If you think about what lipstick represents for you, perhaps you could consider it one of the many cosmetics found in the make up the department of any perfumery or supermarket.

Or a simple product to color your lips, just like all the other products dedicated to the eyes or face in general. However, we can assure you that lipstick is not only this: its power goes far beyond.

In recent decades, the lipstick industry has undergone a remarkable revolution. Hundreds of different varieties of Clinique lipstick can be found. Each of them offers particular properties and advantages, previously unthinkable.

Here we had listed out some of the best clinique lipsticks that are present below.

Clinique Different Lipstick A Different Grape
  • What it is: A sheer, glossy lipstick with a uniquely smooth feel. What it does: This lipstick feels silky smooth while giving lips...
  • Suggested Usage: -Apply to bare lips. Or, for more staying power, prep lips first with All About Lips, then line and fill in lips...
Dramatically Different Lip Shaping Lipstick by Clinique 04 Canoodle / 0.04 oz....
  • Brand New
  • Original Item
  • Factory Sealed
  • Never Used
  • Quality Product
SaleRANK NO. 4
Clinique Women's Pop Lip Color + Primer Lipstick, 01 Nude, 0.13 Ounce
  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing your lips
  • Up to eight hours
Clinique 12 CORAL POP
  • 3.9g/0.13oz
  • Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer, Kosmetika Frau, El lápiz labial contiene ingredientes hidratantes y no seca los labios
  • Elección inteligente para las necesidades diarias
  • Idea de regalo para fanáticos, A weightless yet pigment-saturated lipstick
  • Hugs lips with eight hours of creamy matte comfort, nan600.0 milliliters
SaleRANK NO. 9
Clinique Different Lipstick 62 Tender Heart
  • Clinique Dramatically different Lipstick. 06 Tenderheart,
  • 0.10 oz/3g (Full Size),
  • New. Boxed.
Clinique .14 oz / 4g Long Last Bamboo Pink Lipstick
  • Clinique .14 oz / 4g Long Last Bamboo Pink Lipstick

How to Choose Clinique Lipsticks?

What Is Lipstick?

Lipsticks, lipsticks in English, are cosmetics designed to provide color and texture to the lips. Lipstick has accompanied the human being since time immemorial.

Without going further, in ancient Mesopotamia, there were already some techniques for coloring the lips. These products have evolved up to the current ones.

Currently, lipsticks are an indispensable cosmetic in the makeup routines of thousands of women. Their use is widespread all over the world and for the most diverse purposes. Besides, there is a wide and varied range of lipsticks, of all imaginable sizes and with multiple finishes.

Why Is It Recommended to Apply a Lipstick?

Why do we paint our lips? Most people believe it’s just a matter of beauty. The reality is that the use of lipstick offers many more advantages than is thought to and not only aesthetic. It also provides psychological and health benefits. Below we will explain all the properties of these products in detail.

As cosmetics, lipsticks enhance the mouth and improve the smile. They define the lips and can create a feeling of higher volume and thickness. Also, depending on the type of lipstick we use, we can give our lips one effect or another. For example, a more elegant air or a fresh and informal tone.

The use of lipstick also highlights the whiteness of the teeth, amplifying our smile. In terms of health, these cosmetics protect the lips from potentially harmful external agents. They constitute a barrier that protects them from cold, dryness, and dehydration. Some of them also incorporate sunscreen.

Finally, the use of lipstick is associated with some psychological benefits. Lipsticks increase self-confidence. They encourage strength and perseverance, especially in difficult times. They make us feel more comfortable with ourselves, more attractive.

What Is Lipstick Made Of?

However, all lipsticks are formulated based on four standard components.  Each of these elements has some characteristics and properties which, in combination with each other, give rise to the lipstick we know.

In addition to the main components, lipsticks also include 15% of preservatives, antioxidants, and flavors. Oils and waxes make up 60% of the product. Alcohol and pigments make up the remaining 25%. The following table summarizes the characteristics of the main ingredients of the lipsticks.

When Should I Apply Lipstick?

Lipsticks are very practical and versatile cosmetics. Fortunately, there are no strict rules that limit their use, so they can be used whenever you want. There is not even an age for which lipstick is recommended or not. They can be used at the discretion of each user.

On a practical level, you can use lipstick on multiple occasions. For example, to give the final touch to makeup on a momentous occasion. Or they can be included in the daily makeup routine to improve your image.

How Is Lipstick Applied?

Each of us has likely used lipstick on at least some occasions. But did we do it correctly? Below we want to explain step by step the correct, complete technique to paint the lips. To begin with, the best thing to do is to prepare the lips before applying the cosmetic.

Proper preparation is obtained by exfoliating the lips and moisturizing them with a lip balm. We can also use a base, although it is optional. Finally, we trace the lips with lipstick, and in the end, we apply it on all the mouths, preferably starting from the center.

