Large and powerful, small and portable, to perform professional work or only as an aid to daily activities, the air compressor is a fundamentally important tool for any modern society.

The occasions when you need to inflate something are more frequent than you might think: from car tires to dinghies, from bicycle wheels to a children’s pool.

The most convenient solution is represented by the purchase of a portable compressor, an appliance which, comparing the prices, you will realize is not a massive expense. Here we will be listing the top 8 best portable air tanks

Performance Tool W10005 Hi-viz 5-Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Tank With Tire...
  • PRESSURE GAUGE: Displays air pressure in PSI and MPa; 125 maximum psi
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE CONSTRUCTION: Industrial grade air hose with standard tire air chuck; light weight and convenient handle for...
  • EASY CONNECT: Connects to standard compressed air source
  • SAFETY VALVE: Safety pressure bypass valve with manual override
SaleRANK NO. 2
JEGS 5-Gallon Portable Air Tank | 125 PSI Maximum Pressure | Yellow Coated Steel...
  • EASY-TO-READ PRESSURE GAUGE to ensure you have the correct amount of air in the tank
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY for the ultimate in portability
  • IDEAL FOR THE TRACK, GARAGE, HOUSE OR FARM for maintenance or emergency needs
  • FEATURES 3 FOOT HEAVY DUTY HOSE to reach where you need it to
SaleRANK NO. 3
Pro-Force FT10 10-Gallon Portable Air Tank
  • 135 Max PSI
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • High quality brass manifold
  • Durable welded on handle
  • Equipped with air pressure gauge, air line shut-off valve, pressure relief valve, easy access fill valve, 3-Feet by 1/4-Inch air...
SaleRANK NO. 4
JEGS Portable Aluminum Air Tank | 3 Gallon Capacity | Vertical Design | Overall...
  • TANK SIZE 16.75” high x 7.25” diameter, overall height is 24”
  • 50% LIGHTER than similar size steel tank for easier transportation
  • INCLUDES gauge, 36” hose, and pressure relief valve
  • VERTICAL DESIGN for space savings when stored on a floor
ATD Tools 9890 Air Tank - 10 Gallon Capacity
  • An excellent reserve air source for cleaning and inflating
  • Patented air line shut-off valve with pressure relief valve and pressure gauge
  • 4 foot air hose with air chuck included
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction with rust-free baked finish
BIG RED T88007 Torin Portable Horizontal Air Tank with 36" Hose, 7 Gallon...
  • Capacity: 7 Gallon | Dimension: L x W x H 20.3" x 9.8" x 12.6" | Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 125 Psi
  • Integrated with safety pressure bypass valve with manual override and air gauge displaying pressure in Psi and Bar
  • Equiped with 4 feet long industrial grade 1/4 inch male NPT air hose with standard tire chuck
  • Fitted with Shut-off valve on input allowing tank to be filled and disconnected from compressor without draining itself out
  • Includes limited 1-year manufacturer warranty
GX CS3-I Portable PCP Air Compressor, Built-in Home Converter, Setting Auto-Stop...
  • ☆Update :Compare with CS3 verison, the only difference is that CS3-I changed the home 110V-12V converter to inside the machine....
  • ☆Setting the Autostop Value & Built-in Oil-Water Filter :The filling of a rifle or pistol is hassle free with an auto shut off...
  • ☆Oil-Free & Water-Free & Built-in Fan Cooling for Long Life : Unlike traditional 110V electric high pressure air pumps which...
  • ☆3 Type Safety Device Design & Convenient Wire Spool Design: Adjustable pressure gauge , safety valve and burst disc makes this...
  • ☆Inflation Speed: This pcp compressor was designed mainly for inflating less than 1L tank. Fill a 190cc tank from 1800psi to...

Everything You Need to Know About Best Portable Air Tanks

Different Needs

Speaking in general of compressors, we can highlight how they are divided substantially into two categories: those for occasional use and professional ones.

As it is easy to imagine, the main differences are related to their size, the amount of air they can emit in a given period and the price.

It goes without saying that if your needs are professional, you will have to go to belt-driven appliances with a capacity higher than 50 litres, capable of working for many consecutive hours and therefore rather expensive and bulky.

But on this page, our focus is on portable models, consequently designed to be easily transported and perhaps kept in the trunk of the car to be immediately available in case of need.

On the market, you can, therefore, find portable compressors (with a capacity of about 5-6 litres), which make their compact size and portability their strong point.

These are models without a tank where to store the air (as belt or piston ones do) and therefore need to be continuously connected to a power outlet to fulfil their task.

