Have you ever needed a plug and not find one available? Well, it is the reason why the electric power strip is highly sought after. The devices to be recharged and to be powered are more and more numerous, both at home and at work, and this multi-socket solves the persistent increase in requests.

Although most people choose a model at random, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the product, the use that can really be made of it, and the adaptability for our home.

Here we had listed out some of the best quality power strips with the latest features that are present below.

KMC 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 2-Pack, 900 Joule, 4-Foot Cord, Overload Protection, Black
  • 900-joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your electronic devices
  • 2 pack of 6-outlet, surge-protector power strips with 4-foot power chord
  • 4-foot long 14 AWG power cord
  • Lighted power switch with an 15-Amp circuit breaker to signify your devices are protected from power surge, over-heated, overload, over-charging
  • ETL listed. 24 months warranty guarantee.
GE, White, 6 Outlet Surge Protector 2 Pack, 10 Ft Extension Cord, Power Strip, 800 Joules, Flat Plug, Twist-to-Close Safety Covers, 46862-1, 2 Count
  • Expand Your Power – This set of two GE-branded 6-Outlet White Surge Protectors with 10 feet cords provides power for your home and office electronics
  • Extra-Long Cord – Get optimal reach with the 10 feet extra-long power cord with a flat plug at the end, which lets furniture sit closer to the wall
  • Protection – Ensure the safety of your electronics with the 800 Joules protection rating and integrated circuit breaker
  • Functional – Use the twist-to-close safety covers to seal off outlets when not in use, to avoid shock, and better organize your power by mounting the surge protector, using the keyholes on the back
  • Best in Class – GE is the No 1 brand in surge protection and extension cords
Power Strip, Bototek Surge Protector with 10 AC Outlets and 4 USB Charging Ports,1875W/15A, 2100 Joules, 6 Feet Long Extension Cord for Smartphone Tablets Home,Office, Hotel, ETL Listed- Black
  • ★Overload Protection--surge protector with overload protection protects against spikes and fluctuations. Intelligent circuitry with built-in voltage sensing detects and responds to your device's power needs, while safety features ensure that your devices are protected
  • ★Heavy Duty cord(3*2.08mm²)--Extra long heavy duty cord with accredited by FCC, RoHS. Use fire-resistance PC shell, 100% great heat dissipation copper wire (over 10000 times pull and plug), special Phosphor copper conductor for socket
  • ★Multi Outlets Strip --15-Ac grounded three-pin outlets with flat Plug, multi 5V/2.4A (total 3.4A/18W) USB ports used as USB wall charger, 2 Special design widely spacing AC outlets (2 inches) for large adapters with 8 standard spacing outlets, fast and efficient charging
  • ★Quality Guarantee-- ETL Listed and FCC Certificated. Lighted on/off switch with integrated circuit breaker for overload protection of all outlets., mounting holes easily ensure the surge protector to walls, baseboards, or furniture
  • ★What You Get: Power strip, Maunal, our worry-free 24-month, and & Lifetime technical support with friendly customer service
GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector, 10 Ft Extension Cord, Power Strip, 800 Joules, Flat Plug, Twist-to-Close Safety Covers, UL Listed, White, 14092
  • Expand your power – This GE 6 outlet surge protector with 10-foot cord provides power for your home and office electronics
  • Extra long cord – get optimal reach with the 10 foot extra long power cord with a flat plug at the end, which lets furniture sit closer to the wall
  • Protection – ensure the safety of your electronics with the 800 Joules protection rating and integrated circuit breaker
  • Functional – use the twist-to-close safety outlets to seal off outlets when not in use to avoid shock, and the surge protector can be mounted using the key holes on the back to better organize your power
  • Trusted Brand – GE is the #1 Brand in surge protection
Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector - 8 Rotating & 4 Stationary AC Multiple Outlets - 8 ft Long Heavy Duty Extension Cord Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick, 4320 Joules
  • Surge Protector Multi-Outlet Power Strip: Power everything on your desk with a single compact surge-protected extension cord. This reputable power cord offers 12 AC outlets with surge protection for charging your computer, laptop, phone, camera, and more. One charging station for a clutter-free desk.
  • Compact Space-Saving Pivot Outlet: Developed with rotating outlets to allow extra room for large AC adapter and charger bricks. The cord-management system keeps cables organized. The slender design with an 8 ft/2.4-meters long heavy-duty cord makes it ideal for home offices, workstations, and game rooms.
  • Power Bar with Phone Line Protection: Featuring a 1-in-2-out RJ11 telephone or fax protection to ensure open and continuous phone line connections. It also provides a coaxial cable protection to safeguard cable box and satellite connections. The damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact, and rust.
  • Reliable Product and Service: Purchase with confidence as it is backed by a lifetime warranty and protected by 300,000 dollar Connected Equipment Warranty. Check out the full specs: 6,000 volts maximum spike voltage, 15A AC (4 stationary outlets, and 8 rotating outlets), 125V, 1875W, and 150K Hz - 100M Hz EMI/RFI Noise Filter.
