The walkie talkie is a very useful device that allows two or more people to communicate remotely using radio waves. Talking about walkie talkies or two-way radios is the same thing: the two words are in fact synonyms, indeed to be precise walkie talkie is the English name of these devices, a word that soon became part of our language.

The first image that comes to mind when we talk about walkies talkies is the little toy transceivers that accompanied our childhood afternoons.

In reality, the transceiver is suitable for multiple uses: born at the beginning of the last century to facilitate communications between soldiers, this device is now widely used in both professional and more amateur contexts.

Right here we have listed the best walkie talkies that will be helpful in your communication process.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio, 2 Pack
  • Call Tones: A call tone is what people calling you can hear instead of the normal default ring. It grabs the attention of your...
  • Quickly Find a Channel: Use the scanning feature to see which channels are currently in use.
  • Flashing Low Battery Alert: Low battery alert reminds you when batteries are running low.
  • Keypad Lock: Keypad lock prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed.
SaleRANK NO. 2
MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS Talkabout T460 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Pair (Dark Blue)
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) power boost allows you to extend the transmission range by increasing the transmitter power output. It also...
  • Keep updated with real-time weather conditions by turning on the weather channel or initiating weather alerts. With these...
  • 38 Channels each with 121 Privacy Codes. With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it is easy to find...
  • Keep updated with real-time weather conditions by turning on the weather channel or initiating weather alerts. With these...
SaleRANK NO. 3
3 Long Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable for Adults - NOAA 2 Way Radios Walkie...
  • 💪 【Advanced Technology】:With stronger usability, more mature technology and even better portability. The best walkie...
  • 💪 【USB Charging Walkie Talkies】:The rechargeable two way radios have USB charging cable and original fast charger, more...
  • 💪 【Support Team Communication】:The adult walkie-talkie has superior compatibility, super power and large capacity...
  • 💪 【NOAA Weather Scan and Alert】:The super power walkie talkies 2 way radio support NOAA's National Weather Service, it...
  • 💪 【Amazon's Choice & Seller Recommended】:Reliable communication trusted by millions worldwide. Give you the optimum...
Walkie Talkies 3 Pack, Rechargeable Easy to Use Family Walky Talky Long Range 2...
  • 【Longer stand-by time】 Each radio comes with 3*1000MAh NI-MH AA rechargeable batteries.The larger volume provides longer...
  • 【Compatible with Any Radio】 You can communicate with other FRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and...
  • 【Wide use】This radio provides long range communication and clear sound for hiking, biking, camping trip, road trip, cruise...
  • 【NOAA WEATHER ALERT】NOAA Weather Scan will automatically scan through 24 available weather (WX) band channels and locks onto...
  • 【More features】Push to talk (PTT) button; 8 adjustable volumes; 10 call tone settings; Keypad lock (only PTT button work);...
SaleRANK NO. 5
MOTOROLA Talkabout T402 Rechargeable Two-Way Radios (2-Pack)
  • With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it’s easy to find an available channel
  • Up to 35-mile communication range, depending on terrain and conditions
  • Weatherproof IP54 rated with built-in flashlight gives you peace of mind during evening adventures, unexpected emergencies, or...
  • Keep updated with real-time weather conditions via 11 weather channels with alert feature (including 7 NOAA channels)
  • iVOX/VOX feature permits use of an audio accessory headset for easy hands-free operation
SaleRANK NO. 6
Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way...
  • Perfect Gift for Children: Walkie talkies gift for 3-12 year old boys, teen girls gifts, kids birthday gifts . Great for both...
  • Perfect Adventure Kids Toys: Situation can be real-time monitoring of children, anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system etc....
  • Ergonomic Design: Small and light body allow kids easy to use and it is easy to carry, these will fit comfortably in children's...
  • Clear Sound: Our Kids walkie talkies have clear call alert function, crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level....
  • Easy to Use: Simple push to talk operation, double click to activate a beep single. Broadcast to one or multiple units, ability to...
SaleRANK NO. 7
Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies,3 Pack 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Toy with Flashlight...
  • 【Upgrade Design】Compare with the older version ,our walkie talkies toys are integrated button design ,compact bodies, combine...
  • 【Long Range Stable Signal】The maximum distance of outdoor open ground without shelter is 3Miles,Broadcast to one or multiple...
  • 【Clear Sound & VOX Function】Compare with other kid toys our walkie talkies it provides a more clear voice and stable signals....
  • 【Safe and Convenient】 This kids gift toys is made of environmentally friendly materials ( ABS ) and comply with US standard...
  • 【Perfect Gift toy for Children】 Walkie talkies gift toy for 3-12 year old boys, teen girls gifts, kids birthday gifts . Great...
3 Pack of Motorola CLS1410 Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies (UHF)
  • 3 radios and associated accessories.
  • Each radio comes complete with a single-unit charger, 18 hour lithium ion battery, swivel belt holster and 1-year warranty.
  • 1-watt (covers up to 15 floors, 200,000 square feet range), 4 channels (communication groups), Set to factory default UHF...
  • Very small and lightweight. Popular with a variety of smaller footprint businesses.
Retevis RT22 Two Way Radio Long Range Rechargeable,Portable 2 Way...
  • Pocket size and the light weight is a huge advantage; lightweight; thin like a cellphone; easy to carry
  • The unique design of the belt clip; it can be quickly removed and installed; it is effortless to use; it can also open the VOX...
  • USB charging method; USB plug can provide power to the radio in various ways; Fast charging; automatic power saving function and...
  • Quick remove and install belt clip is reliable for long term use; clips the radios to belt for hands free operations
  • Portable FRS Two-way Radios; license-free; RT22 walkie talkie is compatible with other Retevis FRS radios with 16 channels on the...
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio - Long Range Walkie Talkie with...
  • 2-Way Radios - These Walkie-Talkies Feature 50 Gmrs (General Mobile Radio Service) Channels, Along With Channel Scan To Check For...
  • 36-Mile Range - Longer Range Communication In Open Areas With Little Or No Obstruction. Easy Voice And Sound Activation...
  • 142 Ctcss/Dcs Privacy Codes - The Privacy Codes Give You Up To 3,124 Channel Options To Block Other Conversations
  • Noaa Weather Scan + Alert - Noaa Weather Scan Will Automatically Scan Through 10 Available Weather (Wx) Band Channels And Locks...
Case of 10,Retevis RT48 Long Range Walkie Talkies Waterproof, Two Way Radios...
  • RT48 is FRS licenses-free waterproof walkie talkie; they are out of the box and can be used with Retevis RT21; RT22; RT28; H777S...
  • IP67 waterproof walkie talkie is real waterproof; they can prevent the immersion of water
  • Configurable high/low power can provide you long range clear sound; you can adjust waterproof walkie talkie according to the...
  • The emergency SOS alarm is local and remote; even if you are far away from your friends; you can also get help from them
  • VOX function can provide you hands-free talking when you want to avoid messy things; handy and easy to talk

