It is not uncommon to turn your gaze to the sky and see a drone or mini drone flying. These objects, in most toys, have become widespread. However, not all drones can be piloted by anyone.

Those so to speak professional require the possession of a license that is obtained after a course organized by ENAC. Also, when flying, you must comply with the regulations of the National Civil Aviation Authority.

Check out our guide before purchasing a nano drone. Here you will find useful information to identify the model that best suits your needs among all those on the market.

Right here we had selected some of the best quality nano drones with the best camera quality are listed below.

SaleRANK NO. 1
Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone
  • Improved auto hover allows easier control in between commands
  • Eight one-touch stunts are visually impressive
  • Auto launch and land for one-button stationary hover and a gentle landing
  • Dual flight mode provides choice of Auto and manual mode
4DRC V2 Foldable Mini Drone for Kids Beginners,RC Nano Quadcopter Pocket Drone for Kids Gift Toys,with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One Key Return and Speed Adjustment and 3 Batteries
  • ✈【Altitude Hold】The drone will hover at the certain height when you release the throttle stick. Easy operation with extra fun.
  • ✈【3D Flips Stunt】The robust and fantastic 360°flips & rolls stunt reveals effortlessly with the 6-Axis Gyro flying control system.
  • ✈【One Key Return】The drone will instantly take off/land/return by a simple push of one single button. Fair idiot-proof with ultra-responsive motor.
  • ✈【3 Speed Control】3 speed control to meet the needs for beginners, intermediate and experts. Mini pocket size makes it ultra portable.
  • ✈【Mini size&free flight】Compact, lightweight design, our drone can fly between bookcases, tables and so on. Even you can take it out just in your pocket. Will be the best gift for Christmas, children's birthdays, new year and holidays
SaleRANK NO. 3
SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids, RC Nano Quadcopter w/Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flips, One Key Return and Speed Adjustment
  • ✈【Altitude Hold】The drone will hover at the certain height when you release the throttle stick. Easy operation with extra fun.
  • ✈【3D Flips Stunt】The robust and fantastic 360°flips & rolls stunt reveals effortlessly with the 6-Axis Gyro flying control system.
  • ✈【Headless Mode】You are the pilot of the drone in headless mode. Orients the drone from your perspective to avoid the common direction chaos.
  • ✈【One Key Return】The drone will instantly take off/land/return by a simple push of one single button. Fair idiot-proof with ultra-responsive motor.
  • ✈【3 Speed Control】3 speed control to meet the needs for beginners, intermediate and experts. Mini pocket size makes it ultra portable.
SaleRANK NO. 4
Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone Headless Mode 2.4Ghz Nano LED RC Quadcopter Altitude Hold Gold
  • Syma X20 Mini Drone is the newest drone upgraded with multi features, this 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight can easily achieve various flight movements, and easier to control. More stable and more suitable for kids or beginners. This mini drone is very suitable for indoor playing.
  • Headless Mode makes easier flight: Once the fuselage direction can not be recognized, it can enter headless mode so as to continue the flight. It helps the beginner to get the hang of directional control within several minutes.
  • One Key Take off / Landing: one button press automatically taking off or landing, remote control quadcopter will take off or go back to the position where it took off. It helps to protect the drone when it is out of control or low battery power.
  • Altitude Hold: Auto hovering is an altitude holding technology that lets the flying drone stabilize and suspend in mid-air automatically, even when you let go of the controls.
  • 360°Stunt Flip: A key 360°roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. With the colorful flashing light, keep your aircraft flying excellently at night.
SaleRANK NO. 5
Propel Atom 1.0 Mini Pocket Drone | Small Remote Control RC Micro Quadcopter | Long-Range (100+M) Nano Toy Helicopter| Beginner to Advanced Pilots | Adults Kids Boys Age 10 and Up| Silver
  • ✔️ (COLOR:SILVER) LONGEST RANGE MINI DRONE – Our 2.4GHz digital long range controller allows for the largest flight range of any micro drone on the market. Whether flying high or flying far, your nano drone will stay in range longer to reduce crashes and prevent loss. Does not require FFC registration.
