You may be thinking of buying a new lawnmower with the arrival of summer. After all, nothing is fascinating in an uncared for green space. Taking care of your garden can be a relaxing and fun activity if you have the right tools at your disposal.

A good lawn mower can be your best companion in garden care. There is a large variety of lawnmowers and lawnmowers on the market. Each model has its characteristics and is suitable for specific types of gardens.

Here we had selected some of the best lawn mowers you can choose the one that suits your needs.

YARDMAX 22 in. 201cc Select PACE 6 Speed CVT High Wheel RWD 3-in-1 Gas Walk...
  • Exclusive and industry-leading CVT (Continuously variable transmission) offers superior speed variability to adjust the mower pace...
  • Exclusive rubber tires with aggressive spike tread pattern significantly increases overall traction and maneuverability
  • Easily clean the underside of the cutting deck with the deck cleanout port
  • Single-lever deck adjustment for quickly setting your mow height
  • 7 cutting heights from 1.38 in. to 3.55 in.
SaleRANK NO. 2
American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14" 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black
  • Electric lawn mower with a powerful 11-Amp motor to cut all types of grasses; High efficiency, yet low-maintenance motor for...
  • Corded electric lawn mower with a large 14" cutting width and 5 changeable cutting height adjustments from 1" to 2.5"
  • 2-in-1 rear discharge and mulching system that includes a hard-top 9-gal grass bag with grass level indicator for easy disposal
  • Corded lawn mower with adjustable handle height and position for easy and comfortable handling; Compact and slim frame with...
  • Lightweight and maneuverable; planet-friendly gas-free lawn mower
Greenworks 40V 16" Cordless Electric Lawn Mower, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger...
  • CORDLESS LAWN MOWER – Get more done, faster, with Greenworks electric lawn mowers. This 40v push lawn mower provides the power...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE – A lightweight 16” cutting deck allows for easy maneuvering through small to medium yards (up to ½...
  • VERSATILE – Battery powered lawn mower has a single lever 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4"...
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This walk behind lawn mower is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil and no emissions. It starts...
  • INCLUDES – Battery operated lawn mower comes with mower, grass collection bag, 40V 4.0Ah battery, charger and operators manual....
SaleRANK NO. 4
Greenworks 40V 17" (2-In-1) Push Lawn Mower, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • CORDLESS LAWN MOWER – Get more done, faster, with Greenworks electric lawn mowers. This 40V push mower provides up to 45 minutes...
  • DURABLE / LIGHTWEIGHT 17” POLY DECK – The 17” poly deck allows you to handle large areas of grass quickly and easily
  • VERSATILE – Single lever, 5-position height adjustment for the best cut in all environments. The 2-in-1 design allows you to...
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This push lawn mower is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. Push button start,...
SaleRANK NO. 5
BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 10-Amp, Corded (BEMW472BH)
  • Lightweight corded electric mower gasless 10 Amp 15 inch electric mower for powering through rough grass.Ideal for 1/8...
  • Comfort grip bike handlebar design reduces friction and enhances maneuverability for small lawns
  • Enhanced clipping collection winged blade yields 30% better clipping collection
  • Push button start no-hassle startup easy-to- use features
  • Adjustable cutting height 6 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 1 inch to 3 inch
PowerSmart 21 in. 144cc 3-in-1 Gas Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower with Bag...
  • More Power: 144cc OHV 4-stroke engine with recoil starter and auto choke, easy to start, deliver strong power for professional...
  • Durable Cutting Deck: all-steel frame deck with specialized blade, long lasting, allow you to enjoy the clean, even grass cut for...
  • 3-in-1 Versatility: MULCHING for nutrients back with ultra fine clipping, SIDE-DISCHARGE for reducing clumps for quick mowing,...
  • Cutting Capacity: 21" cutting width, cutting height adjustable from 1.5" to 3.9" with 6 positions dual-lever setting, suits most...
  • Easy to Use: fully assembled in the box, just unfold the handle. Quickly fold and unfold design, save space for storage and easily...
SaleRANK NO. 7
BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, Edger, 3-in-1, Corded...
  • 3-IN-1 ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER - Corded mower, trimmer and edger combined in one compact machine
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - 9.9lbs with adjustable handle and height positions for comfort and control
  • AUTOMATIC FEED SPOOL - Feed more cable without stopping or bumping.
  • COMPACT MOWING - Built for smaller yards with a 12-inch cutting width and 1.6 inch cutting height. RPM: 8000 rpm
  • UNLIMITED RUNTIME - Gasless corded power with built-in cord retention system to prevent accidental disconnection. Extension cord...
SaleRANK NO. 8
YARDMAX 21 in. 170cc 2-in-1 Gas Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower with High Rear...
  • Single-lever deck adjustment for quickly setting your mow height
  • MAXFlow Deck Technology – volute spiral deck design for better airflow and mulching
  • Heavy-duty, 16-gauge stamped steel deck
  • Durable, one-piece seamless steel deck reduces vibration
  • Seven cutting heights from 1.25″ to 3.75″
PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower, 21-Inch 144cc 4-Stroke Engine 2-in-1 Walk-Behind Push...
  • More Power: 144cc OHV 4-stroke engine deliver unbeatable power for better cutting effect. Equipped with recoil starter and auto...
  • Durable Cutting Deck: 21" all-steel deck and specialized blade to deliver a clean, even cut.
  • 2-in-1 Capabilities: mulching and side-discharge. Durable deck allows you to mulch, helping put nutrients back in the soil for a...
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: dual-lever height adjustment has 6-position height from 1.5" to 3.9", suitable all kinds of grasses.
  • Easy to Use: 95% assembled, no expert assembly needed. Easy starter, Quick folded design, save storage space and easily get it to...
Greenworks 40V 16" Brushless Lawn Mower + Blower (350 CFM), 4.0Ah Battery and...
  • 40V CORDLESS MOWER - This 40V Brushless lawn mower provides the power you need with up to 45 minutes of runtime on a fully charged...
  • 40V CORDLESS BLOWER - This 40V Blower delivers 350 CFM and 100 MPH for powerful leaf and debris clean up,with Two Speed Switch...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE – A lightweight 16” cutting deck allows for easy maneuvering through small to medium yards (up to ½...
  • VERSATILE – Single lever 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4" to 3-3/8" for the best cut in all...
  • INCLUDES – Mower, grass collection bag, Blower, 40V 4.0Ah battery, charger, and operator’s manual. It offers a 3-year tool and...

