When you want to impress someone, you don’t always need to use words. Even the olfactory communication speaks volumes. Therefore, to ban emoticons and chats, to seduce the man or woman of dreams, it is enough to appeal to a good perfume.

if necessary, can be revealed as a real seduction tool. To make it more aphrodisiac, why not try pheromone perfumes? Their presence would encourage attraction. Just a few drops applied on the tactical areas such as the neck, wrists, and décolleté before an individual appointment and voila, you’re done.

Right here we have listed out the best pheromone perfume for you.

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Pure Instinct CRAVE Roll-On The Original Pheromone Infused Essential Oil Perfume...
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Pure Instinct FALLEN The Original Pheromone Infused Sprayer Perfume Cologne –...
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Pheromones Infused Essential Oil Perfume Cologne - Unisex for Women/Men,...
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  • Alluring and timeless fragrance that you can wear it alone or layer it with your favorite perfume/cologne.
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Everything You Need to Know About Pheromone Perfume

The Great Family of Perfumes

To better navigate the vast world of aromatic essences, a summary classification has been created in different “olfactory families,” within which the products on the market are placed.

The citrus scents, as the name suggests, are made with essences extracted from citrus fruits: lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom. It is more comfortable, but not evident that women’s perfumes fall into this category.

This is not the case for the so-called Chypre fragrances, the only ones to take their name from a specific perfumery product, created by François Coty.

One of the most famous examples of this type was a men’s perfume: Gucci pour Homme.

They are the result of a wise counterpoint between pungent notes such as lavender and, for example, essences of musk or essential oils of bergamot.

The “friends” of Man

But it is among the woody perfumes that the “pour Homme” products are depopulated: often based on sandalwood or pine, they combine with Vetiver and patchouli (widespread in men’s fragrances). If you want an example, think of Versace’s Green Jeans.

With different formulas, the amber or oriental perfumes, with exotic mosses and woods combined with spices and exotic flowers, appeal to both women and men.

Finally, there are the musky or leathery perfumes, an almost exclusively male territory thanks to the harshness of tobacco and leather, considered the heritage of virility.

The Legend of The Pheromones

It has been said that many men seek the fragrance that makes a woman lose her mind. This research sometimes pushes the boundaries of myth and illusion, as in the case of pheromone perfumes.

These Products Promise, without Too Many Words, to Unleash the Erotic Passion of Women, Thanks to A Chemical that Often Accompanies Mating Rituals in The Animal World.

We Are Sorry to Disappoint the Expectations of Many, but All the Clues Seem to Deny the Emotional Power of Pheromones.

There Are Two Substances Called Androstadienone and Estratetraenol, Patented and Proposed as Human Pheromones, but There Is No Scientific Evidence that They Are.

  • Science Even Doubts that Pheromones Exist in Man.
  • Even if They Existed, It Is Still to Be Verified that They Produce the Desired Effects.
  • In Nature, These Chemicals Have Different Tasks, Not Always Related to Mating.
  • But the Market Is Sometimes a Far West And, as You Hear in A Famous Western Film by John Ford: In The West, Legend Always Wins Between Myth and Truth.
  • Especially if The Price Is Tempting, It Will Be Difficult Not to Fall Into the Temptation to Experiment with These Substances to See if They Awaken Female Desire.
  • But if It Doesn’t, Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

How Men’s Perfumes Are Used and Understood

The Golden Rule Is Freedom of Subjective Choice, and We Want to Encourage It. in This Vademecum, We Have only Proposed a Map on Which to Orient Ourselves. how To Choose Good Men’s Perfume if You Don’t Even Know Where to Start?

All the Notes of A Perfume

As with Women’s Perfumes, the Description of The “masculine” Essences Is Divided Into Three Main Phases: The Top Notes, the Heart Notes, and The Base or Base Notes.

This is because the perfume, once sprayed on the skin, makes a real evolution.

Traces of this olfactory harmonic scale can be found as early as the 19th century, by the perfumer gw Septimus pieces, an Englishman. He thought of creating a sort of score of smells, associating perfumes with the notes of a musical scale.

The aromas perceived at the beginning are the top notes. They never persist too long, so if those are the ones that excite you, know that you will have to resort to more splashes during a day or an evening.

