Technology, Hidden LED display
  • Bladeless design, Sleep timer
  • 10 airflow settings, Approximate measurements: Fan 9" x 5" x 34-1/2"; Cord 6-1/2'L
  • One-touch oscillation control

Mini Fan Buying Guide

It is essential to know, in general, the characteristics, functions, and ways of use of the mini fans. Only in this way can you make an informed decision before the purchase.

Which is based on your needs, the space, and the budget you have, among other things. Below, we see the essential elements to take into consideration regarding mini fans.

What Is a Mini Fan?

A mini fan is, as the name implies, a small fan. That is to say, an electric or battery-operated appliance which, through the movement of blades or blades thanks to an internal mechanism, cools the air and helps to reduce the ambient temperature.

It is mainly used in closed or small spaces, such as offices or rooms of a few square meters.

How Does a Mini Fan Work?

There are currently two main types of fans, and therefore two different versions of mini fans. The classic is more analogical to use a common and accessible term, while the other is more sophisticated, and its mechanism is more complicated.

The analogical one consists of the rotating movement, at various speeds, of the blades or an element similar to them.

The latter – more complicated, recent, and also expensive – have the same “refreshing” function, but more intense, thanks to an internal electronic mechanism that almost transforms them into small air conditioners.

They absorb the air and blow it back into circulation once it has cooled inside the device, in a continuous cycle of thermodynamic refrigeration.

How Do You Power a Mini Fan?

In ancient times, movable or table fans that were used where there was no air conditioning connected directly to the electricity. This produced electricity consumption according to power and use, as with any other household appliance for daily use. But times change, and technology evolves.

Therefore, nowadays, the most common power source is USB connections to other electronic devices – computers, laptops or tablets, for example – or even to the most famous power banks, which are simple blocks of energy storage.

Consumption will depend, as in the case of older fans, on the power and program used.

Does the Mini Fan only Cool the Air?

Everything will depend on the level of sophistication and complexity of the mini fan that we will purchase. We have already seen in our list of the best mini fans of 2019 that some models offer other additional functions.

Given the nature of the device and its primary functions, the most common among the accessories are dehumidifiers and air purifiers.

What Is the Energy Consumption of A Mini Fan?

The main variables to consider when calculating the consumption of a mini fan are its maximum power, measured in kilowatts, the energy used by the program that we have selected there are various, adjustable according to the fresh air we need and the frequency of use, which in most cases will be concentrated in the summer months.

In any case, a mini fan will not rocket our monthly electricity bill. Its impact on an entire home or office consumption will be practically unnoticeable, similar to a mobile phone charger or a TV in standby mode.

Consumption will go up a bit if we choose a multifunction model, but it will still not be the reason for a higher salary bill.

What Budget Do I Need to Buy a Mini Fan?

This is one of those cases where it is possible to use a vague and frequent answer: it depends. It depends on the type of mini fan we want, with what power, size, design, functions, and other parameters.

However, the most common models, which perform the essential function perfectly – alleviate excess heat – are very accessible and will not ruin us.

What Do Mini Fan Experts Think?

Feeling warm is not healthy, neither physically nor mentally, because the excess of stress generated by a higher-than-normal body temperature negatively affects our performance at work and our mood.

We do not say it, but the scientific studies that explain human behavior. Therefore, to the ecological and economic advantages, we must combine this other, our health.

Purchase Criteria

We are getting closer to the highlight: the purchase of the product and the choice of a specific model. At this point, we must list and explain one by one of the main purchase criteria that we must take into account if we want to buy a mini fan. It is a crucial step in the process to avoid making mistakes.

  • Dimensions
  • Power and Consumption
  • Space in Which It Will Be Used
  • Climatic Characteristics of The Place
  • Design and Aesthetics


If it’s mini, it’s mini. That is to say, if we are looking for a compact, handy and discreet device to put anywhere, even if we do not have too much space, we must look for the smaller models. Most mini fans have similar dimensions, but it never hurts to check further before buying.

In this section, we could also include since it is strictly related to the size, the weight since a small fan of small dimensions can weigh more than a larger model.

This is due to the materials with which it is manufactured and the complexity of the internal mechanism. The lighter it is, the more practical it will be.

Power and Consumption

When we talk about power, we refer to the ability of the mini fan to move the air at the highest speed possible, producing masses of fresh air with this movement.

We have to check how many operating programs it has, to adapt it to the conditions of each occasion – hotter or hotter -. The more applications, the more flexibility we will have in setting the temperature.

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that some mini fans entail higher electrical consumption. Even though we said earlier that, in principle, we would not notice it in our bill, it is preferable to be cautious.

Generally, greater power and intensity corresponds to higher consumption, which will further increase if the product has extra functions.

Space in Which It Will Be Used

The location where we will use the fan will also influence our final purchase decision. It is not the same to refresh a room of five square meters and one of twenty-five.

Nor is it the same to use a mini fan at home or in an office where sometimes we need to be discreet in displaying the device on our desk.

If we are oriented towards a very compact model, the power may be limited. Therefore, it can only serve us in small spaces or rooms. Instead,

if we need it for a large home or office, we will need more power, and it certainly cannot be in a compact format.

Climatic Characteristics of The Place

We have already seen that some fans include features to eliminate humidity or even air impurities. Knowing the climate of the environment well will help us decide what we need.

There are areas where the heat is constant throughout the year, and others where it lasts a couple of months. The more we use it, the more energy we will consume: let’s take a look at the kilowatts.

Areas with humid and hot climates can generate a genuinely unbearable mix. If this is our case, we would certainly like to have something more than just a table fan.

We will also need a dehumidifier, so the best option will be to look for a 2 in 1 model that will allow us to solve both problems with a single device.

Design and Aesthetics

After all, the fan also becomes a decorative, permanent, or temporary element. In both cases, we certainly want it to harmonize with the rest of the environment.

Therefore, we will pay attention not only to the color but also to the shape. Currently, there are mini fans that don’t even look like them.

With cylindrical designs and refined designs, they seem simple decorative elements in theme with the rest of the room. Their small size makes this camouflage possible and facilitates the play between the utility and the function of accessories.

For purists of harmony, perfect design, and interior design for amateurs, this is a criterion not to be ignored.

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