Do you want to enjoy a tasty raclette? Don’t you know what it is? We tell you. It is an excellent Swiss cheese that should be eaten melted. The process to obtain it is as follows: the cheese is cut in half and then heated by bringing it closer to the fire or, in our specific case, to resistance.

Once the layer starts to melt, you will scrape it off to flatten it. The raclette machine is nothing more than a multifunction appliance that allows the simultaneous preparation of different dishes.

Right below are some of the best Raclette machines.

Li Bai Raclette Cheese Melter Commercial Electric Machine For Half Nacho Cheese Wheel Multi-Function Adjustable Angle Stainless Steel 650W Rapid Heating(750A)
  • This unique cheese melter heats the top of the cheese in a few minutes though the 650W heating tube, and keeps the bottom of the cheese firm while you easily scrape off the molten cheese from the top.
  • It is made of high quality material, which is firm and safe. It is easy to operate and clean, with a angle adjustable grilling plate, which save time and make your cooking more efficient!
  • The whole machine has long service life because it is covered with anti-rust paint which extends its service life and keeps a fresh look as the beginning.
  • The heating tube covers a large area about 36cm×9cm. You can put a large half wheel of cheese under it. Best choice for commercial restaurant and home kitchen.
  • We are confident the quality of our product is 100% qualified. Add it and start your gourmet tour! If there is any question, feel free to contact us. We will offer the best service for you. Thank you very much!
Milliard Raclette Grill for Four People, Includes Reversible Non-Stick Grilling Surface, 4 Paddles and Spatulas - Great for a Family Get Together or Party
  • Make a new kind of cheese dish with our raclette grill. Cook up meats, veggies, seafood, and more with melted cheese – all in one unit!
  • Simple and portable social dining that lets everyone pick what they want from the grill and drizzle their cheese on top, or just dip their items in their cheese pan.
  • Non-stick surfaces allow for more sliding and less swearing while plating your cheese and grilled items. Reversible grill top has a flat side and a grilled side for getting just the right sear on your food.
  • Adjustable grill temperature is ideal for versatile cooking options, and a visible indicator light makes sure you don’t forget to turn your grill off when you’re done. Grill top and coupelles are dishwasher safe.
  • Includes the raclette unit, grill top, and four cheese pans. Unit measures 12½x8½x4½in with 8¼x8¼in grilling surface. Input: 120V 60Hz 600W / ETL Certified
Bron Coucke - French manufactured - Quarter Round Raclette Machine
  • Commercial quality European raclette oven
  • Hand made in France
  • Built to US electric standards with USA plug (no converter required!)
  • Powder coated steel for long life
  • Serves up to 4 diners
Artestia 10 Person Large Stainless Steel Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full Size Top Plates, High Power 1500W (Full Size Stone and Non-Stick Reversible Aluminum Plate for 10 persons)
  • Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full Size Plates (Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Reversible Grill Plate and High Density Granite Grill Stone) by Artestia, Elegant Design Stainless Steel Base, Serve up to 10 persons. Model number AR-89031
  • The set includes one stainless steel raclette, one full size Non-Stick Reversible Cast Aluminum Grill Plate (19" X 9.5"), one full size High Density Granite Grill Stone (19" X 9.5"), ten raclette dish holders with heat resistant handles and ten spatulas; spare grill stone can be purchased at AR-88029 ( B07PZZ2QBW )
  • It has rotary heat control on the side, the plate can reach a maximum of 428 °F. Grill like professional chef!
  • The plates heat up quickly and evenly. You control exactly how the steak, seafood & vegetables is cooked right in front of you at your table to enjoy a healthy, tasty & flavorful meal
  • It uses North America Standard Electricity, 120 V, 60 Hz , max 1500 W, ETL Certified
NutriChef Electric Raclette Cheese Melter-Swiss Style Warmer Melts, Stainless Steel Accessory, One Size, blacck
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: The raclette cheese maker is safe for placement on any kitchen counter or tabletop. Make gourmet sandwiches with perfect cheese melt anywhere with an outlet
  • CONTROL YOUR MELT: The raclette grill features high power with a max temperature of 482F, as well as an adjustable temperature that keeps you in control of all your best cheese recipes
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The cheese melter is made of stainless steel and stain resistant construction making it easy to clean. A simple disassembling process makes for convenient storage, saving you space in your kitchen
  • HASSLE FREE OPERATION: The cheese raclette grill an angle adjustable grilling plate for premium cheese placement. Prepare your food in a traditional Swiss style
  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE: This swiss raclette machine features a user-friendly electrical plug-in design. The raclette machine helps you prepare side dishes for any occasion, sure to wow your guests
Swissmar KF-77040 Classic 8-Person Raclette with Reversible Cast Iron Grill Plate/Crepe Top, Black
  • 8-Person black classic Raclette has a cast iron reversible grill/crepe grill top that measures 9 by 14-inch
  • Raclette comes with 8-heat resistant spatulas and 8 raclette dishes
  • Wonderful for entertaining: cook right at the table
  • Variable heat control
  • 1200-Watt of power
SaleRANK NO. 7
Salton 6-Person Nonstick and Raclette,Black
  • Grills meat, seafood, and vegetables on its top cooking surface
  • On/off switch with indicator light; immersible grill plate; nonstick surfaces
  • 6 raclette pans, 6 spatulas, and a variety of recipes included
  • Measures approximately 13 by 13 by 5 inches
  • On/off switch with indicator light; immersible grill plate; nonstick surfaces
Hamilton Beach 8-Serving Raclette Electric Indoor Grill, Ideal for Parties and Family Fun, Black (31612-MX)
  • Great for parties and family fun. everyone can cook and combine ingredients any way they want
  • Serves up to 8 people - 200 square inch nonstick, die cast grilling surface plus 8 heat resistant Raclette trays and spatulas provide plenty of room for up to 8 guests to cook
  • Dishwasher safe. Grill top wipes clean and can be washed in the dishwasher along with the 8 individual trays and spatulas
  • Adjustable temperature: Perfect for keeping cheese warm on a low temperature or searing shrimp on a much higher heat
  • What is Raclette? A centuries old Swiss meal, and the name of the cheese used to make it, Raclette was traditionally prepared over a fire and is now more commonly prepared with the help of specialized electric grills
SaleRANK NO. 9
Cooking for Good Times: Super Delicious, Super Simple [A Cookbook]
  • Hardcover Book
  • Kahan, Paul (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 288 Pages - 10/15/2019 (Publication Date) - Lorena Jones Books (Publisher)

