If you are looking for the best Ikea bed sheets then you are going to read about the best and top-rated Ikea sheets. This article will guide you about the softest and best types of Ikea bed sheets.

A bedding set plays an important role to relax you in the time you spend in the home. It comes in four sizes namely Twin, Full, King, and Queen respectively.

Usually, a set of Ikea sheets consist of 4 parts which cover to mattress, blanket, quilt, and duvet. In addition, some Ikea sheets include the covers for pillows too but sometimes you have to buy them separately.

According to many Ikea bed sheets’ reviews and our personal experience, the bedding sets that are in white color with light weights are most preferred. They provide real comfort to the body and mind as well.

There are different Ikea sheet sets that make the time of relax very comfortable and have better-quality to be reliable for a long time within very friendly budgets.

The Ikea sheets that come in lightweight and simple colors often make your bedroom’s environment more comfortable and flexible with its simplicity. So, it is would be very relaxing when you come from the office.

The best materials that make the bedding sets softest and cozy are Silk and pure cotton. The Ikea bed sheets made with pure cotton are preferred due to the softness and better sleep they provide. These are also good at resisting wrinkling and washing without shrinking.

Ikea Brunkrissla Duvet Cover and Pillowcase, Black/Gray, Full/Queen (Double/Queen)
  • Very soft for a great night sleep
  • 144 thread count
  • Designer: Monika Mulder
IKEA.. 803.427.83 Ullvide Fitted Sheet, Dark Blue
  • Sateen-woven bedlinen in cotton/lyocell is very soft and pleasant to sleep in, and has a pronounced luster that makes it look beautiful on your bed.
  • The cotton/lyocell blend absorbs and draws moisture away from your body and keeps you dry all night long.
  • Fits mattresses with a thickness up to 13" since the fitted sheet has elastic edging.
  • 1 Queen flat sheet, 1 Queen fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases.
  • 310 thread count.
SaleRANK NO. 5
IKEA White and Grey Queen/Full Duvet Cover and 2 Pillow Cases
  • 100 % cotton
  • 1 Full/Queen (Double/Queen) duvet cover and 2 Queen pillowcases
  • 182 thread count
  • Combines with other products in the ALVINE collection
Ikea SPIKVALLMO Duvet Cover and Pillowcases, Wrinkle Resistant, White/Blue Check, Full/Queen (Double/Queen)
  • YOUR SAFE PLACE TO RELAX. Make tiring days become better and let all your pent up stress be released when you fall down into your bed.
  • FEEL THE COMFORT. Have a better sleeping experience and feel the comfort of the sheets. Relieve stress and go into that deep sleep.
  • SUPPORT THE ENVIROMENT. Help preserve the environment and sustainable farming. By using recycled polyester in the fabric in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact. All the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY. 120 Thread count. Thread count indicates the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the more densely woven the fabric.
  • GREATER DESIGN. The checkerd blue and white design will sure add beauty to your room.
IKEA Len Crib Fitted Sheet White Pink 2 pack 203.201.90 Size 28x52
  • Key features - The elastic keeps the sheet in place on the mattress. - Made from 100% cotton, a natural material that’s soft against your child’s skin and gets softer with every wash. - The fitted sheet’s elastic means you can make the bed quickly and easily.
  • Care instructions Machine wash, hot, normal cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, medium, normal cycle. Iron, high. Do not dryclean. Shrinkage 5%. Product description 100 % cotton
Ikea Alvine Kvist Duvet Cover and Pillowcase, White/Gray, King
  • Very soft for a great night sleep
  • 182 thread count
  • Coordinates with other products in the ALVINE collection
  • Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Buying Guide to Select the Best Ikea Bed Sheets

This short and interesting buying guide will help you to decide which Ikea sheets can be the best for you in all the ways.

There are different materials like lyocell, polyester, satin, and cotton used in Ikea bed sheets. But why and how a bedding set will you choose that is made with one of these materials? It really depends on the durability and comfort they come with.

The polyester bedding can be best in the budget, but it’s not sure that it would be completely comfortable as it is a non-breathable and synthetic material.

On the other hand, Silik and recycled or pure cotton are some of the softest and coolest fabrics but these are expensive too.

The Ikea sheets made with these materials are expensive but are the king of comfort to provide you a better sleep. These are breathable and provide a comfortable sleep.

Just take a read of some important things to consider before buying an Ikea sheet set:

Thread Count:

Must be attentive to the thread count when choosing your Ikea bed sheets. Thread count plays a dominant role to indicate the quality of fabric. The higher number of threads increases the density and strength of the fabric that makes it more qualitative. Normally a standard sheet has threads of about 120 per square inch.

The size of the Ikea Bed Sheet Should Be the Same As the Mattress:

It is a very common mistake that people do, often they do not measure the size of the mattress and other bedding parts correctly and buy the Ikea sheets of the wrong size. The standard sizes of Ikea sheets are Twin, Full, King, and Queen.

Color of Ikea Bed Sheet Set:

The color of your Ikea sheets is always effective for comfort and quality. Sounds may be crazy but it’s a fact that the color also influences the quality of bedding. After white, the dyed and patterned Ikea sheets are also liked by the people who love to brighten up their bedrooms.

Design and Print of Ikea Bed Sheet:

As you choose the design and print of your bedding sets but don’t forget that the structure of the bedroom and the design of your bedding set represents you.

If you are a simple and nature lover then without printed and light-colored would be a good choice otherwise there are a lot of printed designs to make your bedroom more attractive.

Price and budget:

The price of an Ikea sheet set depends on its quality and size. According to a rough idea, you should have a budget between $10 to $25. A good amount can buy a good quality that will not let you spend again and again on the same product.


The weight of an Ikea bed sheet set really matters. For those who are warmer, the lightweight bedding set would be a good option as well as it would be easy to wash also but, for those who cannot bear the cold easily, the heaviest Ikea sheets would be good to snuggle up as well.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the best Ikea sheets?

DVALA sheet set is the best and most preferred sheet set. It is a complete set that comes with a twin flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillowcase is also included in it. The ULLVIDE, NATTJASMIN, OKENSTJARNA, JATTEVALLMO and NORDRUTA are also top brands of Ikea sheet sets.

How many threads are in a standard sheet?

According to our knowledge, the average number of threads in a normal Ikea sheet is about 120 per square inch. The higher number of threads increases the density and strength of the fabric that makes it more qualitative.

Are Ikea sheets have better quality?

For few years, the Ikea bedding is going on top due to its quality bedding sets. It is the best option for peace of mind and relaxation of the body too. These bedding sets are very comfortable and flexible for better sleep.

What are the best-fitted sheets?

According to customer reviews, Utopia is the best-fitted sheet. It is easy to adjust and strongly fitted on mattresses, pillows, and blankets. After Utopia, the California design, Bare Home and Mellanni are also top fitted sheets.

Which is the best affordable Ikea sheet set?

DVALA sheet set is manufactured by Ikea with 100% pure cotton. Ikea used 152 threads per square foot, which ensures the durability and comfort of sleep. It is the best breathable Ikea sheet set which is affordable too.

Our Verdict

If you have read this whole article, then I hope you got enough knowledge to buy the best Ikea sheets. I hope it has become easier for you to decide how you can get a suitable bedding set according to the structure of your bedroom.

The names of most preferred and liked Ikea sheets are mentioned in the FAQs which are best in quality, durability, and comfort of sleep as well. The top one and my recommendation is DVALA Ikea sheet set.

I hope this article has helped you to buy the best Ikea sheets. Thank you.

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