Best Walkie Talkies Buying Guide

Walkie Talkies for Home Use

In addition to professional and semi-professional use, the two-way radios can also be used for amateur or home use. In this subcategory are both walkie talkies that are used by parents to monitor infants, also known as baby monitor both transceivers toy, an ideal gift for children who love to play outdoors.

These products are not real two-way radios: they are usually very simple models that tune in only one channel and have a limited range of action. Walkie talkie kids

Four Factors to Keep in Mind

1. Maximum Distance

The first factor to consider when looking for a transceiver suited to your needs concerns the maximum transmission distance, also called the range of action.

This element is one of the fundamental discriminate against certain types of use: it is possible to find on the market walkie talkie very simple with a range of only 500 m, up to the models more professional whose range reaches even to 50 km.

When purchasing a walkie talkie, however, keep in mind that the range data are valid only as the crow flies: in places cluttered with buildings or trees, the maximum distance that can be reached is considerably reduced.

The range of action must also be considered in relation to the use you want to make of the walkie talkie: if for example, you are looking for a product to use on your mountain trips you will have to orient yourself on a model with a fairly wide range of action, while if you want a model to be used in the city you can choose a device with a shorter maximum distance.

It must be remembered, however, that to use some walkie talkies with a very wide range of action (from 10 km onwards) you must have a special license, otherwise you run the risk of being fined. We will go deeper into the thorny issue of transceiver regulations. Walkie talkie distance

2. Frequency Bands and Channels

The second factor to consider is the number of attachable frequency bands and the number of channels available. But what is a frequency band? It is a portion of the spectrum of radio frequencies available for broadcasting: by this term, we mean a part of the ether, in turn, divided into levels, called channels.

The models Professional will allow to attach different bands of frequency and a variable number of channels, from 5 to 300: the amateur models instead usually allow to intercept the local frequency band and will allow access to fewer channels, from 2 to 70.

There are also special devices on the market that allow communication on multiple channels simultaneously. Also, in this case, it must be remembered that the use of devices that allow communication on many channels is regulated by the ministry of communications.

3. Functions

Another important aspect to consider when choosing the walkie talkie concerns the functions integrated with the device: if until some time ago most of the models available were very simple, today it is possible to find on the market decidedly sophisticated devices that allow different possibilities of use.

