If you are among those who are always at the forefront of beauty and cosmetic products, you will have heard of sunscreen powder.

It represents an excellent alternative to creams and is indicated for the skin of the face, and also, as an additional advantage, it does not leave whitish and non-greasy traces.

We are so used to using cosmetic powders that this type of protection will not cause any complications. Indeed, it is beneficial, because the same product protects the face from blemishes, sunburn, and premature aging.

Here we had listed out some of the best powder sunscreens that are present below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Powder Sunscreen Brush SPF 30 | SPF Powder Sunscreen for...
  • BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN — 100% mineral SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection without chemical UV filters
  • A CONVENIENT PART OF YOUR DAILY BEAUTY ROUTINE — Travel-size sunscreen brush provides coverage that can be used under makeup as...
  • TRANSLUCENT MATTE FINISH — Lightweight vegan sunscreen formula with naturally sourced sea minerals absorbs excess oils and...
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED — This non-comedogenic sunscreen formula won’t clog pores and features a light tropical scent
  • PETA-CERTIFIED CRUELTY-FREE — We never test on animals
SaleRANK NO. 2
BOB KIDS SPF 30 Brush On Mineral Powder Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum, Water...
  • No Fuss Application: BOB KIDS fluffy purple brush makes applying sunblock easy for both you & your child. To open, twist the...
  • Kids' Sunscreen Simplified: Easy to carry with you to reapply, the open/close prevents accidental spills, and kids love the feel...
  • Safe & Natural: Ideal for children’s delicate skin; Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, No Parabens, Phalates or Chemical...
  • Water Resistant: BOB KIDS powder sunscreen provides up to 80 Minutes of SPF 30 protection for your child when they are in the...
  • A Brand You Can Trust: BOB KIDS is made by Brush On Block, who proudly manufactures all of their sunscreen products in the USA;...
Roe Wellness- Kids SPF 50 Brush On Mineral Sunscreen Powder, Reef-Friendly, Easy...
  • ☀️ POWDER SPF 50: Shield your skin with our mineral-based sunscreen, providing effective sun protection.
  • 🪸 REEF SAFE: Our powder sunscreen is designed with the environment in mind, ensuring it's safe for coral reefs and marine life.
  • 🤲 EASY APPLICATION: Our Brush-On Convenience: Say goodbye to messy lotions! Our innovative brush-on design makes applying...
  • ⛰️ ON-THE-GO PROTECTION: Compact and travel-friendly, our SPF 50 brush-on sunscreen is the perfect companion for outdoor...
  • 🌞 SPF 50 POWERHOUSE: Enjoy maximum sun protection with our SPF 50 mineral-based sunscreen.
KYDA Mineral Sunscreen Setting Powder, SPF 35, Translucent, Mineral Brush...
  • 【Provide Mineral Powder】Light breathable mineral powder with skin-friendly formula creates the perfect matte finish. Use alone...
  • 【Sunscreen Protection】Rich in mineral powder, with selected sunscreen skin care formula, Broad-Spectrum SPF35, let you no...
  • 【Oil Controls, Retains Moisture】Effective oil control, oil absorption formula, can maintain the base makeup, keep moisture,...
  • 【Lightweight and Breathable】Delicate and sheer powder that fits the skin flawless without greasy and messy. Balance oil and...
  • 【Clean and Clear】Made with mild formulas for skin care and moisturizing, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin....
Supergoop! (Re)setting 100% Mineral Powder, Translucent - 0.15 oz - Makeup...
  • PROTECT & PERFECT - Supergoop! (Re)setting Powder is a 100% mineral, non-nano mineral setting powder that allows you to set...
  • FOR EVERYONE - This innovative SPF 35 sunscreen powder is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Choose from a...
  • SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS - Our 100% zinc oxide formula also contains ceramides & olive glycerides to help seal in moisture. Coated...
  • MESS-FREE DESIGN - Our twist-lock brush dispenses a precise amount of sheer powder and then lets you turn off the flow after...
  • HOW TO USE - Prep skin with your favorite SPF-spiked moisturizer or primer. After applying makeup, brush (Re)setting Powder...
SaleRANK NO. 6
Supergoop! (Re) setting 100% Mineral Powder, Medium - 0.15 oz - Makeup Setting...
  • PROTECT & PERFECT - Supergoop! (Re)setting Powder is a 100% mineral, non-nano mineral setting powder that allows you to set...
  • FOR EVERYONE - This innovative SPF 35 sunscreen powder is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Choose from a...
  • SKIN-LOVING INGREDIENTS - Our 100% zinc oxide formula also contains ceramides & olive glycerides to help seal in moisture. Coated...
  • MESS-FREE DESIGN - Our twist-lock brush dispenses a precise amount of sheer powder and then lets you turn off the flow after...
  • HOW TO USE - Prep skin with your favorite SPF-spiked moisturizer or primer. After applying makeup, brush (Re)setting Powder...
All-Natural, Benzene Free, Non Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Powder SPF 30 - Water &...
  • REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN WITH CONFIDENCE! Our non-greasy, physical UV protection sunscreen powder is your go-to for instant skin...
  • TRANSPARENT PACKAGING: Our 4-ounce bottle may settle during shipping, but rest assured, you get the full value. During supply...
  • SAFE, CONVENIENT, & EFFECTIVE! Experience healthy, glowing skin with our sunscreen. Leaves a slight white cast but shields even...
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & WATER-RESISTANT! Goodbye greasy films and eye irritation. Our products are natural, organic, and free from top...
  • MARINE LIFE-FRIENDLY FORMULA! Our Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is safest for human health and marine life. It doesn't harm marine wildlife,...
SaleRANK NO. 8
Mineral Sunscreen Setting Powder, Mineral Brush Setting Face Powder Makeup SPF...
  • 🔆【Provide Mineral Powder】Light breathable mineral powder with skin-friendly formula creates the perfect matte finish. Use...
  • 🔆【Lightweight & Breathable】Sun protection face powder is particularly fine and soft, lightweight and breathable powder, not...
  • 🔆【Matte & Oil-Control】 Translucent powder is a skin-friendly formula with efficient and long-lasting oil-control effect,...
  • 🔆【Natural Formulation】Setting powder is formulated with a high quality sunscreen skin care formula that is gentle on the...
  • 🔆【How to Use】Upside down the product before use, so that the sunscreen powder to reach the end of the brush head, after...