  • ✔️ ULTIMATE STABILITY AND CONTROL – Our mini drone features a 6-Axis Gyro that remains stable in most conditions both Indoor and outdoor. It performs well outside with little to no wind, but can lose control in moderate disturbances, so please do not use in foul weather!
  • ✔️ BEGINNER TO ADVANCED SETTINGS – Propel Atom 1.0 features 3 speed settings. Beginners can choose slow setting to learn control. Intermediate pilots can choose mid-range setting to improve skills. Advanced flyers can choose fast setting to perform amazing tricks and dramatic fly-by’s. Controller also features push button 360 stunts to impress your friends with ease.
  • ✔️ FLY MULTIPLE DRONES AT THE SAME TIME – Our micro drone is perfect for mult-player fun. 3 to 4 channel modes allow for flight of multiple drones at one time. Flight time is a generous 7-10 minutes thanks to a built-in Li-Poly battery, and charge time is as short as 20-30 minutes using a USB charger. Controller requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).
  • ✔️ FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND – The Propel Atom 1.0 is so small it will fit in the palm of your hand! It is one of the smallest drones on the market. Despite the size, it is crash resistant and easy to maneuver. Propellers do not come with protectors, but they are small, durable and easy to replace. Package includes 8 extra replacement propellers.
Holy Stone Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners RC Nano Quadcopter Indoor Small Helicopter Plane with Auto Hovering, 3D Flip, Headless Mode and 3 Batteries, Great Gift Toy for Boys and Girls, Blue
  • 3 Batteries Extend Flight Time -- Flight time is up to 21 Minutes. Never be disappointed by a died battery or waiting for charging!
  • User-friendly -- The Altitude Hold function enables itself to hover at fixed height stably; under Headless Mode, directions is always relative to where pilots face; offering care-free fly for kids, beginners, newbies, etc.
  • Much Fun -- The drone can perform 3D flips; kids love it! The speed can be changed to fit pilots’ flight proficiency. And the low battery power alarm spare of concerns of any loss or damage due to low power.
  • Mini & Portable -- This buddy brings players great fun everywhere for party, school, fishing, hiking, long journey etc. Definitely a great birthday gift for kids or friends!
  • Full Protection -- Propellers are isolated by the protection guard, which protects kids from spinning propellers and protects drone from damage. No crying toddlers!
Drones for Kids 8-12 no Phone,EACHINE E61H Macro Drone RC Nano Quadcopter with Auto Hover for Beginners, Extra Batteries, 15 mins Long Flight Time, One Key Take Off/Landing,Toys for Boys and Girl
  • A Great Gift for Kids: This is a tiny drone, definitely safe and easy to control, It is great flexible and suitable for home and outdoor. The drone is very light and can be taken to the park to play with the children at any time. Even it collides and drops many times, it is still very durable.
  • Easy to Play: The drone can take off and Landing by press a key, also with altitude hold mode function, the drone can auto hover in the air, will provide stable flight. Even the kids and the beginners can pay it smoothly.No trouble at all.
  • Double large capacity and modular battery: 2 pcs large capacity battery provides double flight time, modular battery easy to plug-in battery structure, longer battery life up to 15 mins, easy installation.
  • Having Fun: The drones can perform a 3D flip, which is a very cool trick, It also has 3-level flight speed to switch that can make more fun with the flying.
  • Won’t Lose the drone: It can auto locate the remote control, just press the one key return button, the drone will fly back to the remote control's location.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Mini Drone, Potensic Upgraded A20 RC Nano Quadcopter 2.4G 6 Axis, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode Safe and Stable Flight, Extra Batteries and Remote Control Aircraft Mini Drone for Beginners & Kids -Red
  • Having Fun for More Time : 2 detachable batteries and 3 adjustable speed levels deliver exciting flight experience for amateurs and advanced pilots alike.
  • Easy to Control: one key taking off/landing and headless mode function make the mini drone easy to fly for kids or beginners.
  • Safe & Stable Flight: with the altitude hold mode, the rc nano quadcopter will be locked at a certain height, avoiding flying unbalance.
  • A Warm Gift for Family Time: playing A20 with families and friends will create great moments & memories for ones you love in life.
  • Including: 1 x best drone, 1 x transmitter, 2 * batteries, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x manual, 4 x small blades & Potensic no-worry warranty and professional support.