Technical Specifications

HP is the abbreviation that identifies the power that the compressor can generate and is typically expressed by a two-digit value: the first indicates the amount of energy used to start the engine, the second the energy used while the appliance it is operational.

This value, without going into excessive technicalities, can be useful to understand which model best suits your needs. To give you an idea, devices for home and occasional use (even if not necessarily portable) are in a range between 1.5 and 6.5 HP.

A second technical parameter is that of cubic meters per second, i.e. the quantity of air that the appliance is capable of generating but, in the case of portable models, the need for power and air emitted does not rank at the top of the classification of the aspects to be taken into consideration.


As mentioned, the fundamental aspect of a portable compressor is that it has reduced dimensions and weight, so that you can carry it effortlessly but also place it in a minimum space, such as a storage room or the trunk of the car, when you do not have to use it.

The portability of these devices then also passes through the type of power supply which, in most cases, is electric. If you plan to use it exclusively in the garage or at home, you can opt for a model with a traditional power plug. Otherwise, you can choose the one with the cable to be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter.

The compressor, even that of the best brand, requires a minimum of maintenance, to be performed every three or four months, to ensure that it always works flawlessly.

French Quality Brand

Mecafer is a French company founded in 1976 and specialized in the production of mechanical equipment, in particular welding machines, generators, compressors and related accessories, specially designed for home and DIY use.

Over the years the company has grown a lot, thanks above all to the excellent quality level of its products, made with reliable and long-lasting materials and subjected to rigorous tests, to meet the strict safety standards imposed by the European Union as regards concerns this type of equipment.

The portable compressors of the Vento Series are no exception to the rule, in particular the New Vento, which represents one of the top models in its line of portable compressors.

Compact and Functional

The Mecafer New Vento compressor, despite being a portable model with compact dimensions, only 48 x 45 x 16 centimetres, can count on a 6-litre tank, just enough to meet the needs of mainly domestic and amateur use.

It is powered by the mains, via the integrated cable, and is driven by an oil-free single-cylinder engine with 1,100 watts of power, equivalent to 1.5 HP.

Generates a pressure of 8 Bar and is extremely easy to use, thanks to the control panel located in the front position, which offers quick access to the ignition and adjustment controls.

On the panel there is also an analogue pressure gauge, to display the pressure level, and the quick coupling for the delivery tube, its body, is also designed to integrate a practical and comfortable handle that greatly facilitates its transport.

The only flaw, unfortunately, is the total lack of accessories, which must be purchased separately and according to your needs.

Ideal for Home Use

Despite the lack of accessories, however, the people who bought it were delighted with this small compressor.

Beyond the purely material qualities, in fact, such as the small size and a decidedly low noise level, buyers report that its performance is also excellent; the 6 litre tank offers a minimum capacity which.

When filled and at a maximum of 8 bar of pressure, provides a continuous air-jet lasting just over 30 seconds, if the compressor is not connected to the current.

Otherwise, once connected, as soon as the pressure begins to drop too much, the engine starts to refill the tank. It is an ideal compressor especially for cleaning filters, for inflating tires and for hobby use; like modelling, just to give an example.

Manual, Automatic, Electronic

Choosing an air compressor also means having to analyze in detail the type of mechanism that allows the instrument to work, as this factor also dramatically affects the possibility of choosing the product that best suits your needs.

Manual: The manual compressors are indeed those of the older generation, having been among the first to be placed on the market and lending themselves to a series of limited actions, first of all, the inflating of tires and the like.

These portable air compressors are useful for all those who do not have high needs, if not to sporadically restore the quantity of gas contained in different kinds of inner tubes. Since they are not technological tools, they are also the ones that cost less, even if however they are extremely limited in functions.

Automatic: The automatic model concerns all those air compressors that through mechanical mechanisms and centrifugal forces allow firing an air jet, whose propulsive power can be adjusted according to the needs of the moment or the structure on which it is intended. To intervene.

These are often 50-litre air compressors and are among the best known on the market since there are various models and this has allowed us to be able to make products at an affordable price for everyone.

Electronic: Electronic compressors belong to that category of specialist products that not everyone can use. These not only require particular and detailed knowledge of the matter that allows them to be used safely.

They are also the most expensive ones and that need special spaces to be accommodated, also given their large size when compared with automatic models or manuals.

Their peculiarity in any case is inherent in the fact that these air compressors are electronically programmable and therefore interconnectable with laboratory technologies and the like.

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