Powder Sunscreen Buying Guide

At this point, some doubt may have arisen about powder sunscreen. We have always been used to products of this type in the form of creams or oils, so it is normal for questions to arise. Here, then, are some of the essential data on these cosmetic powders.

What Exactly Is Sunscreen Powder?

In general, we tend to associate sunscreen with ointments, like creams, which we apply on the skin, spreading them until they are absorbed.

Now, however, a new format arrives at the powder. This type, in texture and color, is reminiscent of some cosmetic powders for makeup.

Powdered sunscreens are usually sold together with some type of brush with which to apply them. They come in small and compact formats because they are designed for face skin.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, it is possible to find them transparent or colorless, or in different shades.

What Are the Advantages of Sunscreen Powder Compared to Other Formats?

One of the main advantages of this kind of sunscreen over others is its simple application. Those who are used to putting on makeup every day will not find any difficulty in using these products. Also, unlike many sun creams or lotions, they don’t leave your face greasy or whitish.

This means there is no need to worry about any residue. Generally, they come in a compact format, ideal for carrying with you in your bag to repeat the application when necessary.

They are, therefore, perfect to use in everyday life. Being equipped with a brush, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty to spread them on the skin.

For Which Areas of The Body Is Sunscreen Powder Suitable?

This type of product is specially designed to offer protection from the sun to the most exposed areas of the body.

First of all, therefore, they are products designed for the face, since they are applied, for example, like the classic powder foundation. They are also recommended for the neck and hands. As you may have noticed, sunscreen powder focuses, particularly on small areas.

As a result, they usually occur in small packs and are therefore not ideal for larger areas of skin such as the back or legs. For such areas, it is best to resort to traditional lotions, oils, or sunscreen.

What Is the Correct Way to Apply Sunscreen Powder?

The application will depend on the model of powdered sunscreen. If you have a brush, first of all, you will have to shake the package slightly until the product impregnates it. Then, remove the excess dust with a few taps. Finally, apply it abundantly with the help of the brush.

As we said, it should be applied to the parts of the body that are most frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face and décolleté. To make sure that the powder is distributed evenly, it is a good idea to apply it in circular motions. You can repeat everything after a few hours or when you think it appropriate.

When Should Sunscreen Powder Be Used?

Facial skin is highly sensitive. This means that you have to protect it from the sun all year round, regardless of the season.

Obviously, from the sun’s rays, the most dangerous for the skin is summer, but we must not even neglect the colder months, including the winter ones.

Applying sunscreen should be part of your routine, as well as applying makeup or spraying yourself every day. It is, therefore, a matter of making it an everyday habit, before leaving the house, but you must not neglect the subsequent applications during the day.

Depending on the intensity of the sun, it is useful to repeat the operation every two hours approximately.

Should Sunscreen Powder Be Applied Before or After Make-Up?

The sunscreen powder is applied over the makeup, although its versatile character allows it to be applied to the skin even without makeup.

If you are among those who never leave home without foundation, these cosmetics will represent a perfect second layer since it will not interfere with makeup, and it will protect you from the sun.

If you prefer to apply it directly to the skin, the only requirement is that it is sufficiently hydrated and dry.