It is essential to try to cover all the crevices of the lips. Once this is done, it will be possible to apply a second layer of product.

To remove excess lipstick, we put a finger in our mouth and extract it, squeezing our lips. Finally, for a longer duration, we press the lips with a piece of paper and apply a powder fixative.

We remove the handkerchief and apply a last layer of lipstick. For a better finish, we correct the possible excesses around the lips. If we want a more juicy effect, we can complete the result with a lip gloss. As you can see, painting the lips is not as simple as it seems. It requires some technique and skill.

How Can I Remove Lipstick?

Many times we tend to overlook the importance of removing makeup. In addition to painting our lips, we must also know how to eliminate the applied color.

How can we remove lipstick, and what products can we use? Dermatology expert Patricia Cerda underlines the importance of eliminating lipstick with the right products.

Professionals recommend the use of products specifically designed for sensitive areas such as lips, such as eye and lip makeup removal gels, widely available on the market.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lipsticks?

  • Different effects depending on the product. they embellish the smile
  • They protect the lips against external agents
  • They optimize lip care
  • They give greater self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • Possible dry lips
  • Variable duration results
  • Unwanted reactions in specific cases

Purchase criteria

When choosing to buy a lipstick, you must evaluate a few factors. Below we have included the most important aspects to consider before purchasing this product. Therefore, you can make the appropriate decision by choosing the lipstick that best suits your needs.

  • Colour
  • Format and packaging
  • Finish
  • Composition


When choosing the color of a lipstick, it is essential to observe the characteristics of your person, such as the shape of the face, the size of the lips, or the color of the eyes.

You will also need to evaluate the tone of your complexion, to choose the right color that matches your skin and even the color of your hair. Here are some indications.

Look at the shape of your face: if you have an oval, angular face with a slightly elongated chin, then you had better choose lighter and softer colors, while for a rounded look, the shades of dark red or purple perfectly adapt to the face by sculpting it and giving depth.

The size of the lips is fundamental: if you have small lips, use light shades to give a feeling of volume. On the contrary, dark colors will be useful for reducing the size of your lips. Besides, in thin lips, we also recommend using a lip gloss. For thick lips, matte finish lipsticks are preferable.

As for the perfect lipstick depending on the color of the eyes, the choice falls between the hot-based lipsticks, such as classic red, which perfectly matches the brown eyes.

While the light eyes tending to blue or blue instead will stand out more if combined with the cooler undertones of red lipsticks. Instead, the lucky ones who have green eyes can indulge themselves with any color of lipstick: any shade will contribute to their charm.

In terms of skin color, international makeup artist David Molina offers some advice. Light-skinned people have an advantage because they can use any color.

However, dark tones will further improve their characteristics. The best allies of people with darker skin, however, are the lipsticks of warm colors, such as brown or gold.

Finally, let’s think about hair: hair with warmer, blond, coppery, and brown colors needs more sunny colors: orange, red, or coral.

On the contrary, blackberries or those with blackish hair can illuminate the face with a light pink lipstick in all its shades. For red hair, it is better to choose a color tending to red but not too intense or orange.

When choosing the color of your lipstick, however, also evaluate the season you are experiencing: in summer, warmer and lighter shades are better.

Pink, fuchsia, and reddish will triumph. On the other hand, in winter, darker tones are often used, such as browns and colors that recall the earth. As you have seen, there are many variables to consider: try to use your common sense, let your instincts guide you, and make your choice.

Format and Packaging

As mentioned, it is possible to find lipsticks available in a variety of different sizes. Each of these has some advantages and disadvantages that must always be evaluated. For example, if you suffer from dry lips, it is better to opt for a cream or stick lipstick.

These formats provide some degree of hydration. Similarly, try to avoid the marker lipstick that tends to dry your lips. If you want a perfect and scrupulous finish, pencil lipsticks will be your ideal ally.


Another critical aspect to consider is the finish of the lipstick in question. As we have seen, lipsticks can provide very varied results. What is better to rely on to choose a finish or another?

There are various aspects to consider and also the pros and cons of each possible option. Try to evaluate what’s best for you.

For example, matte lipsticks are very fashionable nowadays. They are suitable for an elegant and glamorous look. However, they dry the lips. The same goes for long-lasting lipsticks. They will allow you to keep your makeup intact for many hours, but they are not recommended for dry lips.

For more exceptional hydration, it is preferable to opt for creamy lipsticks that can give even an informal and casual look to your image, leaving your lips soft. As you can see, there are multiple possible options. Always choose the product that best suits the results you want to achieve.


Last but not least, you should always check the composition of cosmetics. As you well know, lipsticks are safe products that have undergone quality checks. However, some components have been described as dangerous or potentially harmful.

It is recommended to opt for a lipstick with a lower percentage of these substances. Also, we must pay special attention to people with allergies or skin diseases. In these cases, it is essential to make sure that the product in question does not contain compounds that could be harmful to our health.

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