Lawn Mowers  Buying Guide

Lawnmowers are machines that help us in the task of cutting and taking care of our garden. There are different models, each able to adapt to concrete needs.

If you are not a professional, it can be challenging to understand how they work. We then tried to answer the most common questions about lawnmowers.

What Is a Lawn Mower?

Lawnmowers are ‘relatives’ of what were once large agricultural machines that were used to cut wheat, or other types of cereals, during the winter.

As technology has evolved, modern lawn mowers are born for mowing green forage from hay, and also for cutting the grass of parks, gardens and sports fields, among others.

Lawnmowers are composed of a cutting bar and a blade with reciprocating movement inside points, as well as a reel that pushes the vegetation against the cutting bar. There are manual, motorized machines and some industrial mowers with the ability to cut large areas of vegetation in a single pass.

Types of Lawn Mowers

It is essential to take into account that not all lawnmowers are suitable for any grass. Some machines are manufactured to be able to cut tall, thick grass or with other kinds of the bush.

You must also pay attention to the size of your garden and the area to be mowed because for small spaces, manual machines are recommended. Later, we will see the different types of lawnmowers, from manual models to those similar to tractors, without forgetting modern robots and models with electricity or petrol.

Why Is It Recommended to Buy a Lawnmower?

If you have a garden with grass, you want to show it and enjoy it to the fullest. When the grass grows, and various weeds appear, nobody cares about its appearance. Using the rake for leaves and grass helps, but it is not enough to have a perfect garden.

Lawnmowers are machines designed to cut the grass comfortably and easily. They are equipped with adjustable height, which will allow you to equalize the cut across the surface. They will also allow you to eliminate weeds, most comfortably and quickly.

Is the Size of My Garden Important to Buy a Lawn Mower?

