This research has also paved the way for alleged aphrodisiac formulas, basically, douches, on which there will be a way to return to this guide. We have focused on quality products, in search of perfumes that conquer men and, of course, women.

Here we will be listing the top 11 best mary kay perfumes that are famous all over the world.

SaleRANK NO. 2
mary kay Belara parfume new boxed fresh full size
  • A perfectly balanced, sheer fragrance
  • Fits the perfectly balanced woman
  • Top notes like San Joaquin fig, wild bilberry and opal lotus flower
SaleRANK NO. 3
Bella Belara Eau De Parfum 1.7 Fl Oz.
  • Exuberant floral fruity perfume
  • Delectable medley of apricot and red nectarine
  • At the heart of this women's perfume, dew-covered rose petals and Moroccan jasmine unfold
  • Delightful mix of creamy blonde woods and cool moss linger
SaleRANK NO. 5
Mary Kay Cityscape Eau de Parfum,1.7 fl.oz.
  • An effortlessly elegant scent inspired by the world’s most glamorous and sophisticated city landscapes. Top notes include...
  • Cityscape Eau de Parfum Where will life take you next. Cityscape Eau de Parfum is a sophisticated fragrance that can inspire any...
  • Application Tips. Spray fragrance onto pulse points: neck, wrist, bend of arm and back of knee.
  • How It Works The scent of a fragrance can change throughout the day. This is because different notes come into play at various...
  • Top Notes: These notes introduce the fragrance and can last up to 15 minutes. Middle Notes: Also known as the heart of the...
Mary Kay Cityscape Cologne Spray 2 fl. oz.
  • A refined, masculine scent that speaks to a man’s sense of elegance and simple sophistication
  • Top notes include Italian Bergamot and French Lavender. Middle notes include Whiskey Barrel Accord and Orange Flower. Bottom notes...
  • He has impeccable personal style thats never pretentious. Well traveled and worldly, he seeks the best of everything and expects...
  • Application Tips Apply to the pulse points.   neck, wrist, bend of arm and back of knee.

Buying Guide to Select the Best Mary Kay Perfumes

A buying guide dedicated to this theme cannot deny that the best way is to rely on the nose: try a product and decide if you like it.

For men, however, it seems that fragrances are first and foremost an instrument of seduction, and that’s why the best men’s perfume often coincides with the one preferred by women.

In our collection of reviews, we have therefore taken into account the female opinion on the subject. However, we still allow ourselves to give some indications to choose how and where to buy with full awareness.

The Great Family of Perfumes

To better navigate the vast world of perfumed essences, a summary classification has been created in different “olfactory families”, within which the products on the market are placed.

The citrus scents, as the name suggests, are made with essences extracted from citrus fruits: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom. It is easier, but not obvious, that women’s perfumes fall into this category.

This is not the case for the so-called Chypre fragrances, the only ones to take their name from a specific perfumery product, created by François Coty.

One of the most famous examples of this type was a men’s perfume: Gucci pour Homme.

They are the result of a wise counterpoint between pungent notes such as lavender and, for example, essences of musk or essential oils of bergamot.

The “friends” of Man

But it is among the woody perfumes that the “pour Homme” products are depopulated: often based on sandalwood or pine, they combine with Vetiver and patchouli (widespread in men’s perfumes). If you want an example, think of Versace’s Green Jeans.

With different formulas, the amber or oriental perfumes, with exotic mosses and woods combined with spices and exotic flowers, appeal to both women and men.

Finally, there are the musky or leathery perfumes, an almost exclusively male territory thanks to the harshness of tobacco and leather, considered a heritage of virility.

The Legend of The Pheromones

It has been said that many men seek the fragrance that makes a woman lose her mind. This research sometimes pushes the boundaries of myth and illusion, as in the case of pheromone perfumes.

These products promise, without too many words, to unleash the erotic passion of women, thanks to a chemical that often accompanies mating rituals in the animal world.

We are sorry to disappoint the expectations of many, but all the clues seem to deny the emotional power of pheromones.

There are two substances called androstadienone and estratetraenol, patented and proposed as human pheromones, but there is no scientific evidence that they are.

Science even doubts that pheromones exist in man. Even if they existed, it is still to be verified that they produce the desired effects. In nature, these chemicals have different tasks, not always related to mating.

But the market is sometimes a far west and, as we hear in a famous western film by John Ford: in the West, legend always wins between myth and truth.

Especially if the price is tempting, it will be difficult not to fall into the temptation to experiment with these substances, to see if they awaken female desire.


It cannot be said that the packaging of the new Million Privé by Paco Rabanne (inherited practically identical from the predecessor Million) does not stand out.

Different from all the others, even brutal in proposing the link success-money-sensuality, it is a metal that perhaps winks a little to the display of gold typical of rap music.

On the other hand, it is not a particularly discreet essence. Rather. It is no coincidence that the advertising campaign that accompanied its launch (also for the Lady version) staged a robbery in style. At the scene of the crime, only an unmistakable fragrance remained.

In short, dare, it is the olfactory message that would like to suggest this perfume. The cost itself is an invitation to dare: except for offers, even the bottles sold online are not cheap.

Million Privé explodes on pungent notes of mandarin and cinnamon, which are consolidated in the typical male hints of leather and tobacco and then leave a persistent base of patchouli and tonka bean.

Patchouli is a small Asian shrub, whose aroma has conquered western noses since the 70s and today is an almost mandatory ingredient in men’s perfumes and widely used also in women’s perfumes to determine the base notes, particularly intense and persistent in this case.

The Nose

The “nose” that invented it for Paco Rabanne, known as Paco Francisco Rabaneda, the famous Spanish stylist, is Christophe Raynaud, already the author of other successful products.

Raynaud has signed on Azzaro Now Man, Azzaro Chrome Legend, So by Givenchy, Lancôme’s Nuit Trésor.

A respectable curriculum, which would hide a secret: the desire to attack the senses of the public from the first seconds.

Raynaud always focuses on a vigorous, “amazing” start to use his words, but which then knows how to open his heart to the senses and, finally, leave an acute sensual note on the skin.

Features that seem to have infused particularly expertly in Million Privé, on which the opinions of experts and customers spend words such as passionate, courageous, cheeky.

The Ingredients

We speak, on the other hand, of a perfume that can fall into the category of oriental fragrances, always synonymous with mystery and charm.

Their ingredients have enthralled the merchants of every age, the 900 has proposed them again in the Belle Époque and then, back, in the seventies, accompanied by the myth of the journey, of sensuality, but also of a new spirituality.

The ingredients that compose them are woods, resin and spices. Among the forests, patchouli is the almost inevitable joker.

It is also so in the case of Million Privé, which declines its olfactory parable with apple, cinnamon, red mandarin, followed by tobacco and myrrh, to close, in fact, with Patchouli and Tonka bean.

Myrrh is found, therefore, the most snubbed among the gifts of the Magi in the Gospel story, actually a very precious perfumed ointment derived from aromatic gum rubber, extracted from African and Indian plants.

In the famous song of the canticles of the Bible, the poem that recounts the love between Solomon and Sulammite is repeatedly cited. And there will be a reason.

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