There is probably no other object like the clock whose value fluctuates so widely. Replaced by the omnipresent smartphone which, in addition to informing about the date and time, through myriads of apps can submerge you with an avalanche of data.

The wristwatch has become an accessory that aims straight to describe the character and style of who wears it.

Right here we hare providing you with the best wristwatches that are available in different colours and sizes.

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Buyer Guide to Choose the Best Wrist Watches

Analogue or Digital?

Aesthetics, precision and good taste, come together in many variations to choose from before taking home the watch that best reflects our way of understanding life.

If you are one of those who compare prices, features and trends before making a purchase, you will certainly not be indifferent to the possibility of choosing between an LED or LCD, compared to the ticking counterpart of the analogue dial where the hands run incessantly always the same path every day.

In the era of the race for the most innovative technology, it is not uncommon to feel the need to go back to a more paused and slower rhythm in which things work thanks to the magic of mechanics and not to digital automation.

It is no coincidence that the gears often become the decorative motif themselves, displayed on display in the dial, representing with their rhythmic movement the passing of time under our gaze.

Minimal or richly decorated, each watch is a world in itself, and it is not easy to draw up a ranking of the most beautiful or, in general, better model.

Mechanical or Quartz?

Difficult to select the best brand of wristwatches, many of those that have made history still resist today and make precision mechanics their workhorse.

Some watches work thanks to a complicated system of gears and springs, remembering to load them to make them work today seems like a gesture from the past, an anachronistic but still fascinating ritual.

These mechanical watches, however, despite being enchanting, cannot be said to be exact and lose approximately one hour per year. Just know it to bring them back to the correct time soon.

Our guide to choosing the best wristwatch is also enriched by the definition of the quartz operation, widespread among most watches, including digital ones. Here is a tiny electrified quartz crystal that constantly vibrates, marking time and making the clockwork.

Choice of Materials

A review cannot neglect the charm that exerts the appearance of a watch. The materials with which the dial, buckle and strap are made make the difference, perhaps, as much as the precision in reporting the data.

There is no shortage of models on the market to keep an eye on because they are very fashionable or immortal.

Reliable brands that last over time offer various solutions at different prices to satisfy everyone’s budget, while the new manufacturers who are firmly established use original and unmistakable designs.

More or less precious metals, as long as they are hypoallergenic, are used to make the case, and the dial, but also wood or plastic have had moments of popularity in the past decades.

The strap is also an element with which the designers have had ample game. In essence, the female models have often transformed a watch into a bracelet enriching it with diamonds and pendants by merging many accessories into a single original element.

Quality Mechanics

Another aspect particularly appreciated by consumers, which characterizes the watch, is the type of its movement; it is, in fact, a mechanical model, the only technological concession of which is the automatic kinetic reloading movement, that is based on the progress of the wrist.

Therefore, it does not require any manual refill, but you simply have to wear it; in case you are used to alternating the use of different watches, depending on the circumstances, then you will only have to remember to reset the time before wearing it, especially if it has been a long time since the last use.

The internal mechanism, therefore, is not quartz; it is not electronic and does not require batteries; it is a classic and tested high precision Japanese watch mechanism, with 24 jewels.

Comfortable and Not Just for Men

Ultimately, however, the aspect that has been most appreciated by consumers, as regards the watch, is its design in general and, in particular, the size of the case.

The fact that it is only 37 millimetres wide has received numerous favourable opinions from buyers, tired of the fashion of those watches that are too big and clumsy; this Seiko watch, on the other hand, has dimensions considered excellent, because despite being a male model, it also fits perfectly on the female and adolescent wrists.

The fact that it is very comfortable to wear, then, has contributed even more to its success, and this especially thanks to the nylon strap, which not only is soft on the wrist but has allowed to reduce the overall weight of the watch, bringing it only 59 grams.

How to Use a Wristwatch

The wristwatch is an accessory that many wear and appreciate thanks to both its function and its aesthetics. Indeed, in many cases, they are valued just as clothing accessories rather than for their ability to provide the timetable since they give elegance and a touch of style to the wearer. There are also pocket versions, with a timeless vintage character.

Choose According to Your Needs.

To make the best use of your watch, it is essential that it is comfortable and straightforward to use, and that it best meets your needs.

There are models made for athletes, full of functions that a regular watch does not have, other versions focus more on aesthetics and on the choice of materials, which are also vital if you want to spend but guarantee durability and quality.

Each of these types, therefore, has a different design, and this is perhaps why true lovers of this accessory have a real range to show off at the right time.

Evaluate the Mechanism

Once the type of wristwatch to be purchased has been identified, it is necessary to evaluate the kind of mechanism that animates it. The movement of the watches takes place through three types of different systems; in fact, there are mechanical, automatic or quartz models.

The former are handcrafted and require manual winding to function, the latter is charged through the movements of the wrist, while the quartz ones are the most precise and use the power of a single small battery to mark time.

If you want a reliable and long-lasting watch, we recommend opting for the quartz models, but if you cannot give up the artisan quality, the mechanical models are ideal for your needs.

The Importance of Materials

Whether it is a smartwatch, or that the choice falls on an artisan model, it is essential to evaluate the materials used to make the watch.

Sports models are often assembled with special plastics, waterproof and resistant; while there is much more variety in classic and artisan models. Leather is among the most used materials in straps, while the dial can be embellished with various types of stones or crystals.

Right or Left?

An excellent dilemma for lovers of this accessory and someone can never find out about this small detail. For reasons of convenience, it is recommended to put the watch on the left if you are right-handed, while the handles will wear it on the right.

In this way, the wrist of the dominant hand is left free, which could be weighed down due to the use of the accessory. Having said that even this detail is subjective, so you are free to wear it wherever you want if it doesn’t bother you.

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