Nerf is a product line of the famous toy company Hasbro, in this case, it is the evolution of the classic pistols and water guns, adapted to shoot harmless darts; they are so famous now that the term Nerf has become synonymous with these toys regardless of the product brand.

Weapons have always aroused a certain charm on human beings but, fortunately, some can be used only for fun and not do harm. Let’s talk about Nerf pistols and rifles, toy reproductions capable of firing rubber bullets.

Here we will be listing the top 11 best nerf scopes that are mostly used in the world.

Scope Sight for Nerf Gun Toy, Plastic Tactical Scope Sight Attachment with...
  • HIGH QUALITY - About scope sight, the view of the Modulus Regulator is made of good quality plastic, resistant, lightweight and...
  • PERFECT ACCESSORIES FOR TOY GUN - The toy gun scope is easy to mount it on the toy gun, and easy to take off. You can add much...
  • SUITABLE FOR - Modulus Regulator is easy to mount on the toy gun. Sighting Scope is suitable for the series toy gun.
  • LENS ACCURACY - Scope sight for Nerf, module regulator With a reticle, it helps you improve lens accuracy.
  • SCOPE SIGHT FOR TOY - We promise to provide after-sales for all customers. If you have any question of encounter when comparing...
SaleRANK NO. 2
Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope
  • Up to 5x magnification
  • Infrared mode
  • Display screen
  • Attaches to Nerf Modulus blaster tactical rails
  • Includes scope and instructions.
SaleRANK NO. 3
AngelReally Scope Sight for N f Gun,Plastic Detachable Tactical Scope Sight...
  • 【Please Note】Please Choose "Sold by AngReally and Ships from Amazon". This shipment is 2-3 days Fulfilled by Amazon. If you...
  • 【Kindly Tip】Please Choose Ships from Amazon. Please do not buy product from store which is not Ships from Amazon. Please Check...
  • SIZE: Approx. 23.5 x 6.5cm / 9.25 x 2.56inch.This has actually been very durable, provides a good light.
  • DESIGN:With a reticle helps you to improve aim accuracy, improve your shooting skills.The toy gun scope is easy to mount it on the...
  • USAGE: Rail attachment is easy to mount it on the toy gun.Suitable for series toy gun.Can add much more fun to the game, great...
NERF Rival Red Dot Sight
  • Adjustable sight
  • Die cast details
  • Anti-reflective lens
  • Includes red dot sight, camlock, and instructions
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
NERF Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 Blaster - 8-Dart Drum, Detachable Scope and...
  • CUSTOMIZE BLASTER FOR ANY MISSION WITH SCOPE AND BARREL: Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 blaster includes a detachable scope and...
  • 8-DART DRUM, BOLT ACTION PRIMING, FIRES DARTS UP TO 90 FEET: Fire 8 darts in a row up to 90 feet (27 meters) from the blaster's...
  • 16 NERF ELITE DARTS AND DART STORAGE: Includes 16 Official Nerf Elite foam darts. After loading the drum, you can store 8 darts in...
  • CREATE DIFFERENT BLASTER STYLES: Take advantage of the blaster's detachable scope and detachable barrel to create different...
  • TACTICAL RAILS FOR CUSTOMIZING: The Eaglepont RD-8 blaster has 3 tactical rails so you can attach Nerf accessories to customize...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Nerf Modulus Stealth Upgrade Kit
  • N-Strike Elite blasters and Elite darts deliver the ultimate in blaster performance
  • Mega Series blasters feature Mega Whistler Darts that scream through the air
  • Defend against a zombie invasion with ZombieStrike blasters
  • Ignite the night with FireVision sports gear that glows when thrown
  • Raise your game with the Pro-Grip Football and Nerfoop basketball set
SaleRANK NO. 7
NERF Fortnite BASR-L Bolt Action, Clip Fed Blaster - Includes Removable Scope,...
  • DART-BLASTING FORTNITE BLASTER REPLICA: The Nerf Fortnite BASR-L blaster is inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite, capturing...
  • BOLT-ACTION, CLIP-FED DART BLASTING: Load the clip into the blaster, move the priming bolt backward and forward, and press the...
  • REMOVABLE SCOPE: Includes a scope that you can attach and remove from the blaster. Look through the scope and line up the...
  • INCLUDES 6-DART CLIP AND 12 NERF DARTS: Comes with a clip that holds up to 6 darts and includes 12 Official Nerf Elite darts that...
Jashem Scope Sight for Nerf Toy Gun Plastic Precise Nerf Sight for Toy Guns...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: This sight is a toy gunscope, made of good quality plastic, sturdy, lightweight and wearable.
  • CONVENIENT TO INSTALL : The toy gun scope is easy to mount it on the toy gun, and easy to take off.
  • SUITABLE: Suitable for Nerf series toy gun, is a toy
  • BEST TOY ACCESSORY: The toy gun scope can add much more fun to game, nice attachment to the toy gun.
  • SIZE: Approx Length 9.25 x Width 2.56 inch
Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Motorized Blaster, Removable Nerf Scope, Drop Grip, Barrel,...
  • MORE THAN 30 COMBINATIONS: The motorized Nerf Modulus ECS-10 blaster includes Nerf accessories to create lots of different play...
  • INCLUDES NERF SCOPE, DROP GRIP, DUAL-RAIL BARREL EXTENSION, AND STORAGE STOCK: The removable accessories let you create multiple...
  • MOTORIZED DART BLASTING: Hold down the acceleration button to activate the motor and pull the trigger to fire a dart. Requires 4x...
  • INCLUDES 10-DART BANANA CLIP AND 10 NERF ELITE DARTS: Fire 10 foam Nerf darts in a row! Store an extra clip in the stock for...
  • GREAT GIFTS FOR KIDS: Nerf Modulus blasters are great backyard toys for 8 year old boys and girls. They’ll have fun changing...
Nerf Modulus Targeting Light Beam
  • N-Strike Elite blasters and Elite darts deliver the ultimate in blaster performance
  • Mega Series blasters feature Mega Whistler Darts that scream through the air
  • Defend against a zombie invasion with ZombieStrike blasters
  • Ignite the night with FireVision sports gear that glows when thrown
  • Raise your game with the Pro-Grip Football and Nerfoop basketball set
NERF Fortnite Heavy SR Blaster, Longest Fortnite Blaster Ever, Removable Scope,...
  • DART-FIRING FORTNITE BLASTER REPLICA: This Nerf Fortnite Heavy SR blaster is inspired by the equipment used in Fortnite, capturing...
  • LONGEST NER FORTNITE BLASTER EVER: The Heavy SR blaster measures an awesome 43 inches long (over 1 meter)! Your opponents will...
  • BOLT ACTION, CLIP-FED MEGA DART BLASTING: Fire 6 big Nerf Mega darts in a row from the 6-dart clip -- slide the bolt to prime the...
  • 6 NERF MEGA DARTS, REMOVABLE SCOPE, RED CAMO WRAP: Comes with 6 Official Nerf Mega foam darts, has a removable targeting scope,...
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free