In our opinion, the most useful function is the one that allows you to connect the two-way radios to a mobile device via Bluetooth: in this way, you will not only be able to control the settings of your walkie talkie from your mobile phone but also to use the transceiver with appropriate wireless earphones, a very widespread use for example in sports.

We can then find models that allow the hands-free function, very useful in situations of loud noise such as construction sites, or the voice distortion function that allows you to maintain your privacy in conversations.

4. Accessories

The last factor to keep in mind when choosing the walkie talkie is that relating to the extra accessories supplied: according to the price range, in fact, the two-way radios can be more or less equipped.

The most common accessories are certainly the earphones and the speaker: the first allows you to communicate easily via headphones, while the second is used to amplify the sounds so as to hear better in very noisy situations.

Other accessories that can be supplied are the power supplies to recharge the battery via an electric socket and to connect the device to the cigarette lighter of the car: having both of them you can be sure of being able to take full advantage of your transceiver both on the road and in the open air.

Finally, we find the most classic accessories, such as protective cases, belt hooks, and replacement batteries. Walkie talkie charger.

How to Use Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are useful tools to make remote communication much easier, for play or for work. If you approach this product for the first time, you may have doubts regarding its functioning or possible uses.

Here we wanted to analyze some particularities, which help you understand the right model for you.

First of All: How Does It Work?

It may seem strange to some that, in the digital age, we still talk about devices such as walkie talkies: in reality, these objects are able to put two or more people in communication without the obligation to make a call, such as cell phones, and therefore without having to type a number.

So let’s ask ourselves: the walkie talkie, how does it work? The mechanism that regulates its use is identical to that of radios: just tune in to the same channel to communicate.

For this reason, it is important that the frequency chosen is free: if it is occupied by other users, nobody will be able to understand what the other says.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that one cannot speak simultaneously: the microphone and the speaker, in fact, alternate. Usually, the jargon used is “step”, when the message ends and “step and close” when you want to end the conversation.

How to Use a Walkie Talkie at Its Best

Let’s assume you want to use your walkie talkies for a long time, maybe more than a day, without having to recharge them. Then choose a model equipped with a lithium battery and make sure it is totally full when you are going to use them.

To be sure that the reception is valid, it is better to experiment with them in open and unobstructed places, since buildings and walls are a nice impediment.

A lot of caution must be used when holding them: it is preferable to keep them about 10 centimeters from the mouth, in order to be able to get your voice clear.

For this purpose, it is also useful to spell the words well, with pauses and making sure that the message arrives without interference.

A Diy Walkie Talkie

If you don’t want to buy a beautiful and made model, here are some suggestions on how to build a walkie talkie. The easiest way is to take two cans or two paper cups. Drill the base with a nail, take a string and insert it into the hole.

Then pass it down to place it inside the can or glass and then tie a knot so that it cannot come off. Connect the second element to the first through the string, repeating the operation of creating the hole and so on.

Stretch the string: the sound waves will be able to travel and you can use the glass as a microphone and as a receiver.

Other Decisive Factors for The Choice of The Walkie Talkie

Are the Materials Important?

Most portable transceivers are made of the same material: hard plastic. However, there are some precautions to keep in mind, especially if you are looking for a model to use in “difficult” environments.

We are talking about waterproofness and impact resistance: both features are really fundamental to optimize spending and take full advantage of the walkie talkie in all situations.

Even the design is important: there are in fact two-way radios very small, suitable to be carried in the pocket, and patterns more cumbersome, mainly indicated for those who must use the transceiver in the mountains or on means of locomotion.

Even the colors vary, ranging from classic black to camouflage colors, preferred especially by those who use the transceiver in hikes, survival courses, and sports as the soft air.

Our advice is to choose the model that best suits your needs by looking among the many proposals for a product made with good quality materials.

Is Brand Important?

Like so many other products, even for walkie talkies, it is possible to find an innumerable number of brands, some more known others less. Being an electronic product, it is essential that the manufacturer ensures good customer service and a wide range of accessories that can be purchased separately.

The leading brands in the sector are definitely Motorola (the invention of the portable transceiver is due to this brand) and Brondi, companies specializing in everything related to telecommunications.

In the online stores, it is, however, possible to find many walkie talkies produced by brands little known in Italy but equally reliable as Retevis or Baofeng: the only negative aspects related to these brands could concern the ease of interface with customer service.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for simple two-way radios to give to your children, you are really spoiled for choice: almost all the brands that make toys also produce walkie talkies for recreational use.

We do not recommend the purchase of two-way radios produced by unknown brands: the risk we run is in fact to buy a poorly functional model, difficult to use or made with poor materials.

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