  • Safeguard Your Devices and Appliances: The electric strip has a 4,320-Joule energy rating providing a reliable power extension cord to protect printers, appliances, and home theater systems. It secures your electronic devices from overload, short circuit, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuations.
Anker Power Strip Surge Protector, 12 Outlets & 3 USB Ports with Flat Plug, PowerPort Strip With 6ft Extension Cord, PowerIQ for iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X, Galaxy, for Home, Office, and More (4000 Joules)
  • Power for All: 12 AC outlets and 3 USB ports with a 6 ft cable power an entire workstation or home entertainment center. Input: AC 1875W
  • Surge Protection: Total protection for your connected devices and appliances. The 12 AC outlets provide a 3-line 4000 Joule surge protection energy rating.
  • High-Speed Charging: Delivers an optimized charge to USB devices using Anker’s world-renowned PowerIQ technology. Save up to 1 hour of charging time vs your device’s out-of-the-box charger.
  • Superior Safety: Thick rubber coating, integrated copper wiring, and flame retardant casing combine to create an imminently safe power source.
  • What You Get: PowerPort Strip 12, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, lifetime* $300,000 connected equipment warranty, and friendly customer service.
Anker Power Strip with USB, 5 ft Extension Cord, PowerPort Cube USB with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports, Portable Design, Overload Protection for iPhone XS/XR, Compact for Travel, Cruise Ship, and Office
  • One for All: 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports power everything on your desk from a single compact hub (18W max output from the USB ports and 1250W from the AC outlets).
  • High-Speed Charging: Deliver an optimized charge to USB devices with Anker's world-renowned PowerIQ technology.
  • Compact and Portable: Less than 2 ½ cubic inches, for maximum space-saving at home or in your travel bag.
  • Superior Safety: Overload protection and a fire-retardant casing ensure complete protection for you and your devices.
  • What You Get: PowerPort Cube, adhesive strip, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, lifetime* $25,000 connected equipment warranty, and friendly customer service.
SaleRANK NO. 8
Surge Protector Power Strip, ETL Listed, TROND 7 Widely-Spaced Outlets Expansion with 3 USB Ports, Low-Profile Flat Plug, 1700 Joules, 5ft Extension Cord, Wall Mountable, 14AWG Heavy Duty, Black
  • Power strip surge protector. It expands one wall socket into 7 surge-protected outlets & 3 usb charging ports, this usb power hub eliminates the need for multiple chargers and easily charges up your iwatch. Qualcomm quick charge not supported
  • Widely-spaced power strip with USB. Larger space in-between (38mm vs. 30mm on other power strips) can accommodate slightly larger power adapters (preferably < 1.75” wide) without blocking adjacent outlets. Easily plug in your pc, monitor, printer, tv, android box, echo & more
  • Wall mountable design. Four screw-mounting tabs allows you to securely install this surge protector power strip with usb in various applications, including entertainment center, dorm room, guest room, garage, desktop, under counters, workbenches, wallmounts, floormounts, etc. a good power strip for large plug adapters
  • Power strip flat plug. Made of 14awg pure copper, the 5-foot extension cord is heavy-duty and has better current carrying capacity (15a). Angled flat plug eliminates awkward cords from cluttering indoor décor, and doesn’t block the bottom receptacle
  • Safety assurance. It’s ETL listed, and made of the top-grade ul94 v-0 flame-retardant material. With 1700j surge protection, it safeguards your computers, phones & office equipment from potentially damaging power disturbances, creating peace of mind
CRST 10-Outlets Heavy Duty Power Strip Metal Surge Protector with 15 Amps, 15-Foot Power Cord 2800 Joules for Garden, Kitchen, Office, School, ETL Listed(3165047) (10-Outlet, Yellow)
  • --Sturdy, extruded aluminum housing stands and Surge Protection constructed. CRST Industrial Power Strip is perfect for construction site, labs, and other harsh environments.
  • --AC 15A 125V 60Hz 2800 Joules 1875W Electrical rating allows to directly plug in all commercial, industrial, home and office devices
  • --10 outlets design, 15-foot heavy Duty grounded power cord to accommodate whatever you needed.
  • --Cord holder design can wrap 15 feet cord easily around the power strip , hanging hole can help with storage
  • --Reset On/Off power and 15A circuit breaker switch
ECHOGEAR Rotating Surge Protector with Flat Plug, Long Cord, & Mounting Holes - 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression Plus Built-in Cable Management
  • No more wasting covered up outlets. This power strip includes 6 flexible rotating outlets that keep power adapters out of the way and two fixed side outlets for good measure.
  • Cable management hooks keep cords aligned and easily manageable. No more untangling and fussing with any chaotic cord situations.
  • Don't let outside electrical interference damage your devices. This surge protector filters outside interference to fuel your electronics with clean power while keeping your outlets safe.
  • Protect your devices from electrical surges with 2160 joules of surge protection. A 2160 joule rating is top of the line and is the best option for handling multiple electronics and larger appliances.
  • Tested and Proven to be a trusted partner. UL safety certified with a 5 year, 25k connected equipment warranty. Your electronics won't be "hertz" with ECHOGEAR.