Everything You Need to Know About Nano Drones


Drones have been experiencing incredible success for years now because they are aircraft that ensure great fun but can also be used for professional reasons, for example, by photographers looking for an unusual and fascinating perspective.

In this section, we deal in particular with mini drones for recreational use. Thanks to their extremely compact dimensions, they can be transported anywhere without problems.

Some, even, are not mini but micro and are kept inside the controller. You can find some examples in the ranking below. These models are generally available to everyone because, being toys and not tools for working, they have an affordable price.

However, to ensure maximum enjoyment, it is useful to the first check which and how many stunts they are capable of performing in flight; not all guarantee the same performance.

If you intend to challenge one or more opponents in spectacular vaulting, you will need technology, such as 2.4 G, which allows you to control them without interference.

Furthermore, the LED lights that allow you to immediately identify the small aircraft when it is in flight, especially in the evening and in low light conditions, should never be missing.

Even the propellers of different colors allow you to understand more easily, which is the front and rear of the mini drone, to orientate yourself in control better.

The most versatile models are equipped with an integrated camera that increases the fun because it allows you to take nice photos or make funny shots to be viewed together with family or friends.

For best results, you may prefer mini drones that allow you to see live on your smartphone what the aircraft is framing. Warning, not everyone has this feature.

For Beginners and Experts

Have you never “piloted” a quadcopter in your life? The mini drone might be the right solution to start. Have you already had one in the past, and, therefore, have you gained some experience?

In this case, you should choose a model that allows you to drive more recklessly. If there are both beginners and experts in the family, the best brand could be the one that makes mini drones with two or three modes of use, simple, intermediate, and advanced.

This way, everyone can have fun without problems. Those who are beginners can start with the elementary level, and then, having acquired the right mastery, they will move on to the next level.

Some models are particularly susceptible and comfortable to control because they have a button for take-off and landing, which significantly facilitates the execution of these maneuvers; in other cases, the mini drone can be launched from the hand to hover in flight.

Furthermore, the presence of the autopilot is highly appreciated by experts and beginners, which guarantees stability even if you leave the controls for a while.

Finally, not all mini drones can be controlled both from the smartphone and from the controller, so if you have preferences, you must check before buying it.

Propellers and Battery

The materials with which the mini drones are built, generally, do not shine by resistance. The most delicate parts are the propellers: a fall or a bump can be enough to break them.

That’s why, especially for beginners, it is recommended to buy spare propellers so as not to interrupt the fun if one gets damaged. Many mini drones, in fact, already include them in the package, while others are equipped with protections that ensure greater durability.

Another vital element to evaluate is battery life, often too short and, therefore, the cause of complaints from users. Insufficient autonomy means less fun.

720p Hd Video Camera

Unlike most of the mini drones on the market, which follow a standard imposed above all by their belonging to the economic range, the mini drone Mambo Mission produced by the French company Parrot, stands out above all for its exceptional equipment of accessories.

Before going into details, however, let’s start by saying that the Mambo Mission is the classic quadcopter mini drone, like the basic ones that are used to learn the basics of piloting; unlike the latter, however, its dimensions are slightly larger, and the design is much more refined and attractive.

The frame is designed to integrate two elements of which the other mini drones are usually without, namely an HD digital camera and the couplings for removable accessories with which it is equipped.

Funny Accessories

The accessories supplied are almost unique: the Grabber and the Cannon; the Grabber is a gripper equipped with rubberized tips and is capable of grasping small objects that will then be transported by the mini drone.

The Cannon, on the other hand, is a real mini cannon that is placed on the back of the drone and is capable of shooting up to six plastic balls in rapid sequence.

The balls, of course, are very light and practically incapable of causing damage to people or things, explicitly designed to drop light targets, such as plastic cups or small plush toys.

All the functions of the Mambo Mission are controlled by the special command supplied, the Flypad, which is equipped with adaptable support to hook the smartphone where the FreeFlight Mini app is downloaded.

Appreciated by Kids and Adults

The app has a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to control both the accessories connected to the mini drone and its flight features, and also offers first-person viewing thanks to the integrated video camera.

Piloting is facilitated by numerous automated maneuvers, including acrobatic figures, to practice and learn while having fun; it is also exact in flight.

Thanks to the responsiveness to the directional levers of the Flypad, and to the wide range of action of the signal, which reaches 100 meters of maximum range, more than enough for a mini toy drone for home use.

The buyers appreciated it very much, both the kids and the adults; the mini drones are generally very Spartan, and their use is limited more than anything else to practice piloting before moving on to a more expensive model, the Mambo Mission instead, is unique.

No Limitation for Mini Drones

As we saw a moment ago, depending on the models, there are rules to be respected. All this does not apply to mini-drones because they are toys that, in no way, can disturb the flight of the aircraft or cause any type of damage. For this reason, they can also be maneuvered by children.

Watch out For the Wind

When you decide to fly a mini drone outdoors, you have to pay particular attention to the wind. This situation, paradoxically, makes it preferable to fly it inside a closed environment.

But why is the presence of the wind so “harmful”? Simple, the mini drones are very light, and a feeble current is enough to compromise their flight: you could lose control, and the mini drone could crash into an obstacle or end up in an inaccessible area.

Responsible Use of The Camera

There are also drones with digital cameras on the market: some simply take photos, others, on the other hand, can also shoot videos, perhaps in high definition.

It may seem superfluous to say it, but owning a drone with the camera does not mean that you can go around taking pictures and shooting videos left and right, violating people’s privacy. You have to have judgment and be responsible. Otherwise, someone could get incredibly angry.

The Commands

Depending on the model, there are two ways to control the flight of a mini drone: some have the classic radio control, but there is no lack of technologically more advanced models that can be piloted via smartphone or tablet.

Just download the dedicated application, and you’re done. But it does not end here because the camera drones send the images directly to the smartphone, and therefore, you can watch the pictures of the flight live.


True Achilles heel for this type of device is the battery runtime, reduced to a few minutes. But it probably wouldn’t be a big deal if the charging times weren’t infinitely more extended than the flight range.

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