Buyer Guide to Choose Raclette Machines

More than the traditional plate, it resembles a real economic miniature kitchen with which you can do a little bit of everything. The difference with an ordinary hob is that it should be positioned in the center of the table thanks to its small size and lightweight.

How Does It Work?

Although many people confuse it with a very simple grill, a raclette is not just that. There are several things in one such as various types of plates (such as soapstone or non-stick grill plates, pans to heat different types of cheese and dishes with the molds for making crepes).

It is multifunctional and versatile that will entertain your whole family and animate your evenings. Its name derives from the Swiss cheese called raclette, which is eaten right after being heated and when its internal part begins to melt completely.

The raclette plate is usually made on two floors (although there maybe even more), where one part is used to make grilled meat or fish, and the other part is used to put and melt the cheese and has a certain number of pans. Little ones that are heated.

Many who have never used one like it doesn’t even know what to cook on raclette. But we can say that the only limit can be your imagination. With the non-slip feet, place your electric raclette on any type of surface.

Connect the cable to the electricity socket and start the fun. You can use the grill or the stone that is on the surface, below you will find places for crepes and at the bottom of the pademelons. On the surface in the center, many may have the opportunity to put a pot to make the Fondue.

Various Models

Specific models can be distinguished by the type with which the hob is made. Some can be removed, and others turned, some are smooth, and some are striped. Not to mention different materials such as cast iron, glass, natural stone, stainless steel, and other non-stick materials.

The larger the raclette, the more space it takes up, but at the same time, it can also be enough for a dinner of eight people. If you are only two of you will undoubtedly take a smaller model that is enough for your needs.

Plate and soapstone – you can easily choose the models that have the grill incorporated. If one day you don’t feel like making only melted cheese together with a mixture of all the other things, you can always opt for excellent grilled meat, or you can use soapstone, which is a natural material, and once heated it will give results incredible.

Some models even have half the surface in the grill plate and the other half in soapstone, so you can combine the two as you like.