Things to Consider Before Buying Power Strips

When we think of buying an electric power strip, knowing the features of each model will help us decide the best option. For this, we must be aware of the functions we are looking for and what each offers. In this section, we reveal some aspects that can help you decide.

Is It Worth Buying a Quality Slipper?

Absolutely yes. Overvoltages, short circuits, or fires are common setbacks when the devices are powered by electricity. For this reason, buying a certified power strip, which has passed all safety checks and is efficient, protects you from many avoidable annoyances.

To do this, it is advisable to purchase the product from recognized and accredited manufacturers, paying attention to the safety guarantees.

In addition, doing so will also ensure that the devices connected to the multiple sockets are safe. An electric power strip in bad condition or vulnerable to short circuits could ruin them.

What Type of Electric Power Strip Should I Choose?

There are several parameters that can help us make this decision. First of all, you should ask yourself where are you going to place the slipper and what functions do you expect it to perform.

If it’s for an office or a dining room, you could look for a design product that goes unnoticed among the rest of the accessories in the space you have.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for are the new technological revolutions because you are passionate about the digital world, at the moment there are many electric slippers that incorporate innovations and intelligent features, such as remote control, WiFi, power and load regulation, and many others progress.

Are You Considering Choosing a Retractable Electric Power Strip?

The retractable electric slippers are generally narrow and long to be placed in any small and discreet space. They are usually anchored to office desks, to go unnoticed in the workplace.

Aesthetically, they are the best option and only show themselves when you need to connect a device.

These electric slippers can also be designed in width, although it is less common. If you are looking for maximum discretion and design, this is a good option when you don’t have to use the slipper very regularly.

If you have a device that requires a constant connection, then you should consider buying a more conventional power strip.