Best Nerf Scopes Buying Guide

If you want to have fun, maybe even with your children, below, we offer you our buying guide in which we highlighted the aspects to be evaluated before choosing which Nerf blaster to buy. You will also find reviews of the best models for us that combine excellent performance at an affordable price.

Not Just for Kids

Contrary to what one might think, Nerf weapons are not meant for children. Or rather, not only. And certainly not for too young children who, on the contrary, could get hurt because in any case these rifles and pistols fire rubber bullets which, at close range and in certain parts of the body, can be painful.

Staying for a moment on this issue, if you are looking for more peace of mind, you may be interested in the best board games: in this case, click on the link.

In the first place of your ranking of the aspects to be taken into account, therefore, there is undoubtedly safety. If you think of giving a Nerf blaster to a child, do it only if you are at least 8/9 years old and above all instruct them on the rules and risks during use.

It would be better to use these weapons to hit objects, in a kind of target shooting or precision. In case you want to have fun with one or more friends.

Our advice is to avoid blows to the face and point-blank in all ways. For such fights, the best brands of these weapons, such as Nerf, also offer real kits for sale, consisting of protective glasses, jacket, and spare ammunition.

Alternatively, to make the challenge more fun, “target kits” are available or that simulate the clay pigeon shooting, also useful for exercising and improving aim.

The Type of Ammunition

The wealth of Nerf pistol and rifle models available on the market also determines a great variety of ammunition to be used to load them. There are rubber bullets, bullets, darts, and those with a suction cup on the tip.

Before deciding which weapon to buy, therefore, consider what type of bullets you want, also in consideration of use mainly inside the home or outdoors.

Also, plan to buy a few sets of spare ammunition because it is instead natural that with use, the bullets get ruined (and therefore get stuck in the barrel of the gun or rifle, ruining the fun) or are lost, especially in case of outdoor battles.


The universe of Nerf blasters is growing exponentially, in line with the excellent success that these products are experiencing. Comparing the prices, you will notice that there are cheaper and more expensive models. The latter, typically, also allow for real weapon upgrades.

As for some real models, even Nerf pistols and rifles can provide the possibility of mounting additional magazines, darts holders, double-track barrels, and precision sights. The only limit is your imagination (and how much you are willing to spend).

Also consider the strength of the structure carefully because it is easy for these blasters to suffer blows and falls in use, therefore opt for a model in hard plastic, and that gives a good feeling of resistance.


A necessary premise is a toy gun but not necessarily intended only for children. From what we have been able to see, there are many adults who candidly admitted to having purchased the Nerf Blaster for themselves.

There are even those who use it with an individual ingenuity, that is, breaking down the objects placed in front of the TV, obstructing the view, and it works. So, in a sense, we could also recognize an absolute versatility to this model.

But the real strengths are others, starting with the range which is about 27 meters. Not bad. The magazine can hold up to six darts, which can be fired with a single shot or in a burst, select the setting you prefer.

Good Materials

We believe that this gun is made with suitable materials; it is true it is plastic, but this appears resistant, as well as the mechanics, from the trigger to the drum that turns perfectly.

Furthermore, the toy weapon hardly gets stuck, and this says a lot about the build quality. The handle ensures a good grip, perhaps the trigger is a little hard, and the younger children may have some difficulty pressing it.

We believe the sight is too thick to aim well. However, precision is not a feature to look for in such a gun.

Darts Are Missing

We have to bring back something quite unpleasant. Reading the product description, six darts should accompany this. However, we have come to know of cases that deny this. In analyzing the reviews posted online by buyers, several people complain about the absence of these essential accessories.

The advice we can give you, perhaps to avoid a bad surprise to a child who receives his (potentially incomplete) gift on Christmas day, is to buy a pack of additional darts.

On the market, they are quite cheap and in any case, having a good supply by the side can be useful because it is not so difficult to lose some ammunition.

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