  1. Plate and Fondue – you can use the grill as always and then put a pan to make your favorite Fondue or to keep something that has been previously cooked warm and can be used both as a side dish for your main meal and as a dessert.
  2. Crepes Yes or No – many models also allow you to have a unique cooking surface that has small or large circular shapes and which are subsequently heated. The dough for the pancakes you have previously prepared is put inside, and so you can also have one more thing.
  3. Raclette for Cheese Shape – has a specific shape and is a stable structure where a whole cheese shape is placed. By heating it directly, the heart of the cheese melts becomes soft and excellent to eat.
  4. Ovalle or Rectangular – the shape is also essential for the fact that it is placed on the table, and an overall model certainly fits better on a round table and takes up less space allowing all diners to use it.

Main Functions and Extra Accessories

Not only the simple on and off button that almost all appliances that run on electricity have but also other functions that can drastically simplify the use of this, which has now become the real protagonist of all the parties that are held at home.

First of all, we can speak of a thermostat that can be adjusted and is used for more precise cooking and indeed manages to reduce the possible burns of a lunch or dinner. Some foods must be cooked at shallow temperatures, while others must only be seared at a high and lively temperature. Perfect cooking is all we want and look for.

Various lights that light up instead serve to indicate whether our appliance is heating up or if it has already reached the desired temperature in order to start cooking. Some are also enabled for the keep warm function.

It is a product that is already widely used in Switzerland and France, and for some years it has also quickly gained a place in Italian homes. Although it has many cooking modes and possibilities, it is not at all a problematic appliance to use, and in any case, in the beginning, you can always read the instructions until you take your hand and customize it in your own way.

As for accessories that are sometimes supplied or can always be taken online, you will find:

  1. Wooden Scoops – which are used to leave each diner the freedom to serve himself and at the same time to turn the food without the possibility of the plates scratching or damaging
  2. Longer Cable – to give you the possibility to connect it to the socket without problems since it must be in the middle of the table and at the same time access to the electrical socket

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Raclette Temperature Be Changed?

Yes, the raclette temperature can be changed, and you can customize it as you like. It depends a lot on the different types of food you use for cooking but also on your habit and taste in the kitchen. Surely you can meet all your needs.

Is the Plate Large Enough to Cook Two or Three Pieces of Meat?

Plate size depends on the model. They are usually quite large, and you can quickly cook both meat and fish, sausages or vegetables. As a quantity, without problems, you can cook at least two or three pieces of beef (also talking about the size of the chops).

Will It Be Very Heavy to Move?

The raclette is by no means challenging to move. Its weight ranging from about 5 to 8 kilos is more than average for such an appliance. Plainly you will put it in the middle of the table once you decide to organize a nice party in the company of your friends and speaking clearly it is more than easy to move and bring from one place to another (to move it once you are finished).

Does It Smoke if Used Indoors?

Absolutely not. A raclette machine is specially made to be used in the home as a kitchen appliance like any other. Just because it has the function of a grill, fondues, and the possibility of cooking meat and fish, you must not confuse it with the external barbecue that makes smoke because it uses wood. Raclette does everything smoke-free and cooks in a healthy and perfect way.

Can I Use It on The Wooden Table or Does It Heat Up?

Even if it is one that heats and cooks, at the same time, you can put it on the wooden table without problems. It does not heat up to such a point (mainly not the underside that rests on the surfaces) so as not to be able to put it in the middle of the table. Indeed, the most beautiful thing is to be able to put it in the center and that everyone prepares his small pan, the piece of meat or fish that he likes best, etc.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Meat or Fish?

The waiting time is minimal. Once you turn on the electric raclette and when it is finally heated and ready for use, just place the piece of meat you prefer, and in 10 or 15 minutes, you can have a very tasty and delicious dish on your plate. Very quick also to make many pieces of meat (if you have invited many friends home for dinner).

Can You Have a Dinner for 6 or 8 People?

Well, yes, it is also without problems. All raclette has 6 to 8 pans available that you can put under the grill to be able to make your own fondues. Whether someone just wants it with cheese and mushrooms and someone else with melted cheese, bacon, and corn. Each of your guests will be able to put whatever they want. And the top part will be free to put at least 2 or 3 medium-sized fish, prawns or meat.

Does It Turn Itself Off when It Reaches Temperature?

One of the functions that a raclette machine has is the fact that it has an internal thermostat that regulates the temperature. It means that it is you who decide how high or low the cooking will be, and once that temperature is reached, the appliance switches off (goes into stand by). When it needs to be warmed up again, it turns on back by itself.

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