Are You in A Place with Frequent Voltage Changes?

If you are concerned about safety, especially if you intend to use the power strip in a place subject to voltage variations, short circuits, lightning, fire risks or other cases that could compromise its operation, we recommend opting for a power strip with professional protection

This aspect must be considered, since the electronic devices that you have connected to your multiple sockets can be damaged if one of the cases mentioned occurs, even becoming unusable. In addition, these electric slippers incorporate additional protection for the little ones at home.

Should You Buy an Electric Power Strip with Wi-Fi?

Currently, many of the new electric slippers entering the market already incorporate the option of being controlled by WiFi. Although this is usually an attractive option for more advanced tech users, you should consider whether it will be really useful to have this feature in your power strip.

Its basic function is to be able to connect a mobile phone with the power strip via WiFi, to be able to control the different connections of the power strip in a more precise and remote way.

Some of the programs from which they can be controlled are Google Home or Amazon Echo, although as this technology expands the options will be greater.

Purchase Criteria

When we think of buying an electric power strip, we must first think if our connections will be sporadic or more regular, how many connectors we will need.

If we want it to include the most advanced features. In this section, we present some of the aspects you should consider before purchasing your power strip.

  • Electric slippers accessible
  • Multi-connection
  • Cable length
  • With switch
  • Number of exits

Electric Slippers Accessible

This type of electric slippers offer a more advanced design in cases where it is necessary to position them in offices or domestic spaces, and you want to combine them with the rest of the room decoration.

They can be vertical, cube-shaped, or other formats and, therefore, detach themselves from the more classic elongated model.

Another of the strengths of this type of electric power strip is that in some models it can be adaptable to the different spaces where it is necessary to use it.

For example, it is possible that each connector is flexible and can move from left to right almost independently. It is an ideal format for use even in confined spaces.


This is another option that is increasingly popular among lovers of technology and digital innovations. Multi-connection power strips allow you to connect various devices in different ways.

Among the most expanding innovations, there is the possibility of a USB connection to charge tablets or smartphones.

In this way, by connecting the devices via the USB port, we leave the power outlets free so that they can be used for other electrical devices. As a novelty, some USB multi-connection power strips include fast charging ports, which is an advantage when we have limited time.

Cable Length

This aspect usually goes unnoticed by many users, but the truth is that sufficient cable length can make things easier in case of need. Also, when we buy the power strip without knowing exactly where we will use it, having a long cable will offer us more flexibility in the future.

But above all, when the plug of our house is far from the area where we want to place the slipper, having a cable of one or two meters in length will help us get the most out of our space. This way we won’t have to worry about extending our device cables to uncomfortable levels.

With Switch

Electric slippers with the switch are a model that, although it has been on the market for several years, incorporates more and more functions.

If the more traditional ones relied on a switch to regulate the switching off and on and to save electricity, the new models have recently included more advanced features.

Within this new type, there are multi-switch electric slippers, which have different switches in each socket, in addition to the main switch of the power strip, in order to give you even more control of its use and energy saving. With these switches, you also protect children who play.

Number of Exits

The number of outputs of the power strip is another important aspect of choosing one or the other. In this case, there are multiple options, from smaller strips too much larger ones, depending on the intended use. First, think about how many electronic devices you’ll need to connect to the power strip.

We often acquire a more limited power strip and, after a while and with technological advances that never stop developing, every time we have to connect more devices to the power strip.

Cell phones, televisions, fans, lamps, or computers are just some of the most popular devices in the power strip of any home or office.


Before choosing one type of power strip or another, think about where you will use it and which devices you will connect to it.

You should also consider if you are interested in obtaining the most advanced technological models or if a more conventional electric power strip is sufficient. Do you want it to have an attractive design or do you just want it to perform its functions?

Taking these factors into consideration will guide you on the type of power strip that is most suitable for you. Other aspects to consider are if you have children around you or safety against surges and lightning strikes.

In the electrical field, protection is always essential. Make sure you buy a good power strip with which to be calm and safe.

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