As you have seen in the table dedicated to the various types of lawnmowers that exist, the size of your garden will influence the purchase decision. If you have a small green space, for example, a small garden in front of the house, a manual or electric lawn mower will suffice.

A simple tool that allows you to do the job in a short time and without too much effort. In return, if you have a large plot of land, with gradients and obstacles such as rocks or trees, you should think about buying other models with powerful engines.

Of all the lawnmowers, the petrol ones are the best in this case, because they allow a perfect cut and are ideal for large gardens.

What Maintenance Is Needed for A Mower’s Engines?

Like any motorized machinery, lawnmowers also need the care to function properly. It is essential to consider things like changing the oil, cleaning the filters and carburetor, spark plugs, and other emergency repairs, such as lubricating some parts.

If you have never cleaned or repaired a mower, our advice is to bring the machine to a professional who can help you. If you decide to do it yourself, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before touching anything.

What Maintenance Do Your Mower’s Blades Need?

The blades of a lawnmower can lose their thread over time. For this reason, once a year, it is recommended to sharpen them to continue to achieve an optimal cut of the grass.

To sharpen the blades, you will first need to turn the machine over and unhook the base. Once free, we will use a file to sharpen the edges again. Below, we explain step by step how to maintain and sharpen the blades of your lawnmower.

  • Check that the machine is turned off.
  • Turn the machine over.
  • Remove the blades. Some models need tools, while others work with a push lock.
  • Once the blades are pulled out, check the edges.
  • If you notice notches on edge, it means you need to re-sharpen.
  • To do this, use a manual, electric sharpener, or a grinding wheel.
  • Once sharpened, you will need to put them back in their original position. Check that they are well-positioned and secured to avoid accidents.

How Do I Clean a Mower?

In addition to maintenance, a lawnmower needs periodic care. Every time you use it, it will have to be cleaned if you want to extend its useful life as much as possible.

For optimal cleaning, you need to pay attention to every part of the mower. With each use, you will have to clean it externally with a brush to eliminate any sticky remains.

You will have to make sure when you finish working with the machine, that there are no grass residues left in the lower part. Whenever possible, use a water barrel to remove plant remains that have stuck to the internal components or blades. Be careful not to let the water come into contact with the electrical part of the engine.

When Should I Cut the Grass?

A frequently asked question about the care to be given to the garden concerns the frequency with which you have to devote yourself to cleaning and to cut the grass.

It is essential to know that there are no fixed dates. The regularity of the cut depends on the climatic conditions and the time of the year you are in, as well as the variety of the grass.

In general, the grass needs to be cut more frequently during the summer months (once a week on average). During spring and autumn, they will be enough two or three times a month. In winter, it is not necessary to cut it. Make the pruning in the last hours of the day, avoiding the hottest moments.

How High Should the Grass Be Cut?

The height of the cut is another essential factor to take into consideration when dedicating yourself to the garden. The ideal height is quite high, between 5 and 10 centimeters.

If you cut the grass following our advice, you will allow it to maintain its biomass and, consequently, it will continue to grow healthy, bright, and at a good pace. On the contrary, too low a height will have adverse effects on your garden.

Also, you will risk compromising your machinery, wearing it out faster, and increasing the risk of hitting stones and damaging the blades. Maintain an adequate height, especially in summer, to facilitate the survival of your lawn throughout the season.

Wheel Sizes

Two important reasons for choosing a lawnmower have to do with wheels: the first is that petrol models are heavy, while the second is that cutting the lawn is a time-consuming job. On the market, some machines weigh between 6 and 28 kg, for which the wheels are a fundamental factor.

Do you think you will spend a lot of time pushing the lawnmower into your garden outdoors? Choose a model with resistant and low-friction wheels. Petrol models have unique wheels, which facilitate work. Pay attention to customer characteristics and comments on this point.


There are many types and models of mowers, and although choosing seems easy, it is not. For this reason, we have created this guide with the best models and all the necessary information. You will be able to find the product that best suits your needs and your budget, without regretting the purchase made.

With electric, gasoline engines, autonomous models that we can program to do the job in our place, tractor models that allow us to work comfortably seated.

On the market, there is a wide variety of choice of lawnmowers, and now you need to choose the most suitable to admire your well-kept and elegant garden all year round.

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