Afterward, the middle notes should be perceived, and finally, the base notes. In the case of the best men’s perfumes, these are often musky or woody hints.

The family of woody, french, woody aromas in Italian is, in fact, very often the one in which manly fragrances are found, as our guide to the best men’s perfumes of 2020 partly demonstrates.

Woody Character

In this category, sandalwood, vétiver, birch, guaiac are frequently encountered. These are plants that typically come from the east, the Arab world, or India.

Sandalwood is a great classic of the base notes of a perfume, even more so if it is a product for men. It has aromatic qualities considered typically male. An ancient tradition attributes aphrodisiac qualities to it, making it a classic ingredient for a couple of massage oil.

Fairy tales, marketing, or popular wisdom? The important thing is not to expect miracles.  This is a guide to choose the best men’s perfume, perhaps at low prices, but it is necessary to warn against natural baits.

The aphrodisiac element is one of the most used topics in this sector, in a more or less explicit way, but we would not put it at the top of the criteria for choosing which men’s perfume to buy.

Even vetiver, another typical ingredient of men’s woody perfumes, happens to be surrounded by the reputation of being able to awaken dormant desires.

This, despite its relaxing qualities. What is certain is that vetiver evokes the earthy scent of the undergrowth, the full-bodied humidity of the wet soil.

In ancient times, the plant was even attributed the ability to ward off evil spirits.  It is also often found in women’s perfumes, used to give a persistent character to the base notes.

Fougère and Orientals

Here are two other categories in which men can find satisfaction: the family of oriental perfumes and that of fougère perfumes, a french term that simply means ferns.

Fougère fragrances do not smell of fern but are so-called to evoke the tapered elegance of the foliage.  Harmoniously mix geranium and vetiver, coumarin or tonka bean, lavender, and musk.

Spicy and spicy ingredients characterize oriental essences: they are enveloping and intoxicating. In the men’s perfumes of this category, there is rarely a lack of moss, patchouli, cinnamon, and amber hints.  In general, experts recommend waiting at least 24 hours to give your opinion on perfume.

There are some unusual tricks to enhance a worn aroma and make it last longer. According to some industry goers, the man should concentrate the perfume behind the ear lobes, naturally on the wrists (where the blood pulses the scent expands stronger) and, strange to say, on the elbows.

For women, Coco Chanel advised to spray it where you wanted to be kissed. Who knows if it works for men too …

Frequent Questions

Is There Evidence of The Aphrodisiac Powers of Perfumes?

The scientifically correct answer could be no, but it must be understood: there is no certainty that a particular essence or substance triggers eros in a woman, this is not.

However, there are many studies, relatively serious, that allow you to create a correlation between a perfume and a sensation, or the activation of a specific brain area. From here to think that scent makes a woman fall at your feet, it passes.

There are perfumes, however, that affect and suggest the female sense of smell. They open a communication channel. To you, then, know how to exploit it.

The perfumes surrounded by “erotic” fame are above all Dior’s Eau Sauvage, which is said to be steve mc queen’s favorite, but also Fahrenheit and cool water Davidoff.

What Is the Men’s Perfume Most Loved by Women?

On the net, there are several classifications dedicated to this topic. Many of the perfumes recommended in our fifty appear on the upper floors of more than one ranking inspired by female preferences.

Armani and Calvin Klein (obsession) products are trendy, as are those of the door. If the topic tempts you, you could explore jean paul gaultier’s le mâle, but also the historical aqua di parma.

The best way to find out, however, is to have a woman accompany you to the perfumery and listen to her opinion.

Is It Possible to Develop an Allergic Reaction Due to Perfume?

Every substance in nature can theoretically make an allergic reaction develop for sensitive subjects. Fragrances, for example, widely used in the cosmetics industry, include about 26 substances deemed allergenic.

Among them, they are found very frequently in the limonene, geraniol and citronellol perfumes. In many products, you will read the presence of butyl phenyl methylpropianal (just read the label correctly), judged not only allergenic but, in general, not too safe for health by the European scientific committee for consumer safety.

Better also avoid the chemical sunscreen Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate: according to some observations, it would be able to interfere with our hormonal system.

It must be remembered that perfumes, although intended to remain on the skin without rinsing, are used in minimal quantities.  It is, therefore, relatively unlikely that they can trigger a violent allergic reaction on their own.

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