Given that many powdered sunscreens have a particular color, these products are excellent because they not only isolate from harmful rays but make the skin of the face homogeneous and eliminate shiny reflections.

Which Sun Protection Factor Should I Choose?

The decision on which sunscreen factor to choose should be made as with any other traditional product. In this sense, do not forget that the face skin is highly sensitive to the sun’s rays. Prolonged exposure may result in stains, wrinkles, and sunburn.

It is therefore advisable to opt for a product with an SPF of at least 30, regardless of whether your complexion is whiter or tanned. In any case, sunscreen with an SPF below 15 is not recommended. This factor only prevents sunburn, not aging or skin cancer.

Why Is It so Important to Protect Your Face from The Sun?

As you can imagine, the face is the part of the body subjected to the greatest sun exposure. For this reason, it is the first point where unsightly spots will appear, which will not only give our face a shabby appearance and represent the first signs of aging but which can also be dangerous.

One of the reasons why it is essential to protect the skin from the sun’s rays may be aesthetic, but we cannot forget that related to health.

Sunburn is painful, but that’s not the most severe thing that can happen to you if you don’t take care of your skin. Premature aging or melanoma are worse consequences.

What Other Added Benefits Makes Sunscreen Powder Offer?

In addition to acting as a sunscreen, these products offer additional benefits. For example, some powdered protectors also serve for makeup.

This means that you will have everything concentrated in one product, to exhibit a homogeneous skin without any shiny areas. Some protectors can close the pores.

In addition to minimizing the impact of solar radiation, some products on the market also offer anti-pollution protection. We cannot forget that environmental pollution is one of the great enemies of the face.

Another added benefit could be the increased hydration offered by some protectors.

What Type of Skin Is Sunscreen Powder Suitable For?

The brands of powdered sunscreen are increasingly trying to reach as many consumers as possible with their products.

This means that it is not difficult to find protectors suitable for even the most sensitive and particular skin. In fact, in our list of recommended products, there are several that correspond to this description.

In any case, for safety, it is better to examine the ingredients of the product in question carefully.

By choosing sun powders produced with natural components free of chemicals, parabens, and other artificial substances, you will ensure that they are suitable for all skin types. And also for children.

Purchase Criteria

Now that we have analyzed the various concepts a little better, it is time to talk about other exciting questions.

If you have decided to buy a powdered sunscreen to prevent the sun’s rays from damaging the most exposed parts of the body, we invite you to make a decision based on several factors. Take note of the most important purchase criteria.

  • Sun protection factor
  • Ingredients
  • Purposes
  • Application procedure
  • Extra features

Sun Protection Factor

Whether it is a sunscreen in the form of cream, oil, or powder, the sun protection factor or SPF is always important.

It is a value that indicates how long it takes ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin compared to the time it would take if not, and I used protection. SPF 15 means that the skin will take 15 times longer to burn.

The sun’s rays are not the same, in summer or winter. However, it is better to prevent than to cure and, therefore, a recommended SPF for the face, neck, and hands should not be less than 30.

Do not forget that these are the most sensitive areas of the body and that they are almost always exposed to the sun.


As with any other beauty or cosmetic product, it is useful to inquire about the ingredients of the sunscreen. This is especially important if you have sensitive or irritating skin. In this case, the ideal is to choose only products with 100% natural ingredients and free of chemicals and perfumes.

Products with mineral filters are an excellent choice because they do not harm the skin or the environment. Some examples are those based on zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

You can also choose protectors that include other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or plant extracts (e.g., aloe vera or green tea), for their soothing properties.


In the field of sunscreen powder, you have two possibilities. The first is to choose a transparent product, whose sole purpose is to prevent UVB and UVA rays from entering the skin. These, unlike other cream protectors, for example, do not leave the skin whitish or oily.

The second possibility is to opt for a product that also has the objective of acting as a foundation.

It is an ideal choice for dulling facial skin, reducing expression lines and shiny reflections. This powdered sunscreen will perform a dual function, which will be appreciated by many women.

Application Procedure

The method of application is another factor to consider because you will have to determine which one is most comfortable for you. We can identify three types of products. The first and most common is the one with a brush. It is applied in a similar way to the classic foundation.

Then there are products sold with a sponge: even, in this case, the method of use will be familiar to you, because it will be sufficient to apply the powder with small taps. Finally, it is possible to find products to be applied simply with the fingers.

Extra Features

Finally, you can evaluate the presence of extra features of the sunscreen powder. For example, it may be water-resistant. This aspect is exciting since it will protect you even if you sweat.

Depending on the ingredients, the protector may have moisturizing or antioxidant properties, both of which are very valuable.

Thanks to the opacifying power of some protectors, you will not have to worry about shiny reflections, because, whether they are colored or not, they will be able to minimize them.

There are also aromatic products and others that, in addition to curbing the sun’s rays, serve as a shield against environmental pollution.

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